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MGQ Paradox English Translation 1.21.18

December 31, 2015

Patch link:!OABSSDpB!S4X_jm3kfreWo8EU7IugrajeFd8I5WMLSkYYRLXb5ao


Like before, use the patch with the original Japanese version 1.21.

To the surprise of probably no one, I didn’t actually manage to finish all of the Ilias continent. The good news is that lots of progress was made in the last two months! Pornof (minus the panty turn-ins and Scat Captain), Happiness Village, and Harpy Village are translated along with the Ilias continent Tartarus rifts (and associated caves/dungeons, etc.). So you can essentially play up through the harpy sidequest now. Midas Village and the Slug Tower haven’t been touched though. In-battle dialogue remains about where it was in the last patch, sadly. The translation has a few rough edges and inconsistencies that will need to be smoothed over too.

Not a whole lot of extra h-scenes translated, but many of the ones that are copies from the first game have been copied over from Rogue’s translation. We’re in the process of editing and rewriting those, but they’re in the game unedited right now. Who would have thought that getting work done and coordinating people in December would be hard? Rather than guessing which h-scenes are translated, you can refer to the linked progress spreadsheet.

Progress spreadsheet:

From → MGQ

  1. Desert Eagle permalink

    There’s a freaking Resident Evil parody in Hundred Monster Girls List. xD

    …On English DLSite, the game is called “Monster Girl Encyclopedia”. I want to protest against that name.

    • The Noble Shade permalink

      They must love Resident Evil, all three chapters of MGQ have a few references to it.

      • Chiron Maximus permalink

        Resident Evil references in MGQ? I didn’t notice ANY! To be fair though, I never played any of the Resident Evil games, so there’s that.

      • The Noble Shade permalink

        Well, Chapter 1 had a mansion with zombies engineered by a scientist, though I wouldn’t say that it’s a reference, more that it drew inspiration.

        In Chapter 2, the kidnapping of Sera and the Queen Elf’s intentions mirror that of Osmond Saddler’s plot from Resident Evil 4.

        But the most blatant “references” are in the Biolabs Mansion in Chapter 3. Chrome brings in “Frederika Mk 2” and “Mk 3” for the finale, initially armed with a minigun and missile launchers, then reconstructed into a bio-tank. Resident Evil 3: Nemisis had a bio-engineered hulking monstrosity named Nemesis who was armed with a rocket launcher and hunted you throughout the game.
        The appearance, crazed mannerisms, and fight location of the Angel Ghoul are reminiscent of Lisa Trevor from the first Resident Evil.
        And when La Croix reveals her true form, it is very reminiscent of the true from of village chief Bitores Mendez from Resident Evil 4

        There are others, but it’s more “reminds me of it”, than an actual reference.

      • Desert Eagle permalink

        If you like Resident Evil, I recommend you get Hundred Monster Girls List/”Monster Girl Encyclopedia” and play the アレクサンドラ/Alexandra chapter. I’ve been going through that story for a good while now. It’s so long that it could have been sold as a short visual novel game on DLSite. Just keep in mind that it will have all the stuff you might expect from MGQ.

  2. Faithful follower permalink

    Just gotta pray everyone morning that i see that glorious new update

  3. Chiron Maximus permalink

    So, it’s been past a whole month and a half, and I was just wondering how everything was going. Is there any problems conflicting with the patch work, is there any bugs you can’t fix, or anything worth talking about?

    • Anonymous permalink

      Pretty sure he’s just having real life issues.

  4. ha popped up on here to see 404 comments

  5. NightmareSlayer permalink

    IF there something to wait for time is nothing. Happy Day everyone

  6. Tosixunleashed permalink

    I’ve tried installing the Eng. patch but it gets to 49% and says “Wrong Version” even though I have the original Japanese 1.21 version.

    • Did you decrypt the game before trying the automated patch? If so don’t do that as the automated one wants the data as is.

