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MGQ Paradox English Patch 1.21.51 (Bug Fix)

November 5, 2016

Minor patch to fix a few bugs and issues with the text. There are a lot of the latter left, but hopefully none of the former.



  • Raise no longer crashes the game if cast on a living party member
  • You can battle Justice Kaiser now
  • Papi’s Smithy is once again functional after getting to crystal equipment

I missed the bug where the game crashes if you use Puff Puff with a flat chested character. So don’t do that. Luka, Sylph, any of the lolis I assume, etc.

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  1. PoorScribe permalink

    Hey Dargoth and company, I have to give you guys a huge thanks for working so hard on all of this. I have no idea how difficult it is to translate all of this text, coordinate with the other translators and editors, and still deal with people asking about patch releases every day, nor would I wish to. That said, you guys are providing an awesome public service by working through this and know that for every person asking when the next patch is coming out, there are very thankful for the work you’ve already done, and the work you continue to do. This goes not just for Dargoth but for everybody who’s been working on this translation project, thanks a lot guys!

  2. Anonymous permalink

    When do you plan translate this game in 100 % ?

  3. lordkane01 permalink

    I know it isn’t really monster girls but I learned something amazing Kyonyuu Fantasy got translated and is now being sold under the name Funbag Fantasy how amazing is that? I have waited for years and years for that translation now all we have to do is convince them to do the sequal Kyonyuu Fantasy Gaiden as well. So go buy it and message them that they should translate the sequal.
    Ok adrenaline induced message end

    Nice job so far Dargoth between you and all the original English monster girl games that are being made I’m so happy thought it would be years before English originals would get made but so many have been popping up recently on the internet makes me happy honestly great time to be alive. Only thing that would make things better is if someone made a translation program that actually reliably translates Japanese into English then all the games we want could get quick translations but that probably wont happen for a while.

    • Anonymous permalink

      If you mean a good translation and not the gibberish machine translation produces, then it’s not happening in any conceivable future, language, meaning, context, humor and all that are way too complex for our technology today.

    • We’ll get a good Japanese->English translation program at the same time we get artificial general intelligence. Although once that happens, good translation is going to be very low on the list of breakthroughs we’ll be excited about.

      • @Dargoth
        Eh, speak for yourself. Even if that A.I. cures cancer, I’m still gonna be more hyped about all that sweet translated porn. 😛

  4. Anonymous permalink

    is there any save patch??

    • Anonymous permalink

      like u want someone to upload a save file for you

  5. How long to next release guys? Appreciate ya’ll. papa bless

    • Anonymous permalink

      it’ll come out whenever it comes out..just be patient a bit and explore part 1 as if nothing will happen…that will make the waiting time “feel shorter”

      • I’m talking about the next translation patch, for those perverted ones such as myself who have wanted the temptation and H-scenes more that anything else translated.

      • Anonymous permalink

        jondom86 anata wa baka hentai….

      • Civildeviation permalink

        Perverts vs Trolls; I dear not imagine if they reproduced together. That might make for a new genre of J-RPGS though.

      • Anonymous permalink

        I was legit wondering about the progress of the translation, not trolling.

  6. Anonymous permalink

    hey for the casino in grandoll, when u purchase 1500 coins, it says it costs 2000 gold when it actually should say 20000

  7. Anonymous permalink

    where is the link of actual game?

    • Anonymous permalink

      Buy it on DLsite or torrent it. Literally google something like ‘monster girl quest paradox torrent’ and you’ll find it.

    • wow permalink

      on sukebei

  8. Anonymous permalink


  9. Anonymous permalink


  10. Anonymous permalink

    btw when sonya gives you a gift, the word weird is spelled wierd

  11. Anonymous permalink

    MGQ movie is up for sale on dlsite!

    • The Noble Shade permalink

      Hopefully, it’ll get translated. Likely by someone else. Eventually

      • Anonymous permalink

        Not worth the effort. Alma Elma loli voice, Erubetie pink vagina, Luka with a typical hentai-boner sized dick, generic hentai with “Monster Girl Quest” trademark as only value.

      • CivilDeviation permalink

        Only 10 minutes or so long, no continuity of story, and what Anon said. Also it is highly encrypted so you’ll need to download a specialized media player and use the password and username given in your receipt. So of questionable worth in my book.

