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Monster Girl Quest Paradox English Patch v1.21.50

October 31, 2016



Happy Halloween! This patch is still missing translations in a few random places that really should be done by now, but it’s in a state I’d consider playable. We’ll continue to fill in missing parts, revise what’s already there, and crank out translations for the H-scenes and other content that’s been a lower priority lately. Sorry for all the delays….

If you want to check specifically for what events are done, look at the spreadsheet on bitbucket.

I should also have an actual readme or patch instructions by now, but I think it’s fairly self-explanatory. Put patch files in the game directory, run patch.exe, cross fingers.

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  1. Sulphur99 permalink

    Thank you for all the hard work, Dargoth and team.

  2. Don Dahlia Slave permalink

    I just want to ask about Don Dahlia. In the progress provided by Dargoth, you can see Don Dahlia ejaculation 1 and ejaculation 2 both translated. How can i access both ejaculation in the game because as far as I know it is only the armpit ejaculation. Thanks

  3. Rainbow permalink

    Anyone has save file for me? I just accidentally deleted my save file and i cant recover it. My luka was already master a lot of classes and run the story to the last English translation patch (1.21.36).

    Please I really need it. Thk in advance 🙂

  4. Dsfsdgdsfd permalink

    Dude, you are the Monmusu Hero!!! Keep like this!

    I would help, but my japanese is too poor… 😦

  5. Anonymous permalink

    You are awesome for having translated the stage scenes in Grandoll. They are awesome!
    However I did notice a few important places where translations where missing, like the scene after you speak with Merlin in Grandoll and after you beat Adramelech and return to your own world. But its still all good so keep it up 😀

  6. Anonymous permalink

    Thank you for all this! Finally I can play through the complete story and understand all. Now, since all that is left is to wait for the miscellaneous stuff I just want to say that I really hope part 2 can do something better with the skiills Luka learns if you were to side with Illias. I was really disappointed seen that not only all angels can learn the skills Illias teaches him, but with Luka’s angel heritage he would have learned them anyway, so other than getting them earlier Illias teaching him those skills was pretty much pointless. But if we go with Alice not only the cursed sword skills are rare as only the Dullahans can learn 2 of them, but Luka wouldn’t be able to learn them any other way.

    • Anonymous permalink

      The thing is, all the skills Alice teaches you become worthless later on too because you simply have abilities that do more.

      Literally the only ability taught from the 2 i ever use is that spear move that costs 10mp and restores SP (so it doesnt even matter if i use a sword).

  7. Anonymous permalink

    I’m having a huge problem trying to save, first off I got past Chrome and now I can’t save, when I try to I get this error message

    Anyone translate?

    • Chiron Maximus permalink

      Not sure how it happened Anon, but best guess I have is that you tried saving it in a version that wasn’t patched up to date. If you patched the game before moving the save files, then it should work fine, but if you moved the save then patched, it might have corrupted the save or something of the like. My advice would be to repatch a fresh 1.21 copy, then move your saves there and I mean the original saves, not the ones you can’t save.

      • Anonymous permalink

        The save still works, just alt tabs me out of fullscreen mode. Is a pain in the ass but at least it isn’t breaking down on me. Also it’s all a brand new installation, even starting a new game right after installing the patch. No prior patch installed.

      • Anonymous permalink

        The save works, but it alt tabs me out. Also it’s a brand new installation.

      • Anonymous permalink

        I have no idea why it posted it twice.

  8. Anonymous permalink

    Awesome work, thank you very much.

  9. Anonymous permalink

    Ok I dont get it, I try with the patch 1.21.30 and 1.21.31 B and it still says wrong version. I even try with this new patch and it doesnt work, I deleted, renamed and moved the Game.rgrss3a and still doesnt work. Is it not working because I have very low memory???? I have like 1.77 gb available. Or is something else wrong? Please help

    • Anonymous permalink

      try patching a fresh copy of the game (1.21 version

  10. Anonymous permalink

    Love you guys! Thank you so much!

  11. Anonymous permalink

    Unrelated to the translation but just so everyone knows, DONT cast raise on someone who is alive, it crashes the game. RIP L.O.C. progress :/

  12. Anonymous permalink

    Holy shit that was one hell of an ending…

  13. Tykiller permalink

    Appreciate your work and dedicate to our Monmusu world. Thanks a lot, sir. God bless you.

  14. Anonymous permalink

    Just a question that’s possibly already answered, but excuse me if it’s a stupid one. I was wondering if increasing the difficulty gives you something the lower difficulties don’t? Or if you go for the easier difficulties, do you lose content or bonus scenes?