      Did you place the patch in the main game directory? If not do that, although the game has a Patch folder that’s for official updates and not used in translation

      Did you try upgrading from a previous patch? Unless you’re working with the manual files that’s not possible with the automated patch.

      Did you try just doing it manually? Some have better luck with that…

      • Anonymous permalink

        How far is the trainslation of the Ex patch? And how accurate is it?

      • Let’s see I’ve done a good amount of work recently on the Ilias Continent (Mostly Story Related) but I’m still finishing up some areas like Ilias Port. As for quality well I do work towards making it better. I’m hopeful that some people will like the next release.

        You can pull whats currently in the works from

        Or just wait a bit and I’ll probably have more done by the end of the month.

    • Desert Eagle permalink

      Have you tried renaming the folder? It worked for someone.

  7. Anonymous permalink

    I’ve been looking for Hard Grow Wrist, can’t find it…can someone please tell me where to find it?

    • Desert Eagle permalink

      You can get one as a casino prize in Grandoll, or steal it from an ustrel. According to the library entry I’m reading, you might also find one from Nameless Slums but I don’t know where exactly.

      • Anonymous permalink

        Thank you

      • Anonymous permalink

        You can also get it much earlier by beating the Nameless Slums BF

  8. Dargoth Follower permalink

    so any new news? :v

    • Yeah, making lots of progress on getting things into shape for a patch. Not going to happen today though. I’d say next weekend, but then I’m just getting everyone’s hopes up for a guess.

      • Faithful follower permalink

        Well its better than no one translating at all for us so we are grateful.

      • Anonymous permalink

        If ya can then yay, if not, then we will have to cope, don’t worry too much about having a set date.

      • Anonymous permalink

        so long as it’s a ‘soft’ release date, no one’s going to get mad if you don’t get it out, i think it was just because you were so certain of valentines day everyone got their knickers in a twist. keep it up dargoth, we wub you ❤

  9. Anonymous permalink

    So I remember a people talking about using cheatengine but did anyone ever compile a cheat table for this game that you could just load up instead of searching for values all the time?

    • Belhemot permalink

      I tried it’s a bi*** and a half to crack and so after 30 min i gave up

      • Anonymous permalink

        Ergh, it all goes by the formula y=2x+1, where x is the amount of item shown in game. E.x. if you have 4 Ultimate Herbs, search for 2*4+1=9, spend one UH, search for 7 etc.
        …hopefully I won`t be banned for spreading ways of cheating.

      • ….why would you be banned? It’s a single player game, the choice to cheat is up to the player.

      • Anonymous permalink

        Well, it`s Dargoth`s blog, and he commented in the past that he`s not fond of cheating.

  10. jchris1_2000 permalink

    Stuck on 2nd play through, can’t get Luddite Village quest to open when San Ilia king says to go. Do I need to kick him as I already had from 1st play through or is it a game bug as I finished the library and mountain again.

    • jchris1_2000 permalink

      never mind, forgot there was 2 churches in the village, went back as Sabasa guards said the village needed help

  11. yes i found a cheat engine table

    • Anonymous permalink

      so what does it do and how the heck do you use it?

    • this isn’t a cheat engine table, it’s a code to make finding results easier, rather than having to rely on math skills, you just search for the value itself. However, you still have to search for the value till you find it, a table involves pointers, so you’d just load up the table, and change what you wanted, without having to search for it.

  12. Anonymous permalink

    So I have recruited 139 chars now, and just now I saw a video on YouTube with Lucifina boss, – there I saw one char that I don’t have yet (guess it’s the last one), Pihar. Can somebody tell me where did I miss that char?

    • Location > Pornof need Amira .

    • There were 140 recruitable characters before the ones that were added in one of the updates (the BFs and non-pope males). Two of those are Alice and Ilias, of which you can only have one at a time. You probably have about a dozen more that you can recruit.

  13. Anonymous permalink

    I was playing this game with chiitrans lite and altas last year. But on my new laptop I can’t install Atlas 14 trial version, because it expired 2015. Any ideas how to get the trial version through other ways?

