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MGQ Paradox English Patch 1.21.51 (Bug Fix)

November 5, 2016

Minor patch to fix a few bugs and issues with the text. There are a lot of the latter left, but hopefully none of the former.



  • Raise no longer crashes the game if cast on a living party member
  • You can battle Justice Kaiser now
  • Papi’s Smithy is once again functional after getting to crystal equipment

I missed the bug where the game crashes if you use Puff Puff with a flat chested character. So don’t do that. Luka, Sylph, any of the lolis I assume, etc.

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  1. omni permalink

    so is smmg still a thing?

    • Anonymous permalink


    • Anonymous permalink

      Well if you had decided to click the link for “translations” you’d see this:

      Temporarily on hold: No, it’s definitely not dead! I know it’s been a year, but I’ll finish it if it’s the last thing I do. If another translator is really interested in giving it a shot, I’d be glad to send you the files though.
      Sei Monmusu Gakuen 聖もんむす学園
      Progress: 18.2% 6387/35035

    • Anonymous permalink

      Ah yes that cursed game the legend says one day a brave one will finally translated it. But seriously i hope it come out one day

    • Anonymous permalink

      It’s been sacrificed along with some goats for the Glory of Paradox.
      it’s sacrifice will not be forgotten..

  2. Anonymous permalink

    I wish I could cyrofreeze myself until part 2 and part 3 come out and are finished. Just finished up part 1. This wait is gonna be murder.

    Also seems like one story sequence isn’t actually translated, when you go to visit the Don, that scene was missed it seems.

  3. Anonymous permalink

    Keep getting “wrong version” even though i have the latest official game. I thought it was just plug and play but i guess i am not doing something that needs to be done before i can run the patcher but i have no idea what it is i need to do. can someone help me? I even tried patching a pirated version and it still doesn’t work.

    • Sulphur99 permalink

      Have you patched the game before? If so, you need a completely fresh version of the 1.21 game.

      • Anonymous permalink

        Downloaded directly from DLsite, don’t know how more fresh I can get than that.

  4. ethan permalink

    Is they anyway to unlock both Alice and Ilias at the pocket castle? i have completed the game twice one with Ilias and the other with Alice thought this would unlock both of them on my 3rd run. They released a 100% save many months ago that had Alice and Ilias in the pocket castle so i thought that you could.

    • Civildeviation permalink

      This was answered earlier, no you cannot have both alice and illias during a single playthrough. It is one or the other.

  5. Alan permalink

    Does Dargoth has an email? How can I contact him? I cant play the game and its really frustrating dont know how to fix this. I tried everything.

    • Anonymous permalink

      How about actually telling us what’s wrong instead just “you can’t play it”? so we can attempt to help

  6. This may be a silly question, but is there a way to raise the level cap?

  7. Anonymous permalink

    if you have rpg maker vx ace you can put the game in that then go to actor page and you see the max lvl witch is 99 but you need to add a new script the one i have is Yanfly Engine Ace – Adjust Limits once you get to lvl 99 with that script you be able to lvl up alot more i think its to lvl 9999 you can google it and it will tell you all you need to know about the script, i dont know if there a way to cheat the level cap. p.s i didint add the script to mgqp i have it on other game.

    • Ah, okay. I don’t want to cheat since it’ll probably mess up the transfer when Part 2 comes out, so I’m just going to leave it as is.

  8. Another question, but how many party members are there? I’m up to 158 (though my library says 157, so I guess Luka isn’t counted?), and the only one’s I know I don’t have are Alice (I chose Illias), Lucia (I chose Lily), and the Medal Queen. Also, are Luka, the Pope, and Samson the only male party members you can get?

    • Anonymous permalink

      There’s at least two other male character I can think of, right away, Pilates and… John or something? The guard that you meet at the poison swamp can be recruited at the Temple, and the Pope’s holy knight bodyguard guy will offer to join as well.

      • Got ’em now, thanks. I went through the wiki, and it seems the only character I’m missing aside from the 3 I mentioned is the “Panty Master”, who I assume is that one guy from Pornof.