  15. ALMIGHTY KING SABASA permalink

    Who killed king sabasa? Did the lilith sisters kill him? Damn i hope there is a sex scene of the 3 sisters ganging up on the king in part 2 and they drained him up to death and the king tried to fight but was overpowered and seduced.

    • Anonymous permalink

      Oi, some people are still waiting for the full translation and check the comments for updates on the translation. Try and be courteous and refrain from talking about the story, but…


      We don’t know if he’s dead or alive, he went missing during a Tartarus investigation and that’s all the information we get about him, wait for part 2~ •~•

    • Anonymous permalink


      What I want to know why Adramelech looks like Sonya. Illias foreshadowed this when she said “I know everyone in this world, even with my limited memory, but even I don’t remember creating her.” Do you think she’s the paradox?

    • Anonymous permalink

      Given he’s been baptized and it makes your semen totally unappealing to a monster (iirc like rotten fish or something?) that’s incredibly doubtful.

      • Anonymous permalink

        They don’t have to suck someone dry to kill them, they could use magic or physical attacks to do so. It’s up in the air at this point.

      • Civildeviation permalink

        If I read things right, I think the the legendary 3 succubi sisters are on the side of bringing things back to the original timeline. Killing the king of sabasa wouldn’t be in their interest. As for Sonja being the paradox, could be… Though given the diverging histories 30 years prior, it seems like the problem began years prior. I’m still thinking Luca is actually the paradox and he isn’t chasing his father, but rather an alternate universe version of himself.

      • Anonymous permalink

        Marcellus was there in the end though, after he sliced Andramelech in half. It even said his name in the dialog box

  16. Anonymous permalink

    So, now that mostly h content is all that remains, how will the patching progress continue from here? Just curious how you want to handle this final 50% of loss scenes, requests, and the like. And since most of this content is similar, how do you plan to break it up? How much translation progress would warrant a new patch?

    Thanks for all you’ve done so far. Keep it up, boi.

    • Wobby Wobman permalink

      I’m not sure if compiling everything you have into the big patch is a lot of work, but if not I’d be happy about a bunch of smaller but more frequent update patches, as you can basically enjoy the H-stuff without any other context, so it’d be okay if each patch only had a handful of new scenes translated as long as they’re somewhat frequent.

  17. Skuya permalink

    Just interested, does anyone know if this patch is …uhm… combinable (is that even a word…?) with the EX patches (to have a good translation for the story and all that is translated and a rather crappy translation for the rest)? So far I skipped most of the translation patches (30 & 36 afaik and I was still playing with 1.20), due to that I played a bit through LoC again and it’s not translated yet, sadly.
    I could stick with my 1.20 version though after playing through the story (thus, disregarding anything I got in this 3rd playthrough), but I really wanna do LoC properly again, too. D:

  18. Thomas permalink


    I’ve run into a problem when using the “Puff Puff” skill with Luka : I can select the skill no problem, but when it is executed, the game crashes with an error message (details below). I’m not sure if it’s just my install, but I tested and reproduced from different savegames.
    Lastly, the skill works perfectly on a version with the previous patch (1.21.36).

    The error trace :

    Exception : NoMethodError
    undefined method `name’ for nil:NilClass
    [“( ベース/Window ):702:in `block in replace_ext_character'”, “( ベース/Window ):702:in `gsub!'”, “( ベース/Window ):702:in `replace_ext_character'”, “( ベース/Window ):712:in `display_use_item'”, “( トリス修正J ver7 ):179:in `display_use_item'”, “( トリス修正J ver7 ):224:in `use_item'”, “( Scene_Battle ):573:in `execute_action'”, “( ベース/Scene ):449:in `process_action'”, “( Scene_Battle ):48:in `update'”, “( Scene_Base ):14:in `main'”, “( ベース/Module ):129:in `run'”, “( 【WF-RGSS】Exit-EX 終了処理 ):118:in `run'”, “( 【WF-RGSS】Exit-EX 終了処理 ):127:in `block in ‘”, “:1:in `block in rgss_main'”, “:1:in `loop'”, “:1:in `rgss_main'”, “( 【WF-RGSS】Exit-EX 終了処理 ):127:in `'”, “ruby:in `eval'”]

    • Civildeviation permalink

      Skill works for mine, though I am running MGQ-EX. Speaking of which anyone know if MGQ-EX will be updated with the latest pure translations from Dargoth and his team?