        Also, again, please don’t pirate it, it’s available on our dlsite and doing that will hurt the proprietors and feeds gaijin hostilities….

      • Anonymous permalink

        That bad, eh? Shame.

      • The Noble Shade permalink

        I knew it’d be “meh” at best, but I want it because I’m starved for content and lore on this series, and this is one of the only monstergirl hentai animations that I know about (though I’m not big on hentai animation). Also, it doesn’t look like total ass.

        Though, I agree, Erubetie with a pink vagina is dumb.

      • Only 10 minutes long. And it’s encrypted. Well, I no longer find myself in a rush to see it. I’ll just wait patiently for it to pop up on some streaming site. If anyone ever even bothers to post something that short and low quality. Man, and I was really hoping this would be the start of a wave of monster girl hentai anime. And hopefully a wave of femdomXshota hentai anime. Such a lack of both. Such a shame. Truly, we live in the darkest timeline.

      • Those first two sentences were supposed to be questions. Damn this inability to edit comments.

    • It’s out already? Man, come on, Hentaimama. Get on that shit.

  12. unidentifiedphantasm permalink

    I bought the hentai, its very generic, would it be okay to post it and link you guys to it?

    • Not here, no.

      • Anonymous permalink

        how do u even plan to do that?

    • Anonymous permalink

      the link is already out anyways..hi dargoth

      • I may be playing around with subtitling it since some super unscrupulous person (who totally wasn’t me) bypassed the DRM and leaked it.

      • Anonymous permalink

        Subtlitled MGQ movie in 2025? Wohoo…

      • Hey I’m already half done. Easier than expected.

      • Anonymous permalink u know japanese? (how do u subtitle the ova?)

      • Anonymous permalink

        He doesn’t, the dirty secret is that Dargoth can’t read Japanese, he translates paradox with sentences randomly generated by cats walking on his keyboard. That’s why it’s taking so long.

      • Anonymous permalink

        FOR MGQ h-scenes you don’t need to know Japanese anyway:

        “Look at yourself! Getting hard from this. You’re a hopless masochist!”
        “Ufufu, what a premature ejaculator. Did almost drowning in my stomach acid feel that good?”
        And so began my new life as the machimera’s sex toy. I failed in my quest, but enjoy a life of pleasure, being eaten and reborn every day.

      • Anonymous permalink

        No I know how he translates the RPG through the script extraction..I played around with that but this is the ova we are talking about

    • Anonymous permalink

      the OST in the beginning was actually kinda gud….im begging for an OST release

  13. Anonymous permalink

    I know it was said many times before, but I can`t get myself to dig through all the comments…

    What is the current state of Paradox Part 2? Heard its coming out this year?

    • No one knows. This year seems overwhelmingly likely considering there are 11 months left and given Torotoro’s previous pace, I can’t imagine he needs more time than that. As for whether the release will be February or December, that’s anyone’s guess.

      • Anonymous permalink

        expect there to be a trial edition as always and usually 6 months later, that’s when it officially releases approximately…wish i can follow torotoro on twitter for frequent updates but unfortunately it’s private…

  14. Anonymous permalink

    Yes dargoth pls english subtitle mgq the movie!

    • khalayia permalink

      i doubt he’ll have a chance to, its already listed on hentai sites unfortunately which usually get subbed within a few weeks of releasing raw. i honestly thought it wouldn’t get onto those so easily….

      • Anonymous permalink


      • It’s already on streaming sites? Really? Must be on some obscure ones. No matter what I type in the search bar I can’t get any sites that have it. Google doesn’t even give me its dlsite page. Just a bunch of forum sites with year old topics discussing what if they made and MGQ anime. Had to download it from sukebei. First time for everything, I guess.

      • I’ll be done tomorrow.

      • Anonymous permalink

        @Erwin Dedić

        Sukebei: learn it, live it, love it.

      • @Anon
        Eh. I could’ve just waited. It’s already on Hentaimama.

