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MGQ Paradox English Patch v1.21a

Well this has been a long time coming. After the nightmare of patches to the game causing dozens of hours of extra work and invalidating plenty more, we finally have a patch that’s actually compatible with the current version of the game. Yes, that means you need 1.21.

So… if you’re waiting on a patch that translates a big chunk of the story, you’re still going to have to wait. If you’re already playing the game anyway, a giant portion of the skills, items, jobs, interface text, etc. is done and this patch should help. All the h-scenes that were available in the demo are copied over, but no more than that. Now that the giant hurdle has been overcome just to get this far, actual content translation can progress at more than a glacial pace. Thanks for your patience, and sorry if the lack of content in this patch is disappointing.

Install instructions:

Copy patch into fresh copy of Paradox 1.21. Run the patch.exe program and click ‘patch.’ That should do it.

Bugs? Probably. Feel free to report them. If you’re having problems with the patcher itself, it DOES eat a ton of RAM so reboot, close other programs, etc. if you don’t have much RAM in your computer. If you hacked your 1.20 to 1.21, I can’t guarantee that the patcher will work with it either. I’ll probably upload some manual ways to patch because this patcher can be really finicky and slow…

MGQ Paradox English Patch v1.21a Option 1:

MGQ Paradox English Patch v1.21a Option 2:!bJZFWaSL!6RH6bG_p_QNmOxFgldt52aloC5CHzqJzc28epPjoO0I

Oh look 1.20 actually came out

It’s real! Busy converting all the ancient 1.03 translation files that I’ve been using as a baseline over to 1.20. Got lots of items and random stuff in 1.10 format that I’m really hoping Fanservicefan can help convert himself…

At any rate, I’m alive. Bad weekend for both me and MGL, but oh well. At least we have the damn patch now.

Updated translation patch this weekend. I promise.

Updates and such

Hi everyone, sorry for no updates on the main page last month. I do post in the comments and on the 4chan /vg/ thread sometimes, plus I’m always on Rizon in #mgq if you’ve ever wondering whether I’ve fallen off the face of the Earth or not.

Torotoro recently released his big 1.10 patch for Paradox, but there were further bugs that he says will be fixed shortly with 1.11. In order to avoid excessive duplication of effort, I’m waiting for 1.11 for the next English translation patch. Hopefully that will be in a few days. MGL has been doing a superb job getting through skills, items, and other gameplay descriptions.

I’ve seen scattered offers for help, but I often miss them (or I reply and the offeror misses the reply). If you’re interested in helping out with the translation, your best bets are to either send a message to Dargoth on Rizon IRC or email me at . You don’t have to be fluent or even nearly fluent at Japanese to help translate. I’m certainly not. Being good at writing in English is much more important. I could also really use someone to help convert reused H-scenes from MGQ to Paradox, which requires little or no Japanese knowledge. It’s mostly just a copy/paste job that will require fixing typos and cleaning up any rough edges.

In other news, the official MGQ English version that Torotoro released awhile back does NOT use Rogue’s translation. It seems kind of crazy that he had the entire first chapter re-translated, especially since the new translation is definitely worse than Rogue’s. It isn’t Engrish bad, but it’s nowhere near good either.

Edit: Thanks to people that sent me emails offering to help. I’ve been busy this weekend and will get back to you this week.

MGQ Paradox English Patch 1.02a

Didn’t get as much done as I wanted, but this patch includes all the map content that was translated in the demo along with lots of abilities, skills, racial traits, etc. H-scenes are conspicuously absent, but we’ll probably patch again in April with more.

Torotoro’s improvements from his patch 1.02.01 aren’t incorporated into this patch yet. If you use his, it’ll untranslate some of the menu stuff, but otherwise shouldn’t conflict. Speaking of 1.02.01, new patch naming format since Torotoro copied mine…

Sorry for the lack of a readme.

Patch only compatible with version 1.02 of Paradox. You’ll need a fresh copy of the game. Don’t try to patch a previously patched version (it shouldn’t even let you). Also, make sure Torotoro’s 1.02.01 patch.rb isn’t in the /Patch directory when you try to patch. You need the regular 1.02 patch.rb in there. Just copy your saves over, there won’t be any problems. Party member names from saves still won’t be translated properly. We’ll get that fixed in the next patch hopefully.

This isn’t tested much so hopefully it works! You guys know the drill by now.

English patch 1.02a:!zcYj2S4L!eyKrr0mbxH54RKTU5IWEvtychkXS1nkMCiGQbqD9i48

Alternative method if the patcher is giving you problems (e.g., out of memory, wrong version when you know you have 1.02):
1. Download an RPGMaker decrypter
2. Decrypt all files in Game.rgss3a
3. Move decrypted files into game directory, overwrite when asked
4. Rename/delete/move Game.rgss3a so it doesn’t conflict with the decrypted files
5. Move and overwrite these patched data files


Tentative Patch Release Hopes

This weekend: patch for all demo content, all or mostly all items, skills, and other gameplay-related text.

Prior to Memorial Day (US) (let’s say May 20): patch for the Ilias Continent. All story and quests translated up to leaving the continent, as many H-scenes as we can manage for the monsters found there. Hopefully a good chunk of miscellaneous text too, but we likely won’t get to stuff like encyclopedia entries by this date. Rest assured that everything in the game will be translated eventually. Fully 100%, not “Dargoth 100%.”

That’s the plan for now!

MGQ Paradox Initial Translation!

Okay, this is mostly just menus and some misc. stuff with *some* of the demo content copied over. None of the H-scenes or really anything from the common events file. I’ll be copying over more and more this week and translating new content.

Note this patch is ONLY valid for the 1.02 version of the game. You’ll have a file called 解説書v1.02.txt in the folder and the game will say 1.02 in the upper left corner when you start. If not, the patch isn’t going to work. I’m only capable of editing the files in the game, not adding any new ones, and since patch 1.02 added new scripts, there’s no way to patch version 1.00.

Extract contents to your game folder (with game.exe) and run the patch exe. Click patch, exit when done. Play game. It is STRONGLY advised to use a clean directory for the patch and keep around a non-patched version just in case.

Patch v1.02.00:!DE5xSbgb!-NgdlMIZF4sRbZszxsffPXlfBXGB8ExjP6oGjjLiCE4

Monster Girl Quest Paradox Beginning Chapter Now On Sale

English DLSite link:

Sadly we did run into technical difficulties with creating a patch for the release version, but ytinasni is working on that. In the meantime, we at least have access to the files to continue copying things over, but the patch itself will have to wait.

I know you guys have tons of questions about what things are going to be translated first, how fast, when patches are going to be released, etc., but it’s too early for good answers. We’ll do our best.

Torotoro put up a save for those who want to look at CG or watch H-scenes:

He also released v1.01 already, but it’s crashtastic. Don’t download.


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