    • I’m getting the same bug, plus the Justice Kaiser lacking the BF bug.

      • Metatrone permalink

        I’m also lacking the Justice Kaiser BF.

    • Oops, missed this one for 1.21.51.

    • Thomas permalink

      Allright, thank you guys for your replies and comments.

      This bug is certainly not a big deal and to be honest, I only saw it because I selected the ability by mistake :p but it’s good to know I wasn’t the only one to get it 🙂

      @Civildeviation : I believe MGQ-EX actually overwrites some, it not all, code from Dargoth’s patch, which would explain why it is working for you. And, as for an upcoming update, last post on the EX dev blog dates from february, so I’m guessing the project is on a hiatus of sorts, sorry.

  19. Anonymous permalink

    Does this patch only work for a flesh copy of the game?

  20. Chiron Maximus permalink

    OK, I really need someone’s help. No matter what I try, my edits don’t appear in a character’s ST pic or face icons, yet I can alter sex cgs, battlebacks and fighting animations with visible success. Why is this happening and how do I stop this consistency?

    • Anonymous permalink

      Originally, the 2 things you try to change are encrypted into the data archive. However, I wouldn’t know why they wouldn’t be replacable if you play with decrypted directories. But I guess that is the cause.

      • Chiron Maximus permalink

        Well, I was able to mess with them a bit before, but a patch update happened and now it’s stuck like a bad penny. Also, if the pics used are in the Data archive, why do they bother with the surplus of pics in the pictures folder?

  21. Force permalink

    I pity the dead who can no longer know such joy.

  22. Anonymous permalink

    Is the story a hundred percent done

  23. Anonymous permalink

    You are a lifesaver ty

  24. Anonymous permalink

    My saves seem to like deleting themselves as of late. Has this happened to anyone before? And if so, where are the saves going?

  25. Anonymous permalink

    what version of paradox is this for

  26. That guy permalink

    Ive tried to accept Illias into my party in the beginning but man just cant since i played the first game

    • Anonymous permalink

      is ilias a better starter than alice? most people seem to think so

      • Skuya permalink

        I think she’s way more interesting to travel with than Alice.

      • Chiron Maximus permalink

        I really depends on the kind of gameplay/storyline you want to do. With Alice, you’re sticking with the same premise of travel in the Original MGQ, but with Ilias you have a whole other storyline waiting to be experienced. As far as abilities, Ilias is literally the earliest Angel-class companion that you can get in the game, granting her holy powers that can be very useful in all monster fights because of their weakness to light, but with Alice being a yoma, she’s one of the only companions that can have multiple races, as well as being the earliest one do so so, so there’s great diversity for her, including Holy demon, an advanced race unlocked by mastering her regular Yoma race.

        Main pojnt: With Ilias, you can learn things you couldn’t before in the original MGQ and have early Holy powers without NG+, and with Alice you have the semi-same adventure, with an all new seasoning.

      • Noar permalink

        In terms of gameplay:
        As a teammate, Ilias is just straight out worse than Promestein, and no better than Luka after he gets his second race. Well, except for the angel pleasure skills. Luka can’t use those. Anyway, the only thing Ilias has going for her over Promestein is decreased MP costs, but the availability of MP restoration effects (and infinite MP seeds from farming Sphinx) later in the game make that worthless. Having permanent access to Antibiotic Injection, which grants complete immunity to all status effects except for Bind and Debuff, is much, much more useful.

        Meanwhile, Alice has access to 6 different races: Yoma, Beast, Lamia, Sea-Dweller, Land-Dweller, and Scylla. To be fair, she’s also kind of just a worse Sully in many LoC scenarios, but she has several unique advantages and is still one of the best characters in the game.

        What’s also noteworthy is that picking Ilias causes Luka to lose out on the powerful unique skills that Alice teaches, until you do a NG+ with Alice. The skills that Ilias teach are just regular Angel racial skills, which Luka can learn by himself later. Luka will never learn the skills that Alice teaches until you do a playthrough with her.

        So no, I wouldn’t say Ilias is a better starter than Alice. But by all means, pick Ilias if you want to hear the comments she makes throughout the game. You can still slaughter floor 1,000 superbosses without Alice or Death Sword Chaos Star, it will just be slightly harder.

    • Chiron Maximus permalink

      Well, since you played the first game, you know full well Ilias’ backstory, and if you had that kind of history, wouldn’t you do the same in her stead? Besides, I like to think that with her on the earth among the monsters she despises, she can learn that they’re living breathing creatures that deserve to live, like humans.

