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MGQ Paradox English Patch v1.21a

August 3, 2015

Well this has been a long time coming. After the nightmare of patches to the game causing dozens of hours of extra work and invalidating plenty more, we finally have a patch that’s actually compatible with the current version of the game. Yes, that means you need 1.21.

So… if you’re waiting on a patch that translates a big chunk of the story, you’re still going to have to wait. If you’re already playing the game anyway, a giant portion of the skills, items, jobs, interface text, etc. is done and this patch should help. All the h-scenes that were available in the demo are copied over, but no more than that. Now that the giant hurdle has been overcome just to get this far, actual content translation can progress at more than a glacial pace. Thanks for your patience, and sorry if the lack of content in this patch is disappointing.

Install instructions:

Copy patch into fresh copy of Paradox 1.21. Run the patch.exe program and click ‘patch.’ That should do it.

Bugs? Probably. Feel free to report them. If you’re having problems with the patcher itself, it DOES eat a ton of RAM so reboot, close other programs, etc. if you don’t have much RAM in your computer. If you hacked your 1.20 to 1.21, I can’t guarantee that the patcher will work with it either. I’ll probably upload some manual ways to patch because this patcher can be really finicky and slow…

MGQ Paradox English Patch v1.21a Option 1:

MGQ Paradox English Patch v1.21a Option 2:!bJZFWaSL!6RH6bG_p_QNmOxFgldt52aloC5CHzqJzc28epPjoO0I

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  1. One question for all the fans what do you want to see in the next part of paradox that you could not see in the original games like the elven villiage of yamatai or some monsters that was only mentioned?

    • Chiron Maximus permalink

      I bet they’re gonna throw in some monsters from the Mosterpedia site and give them a paradox style, like the Nureonago, which is a slime native to plains and grasslands that acts like a housewife (Might appear in the Noah region), or maybe even high class monsters, like Ryu and/or Wurm in the mountainous regions. I know one thing for certain: when we get to yamatai, we’re gonna be able to recruit a Shirohebi, which is the white scaled lamia priestesses from the MGQ universe.

    • Fullycool permalink

      im wanna know if theres a secret monsters or a secret side quest to be added in the next patch …

      • Chiron Maximus permalink

        If they did, they would at least tell us there is and a clue to finding out how to start it.

  2. Anon S permalink

    I’m guessing with the lack of updates this game just isn’t as good as MGQ was. I was waiting for the patch to start, or at least a 1/2 patch like Rogue used to do before starting, but it really just looks like the interest has died off on this.

    • to tell the truth i don’t need a new patch for every new word translated but I would at least like some info on progress now and then.

    • Interest hasn’t died off. It’s just an order of magnitude more difficult to manage a translation for a proper game compared to a simple VN, and I wasn’t nearly as ready for it as I had hoped. The good news is that the worst is over* and the project is very much alive and on track for completion.

      *ok, the worst is going to be what happens when part 2 is released. I don’t even want to think about it.

      • Chiron Maximus permalink

        Well, whatever the case, we’re right behind you and ready to help when you need it. Not all of us, cause a majority, including me, are not savvy to the whole “game developer” thing, but we’re still here.

      • Thanks for being patient. Honestly, this project needed (still needs?) a project manager that is not the same person responsible for doing the bulk of the translation work. We’d be months ahead on the actual translation with better organization. Instead, my shitty organization has slowed us down and wasted a ton of my time and effort that could have been spent translating. At least it’s been a good learning experience…

        I have someone in mind that’s already involved and may be willing and able to help.

      • lol, have faith in your abilities dargoth and team

  3. Anonymous permalink

    anyone know a good affection food for the san ilia king? highest ive found so far is tomato soup………

  4. Anonymous permalink

    So I’ve been really curious and now that I see Dargoth mention it, it kind of popped up again…

    Will part 2 Paradox possibly rewrite or undo a lot of the translation work already done aside from adding a massive slab of untranslated content or what? I’m not exactly sure how P2/P3 would work in RPG Maker.