  15. Sevalle permalink

    They took the least looking monster girls and made this. Except for Erubetie, they are all succubus. If you’re expecting something like Nanabi, you’re gonna be disappointed. Animation is pretty average, but glad that they stick to Luka being dominated. I was expecting. like 90% of hentai, that main dude takes over and fucks them till’ they pass out. Still, glad that there is something like this. I truly hope we get more of monster girl anime hentai in the future

  16. Anonymous permalink

    in LoC..vanilla says “Be sure to continue bying” should be buying

  17. Hewie permalink

    Would it be possible to ask you to tell me what Micaela(in the labyrinth) is saying in this short sentence ?

    • Ningyo no Koibito permalink

      That reads “Watashi ga haiboku suru nante…” I believe she is saying “I will not be defeated…”

      • She says that after you beat her so it’s more like “How could I be defeated…”

      • Hewie permalink

        Thank you very much for telling me, both of you 🙂

      • Ningyo no Koibito permalink

        I wondered that. I was going to ask the context, because I was noticing different possibilities for translation.

      • Skuya permalink

        Meh. That’s the only one I haven’t encountered in LoC yet.
        Guess I have bad luck. =|

  18. Coldtoon permalink

    Hey Dargoth how about showing us some monster girl love with a Valentine’s Day patch?

    • Hewie permalink

      I have a better idea: Let’s all shower Dargoth with some valentine love by not pestering him for a patch release this entire month. (シ)

  19. Anonymous permalink

    So is the translation for the MG anime/movie coming out or?

    • Anonymous permalink

      So impatient.

    • It did. You’ll have to look for it elsewhere though…

      • Anonymous permalink

        Where? Wish it was at least on notepad or something

      • Anonymous permalink
        Some people say though mggg 4chan or something…Took me several minutes to finally find..Thanks for the mega link Dargoth…Though honestly I dun think I notepad of the subs would be bad to be posted more publicly…Just not the vid

      • The hell’s a

      • Anonymous permalink

        @Erwin Dedic…Well I’m not gonna post a link here so that’s the k lye thing I can say…Sorry..I wish Dargoth would allow me too…

      • Anonymous permalink

        K lye should be only…sorry

      • @Anon
        It’s fine. I Googled it. Got some weird looking site that I do not understand and cannot navigate for the life of me. I’m assuming it’s 4chan. I really wouldn’t know. Never been on 4chan. Guess I’ll just wait for someone to upload the subs on Hentaimama. Shouldn’t take too long. Thanks anyway.

      • Anonymous permalink

        Is it even worth looking for the subtitles? The thing is like 95% porn scenes.

      • Edale permalink

        I just spent over an hour searching, and can’t find a translation anywhere.

        Closest I found was a post by Dargoth saying he was working on a translation for the anime…

        If anyone has found a translation, I would greatly appreciate a link, if it can’t be posted here email it to me at: edale1[at]gmail[dot]com

        I’d actually prefer an SRT (or other subtitle file format) file, rather than the whole anime, but I’ll download the whole anime again if I have to (and probably extract the subs and post those, since there’s NOTHING illegal or controversial about posting subtitle files).


      • @Edale
        I just downloaded a subbed version from sukebei. So you can get it there if you haven’t already.


        Just grab it off the mega link from the 4chan thread. Don’t download whatever that abomination on sukebei is….

        Here’s the .ass file if you want that:!DVRRXZSS!X2K_IsmjOzNxnD23KpS3_ZCj_YWdBVufiX2GPe2oZso

      • @Dargoth
        Man, how do you people navigate that site? It’s a mess.
        Anyway, the mega link I found there no longer works. But this one works fine. Thanks.

      • Anonymous permalink

        How did u translate this?

      • I googled “how to translate anime” and followed directions. I’m not even joking. Handbrake + Aegisub + MKVToolNix.

      • Anonymous permalink

        So does aegisub does all the work for ya if not most?

  20. Anonymous permalink

    Oh man i think this never will get fully translated :), this started around 2015 and we are 2017, i am scared of what gonna happen with the other 2 parts.

    • It’s still being worked on, there’s just a lot of work that has to be done. This game has more lines to translate than the all 3 parts of the original combined. It’s a lot more work and you can’t expect it to be done in the same time frame.

    • Anonymous permalink

      Still a lot have been translated in part 1 so we can safely suppose translation for part 2 will be shorter since most class/objects/races are already translated.

      • Anonymous permalink

        I guess. Part 2 will have new class/objects/races though.

