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New Paradox Demo from Torotoro

The promised updated demo for MGQ Paradox is out. This version will allow you to transfer your saves to the full game, unlike the old version.

You can download it here, either direct or from a torrent:

The demo translation patch WILL NOT work on this new demo, by the way. We’ll be hard at work putting together a new one over the next few days.

Happy New Year!

Ok, I promised the Paradox demo translation would be done by now, and it’s not. :(

So… here’s the latest dump of files, mostly unedited and untested! What’s new from last time? I don’t remember! Will some of these unedited H-scene translations give you eye cancer? Maybe! Which ones? Find out!!jYw32T6L!_bsNoqBD5cxvfwaaAwiK39lw3vBRr3wS-M0m8zH4S2Q
Anonfiles appears down…

MGQ Paradox Preview Video

Torotoro’s end of the month update comes with a special surprise, a preview video for Paradox!

You can view his blog update with links to the video on Niconico and a direct download link:

Video translation:

Other things to note:
Promestein: Yes, I’d love to observe you… No, I want to help you.
Sonya responds with: you mean you want to turn Luka into a guinea pig?
promestein says she can inject something to turn bunni into a rabbit
bunni asks “oh yes, it must be carrot elixir”
promestein starts to explain DNA and then gives up and agrees with her
Brunhilde says she’s supposed to wake up at the end of the world and protect it
Sylph shown as a regular party member.

No release date yet, but “coming soon.” It says there will be approximately 230 monster races to choose from. Over 500 enemies, all of whom can become allies. Approximately 140 jobs. That’s probably for the entire Paradox trilogy and not just the first part though.

Demo translation is wrapping up too… Eventually. (Not never)

MGQ Paradox Demo Translation v0.91

Site 1. Paradox English Demo V0.91:
Site 2. Paradox English Demo V0.91:!SVYFHCJJ!LU3fZp6ufyiakKrFBZ9i_flRJq3gNym6fARS_P_8xjs

Forgot a file, updated to .91.

All right, it’s still not done, but it’s getting close! All the NPCs (except one guy, I think) are translated. Still plenty of battle and castle lines not done, and h-scenes. The Dog Girl loss scene is done (Pochi’s castle scene is virtually identical, but isn’t in there). Both Melk castle scenes are done too.

FYI, if you load an old save, some strings like character names won’t show up translated because they’re part of your save file. The current map you saved on won’t be translated either until you leave and come back to it.

First, you need an RPG Maker Decrypter. There are a few of these, but this one is good:!SJ5GwIRL!WoFhGFcNjBarrJdbTB-9bPtgxOItJfqxf-juPw6GAMQ or

If you’re having issues with that one, try this:

0. If you already decrypted the RPGMaker files before, you don’t need to do it again. Just overwrite the translation folder with the new files.

1. Download and extract MGQ Paradox Demo into a directory. To avoid locale issues, you should probably rename the directory so that it does not contain Japanese characters.

2. Decrypt!
2a. Run the tool I linked.
2b. File->Open File, pick Game.rgss3a.
2c. Tools->Extract All Files
2d. Success! Close the decrypter.

3. Move decrypted Data and Graphics files from \Extract\ to the game’s base directory, overwriting all duplicates in the game’s original Data and Graphics directories.

4. Delete or rename Game.rgss3a or you’ll get an error on launching the game.

5. Extract the patch into the game’s base directory, adding a Translation folder and overwriting Game.ini.

6. Launch Game.exe. That’s it!

Hopefully when Paradox comes out for real I’ll have someone make me an installer of sorts.

Dinner is served!

MGQ Delicious! Dinner:

Toki finishes the series with Dinner. There’s a bonus “dessert” scene with Alma too.

I DO plan to translate this, but I’m going to finish up the Paradox demo first. On that front, I’ve fortunately found a helper and maybe even two. Unfortunately (for you), I’ve been slacking like crazy on the demo translation over the last month. It should have been done weeks ago, yet I still have a lot of work to do on it. :(

MGQ Paradox Demo Bugfix

This fixes the crash that happens if you save on the world map then reload your game and finish a battle. Download or just keep the old version and don’t save on the map. :)



Monster Girl Quest Paradox Demo Translation v0.2

Same deal as last time on installing.

Oh yeah, I should probably mention:

Go here and get the 1.01 patch: (refresh the page if you still see links to 1.00). Also, start a new game to be sure. Note: lots of text strings are included with your save file that won’t carry over between translation patches, including text for the current map you’re on.

Get v0.21

Anyway, I didn’t get everything I wanted done, but I hit the high points. The last uninteresting bits with the white rabbit aren’t finished, and that whole conversation needs editing anyway. It doesn’t help that she says a lot of confusing things that will probably make more sense (and be easier to translate) later in the game…

Still tons more work to do on this demo. NPCs, battle cries, monster attacks, skill info, item info, the libraries, evaluations, H-scenes, present dialogue, and more!


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