    • My current prediction is that P2/P3 will just be large patches applied to the first game. In that case, they won’t be any more disruptive than a regular patch to the game. If P2/P3 are implemented differently though…

    • Depends on how they incorporate Part 2 as new game + is a feature some of the older lines might get a refresher as new girls are added so old maps that might have been done will need revised, dependent on if each patch to Part 2 adds/changes features like the patches from Part 1 could change content, and of course it will also add new content. I don’t think they will be implemented differently as save compatibility will be a concern plus there are placeholders scattered throughout the project for one overall massive game. Adding content isn’t a problem as it just gets thrown to the pile however changes could mean lost work. Hopefully lessons where learned from Part 1 and a lot of the features are stabilized…

  5. Dunksquad permalink

    Hi I downloaded this patch and ran the “Patch” application through It seems to have picked up 4/56 detections. The antivirus software are Avira, Ikarus, Rising, and Virobot. My curiosity is yes there are 4 detections/warnings, but I’ve never even heard of these antivirus programs. Just wondering if anyone else got warnings because I see there are a ton of people using this patch, and I would like to as well. Thank you for any help.

    • No viruses found from the other 52 antivirus programs including Avast, McAfee, Symantec, or Ad-Aware. It be safe at 92.86% not infected though when I ran Dargoth’s patch through it only mentioned Avira and Ikarus however they seem to flag some generic Trojan.Dropper signature on ‘Patch.exe’.

      Out of curiosity as I personally use Avast so I figured give the EX a score as well,
      7/57 or 87.72% not infected being deemed safe by programs like Ad-Aware, AVG, Symantec, and Avast, seems ‘RPG Maker Decrypter.exe’ throws up some generic flags as well but people use it and lived to cheer/complain another day.

      I vote it enjoyable and harmless

    • “Hello World” would probably be considered a virus by a few scanners.

    • Gogetters permalink

      False positives are common with cracks and patches.

  6. Anonymous permalink

    Did the new link have any small updates in it? Also what is a recommended job to have luka and illas learn early on i currently have illas on hunter and luka is on the one he started as.

    • FickleArchvist permalink

      Which new link? Do you mean the new mega link I requested? If so, it is still the same English patch for Paradox 1.21 as it was before.

      Early in the game, Luka is best kept as an Apprentice Hero because his Unique Trait gives Heroism Skills a damage boost. Likewise, Ilias is best with Holy and White Magic, so Priest is a good choice for her. After that, don’t worry too much about trying to make the strongest character you can because it’ll really suck the fun out of this game if you can defeat everything without even trying. Instead, experiment with other classes and races and find a play style you like. If a job sucks or you get stuck you can always switch back to Apprentice Hero and Priest.

      Of course, that’s just how I play games. If you want to break the game, you can start here.

      I haven’t completed filling in the page yet because my computer died and I’m still catching up on writing my papers for Uni but I’ll be able to complete it rest this weekend.

      Long Answer for Simple Question is Long.

    • Sulphur99 permalink

      You’re better off keeping Luka in Apprentice Hero until it is maxed out. As for Ilias, can’t help you there, cause I haven’t tried her route yet.


      Also, don’t bother with Warrior for Luka, it’ll immediately be maxed when you get Hero.

      • FickleArchivist permalink

        Really? Getting Hero masters Warrior and Apprentice Hero instantly? I knew they were required but that’s pretty cool. Also, acquiring Hero isn’t much of a spoiler but I appreciate the concern anyways when it comes to spoiler. I was going to recommend that and White Mage for Ilias as Intermediate Jobs but my post was already getting pretty long for a one sentence question.

      • Rawr permalink

        Luka will get Apprentice Hero and Warrior maxed for free later on so you’re totally fine having him be something else. I made him a Monk when I was starting out.

  7. Anonymous permalink

    thanks dargoth for always commenting on here it really does make alot of known you care and hard at work translating

  8. Anonymous permalink

    Did they add extra scenes since launch? I saw a couple of them on 4chan which were missing when I finished the game immediately after release.

