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Monster Girl Games/VN in Development

September 27, 2016

Since finding monster girl games that are actually released and worth playing has proven impossible, let me suggest a few that are still in development!

Quest Failed –

A visual novel in English with monster girls! And voice acting (that’s actually good)! There’s a demo available on the Patreon page and the full version will probably be out soon. The demo is fairly light-hearted, but that doesn’t mean the story won’t go in other directions. I’ve been backing this one on Patreon since it was announced since I’d love to see more monster girl stuff being made outside of Japan.

Monster Girl Island –

Another English monster girl entry, but this one is a 3D game. The models and animations on the sex scenes are pretty good, which is what counts. The rest of the game is still in early development and very raw. I’m not sure it’ll ever be a good “game” but I’m happy to support it on Patreon just to see more 3D monster girl sex. There are demos available to download and check out. It even has VR support if you’ve got a headset, which is probably incredible.

Zell’s game FOBS –

Unlike the other two recommendations, this one is Japanese and practically text free. It’s a side-scrolling action game with great pixel sex animations and is regularly updated with new monster girls. The game itself keeps improving, but it’s still fairly bare-bones in terms of actual gameplay and things to do. There should be an update relatively soon if you want to hold off playing it. Links to the game and passwords are located here:

I’m hoping these three games in development eventually turn out great because despite the good number of monster girl game releases, most of them are really bad. The ones with redeeming qualities are hard to recommend to anyone that doesn’t speak Japanese. Here’s a short list of releases this year that weren’t 100% terrible at least:

もんむす!逆レイプ学園 Another Dieselmine release, but this time a VN. Good art as always, but stale and boring.
犯されヒーロー~みんながボクの精液を狙ってる…!?~ If you aren’t tired of Violated Hero games.
魔立ロリサキュバス妖魔園 Monster Girl Kindergarten. Obviously loli. Made by the guy that did the MGQ Delicious! vore titles, although this game is light on vore. Playable with a walkthrough I guess.
モンスター娘百覧Vol.1 If you don’t follow Torotoro, maybe you missed Hyakuran coming out. Short stories in VN format. It mostly sucks.
堕落乙女異聞―堕ちたる勇者と真実の魔剣― Fallen Maidens Monster Girl Encyclopedia game. RPGMaker walking simulator with pixel sex. Incredibly disappointing. The pixel art is heavily censored. Pixellated pixels. Thanks Japan.
迷宮踏破 MonsterGirls If you remember Desire Dungeon, this game is Desire Dungeon meets Etrian Odyssey. The gameplay is all right, but if you want gameplay, just go play an Etrian Odyssey game or any of the dozens of great dungeon crawlers. H-content is mediocre.


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  1. That moment when nothing has been announced yet…

    • Anonymous permalink

      Hope….still there but fading slowly into the night…..

      • Anonymous permalink

        Replace Frodo and Sam with Dargoth and an update.

    • Anonymous permalink

      Dargoth always makes his updates in the very late part of the day. No point in playing the build up game and constantly refreshing the screen. If you’ve waited this long, you can wait another day. Check back tomorrow and the patch will very likely be here. If not, regardless the story is very nearly translated and you’re almost done with waiting for it anyways. It’ll be here soon.

  2. Wobby Wobman permalink

    Besides, do we even know what time zone Dargoth is in?

  3. Balkoth0069 permalink

    Dargoth and all the team that are working on this masterpiece! Forget the whinny little impatient people, I want to personally thank you for all you have done in the past and all your doing now. Your plate is full, but remember, if you become overburdened with this task, it’s not going to make a lick of difference to the impatience of people. What you all need to keep in mind is WHY your doing this. Never lose sight of the art your creating, and bringing to the community! I would love to help in your quest, but I have no skills to bring to the table. Thank you, once again for your hardwork, and for all you do!

    • Chiron Maximus permalink


    • Anonymous permalink

      Words of wisdom right there, Ilias bless thee. Seriously this is just hype, I am impatient but even if
      Dargoth is late by a month even I will not complain, because he and his team are doing this for free so that we can all enjoy this great game. Thx Dargoth, and whenever you release it is totally fine! xD Cheers, Jolly good!

    • Damn but no patch is no translation, no translation is no understanding, no understanding is no story, no story is no completion…

      You’ll never know when something turns in to the next Half Life 3

      • Anonymous permalink

        I think he would tell us Dargoth always answers are questions and other patches have been late but they have been there the man isn’t consistent but he always gives us his work.

  4. Rezz permalink

    “Pokegal Hunter” is quite good too.. it’s like poekemon.. it’s too bad it’s not translated

  5. DizzyPatron permalink

    Quest Failed had a nice Demo, looking forward to seeing the completed product!

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