    • Anonymous permalink

      You can have Lily and Lucia. Lily even has a special phrase when you have her in your party when fighting herself or talking to Lucia at the Pocket Castle.
      All you have to do is play New Game +, and choose to fight the girl you recruited before.

      • I realized that, since I made a NG+ file to test if Lily was still listed as “party member” in the monster book. Since characters like Lime and Illias changed to “not party member”, I figured she must carry over. Also, I recruited Panty Sensei😛 I had completely forgotten about the “stealing monster girl panties” thing because I never did it. Now I just need to finish up a couple things and I can start an actual NG+ to get Lucia and enough medals for the Medal Queen (I spent most of my medals on the job items for Noble and King/Pope jobs).

      • Civildeviation permalink

        If ya didn’t mention it already, you can get the scat guy from Pornof onto your team by bringing the red taoist katsuni. Also ick!

      • Huh, thanks. He wasn’t mentioned on the wiki (neither was Sampson, actually), so I didn’t realize.

    • Anonymous permalink

      my count is at 162, you can also recruit the pope’s head guard guard by talking to him, the guard from the start of the game who was yelling a Lime (he’s in the job description room to the right on the first floor of illias temple), and a few I found easy to miss were Bunny-chan, the BF in monte carlo’s casino, and salaan (the assassin leader) who is also a BF.

  9. Anonymous permalink

    So I tried to patch the game, but I noticed that there are some dialogues that are English while others (sometimes with the same character I’m talking to) are Japanese. Is that normal or am I missing something?

    For example, I requested a Reverse Rape from the Mandragora and I noticed some parts of her dialogue are in English while the rest is in Japanese.

    • Anonymous permalink

      if you look at the bitbucket spreadsheet on the previous update it will state Mandragora 3 40/50 lines translated.
      Look at this sheet to see what has been translated in terms of character dialogue.

    • Fanservicefan permalink

      Much of the sex scenes and profiles for returning monsters are very nearly identical in text. I cross-referenced with the nscript of the original trilogy a while back. Any bits of a scene that are in Japanese are new lines.

      • Wobby Wobman permalink

        The request scenes in the castle are actually all very different though, since they’re not post-battle rape. The english text from the original trilogy in these cases is more or less used as a placeholder for whatever reason, while the japanese stuff at the beginning and end is the “Oh, so you *want* to get fucked by me?” stuff.

        So basically, they should have entirely different text once the translation is done.

  10. Anonymous permalink

    The Scat Captain is recruitable as well

  11. Anonymous permalink

    Does anyone know if the Neo Iron Maiden in the last Tartarus tower is recruitable? I’ve killed 30 of these things with an Affinity of 100, combined with a Monster Tamer’s Recruit bonus active, combined with a Smooth Talker’s Ally Invitation before killing them. Is it just a stubborn one? The ones that have given me a hard time before have never made it to 10 kills with this set-up without joining.

    • Civildeviation permalink

      Just stubborn, also the recruit bonuses do not stack iirc.

    • Skuya permalink

      They are recruitable, but some monsters aren’t quite happy to join some sinner, I guess.
      Oh, and while we’re at it, to recruit the Onahole Girl I spent more than two hours fighting them in the Tower of Magic. It was annoying.

    • Anonymous permalink

      Cool, thanks for the answers, people. I’ll grind them ’till they give in I guess. I think I was getting frustrated on them because I made that my goal before going to sleep that night, which didn’t look to be happening anytime soon.

      Thanks for the tip, Civildeviation, I think I’ve read that, but I continue to do overkill to be sure. No new monster is defeated until she’s been properly chatted up and her panties stolen, including bosses.

      Skuya, sorry to hear that. For a pretty non-spectacular H-scene too. I was disappointed by it anyway, but pocket castle addition, yay.

      • Anonymous permalink

        I just got the Neo Iron Maiden. After 10 more failed tries(And a lot of fighting other monsters for the chances), I tried once without Ally Invitationing her, just as an experiment. I still had the Monster Tamer bonus on. She recruited on that one. It could just be coincidence, but that was interesting.