  27. hello guys where can i grab the correct version of the game. i have a copy of the game fromn zells download page but i dopnt know what version it is and i cant patch it

    • Anonymous permalink

      I’m have trouble as well. I have version 1.21 but the latest patcher says it’s the wrong version. Not sue what I’m doing wrong

      • atleast you know what version you are using, i dont. Everything is in japanese there is no number so i cant determine what version i am using . all i know is i am using the latest version of the game

  28. Anonymous permalink

    Why the fuck can Sages and Popes use Magic Swords but the FREAKING SPELLSWORD CANT?!

    • Anonymous permalink

      Can i somehow edit the files to give spellswords the ability to use them? Theres no way thats intentional, it defeats the whole point of having spellswords in the first place if they are unable to use Caladbolg, i cant even just swap to Sage or something because they cant use the sword magic skills.

      • Anonymous permalink

        If you have rpg maker you can.

        Step 1: Have RPG maker decrypter and select the game
        Step 1a: Create an rpgvx ace project
        Step 2: Open the project
        Step 3: Go to database/classes
        Step 4: Go to spellsword
        Step 5: Right-click on features/then edit
        Step 5a: Pick the equip tab
        Step 6: push the “Weapon” radio button
        Step 6a: Select Magic Sword, press ok
        Step 7: Press ok to leave database
        Step 8: Press File, compress game data and pick a directory
        Step 8a: Wait
        Step 9: Install the new game
        Step 666: profit

        Or something like that. Names might be different, I can’t be arsed to actually open the game in the rpg maker.

      • Chiron Maximus permalink

        Guys, I’m pretty sure that if we just wait for part 2, there will be a job that will give us the ability Equip Magic Sword, as well as Magic Sword Booster. Once Part 2 comes out and you get that on a character you want, {BOOM!} you haz magik soard. (I tried to make that as “Can I haz cheeseburger” as I could.)

      • Anonymous permalink

        Thanks for the replies, found another way, since im using Luka as spellsword i can make him Sage/Pope and racechange to Valkyrie which gets a few magic sword skills (and can thus use them)

  29. can someone plss post a link to any of the game with the correct version plsss

  30. Anonymous permalink

    Hey is anyone else having problems with buying equipment from Papi in the pocket castle? I could buy stuff all I wanted up until I taught her how to make crystal equipment and now the option to buy things never comes up, she just says:

    Rawr! Got a Job for me? What materials would you like me to craft with?

    My skills have greatly improved, but I’ve got a long way to go before I’m the best blacksmith in the world!

    and then exits out of talking with her

    • Anonymous permalink

      I do too, btw is it normal that if i recruit the crystal smith i cant bring her to teach Papi to forge Crystal, good thing i saved beforehand, though its not like i can use Papi to do it anyway…

      • Anonymous permalink

        You can, you have to bring PAPI to HER since BattleFuckers will still be in the towns you find them in if you exit the house/town and re-enter.

  31. Justice for Justice Kaiser BF! permalink

    Repost: Anyone can’t do Justice Kaiser BF?

    • Shatteredsun permalink

      It’s bugged

      • Sulphur99 permalink

        Really? I was able to recruit her.

      • Sulphur99 permalink

        Ah, but it was in previous patch if it matters.

    • Chiron Maximus permalink

      Son of a bitch. It’s true. You can’t. MAN was I lucky to have already beaten and recruit her BEFORE this patch bug. Yoi vey.

  32. Secret Agent permalink

    Good job on the translation’s guys! Do you have a estimate on when the H-Scenes will become translated (and other misc). Not trying to rush, i know its hard work.

  33. Rye permalink

    Uh it keeps saying I have the wrong version, but I literally downloaded the latest version from the DLsite.

    Anyone with suggestions

  34. Anonymous permalink

    I think everyone might know this but if you hold alt and press enter mgqp will go full screen

  35. Noar permalink

    I’ve been trying to cover my bases before I finally start my NG+ with Alice (205 hours in) and I’ve got three questions.

    First, how do you unlock the Beast race for Bunni? I’ve seen several people mention that some kind of event with Promestein will accomplish this, but I’ve completed the game and tried having them talk to eachother in the Pocket Castle to no avail. Is this really possible?

    Second, how do you recruit the Scatman? I can’t enter his house; attempting to do so just triggers a comment from Sonya.