    • Yes, there were a few added, but I don’t remember which ones off the top of my head.

    • FickleArchivist permalink

      New scenes for Riot, Valto, Vetala, Lippy, Jade, and Banachi. Also, there are some new vore cgs for some old monsters but I don’t know where you can access them if at all. Finally, all Battle Fuckers have proper CGs for all their scenes. Before, most of the battle fucker scenes just showed their sprite and a text description but a few early ones had scenes. I think that’s everything.

  9. Orghtang permalink

    Does the demo bring anything different than playing the full game? If so, is it worth it?

  10. Anonymous permalink

    i’m sorry, why if i click this patch, when proces 49%, “wrong version”
    any one can help me?

    • Anonymous permalink

      It is happening to me to

    • I haven’t had a single confirmed report of the patcher not working when applying the correct patch to the correct version of the game, although the patcher IS very finicky. I’d suggest downloading a fresh copy of the 1.21 version of the game, patching it, then moving your save files over.

    • Anonymous permalink

      Ditto, same here.
      PS: am I missing out on something – is it 1.21a or 1.21?

      • 1.21a is my patch. 1.21 is the latest version of the game.

      • Anonymous permalink

        Ah, I’ll take it back.
        Recopied everything and it works.

    • Anonymous permalink

      Turns out the reason it wasn’t working was because I was extracting all the files in the Game.rgss3a file with the RPG Maker Decrypter and then trying to patch it. Don’t do that, just patch it with the Game.rgss3a file in there.

  11. Anonymous permalink

    so, dargoth, it’s been about a month, are you going to make an update post? not trying to hassle you, just want to know whats going on.

  12. Anonymous permalink

    Man its really a shame that the battle cut-in for some girls are only activated with one specific skill and not with skill types. With that characters like the watermelon girl can only activate her battle cut-in with a sleep inducing plant skill wich is really not that useful if she is not the fastest so it can be cast first. So to end this kind of useless rambling, is there a way we could edit the battle cut-in so it can be activated with other skills?

  13. BlackCath permalink

    DL Link for MGQ Paradox 1.21 please? :<

  14. Chiron Maximus permalink

    I just thought of something. Firstly, If there are going to be like marriage scenes, then maybe Gnomes marriage scene could be like the one she has in MGQ NG+ when you lose to her, and Sylph could be the same. As far as Salamander and Undine, let’s wait until we have them to consider them, although they might be added with the whole marriage thing.

    Secondly, I thought of something cool. I think it would be awesome if there were two different rape music files for when you get raped by monsters; one file for losing and scenes that end up at reincarnation, and another for scenes that aren’t gonna end with him dying. I know it might be annoying to set it up, but it would allow players to edit them so they play one kind of song for when they have request scenes that don’t kill off Luka, and another for every other scene that does. Just a thought.

  15. Anonymous permalink

    Is it likely we will get a content translation patch before 2016?

      • Good to know

      • Anonymous permalink


      • Rye permalink

        Before the end of october?

      • Anonymous permalink

        Content as in “all content”, “most content” or “1/4 of content”?
        Not trying to be rude btw, take your time, I just want to know if I should get my hopes up 😛

      • Anonymous permalink

        Never get your hopes up. Assume 1/8 content around Christmas, anything more will be a pleasant surprise then.

      • I’d love to have every bit of text you can encounter on the Ilias Continent translated by Christmas. Any patch this month will contain technical improvements, miscellaneous translations with skills, items, etc., and a handful of H-scenes and towns.

      • Chiron Maximus permalink

        We’ve got your back and awaiting orders (and those who can only help with moral support, such as myself, simply wait and be there when you need it.)!

    • EX 0.5m

      Backend Bugfixes, Two Maps where updated, and an optional re-encryption tool provided by Tamakimouto (Might increase speed though I haven’t tested it and will probably have to be re-applied on future updates so if your interested test their app out and see if it makes a difference, can be found on the Git Repository)
      Complete Cleanup Of Map 052 – Pornof Indoors
      Small Edit Of Map 377 – Sabasa Castle 1F

      • Note 6: Does not overlap with Dargoth’s Patch, core files are changed differently.