      • Civildeviation permalink

        Yeah, not sure if Ally Invitation in the Smooth Talking job works as it is supposed to. I know it doesn’t stack with other recruitment perks, but it almost seems like it negates other ones. Most I’ve seen happen is that it seems to work best if the enemy is defeated on the same turn it was used rather than on subsequent turns. Could totally be magic thinking on my part though.

        Also did you know there is an achievement for getting a royal flush (poker) and straight 7s (slots) when gambling?

      • Anonymous permalink

        I tried all of the gambling methods once. The poker interface looked untranslated and was extremely intimidating to me, so I closed that out as soon as I could figure out which button did that. I did slots probably less than 5 times and decided, as in real life, gambling isn’t for me. I think I read somewhere in-game or wiki that having a Gambler job impacts your luck on the games, but it wasn’t to be for me, so I bought the tokens that I needed to purchase my bunny suit from the prize lady, and got the hell out of there.

      • Noar permalink

        Money is a non-issue in this game so the gambling is really only there for kicks or achievements. Even early-game, you can make 100k in a few minutes by recruiting Stella (Nameless Slums battle fucker) and repeatedly running to Death/Alice to get wrecked.

      • Anonymous permalink

        I actually got a royal straight flush, with a joker. Sadly didn’t give me enough to to get everything I wanted.

  12. Anonymous permalink

    Hey Dargoth, just wondering if we could get more of a regular monthly update from now on? Not a monthly patch, obviously, just a little short post to let us know the progress/what you’re working on?

  13. Anonymous permalink

    Wow came back here after a year and I’m blown away by the progress. The translation work done so far is amazing! Can’t wait to see the rest!

  14. Anonymous permalink

    I am getting a wrong version message whenever I try to apply any of the translation patches. Is there something I have to do before patching? I have version 1.21.00 and it is freashly downloaded from an offical site so it has not been translated yet.

    I tried useing a patcher on multiple computers and even trying to apply the patch to a pirated version so it’s not just my comp or the game files I downloaded. Either whats wrong is the patcher itself or I am not doing something I need to do before applying the patch or I have a outdated program like flash for example. Can somebody please help me?

    • Sulphur99 permalink

      Are using Japanese locale?

      • Anonymous permalink

        I switched over to japanese local, re-extracted the game, but I am still getting a wrong version message.

    • Anonymous permalink

      Make sure that the folder in which the game is has no japanese characters in the name

      • Anonymous permalink

        Already had that taken care of so the problem is something else but i have no idea what.

  15. unidentifiedphantasm permalink

    Is there any place where we can discuss the story of Paradox? It seems rather interesting and has a lot of potential.

    • Civildeviation permalink

      It is interesting especially now that it is translated. A good bit of story telling though I worry that the plot twists may be a bit predictable.

      **Anticipated Spoiler**: Marcellus is dead in an unknown grave and it is actually a future Luka trying to fight the upcoming chaos and apoptosis. He realized that it wouldn’t happen over one timeline/history as too much time had passed and there were too many causalities. As such, he set up breadcrumbs that he knew he would follow through different dimensions and timelines so he could fight the apoptosis and chaos appropriately. My guess is that each Monster lord has a different idea for what the future should be and as a result is in conflict; the same is true for the Illias faction. I anticipate we will eventually at the end of chapter 2 be exposed to the chaos faction.**

    • Anonymous permalink has the /mggg/ board which is about monster girl games in general. MGQ is frequently (like pretty much daily) mentioned there.

  16. DungeonMasterBobbySmith permalink

    Anybosy know what 閃攻 means?

    • Anonymous permalink

      Onslaught of glitter.
      Glitter attack.

    • Anonymous permalink

      閃攻 Other translators imply it’s an idiom, 閃 meaning incessant. “Incessant onslaught”?

  17. unidentifiedphantasm permalink

    Does Monster Girl Fetish have a name? Sorry i am new to this sort of entertainmente hahaha

  18. passerby4554 permalink

    So, any pastebin links showing the current progress or shall I just keep waiting with no idea?

    • Anonymous permalink

      Wait. Or take the effort to look slightly deeper and you’ll find out yourself

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