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MGQ Paradox English Translation 1.21.36

July 11, 2016

1.21.36 Mega:!bEowUYZT!k1EmaZWNoTWl1SuZW3raIH_NdmwyviPmN3RPWbL5XAk


Usual procedure applies. Unzip to a completely fresh copy of the game directory for version 1.21, run patch.exe, click patch. If you get an error, you have the wrong version of the game. Sorry for the shitty backup site but it appears that anonfiles is defunct.

So yeah, it’s been 3 months and the translation project hasn’t exactly made huge strides. Since the last patch, this patch does let you talk to all the monsters in battle on the Ilias Continent, but the seduction events aren’t done. A couple of the early BFs are translated, too. I said before that this is mostly a clean-up patch, but it doesn’t even finish all of that. The next patch should put the game in a playable state start to finish. Hopefully that won’t take another 3 months, but yeah…. I realize how hilariously bad 6% progress in 3 months is. On the “bright” side, Paradox part 2 is confirmed to not be this year.

P.S. I’ll update later this week with some other monster girl games you should be paying attention to.

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  1. Anonymous permalink

    Dargoth… come back to us on IRC…

    • Anonymous permalink

      Dargoth we miss you! Dern~

      • Keith_Fozmire permalink

        Hurry up and come chat with us again, we need you Dargoth!

  2. Kek permalink

    Does anyone know about the prerequisites to enable the ‘Berserker’ job???? Thanks! (Gatsu build imminent)

    • Noar permalink

      Job change item isn’t available in part 1, same as Ninja/Taoist. Only characters who start with the Berserker job can use it.

  3. Noar permalink

    Does anyone know if Eva’s time stop skill where she draws the world card is currently unique to her character trait or exists as a possible result from an accessible Oracle skill? At first I thought it could happen via Oracle of the Goddess but now I’m not so sure.

    • It is one of possible cards in basic oracle skill.

      • Noar permalink

        Seems to come from Tarot of Fate, the level 2 Fortune Teller skill. Thanks for the reply.

  4. Anonymous permalink

    Anybody know when to expect an update? Been quite a while.

  5. Anonymous permalink

    What program you use to translate the games or should I say how do you open up the script file?

  6. Anonymous permalink

    I have a question, someone knows how luka can learn the skill Chaos drive? in a youtube video it comes out that has it, but does not tell you where or how he got it.

  7. Anonymous permalink

    Almost October xD… iv’e been counting the days xD. Wish I was good with japanese and scripting to help, but sadly I suck….in those areas too. Keep it up Dargoth! peace

  8. Quinn permalink

    Hey Dargoth where do we contact you if we want to assist in the translation to speed it up?

  9. RetroCop permalink


    I know that you’re closing in on the next patch update, and that the release of Part 2 is still on the distant horizon. But are you still in need of editors to help work the rough translated bits into English? And if so, is there some sort of method for selecting participants (sending them a string of rough text to de-Engrish, for example)?

    Asking ’cause I’m interested in helping, if it wasn’t clear.

  10. Anonymous permalink

    Damnit Dargoth can’t you go faster? I need my porn and I need it now

  11. Anonymous permalink

    PEOPLE! You can help by NOT pestering Dargoth. Rest assured, he has a team of capable hands as it is, and, barring some development (like the world ending or something) Dargoth is working his hardest to produce the next patch. Patience and some perspective go far longer than pestering him about the next patch.

    • Chiron Maximus permalink

      You can’t really blame them for the spam though. Most of them might have missed the previous messages form Dargoth and don’t really know what’s going on, so they say something without really even knowing. We just have to tell them what’s what so that Dargoth and his team can focus and not have to worry about responding to us.
      On a personal note, I can’t wait for the next patch; if I remember right, it’s next month I think.

  12. Anonymous permalink

    So when the patch comes out in october, will all of the lines of text for main story be translated only, or some more sex scene/battle text stuff too? Would love to see the little bug get translated rape scene and battle text (or however it’s called).

    • We’re getting through more battle text every day, but it certainly won’t all be finished.

      • Dern permalink

        Dargoth, return to us on IRC

      • Anonymous permalink

        Thanks for your reply Dargoth and the effort you put into this game!

      • NoName permalink

        You in the old era pal. Now it’s all about Discord!

      • Chiron Maximus permalink

        Actually, despite how you put it, if Dargoth had a Discord, we could join the group and get right on the dot updates and replies, but only if he and the team were up to that idea. It’s there choice, and we must respect it. And before I go … *Puts up a “No Trolls/Antagonizers allowed. All Trolls/Antagonizers will be shot and banned on sight!” sign* There.

  13. Anonymous permalink

    Does anyone have recommendations for a good job for Lime?

    • Anonymous permalink

      Not really sure myself, I’d say dip into the adventurer class for sure for some free boomerang skills and keep her equipped with said boomerang. Then from there, any job with high dex or high attack or some variation. Haven’t played in a while so I’m a little rusty.

    • Chiron Maximus permalink

      Anon does have a point. I’ve taking to the idea of having every character maxed every job/race level they can do, but it’s up to you.

  14. anhitamoonfire permalink

    “P.S. I’ll update later this week with some other monster girl games you should be paying attention to.”
    Several months later…

    • Anonymous permalink

      He already explained that his expectation weren’t met as most of well-appreciated parts he found required knowing Japanese, and he still wants to make that post as soon as he finds new good ones.

    • Dennir permalink

      Don’t complain about something you are going to get for free…

  15. Anonymous permalink

    Since next patch will have main storyline I replayed the original MGQ for shits and giggles and actually thought about something, I know it probably won’t be until Paradox part 3 but we probably will have the option to, as special bosses, go against Tamamo no Mae at full power and Alma Elma only using her martial arts. Oh man, that’s gonna be hard…

    • The Noble Shade permalink

      Based on what they established in the narrative, he wouldn’t stand a chance against them.

      • Chiron Maximus permalink

        Well, considering in Paradox there is the ability to turn Luka, Alice/Ilias, Sonya and all kinds of recruit-able monsters, including side and main story bosses, into ultimate badasses that have mastered every job and race they have access to, I think the playing field is equal.

  16. Civildeviation permalink

    Luv ya Dargoth and Team; kinda wondering, how is that release for “Early October is more likely” coming along? Should we let ourselves get excited for it?

  17. Anonymous permalink

    You’re doing a good job, just keep it up and finish with quality.

  18. Anonymous permalink

    May I know when will the next patch finish?
    Thank for your hardwork Dargoth ^^

  19. Anonymous permalink

    Will it be over or it is going to last more than the development of Kingdom Hearts 3?

  20. Anonymous permalink

    I dont know about you guys but i dont know why but this patch give problems in the main history, the events of enrika, the treasure cave and the goblin girl dont happen, i tired starting from zero but is the same

  21. Higarashi permalink

    Do you still need help with editing?

  22. B-Spiral permalink

    Hey guys, can i get some help? I JUST purchased the game and tried to use this patch to translate it but it says I’m using the wrong version. Am I doing something wrong, or was I unlucky and the game got a new update that I won’t be able to translate until the new patch comes out?

  23. khalayia permalink

    note to self and others, the translation on the hentai sites for monmusu quest movie royally sucks! who refers to aliphese as satan?

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