      • Arj permalink

        With all the UI translated, and a huge chunk of items, magic effects, and other such things, even if they add more in Part 2 I think it will be a huge load off to already have so much done.

  21. Taiga permalink

    Sry but… any info about MGQP part 2 or 3?

  22. Anonymous permalink

    Hey pals, do you think Promestein Next Dolls will be playable in part 2 or 3 ?

  23. Anonymous permalink

    All I want is the rape scenes translated. Come on its MGQ. Im not playing this because its a RPG, Im playing it for the rape scenes.

    • Given that it’s MGQ, I think it’d be just as believable to say “I’m not playing it for the rape scenes, I’m playing for the story and gameplay.”

    • Anonymous permalink

      Im playing for both 😀

    • Anonymous permalink

      Both would be good. But I’ll take story over porn. I can tell from the pictures what’s going on, I can’t play the game or understand the story without a translation.

    • I feel ya, pal. I want some of that good rape too. But, surprisingly enough, a lot of people do play these games for the story. You’re just gonna have to be patient.

      • Civildeviation permalink

        Pretty sure, they are not “purely” playing it for the story; as there is a giant set of better produced and graphically games out there with better “story”. Not saying ya can’t play something mostly for the story, but lets not underplay the sexual gratification even if not that which is most emphasized.

      • @Civildeviation
        Oh, no doubt. I agree. I was just telling him that, as surprising as it is, there are people who play this game ”mostly” for the story. I find that odd. But hey, different strokes for different folks. Personally, I like the story. But I don’t think it’s as nearly as amazing as some people make it out to be. Certainly not amazing enough to play the game just for the story. The perversion and kinky setting is what gives the game its charm. It’s what makes it stand out. It’s lore and comedy revolve around it. Without it this game would just be another random RPG Maker title filled with a lot of RPG and anime tropes and cliches. But that’s just my two cents.

      • Anonymous permalink

        I don’t think anyone plays it JUST for the story (that’s only a joke, with MGQ being a porn game and all, I swear I’m only playing it for the story hurr) but you shouldn’t dismiss gameplay and story because they’re in an ero game either, I started playing the original because of porn but I got invested in the story eventually, like I know a lot of people did. Most modern RPGs are so shitty I’m serious when I say Paradox was one of the better ones in recent years, pretty graphics and large budget don’t mean shit if gameplay or writing suck.
        As for playing it ”mostly” for the story I look at it this way: I care about 20-30% of the porn tops because that’s the porn with characters I like or from artists I like, I won’t even see the rest unless I accidentally lose a fight, so naturally I want gameplay and story translated first because I need that at or close to 100% to actually play the game. Obviously I want that porn content translated too but the scenes people want will be different for everyone (and I really, really doubt there are many 100% porn completists out there). Maybe main/most popular characters could be translated first? Like if everyone voted for 5-10 characters they want scenes translated and then top however many would be given a priority? Just throwing ideas out there, Dargoth probably has some sort of plan for translating the h-scenes.

      • @Anon
        I’m not dismissing the story or the gameplay. It’s a fine story. I just think people over-exaggerate its greatness sometime. At the end of the day it is an h-game. That is its main focus. That is how it drew fans in the first place. The good story was just an added bonus. One I feel wouldn’t have worked as well if the game was set in a non-erotic typical RPG. The idea of having every monster be a female that desires to rape you adds so much to the world of MGQ. Without that it would just be a comedic game filled with tropes and cliches. Everything from your first enemy being a slime, to your character having an amazing heritage, to the last boss being god. It’s the perversion of those cliches that makes the game unique to me. It has everything every other RPG has, but it’s all covered in a layer of lust and kink. And Paradox, of course, is an improvement in every way.(Though I wish some characters had more scenes. Hopefully the next part will rectify that.) Especially when it comes to gameplay. The original’s gameplay was, quite frankly, garbage. Very grindy(as in some fights take too long) at times, and very luck based at other times. RPG Maker really makes MGQ shine. It transforms it into the game it always should’ve been.

        I’ll be the first to admit that I do not have much of an attachment to the story or the characters. I like them, but otherwise I think the characters are all pretty standard hentai/anime characters. And the story is a pretty standard J-RPG/anime story. This doesn’t mean, however, that I think Dargoth should translate the porn first. While I’d like that, it wouldn’t really help much. Translated porn doesn’t serve me any good if I can’t progress through the story to get to said porn. I understand the need to translate the story first, and I am not against it. I also get that not everyone enjoys most of the porn in the game, like me. And that is another very good reason to focus on the story first.

