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MGQ Paradox Patch 1.21b

November 2, 2015

New patch up. You’ll once again need to patch a fresh copy of the 1.21 release of the game. You can’t upgrade a previously patched copy. More H-scenes translated, a bunch copied over from MGQ that haven’t been edited yet. As I said before, this patch is mostly just to show the project isn’t dead than an actual progress patch. I’m still hoping for a full Ilias Continent patch by the end of the year though.



Comment I made below that I figured I’d copy here:

Everyone’s contributions are in the current patch, for the most part. It turned out that a big chunk of enemy skill translations were left out, but I think that was it. There’s a ton of badly formatted and unedited lines in the patch already.

Long story short, the problem, as it has been from the beginning, is poor project management. I can barely manage myself, let another other people. Since this translation has begun, I’ve probably spent at least as much time on project management details as actual translation, but trying to get someone to take over those duties at this point is probably more trouble than it’s worth. Things are a lot better now than they were, which is why I’m hopeful for faster progress from here on.

So we have a git repository, but getting people set up on that is hard (see for a laugh); we have an IRC channel, but time zones, unusual schedules, etc. keep us from coordinating well. People don’t know who’s working on what, what they should/could be doing to help, and things like that. I’ve also had a distinct problem with people not doing anything without my express approval, I guess because no one wants to screw anything up or step on anyone’s toes. This all results in people giving up or getting very little done. It’s also a burden when I spend hours trying to integrate someone into the project who then disappears without ever contributing a line. On the other hand, fear of that happening keeps people from volunteering in the first place… We’ve got a solid group of contributors right now, but we really need more people than just me who know Japanese and want to translate.

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  1. MonstersRule! permalink

    I’ve been wondering.. Is there someway to get rid of skills/jobs you don’t like on a character? There’s so much skill crap on Luka that it’s a pain to navigate through the menus.

    • I know you can hide what’s displayed in the battle menu. The options should be displayed at the bottom on the appropriate skill screens.

  2. Anonymous permalink

    Press the shift key when the cursor is highlighted over the command type. That should do the trick.

    • Anonymous permalink

      …Meant that as a reply to the above. Whoops.

  3. Anonymous permalink

    Dargoth, you used to do a roundup of new/upcoming monster girl games every few months, and I found a bunch of awesome stuff off those. Any plans for another of those? I’m still hanging out for a game that can somehow top Desire Dungeon

    • Chiron Maximus permalink

      Any game that would top Desire Dungeon would either be a sequel tot he game, I actually thought up and written down an idea for such a sequel. or a hybrid of Desire dungeon and many other games, though that choice seems very unlikely.

    • I’ve been planning another roundup for a while, but I’ve been consistently disappointed all year. I’ll do one in January for all the monster girl games I found in 2015.

  4. Anonymous permalink

    I’m getting a “wrong version” every time I try to patch at 49% completion.
    I’ve tried decrypting game.rgss3a and it still didn’t work.
    How do I manually patch it?

    • Anonymous permalink

      I’m having the same problem, please let me know if you figure it out

  5. Anonymous permalink

    I was wondering will current savegames be compatible with the new patch. I know we will have to re patch a fresh copy but can we just copy over the old savegames and go?

    • Anonymous permalink

      So far for me that has never been an issue

    • Saves are always going to be compatible between versions.

      • Anonymous permalink

        Thanks for letting me know much appreciated =)

      • Anonymous permalink

        p.s just like to say thanks. I know the translations going slow but I’m just grateful someones working on it. Looking forward to the new patch. Can’t wait to finish exploring illias continent.

  6. Anonymous permalink

    So, the new patch is going to be updated tomorrow right? Awesome!

    • Anonymous permalink

      11:59:59 PM

      • Anonymous permalink

        still hasn’t been out yet, the new patch lol

        I’m still waiting patiently

      • Anonymous permalink

        11:59:59 pm Whatever Standard Time.

      • Chiron Maximus permalink

        Will you guys stop that? Just be patient.

      • Anonymous permalink

        They have ze full right to be impatient bastards. I, however, didn’t see impatience, but ridicule. And I thought it highly amusing. So maybe we just see what we want to see.

        Ergo stick, arse and a men/manstruation period.

  7. insane77 permalink

    One thing I felt was incomplete was the temptation system. I mean I find it weird that the temptation system isn’t flexible enough to scale with you as you become stronger. In that, as you level up you are given more room for error the stronger you get. I noticed that even the weakest of monsters once you get to level 30 seem to do the same amount of damage and can even still one hit KO you the moment you agree to give in. For some monsters it makes sense, I can get some of the invites actually and understandably leading 1KO’s, but the rest of the monsters seem to be able to dominate you regardless of your characters willpower or strength despite how weak you are.