    • Blackex permalink

      You have to move back your date and time then instal it and crack it.

      • Anonymous permalink

        Thanks. This bothered me the whole day.

      • CivilDeviation permalink

        Out of curiosity has anyone ran into the RGSS3 bug where your character constantly moves up or left and your corresponding control doesn’t work? I’m trying to get past it but so far no luck.

        I’ve tried holding the button at various levels, rebooting the game and system, reinstalling the player and game, and using an unstuck file to no avail. Oddly the bug only occurs in RGSS3 games and it occurs in all of em. Any help would be appreciated.

      • Keri Strasza permalink

        on mine its a issue in my keyboard that causes it after alt tabbing,

        its a caps lock issue as far as i can tell, hitting caps lock twice stops it.

    • Anonymous permalink

      I have no idea how to fix that problem, but that used to happen all the time on my old laptop.

      I noticed that it always happened after I alt-tabbed or clicked out of the game to do something else. It was annoying as hell.

      • Anonymous permalink

        That was meant to be a reply to CivilDeviation’s post. Could’ve sworn I hit the correct reply button…

      • Civildeviation permalink

        Good to know and thank you for the thought. Yeah it happens at the game startup sadly, I can’t even navigate the menus with my up key. I will be trying a new keyboard just in case it is related but I doubt it will work since the up key is otherwise working outside of RGSS3 games. Other thoughts are much appreciated!

      • I have heard of that problem happening if you have a gamepad connected to the computer. I think in that case, it was an xbox controller.

  14. Takata permalink

    Here are the typos and other errors I’ve found while playing:
    iliasville poison marsh: soldier: “soldier” doesn’t appear in the text where it should
    ilias temple:
    1F, centre, official: Hellgondo: Diaster -> Disaster
    status maniac: paralysis: Parlysis -> Paralysis
    status maniac: slimed: there’s not big effect -> there’s no big effect (?)
    status maniac: digestion: cleans -> cleanse
    weapon maniac: magic sword: few know if it -> few know of it (?)
    2F, left wing, Scholar: San Ilias -> San Ilia
    iliasburg: near fountain: old man: head -> heads
    lady sutherland, just after clearing bandit cave: “you name is Luka” -> “your name is Luka”
    item shopkeeper, after clearing bandit cave: “want to hold her own shop” -> “wants to own her own shop” (?)
    strategy meeting after clearing south tartarus: swordsman -> swordswoman
    happiness village: travelling mage: “you should be” -> “you should find”?
    boy, in house north of blacksmith: Illiasport -> Iliasport
    south tartarus entry: wrong icon for permit (machinist license) when talking to engineer 2nd time

    • I decided swordsman was fine as a gender neutral noun, even though we do use swordswoman a few times too… Soldier got changed to Guard but I’ll make sure it’s correct in the current files.

      • This blog looks just like my old blog. Oh my gosh! A amazing article. I will just say, great! I know you would love Nevada.

  15. meanderingNekomata permalink

    All the loss scenes I’ve tried that say Loss DONE on the spreadsheet either aren’t translated at all or only have a line or two from Luka, the ported ones work tho, did I install the patch wrong or something

    • meanderingNekomata permalink

      Nevermind, I think I figured out the problem. The patch isn’t up to date with the spreadsheet.

  16. Anonymous permalink

    How’s it lookin’ for this weekend Dargoth? No rush, we all appreciate what you do!

  17. Anonymous permalink

    What’s Dargoth’s favorite Monmusu?

  18. NightmareSlayer permalink

    Och och meaby today is this Day.

  19. Anonymous permalink

    Anyone understands the last update on Torotoro’s blog? Google translate gives mostly gibberish. They’re making another VN?

    • Desert Eagle permalink

      Hmm… From what I understand, ToroToro is talking about an upcoming patch for Hundred Monster Girls List Vol. 1, and the production of “Monster Girl Quest: Paradox” and “Monster Girl Quest 2”. He is indeed making another VN; Monster Girl Quest 2 is planned to be in the form of a visual novel, just like its predecessor. He also says that working on both of those projects doesn’t delay their release significantly.