        I feel like people might be misinterpreting my comments. While I sympathized with the OP and his desire for more porn, and expressed confusion towards people who care more about the story than the porn, I was not agreeing with him about translating the porn first. I simply wanted to inform him that he should be a bit more patient. I have nothing against the game’s story or the people who play the game for the story. I disagree on its greatness. But that’s just my opinion.

        I apologize to anyone who felt I was bashing the game’s story or their love of it. It was not my intention.

      • The reason I say I like the game mostly for the story is because I actually don’t like the porn in this game. It’s all themes I don’t really care for (femdom, masochism, vore, etc). I love the gameplay, especially the job system and seeing the pocket castle fill up as you recruit more characters. The story is pretty good, maybe not as amazing as some people say, but good enough that I am invested and interested in what happens next (as far as cliches go, there’s nothing wrong with having a lot of them as long as you execute them well). I enjoy quite a few of the characters, especially Sonya, Lime, Hip, and Illias (while Alice felt more involved with the plot as a character, Illias felt like she had more of an arc and I found her more interesting, especially her reactions and comments). While I agree that the erotic and kinky nature add to the enjoyment of the world, for me it’s mostly because it allows for more humorous dialogue based on it, not because of the actual porn. It all boils down to the fact that I don’t like the porn this game offers, but the game itself has a lot more things to enjoy and draw me in (and, outside of enemy nudity, doesn’t really have any unavoidable erotic scenes) so it’s still very much worth playing.

      • Anonymous permalink

        Nah, it’s cool, man, I get people who want h-scenes over story, it’s a h-game after all, I don’t agree (in this case) but I don’t think it’s unreasonable. And, no, it wouldn’t work without the hentai content but just the fact that people even talk about it in terms of story vs porn says a lot, in most hentai games gameplay and story are hardly even there or are so bad they might as well not be (cough cough Violated Hero cough).

      • @Dj Quinn
        Nah, I get ya. Not your kind of kink. I believe ya. (Even though my heart doesn’t want to believe ya. How can anyone not be into cute shotas getting dominated by hot babes? Inconceivable. :P)

        I wasn’t trying to imply that the cliches were a bad thing. Quite the opposite, they’re some of the best parts. A lot of the comedy and perversion revolves around the cliches. Most of them are played for laughs. I was just saying that without the element of kinkiness the cliches would just be that, cliches. The kink adds a new level of… almost kind of satire… but not really satire… something like that. I don’t know what to really call it.

        I didn’t mean to sound like the characters were unlikable. In fact, I like most of them. (And occasionally I wanna punch most of them, but that’s a different topic entirely.) Illias’s character in Paradox in particular is one of my favorites. I already liked her in the original, but there she was just your typical ”insane villain revealed to be tragic villain” character. Her predicament in Paradox offers so many moments of comedy and character development that the previous game lacked. She’s so likeable that I’m at the point where I hope the game won’t end with us having to restore the timeline to its original state. ‘Cause that would be a bummer. And boring.
        What I was trying to say is that the characters are your typical hentai/J-RPG protagonists. Much like how every harem anime has all your typical girl stereotypes. The tsundere, the kuudere, the childhood friend, the tomboy and so on. MGQ follows a similar formula. Which is not to say that the characters are unlikable or even bad. I find them all to be charming. Just not very unique. Of course, that is unavoidable, since it is a porn game based on dominant women. So naturally they’re gonna have very particular personalities to fit that fetish.

        Again, I reiterate, I was not trying to disparage the game’s story or characters or any people who enjoy the game for those elements. I was simply sharing an opinion which, I guess, kinda got out of hand.
        It’s my own fault. I’m too perverted for my own good. My mind just cannot understand the logic behind ”partaking in porn for the story.” Trying to imagine it is like trying to image oblivion. My brain just can’t wrap itself around it. I know it’s a real thing, but I just can’t comprehend it. XD

      • @Anon
        The first Violated Hero or all of them? Because I find the story in 2 and 3 to be rather amusing. Nothing to write home about, sure. It’s a hentai game after all. But nowhere near as bad as some other games where I just skip all the dialogue because it’s so mind-numbingly dull. ”Just get to the porn, dammit. I don’t care about your stupid ninja vs demon war. I got 10 different anime that tell that story way better. I just wanna see some tentacles in some bitches. Christ.”

