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February 15, 2017

Hi everyone, I’ve finally moved my blog to my own hosting and a real domain. You can find me at

My blog here was apparently flagged by WordPress’s automated anti-spam controls (right…). They were quick to review and reinstate the blog, but that was especially bad timing since I wanted to put up a patch yesterday (which I did on the new site). At any rate, I had been meaning to move off for years so it was a good opportunity.

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  1. asdf permalink

    Heeeeeeeey yoouuuuuuu guuuuuuys

  2. ryo permalink

    and people say they ban you due to translate mgq ova

  3. well be seeing you there dargoth 😀

  4. Fingxiao permalink

    Is there website down? I’m fetting a 403 Forbidden error.

  5. Anonymous permalink

    Thank you!

  6. Arj permalink

    Wohoo, see you at the new site!

  7. Hydrazed permalink

    Do you know an eta of mgq paradox part 2? Or hasn’t there been any news at all?

    • Anonymous permalink

      It’s coming on this Friday, according to the latest blog. There will be no trial, because it would be hard to cut a section of the story. The game is approximately 1.4 times the size of the first paradox game.

    • Anonymous permalink

      The promotional video (3.5 minutes long) is up on niconico. Release is tomorrow.

    • Anonymous permalink

      Sorry my bad, only the PV (promotional video) was scheduled to release. There is no info on the actual release date.

      • Anonymous permalink

        Official release date is out: June 23. Mark your calendars.

  8. Rezz permalink

    The Monster Girl Quest Paradox Part 2 is already here and yes in japanese 😥 .. Are you going to take this project?

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