        Did you and MGL have any interest in combining features? This is my fault for not paying enough attention to your project.

      • Well some features can be combined and a lot of errors overlap so as they get solved it helps both projects however the main problem is the difference between the Language File System (The Core Script EX Uses) and Ytinasni RpgMaker Translator (The Core Application You Use). They aren’t completely interchangeable do to different ways they change Map and Common Event Data though some of the new innovations to the translator you use has been quite helpful with making internal database objects readable using RPG Maker Editor which does wonders with debugging. Though some of the improvement suggestions to the editor you use will make compatibility more difficult I would still like to see them implemented. Hopefully some of the translated data I sent you as a result of the update was useful. Also as for not paying enough attention eh your a busy man though any questions, comments, concerns, or complaints just bring them to my attention and I’ll see what I can do.

  16. Keba101 permalink

    So is it just me or when i installed the patch everytime i press enter or move the arrows it’s super laggy. Takes forever. Did i miss something?

    • Chiron Maximus permalink

      It’s not happening to me. Maybe you have too many things running at the same time?

      • Keba101 permalink

        i just rebooted and it stopped. Weird… To many things running shouldn’t be an issue with 32gigs of ram… lol

  17. Anonymous permalink

    Out of curiosity, was there any other translations made to the 1.21a? While I appreciate all of the amazing contributions people have made so I can see a good majority of this game in English, there is still a huge gaping emptiness in the story line. I.E., when ever I want to see the hero Luka get devoured by any one of the named vixens, all I usually ever get to see is Japanese characters. The English has been translation near perfect in the city and even in some parts of dungeons, but most fatal monster scenes, I can’t enjoy it half as much as I would like, because I can only understand the picture, and not the beautiful words people that speak Japanese, are trying to get me to understand.

    If anyone has any info on this or helpful suggestions, I would be grateful, would love to enjoy the game even more fully than I already do.

    • Anonymous permalink

      It may just be in my head, but, it seems like all of Luka’s god’s words, are all in Japanese too. I remember when I first started, I could understand at least half of what she said, because most of the characters were in English, however, since like level 4 and beyond, when ever she tries to give me an ‘evaluation’, it’s simply in Japanese lettering.

      • ypu can use MGQ_EX trans mostly machine but it’s an ok tran if you are used to crappy english.

      • Chiron Maximus permalink

        In all honesty, I’ve only gotten used to the crappy English because I mostly breeze through it. I just can’t wait until all the H-scenes are translated, cause the scenes are just oh so much better with proper english.
        While on the whole translation thing, I’ve noticed reoccuring things in the h-scenes. There are parts in blowjob requests that say “become bound” and like vaginal sex scenes there’s times when the text puts in *hehe* which is downright creepy, and not to mention that the Catfish girl and others mention an “eagle” during their scenes. I know it’s only half translation, but I just want to know about those ones specifically.

  18. collector permalink

    what is the progress after 2 months? a little bit is good if you want.

    • You can gather a lot of information if you read a little bit back. Dargoth will most likely make another blog post when it’s ready to be made. I think the best information you can get progress-wise is that you’re likely going to see another patch before the end of the year.

    • Anonymous permalink

      Honestly the best approach here is to check every now and then and to not have preset expectations.

      Dargoth had a pretty solid plan in the beginning of the year but TTR delayed the translation so much that for all we know, Dargoth’s situation when Paradox could finally be worked on was much different than in the beginning of this year.

      I’m just saying because I had a lot more free time when Paradox was initially released than I do now. Only bits of translation work would be done if it were me throughout these weeks simply because life gets in the way whereas I could have devoted a lot more time when Paradox was released. Maybe something very similar happened to some members of the group of people translating the game.

  19. Keba101 permalink

    Are the H scenes and the dialogue during the fights supposed to be untralsanted? this is my first time actually playing the game so.. lol. i saw a video post in the previous comments where the fight text was translated. Did i do something wrong? I used the auto patcher.