        Anyway, yeah, I guess it’s just a matter of perspective. As good as the story of MGQ is, I still feel its porn stands high above it. But that’s just my opinion. But I also don’t agree with the porn being translated first. I’d honestly prefer a healthy medium between the two, but that would be hard in a game of this size and scope. Translating the story first makes sense. Especially since none of the porn is mandatory and related to the story.

      • Oh, and just to clarify. I do not prefer porn over story or vice versa. Just because I find more enjoyment in the porn does not mean that that’s all I want. A good balance between story, gameplay and porn is very important. I’ve dropped many games because they emphasized one over the others. An h-game that is too plot heavy, but gives you too little porn is not fulfilling enough. Because I came for the porn, and yet it’s giving next to nothing. At that point I might as well play a AAA RPG, since I’m not getting any porn anyway. On the other hand, an h-game with a weak story, or no story, that constantly drowns you in porn, is no fun. Same if the gameplay is bad. The magic of an h-game is that it’s a GAME with sexual content. If I just wanted porn I’d go watch a hentai or look up Rule 34. No, I want to play. I want a good story that also involves copious amounts of sex. As much as I downplay MGQ’s story, it is still good enough that it kept me playing. At no point did I think ”Eh, I’m bored. I’ll just download a 100% save.” That means a lot coming from a guy like me, who plays ”mostly” for the porn. As much as I praise the porn in this game it wouldn’t have been enough to keep me interested had the story been meh. Especially not in the original game where the battle system was very irritating to me.
        I just wanted to get that off my chest. Make sure people know where I stand. I’m neutral. But I support translating the story first, because it logically makes more sense.

      • passerby4554 permalink

        Ok, this is getting ridiculous. Let’s all just agree that we play the game for our own reasons and just wait like patient children/teens/adults.

      • @passerby4554
        Yeah, that’s probably a good idea.
        I’d like to apologize to everyone, especially Dargoth, for the wall of text.


  24. you probably dont get this enough, but TY for all your hard work in translating this. this series has a surprisingly good story and i appreciate the fact you work so hard at getting a quality translation of it out to us

  25. Anonymous permalink

    Patiently waiting for H-Scenes translation, being a H-Game and all.

  26. Anonymous permalink

    I’m new to this site, but relatively familiar with the Monster Girl Quest games

    and I was wondering if the game is compatible with the Mac OS or do I have to install something like Wine and other support/variations?

    I don’t intend on getting boot camp because I’m a Mac person and I don’t have anything else to run windows

    • Anonymous permalink

      yes, i tried on my friend’s mac and yes i used wine and it works perfectly

      • Anonymous permalink

        thank you

      • Anonymous permalink

        I found something else out recently, does Paradox also work with something like Winebottler? mainly because i ran into a likely snag of wine having an install issue with El Capitan

  27. Anonymous permalink

    Question, why does it say wrong version with the patch? It quits at 49% percent for me.

  28. Kels permalink

    Did the developer give any info on when the sequel’s coming? Should be due in the next 6 months, no?

    • No idea. We’re all hoping to hear more after the next anime episode is released this week.

  29. aaron permalink

    I have a fresh copy of the Japanese game and whenever i try to patch it i get the same wrong version error every time. I really would like to play this game, any suggestions?

    • You have the Japanese game updated to the 1.21 patch? Also make sure you don’t have any extra directories or files (like a save dir).

      • Ultran permalink

        I’m having the same problem. Sorry to sound like an idiot, but how do I patch the actual game?

  30. GJbindels permalink

    So work is still being done on mgq paradox. it looks like an intresting game.
    Sorry if this has already been asked before.
    Also what is this about an anime episode if there is such in excistance where can I find it.

  31. thanks bro for sharing 🙂

  32. Gallent permalink

    Is it normal for there not to be music?

    • Gallent permalink

      And for Shift to do the exact same thing as x? And for q and w to seemingly do nothing?

  33. Extifery permalink

    Dargoth, you must be very skilled with programming.

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