    • insane77 permalink

      they are**

      • Chiron Maximus permalink

        I’ve noticed that too. Dargoth and the others are doing their best to translate the game for us, and since translation is time consuming, with difficulty changing rapidly based on circumstances, there are bound to be bugs and such that are unintended, and other times what we think is bugs, could just be part of the game, like in the difficulties Easy and Very Easy, whenever a character finished their turn, they heal and the enemies take damage, even if we don’t attack. When I took a fight in Normal, neither of those things happened, so what I thought was just a bug, was actually just a normal function of the game. So, my point being, we have to be patient and alert them of any bugs or odd circumstances in the game and hope they can do something about it.

  8. Anonymous permalink

    Woo! Here’s to hoping for the patch tonight!

  9. Chiron Maximus permalink

    Hey Dargoth, I know that this is mostly for monster girls, but I have to ask. Have you made, or considered making, a translation for the game Kariyume? It’s the game where you play as a boy and you use a soccer ball to fight against a succubus who’s causing mischief and turned the girls of his neighborhood/school into horny maniacs (Since the game is translated in only one or two spots, I had to guess the story).

    • Anon S permalink

      Oh that’s from excessm/zzinger. He has 2 other games out, the previous title was also good and I think is that kid’s brother or something. And then the one after is more an RPG.

      I am a huge fan of excessm, moreso than monster girls. He put the script up but as far as I know there’s no translation. There used to be a now defunct forum that used to be good to find this stuff, including monster girls, but nowadays I don’t have a source for any of it so I just don’t follow it.

      I do occasionally look at excessm’s site though, he puts up new illustrations every once in awhile.

      • Chiron Maximus permalink

        So there’s no point in looking for a translation? Dang. I beat the game with luck and what I could learn from guessing. After beating each part, it said something about an extra, and I tried to get the stuff, but it’s asking for a key, and I have no idea how to get it.

      • Anon S permalink

        The key is just a code for illustrations. I think I had them somewhere, but you can probably just find galleries for the game on sadpanda anyway.

      • Chiron Maximus permalink

        I already found the passwords online, but thank you regardless. I was just hoping for a translation so I could actual read the story, but oh well. The only problem I have with Kariyume now is the stage editor not working. Every time I try to use it, I get an error I can’t read and it closes. I posted a comment a blog talking about the game, but so far no response.

  10. Randomguy permalink

    You aren’t missing much of anything. the first two folders are just the CG that shows when an enemy gets you off, and the third makes you have less health for a super-hard mode. I don’t have the password anymore but I can upload the files if you want. And the problem with translating the game is extracting and re-injecting the text, not so much the translation itself. There isn’t a ton of text.

    • Chiron Maximus permalink

      Oh is that all? I already found a site that has those pics up, plus pics from the other “Kariyume” game, or something like it I think. I figured the translation could just help me understand the story, cause it looked interesting. Ah well.

      • Anon S permalink

        There really isn’t much story. I think someone did a rough plot overview before, but I can’t remember it.

    • Randomguy permalink

      As it turns out, extracting/re-injecting the text wasn’t so bad. Unfortunately, they’re stored as images and my translation skills are limited to interpreting and re-writing machine translations.

  11. Anonymous permalink

    I find it funny the night when Dargoth releases the mini patch people are up all night waiting and commenting about it but when the illias continent one happens no comments on it XD

    • Anonymous permalink

      I don’t see a full Ilias Continent patch to comment on.
      Going by Dargoth’s latest comments, I don’t expect one in the near future either…

  12. CwHart permalink

    When did anyone say it was coming tonight, I thought it was going to be tomarrow or something

    • minoslune permalink

      Dargoth said it was coming tonight, he has a different time zone tho, be patient!, haha.Is this your first time waiting for a patch here?

      • CwHart permalink

        Nah not my first just didn’t expect it today, will be something to look forward to after work.

    • Anonymous permalink

      Yeah from what I understood it was going to be on the 31st at night.

      • Anonymous permalink

        Oh, nevermind I just went back and saw that he was aiming for 12/30. Cool.

  13. Anonymous permalink

    In just a few days, it’ll be the one year anniversary of the last patch. Happy new year everyone!

  14. Anonymous permalink

    This patch will be like new year gift 🙂

  15. Anonymous permalink

    It seems that dieselmine decided to release Violated Hero 6.
    Dunno if it will be like the rest of the games in the series, but it’s still better than nothing.

    • Sevalle permalink

      Yup, and honestly the designs are a bit uninspiring. God thing is that the main character looks less of a shota on few images, even if he is one…?

      Just wish 4th one was translated… fully.

  16. iamfarted permalink

    i r retarted an i am farted butt i can smell butt i r spell this i Cain coont to hair

    • Chiron Maximus permalink


      • sazaju permalink

        From the 3 first words, it seems quite clear to me.

  17. Perry Como permalink

    A mysterious message coming from nowhere…

    • Perry Como permalink

      Another mysterious message coming from nowhere…

      • Perry Como permalink

        Yet another mysterious message coming from nowhere…

  18. Perry Como permalink

    Yet another mysterious message coming from nowhere…

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