      • Sulphur99 permalink

        A sequel to MGQ then? Wonder if it’s a direct sequel or something like 100 years later.

    • Desert Eagle permalink

      ToroToro got Shiki to do that ancestor? Wicked!

      We can probably expect a somewhat evil attitude from her. The same kind of attitude the Succubus Sisters have.

      • Arj permalink

        The translation of the text say she is the most sadistic of the ancestors.

    • Anonymous permalink

      Hope they let shiki do a lot more of them monster girls, i like his art.

  20. Is it possible to unpack the Items.rvdata2 for MGQ!Paradox? I been trying to find item codes online but I didn’t find anything so I thought about getting the codes from the data.

  21. How much would we have to donate for dagoth to binge finish this game? Surely enough people can band together to cover his usual salary for a week or two.

    • Anonymous permalink

      Suggesting he can finish this in less than a month if he doesn’t go to work is at least insulting.

    • Anonymous permalink

      Honestly? If you look up how much translation costs (let alone translation from Japanese) and how much text Paradox has… the answer would be: A LOT. And it’s not like you can just sit down and translate 24h a day, your productivity goes down fast, 2-3k words a day between European languages is a VERY good pace. No idea how it is with Japanese to English, but it’s most likely slower. That’s without revisions by other people, checking for typos, etc. As someone who has worked in translation I have a lot of respect for Dargoth and friends for taking on this monstrous (heh) project for basically free.
      I’m not saying you shouldn’t donate, you absolutely should, but this is a gray area legally. Torotoro is fine with the fan translation as far as I know, but paying a third party for translation without the original work’s owner sanction is a different thing entirely.

  22. khalayia permalink

    does anyone know how long mgq itself was in production before it actually released?

  23. Anonymous permalink

    Soon…. SOON! The fappening comes

  24. So I finally got to see Sonia manyu & my only question is will there ever be a loss scene for this boss?

  25. Anonymous permalink

    Can someone tell me why it says wrong version when I try to use this?

  26. M&M&what else permalink

    I’m a patient man. Oh, yesss. Indeed i am.

    That’s why it’s years that i follow this blog but i’ve never played MGQ:Paradox.
    I’m waiting for the full traslation, no matter how much years it will take. I will enjoy this game from start to end without inteurruptions.
    Yes, i’m the creepy bird of prey waiting in the shadows for a game full traslated.

    • Do you ever list sources for your writing? I would like to see what you read. Might there be a part 2 at some point? I truly love your writing style and how well you express your thoughts. This website has some interesting and solid content.

  27. Arakon permalink

    So I downloaded the Monster Girl Paradox Patch 1.21.18, ran the patch.exe successfully and I go to run it just fine, but when I load it at the top screen it still says Ver. 1.21.00. Did I miss a step, or does Toro Toro just like their numbers in whole format? XD

    • Wolfe Wright permalink

      the patch you got here, won’t change the version number in game, the .18 is dargoths note of how complete the patch is.

      • Arakon permalink

        Oh, OK. So as long as I downloaded the patch.exe from the 1.21.18 link and extracted it, I did everything right? All up to date? *Thumbs up*

  28. Kana-art permalink

    I have a question.

    Now, I have Lily in my team but I would like to get Lucia. How to?

    • Jam permalink

      You’ll have to start a New Game+ in order to do that, bud.

  29. Does anyone know where to find a list of the various monsters food preferences?

  30. Jam permalink

    Hi Dargoth, I was wondering if, along with the story and monsters encountered, you were also translating the pocket castle request scenes and dialogue? Or is that of a lesser priority?

  31. Kana-art permalink

    I still did not use “patch 1.21.18”. I have MGQP ver.1.21 and pasted the patch 1.21.18 on file “patch” but no effect . Why? (T^T)

  32. Alex permalink

    I need Help , i have version MGQP 1.21.00 , but the patch not patch this game , plis Help me

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