  20. Keba101 permalink

    Also a lot of the dialogue in the fields are untranslated… Weird… i just made camp and it was all untranslated…

    • Arj permalink

      It’s far from a full translation at this point in time

      • FickleArchivist permalink

        Patch 1.21a does not denote the progress of the patch but the Version of Paradox this is compatible with. The majority of the game’s flavor content such as scenes, story, and places are not translated as Dargoth prioritized foundation content such as menus, skills, stats, etc… The current translated story content was transferred from the demo that was released by Torotoro before Paradox’s Part 1 was fully released, which Dargoth translated most of. Translation was delayed severally for several months as Torotoro released numerous patches at a time without warning and in order for Dargoth to patch each one, who would have to transfer all translated lines over to the new version and then recompile it into a patcher file. Now that Torotoro has seemingly stopped releasing patches, Dargoth can work steadily on the patch without having to stall and transfer lines but since it isn’t the summer anymore, his team has less time to work on it. His current release schedule for the next patch he mentioned in a post above.

        “I’d love to have every bit of text you can encounter on the Ilias Continent translated by Christmas. Any patch this month will contain technical improvements, miscellaneous translations with skills, items, etc., and a handful of H-scenes and towns.”

        So, if he does release a patch this month, it’ll be more minor foundation changes with some new content. His team will try and have the Ilias Continent, about half the game world, excluding dungeons, by Christmas but the amount of lines is hard to gauge.

      • Keba101 permalink

        Thanks for letting me know. And I of course appreciate all of the work Dargoth and his unfortunate friends have put into the patch! I’m busy with school and work or i’d help (i’ve worked 21 days in a row and don’t get a day off until next weekend ;-;…x.x;..)

        Thanks so much for your guys help too!

  21. Anonymous permalink

    There is a guard in San Ilia next to some stairs and won’t let me through, how do I get him to move?

    • FIckleArchivist permalink

      Complete the Pope of San Ilias’ Quest in Luddite Village. Talk to the Pope, go to Luddite Village and keep to the left until you find a path through the trees and follow it till you reach the Ancient Temple. Enter the temple, complete the quest and you will be able to go down those stairs for some slightly spoilery rewards. Also, you will be able to allowed to mine Mythril Ore so head north to Mt. Saint Amos to get the ore and buy Mythril Weapons in San Ilia. Something really spoilery is also unlocked at the top of Mount Saint Amos so head to the top after grabbing the ore.

  22. jchris1_2000 permalink

    can you complete the Lazarus quest in part 1 or is that continued in part 2 like getting imp girl to fly
    I already had the pope talk with him and went to the mansion to talk with the man

    • FickleArchivist permalink

      You cannot complete it in Part 1 like Rami’s Quest. The cut-scene in the Grandoll Mansion is the last of it in Part 1.

  23. Anonymous permalink

    Hey guys! Do any of you know if different booster abilities can stack with each other? For example, using Physical Booster and Insect Booster stacks the effects of the two? Or just one of them will be effective? Also, speaking about Physical Booster, does the effect works with any skill that uses SP whether or not it uses dexterity or attack for damage?

    • Desert Eagle permalink

      Different booster abilities should work together, yes. You can use Physical- and Insect Booster to boost an insect skill that does physical damage.

      And Physical booster should work on any physical attack, regardless of whether it uses ATT, AGI or DEX in its damage calculation. As long as it IS a physical ability. I don’t think it will affect sonic attribute skills like singing.

  24. Anonymous permalink

    Does someone knows any way to multiply the seeds using cheat engine or something like that? Farming them can get a little… …difficult.

    • Yes by multiplying current number of seeds by 2 and adding 1, then use one or find one seed and find the new value.
      Example: if you have 11 [11×2]+1=23

      • Anonymous permalink

        Thanks man! Now it seems that I managed to track the correct code and everything, but every time that I want to change the value RPG Maker stops working. I don’t understand why 😦

      • What variables have you tried? The game will crash on an even number.
        take variables 1, 2, and 3 for example

      • Anonymous permalink

        Thanks! It seems that I was just inputting random numbers not even thinking about the formula jaja

  25. Anonymous permalink

    Approximately when the next patch will be released?