    Third, how do you unlock the rest of Vanilla’s inventory after making the San Ilia/Monte Carlo deal? The walkthrough ( says to go back and talk to the Samurai NPC in Ilias Temple, but that’s not doing anything for me.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    • Anonymous permalink

      1st. Just go to south (docks) in Port Natalia. You should see them both there, provided they’re both recruited (don’t need to have them in party for this).
      2nd. Uh… event with Kamuro (red kitsune girl from caves where you get the bell) iirc. Have her in party and talk with him.
      3rd. Dunno myself since I can’t trigger even the first step (Iliasville merchants) for some reason.

      • Anonymous permalink

        Try to visit the item store in Iliasport as per this guide

      • Noar permalink

        Thanks. I managed to get the additional race for Bunni and recruit my last available ally.

        As for Vanilla, the walkthrough page the above poster linked to is something I’ve already done. I’ve gone all the way up to the San Ilia/Monte Carlo deal on the second continent and completed that, however the pastebin walkthrough 9 states that there’s still an additional expansion from Witch Hunt Village. I’ve tried talking to the Ilias Temple Samurai again as the guide states, as well as going ahead and trying to talk to the Witch Hunt Village merchant (and merchants of every other town) to no avail. I can’t trigger any more events. I was hoping someone else could have some insight on this.

      • Chiron Maximus permalink

        You did make sure to always buy something from her shop after it expands, right? That’s how it keeps progressing. If you can’t rigger anything, buy from her shop and do as she says. For the Witch merchant one, just to save you aggravation, you need to get the treasure from the green chest at the bottom of the bandit cave south of Salon. If you’ve cleared it, then you should have a crystal-type item with a japanese name and a bandit glove, otherwise you need to get there and you don’t have to worry about the bandits if you haven’t gotten to them yet, so long as you have “Encounter half” on at least 4 of your characters.

      • Noar permalink

        Yep, I’ve tried buying from her shop about a dozen times. No new dialogue is triggering, she just says… OK, now it worked. I wonder if it’s because I had never visited the Sabasa item shop or something. Or maybe I had to bring her there, THEN buy something from her, then talk to the Samurai. Well, it should work now. Thanks.

  36. Anonymous permalink

    It seems Justice Kaizer won’t accept battle fucks in this patch. She just acts like I selected “Nothing” when I click on “Challenge to Battle Fuck”

    • Anonymous permalink

      Sounds like the bug is caused by the translation patch somehow.

    • Ningyo no Koibito permalink

      I noticed this, too. We’re on it, guys.

  37. Anonymous permalink

    Someone else got the problem that once you unzip the patch, that the patch.exe instantly dissapears? What is going on?

    • Anonymous permalink

      Sounds a lot like an antivirus, turn it off.

  38. Anonymous permalink

    well i check the Justice Kaizer events in rpg maker both 1.21.36 and 1.21.50 are the exact same exept for some words and there display name when she tells you her real name but other then that there there the same so i have no idea why bf does not work in 1.21.50

  39. Anonymous permalink

    Tryed again in rpg maker this time i only copyed the three chooses from .36 the job description the challange and nothing into the .50 three chooses and the bf works the strange thing is they are the same both ver do exactly the same thing they both call an event named Jasuka: Talk witch is common event number 7131 for both 1.21.36 and 1.21.50 and the event details on what it suppose to do are the same word for word but for 1.21.50 just wont work for what ever reason its like your car keys can open the drivers door but your key will not work for the passenger door even when they use the same key since you don’t use rpg maker to translate the game i don’t know what the problem is even when it should work since there nothing wrong with the event and what event to call in rpg maker. well anyway i fix it for myself until you find what’s wrong.

  40. Ryuji permalink

    Thanks you very much, keep going guys 😀

  41. 7++ permalink

    Heya, I started and finished my game on one of the early Machine Translated versions of 1.21, and I have about 30 hours in that save. I patched a copy of MGQ 1.21 in a new directory, and I managed to copy my savefile into the new translated version, but whenever I try talking to most NPC’s in the castle it shows me their sprites for a second then immediately quits their dialogue.
    Is there something else I need to copy apart from the save file, or do I need to completely start over now?

  42. Salizar permalink

    Please prioritize Seduction events!

    Thank you and the team for an amazing job so far, god bless all of you

  43. Chiron Maximus permalink

    Ok, I think I just figured out a key factor for farming small medals: Overkill damage. When I beat a mimic with over 3k damage, I noticed a consistency of medals dropping after it happened, so here’s a theory: if you deal damage equal to twice the monster’s HP, will it drop the rarer items more often?

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