    • I’m looking to get something out at the end of the month. I’m still targeting all of the Ilias Continent by the end of the year, but we’ll see…

      • Anonymous permalink

        Getting really excited now 😀 hope we get a patch soon.

      • how many helpers do you have?

      • Active lately? 0.
        Around if something specific other than translating needs to be done? 2, maybe 3

  26. Anonymous permalink

    Can’t wait for this translation to be finished atlas just isn’t the same

  27. Anonymous permalink

    are you still alive man? I’d buy you a cup of coffee, but no bitcoin address. no i’m not using paypal.

  28. Anonymous permalink

    same as abut comment somewhere XD the patch, when hit 49%, it say “wrong version” and i get fresh copy -_-

    and i say f*** it play with out patch and see what new so i use my old say from Ver.1.02 and get this pop up

    so how to fix it and if there copy and post patch like 1.02?

    • Umm your not going to like it… The game thinks your using trial data and doesn’t want it

      Text pulled from the EX version
      “The save data is what it was created by taking over non-trial version”
      “It can not be used in the full version, please start from New game”

      • Anonymous permalink

        craaaap now i how to start over all that hard work on max job lvl use Cheat Engine and all the pat i get my hand on on first world map T_T

  29. Anonymous permalink

    Hello I wanted to ask something. Eva’s Trait is supposed to make her able to use a lot of skill types, but it does not unless you equip an ability that allows her to do exactly the same as her trait. So my question is: Why is her trait not working if that ability is not equiped?

    • FickleArchivist permalink

      Torotoro updated and changed several characters’ unique traits so when Dargoth transferred already translated lines over to new version, some of them became outdated. As of right now, Eva’s unique trait gives her the equip-able ability to use those varied skill types at the cost of a chance to use a random oracle skill. Prior to 1.20 (I believe this is the right version), Eva’s unique trait gave her that as a passive benefit so she couldn’t turn it off which was annoying if you wanted to use Eva. Off the top of my head, some of the other characters who need updated translations are Luka, Ilias, Alice, Sonya, Grand Noah Queen, and Lippy and Sara too maybe.

      • All traits fixed on August 10th. The downfalls of patching rarely…

  30. Anonymous permalink

    I used the 1.21a patch on my fresh copy of 1.21 version but it still say wrong version.. Just what happen???

  31. Anonymous permalink

    Any new translators given? I am still suffering from not being able to understand more than half the words, and would like to be able to better interact with the options given, in English format, if anyone can help.

  32. Akushi permalink

    Hi, i want to know something if possible !
    I haven’t played the game because im trying so hard to get a english patch but it fail every time..
    If i download 1.21 and patch 1.21a it will work ?
    And i need to download other version before 1.21 ?
    And finally, what the difference between next patch, and this one ? Update ? New endings ? Whatever, i want to know.
    Sorry for my bad english im a little tired, and thanks for the answer. 🙂

    • Akushi permalink

      Okay i just finished to install everything, the translation works everything for the moment, thanks. 🙂

  33. Anonymous permalink

    lol… i am stuck….. forget where to go . . . currently partner with Ilias[Flirt] witch is kinda funny , the only thing i remember is Ilias is looking for that bunny , donno witch town coz most of the town at upper map not yet tranlated =3

    • Have you finished the Amira quest (either pay her to go to the Slums)? All of that is translated. Amira will send you to Pornof in the southeast where you need to talk to a rabbit girl then return to Amira.

  34. Anonymous permalink

    is Casian Sarpe Socaci no longer with MGQ_EX ?

  35. Anonymous permalink

    Hi, anyone maybe has the complete save data for this? Im having hard time finding the scene with bunny girl footjob in stocking, only getting the barefeet one. Would appreciate it. Thanks

  36. Anonymous permalink

    thanks for all the efford guys

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