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MGQ Paradox Translation Status Update

October 15, 2015

Once again I’ve been terrible at keeping the front page of the blog updated. Oh, and I’ve been terrible at making consistent progress on the translation too. As usual, I do respond to comments on the blog, make occasional replies on the /vg/ thread, and idle in #mgq on Rizon IRC if anyone’s wondering whether I’m alive. I’ve been doing this for nearly four years now (holy shit) and don’t intend on disappearing.

At any rate, the next patch will be at the end of the month (probably Sunday, Nov. 1), but it’s not going to be very satisfying to anyone, least of all myself. MGL implemented a new dialogue box format that’s much nicer than the original, plus we’ve got some changes under the hood that don’t matter for actually playing the game. Between those, fixing mistakes, copying over content that was previously translated but disappeared from patches, and finding all sorts of random lines that weren’t translated and should have been, the forward progress on the translation hasn’t gone far. Hopefully that can change in the next two weeks!

I’m still aiming for an end of the year patch with all of the Ilias Continent translated. Ideally you could play the game up until reaching Sentora without encountering a single Japanese character, except for perhaps battle yells for more advanced skills and little things like that. There WILL be an end of the year patch regardless of progress though.

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  1. Anonymous permalink

    I can’t wait for the patch on November 1st, I just got the game a few days ago for it and also have level grinded for about 7 hours before I get to illiasburg when the patch comes out XD

  2. Anonymous permalink

    I hope for Dargoth’s sake he’s able to fully translate Paradox before Summer 2016 hits. Because that’s when Paradox Part 2 is projected to come out right? I’d like to think the guy can finish before then, that way he can take a break from all the translating before Part 2 hits.

  3. pejman92 permalink

    btw, not related but purrurin seems down, anyone got other good H sites? šŸ˜€

  4. Anonymous permalink

    I was wondering if any of you tried a third option when you have to side with Lilly or Lucia. I mean, you could tell the two that you won’t side with any of them and then defeat them both?

    • lordkane01 permalink

      I don’t think that is an option if it was I imagine someone would of told us by now and I haven’t seen any comments saying that it was possible. But I might be wrong been holding off on playing the game till translation is out. So you might have to do another game to take the other option like with Alice and Illias of course its possible that in part 2 or 3 you will be able to recruit the other option.

    • Events probably play out after you beat either one of them. I believe “Defeat” options only opens up the dungeons early on. (Both will stay open after one faction have won anyway.)

    • Desert Eagle permalink

      If my memory serves me, that’s not really an option. If you try to stay out of their fight, then you stay out of it. You can’t advance the quest without taking a side. (There’s still a way to recruit both of them though.)

  5. Anonymous permalink

    Is the patch still coming this Sunday (November 1st) ?

    • Yeah, contents TBD but I’ll be releasing something at least.

      • Anonymous permalink

        Thanks Dargoth, good to hear from you again. I actually just got the game a bit ago because I heard about the update and while I wait I’ve been mainly level grinding (which is fun as well)
        Can’t wait to play with the new patch and thanks for mentioning this šŸ˜€

  6. hey dargoth, im guessing there’s a bit of extra translation in regards to when you start a new game with death, is that included or no?

  7. I was replaying MGQ 1-3 and I just found something I forgot about and want your guys take on it when you learn Lightning Sword Flash skill. The story that Alice tells you regarding the skill mentions Death God Girl Thanatos “yea that is exactly what she is called”. Which makes me wonder if she is a creature similar to Reaper same species perhaps? I just figured it was worth mentioning because I know many people like trying to figure out what the future games story lines might hold would be interesting in this bit of information.

    Another reason I pointed it out is she is clearly stating that the race Thanatos belonged to is “Death God” just like in a couple of her other stories she states the race the character in question belonged to. Some may say that “Death God Girl Thanatos” might just be her title rather then a reference to her race I personally think that would be strange because considering that Thanatos is the god of death in Greek mythology it would be sort of redundant to call yourself Death God Girl Thanatos but then again we have all seen stranger things in games so it is possible it is her title I want to hear your guys opinions on this.

    My opinion is Death God is her race probably originally said Shinigami and Rogue chose to translate it as Death God for those who don’t know what Shinigami means.

    • Desert Eagle permalink

      Hmmm… I’m not sure… I find it more likely that Death’s name is Thanatos (Recruitable in part 3, maybe?) or that someone called “Thanatos” was given the nickname “Death God”. It’s a pretty common kind of nickname to give someone who’s felled countless foes.

      That, or perhaps Death’s role is “inherited”. If that is the case, then perhaps there’s a chance Death can be recruited (in part 3?). In any case, I simply cannot imagine that there’s a village of Death God Girls somewhere in the world.

      • lordkane01 permalink

        Well if they are a whole race they might not have villages take the Dragons for example all the ones you meet are very strong they are just all spread out for the most part. Besides even if they did have a village wouldn’t be that bad considering there is a succubus village and succubi are very high ranking monsters. Besides there could be a race of “Death God Girls” with Reaper or Thanatos being the strongest basically the queen of that race with the others being much weaker. I mean come on we have angels as a whole race and even the angels of the 9th circle “the lowly angels” are as strong as monsters that are considered very very powerful. With the ones of the higher circles being totally op when compared with almost any monster other then the 6 ancestors, Monster Lord and a few of the more powerful queen class monsters. When you think of things like that does a race of “Death God Girls” sound so strange? Plus don’t forget we have the 3 Lilith sisters in the paradox games and you know all 3 are going to be crazy strong once we see them use their true powers. I could be wrong I just feel like it might be hinting that there might be a monster race we might get to see in the future.

        On a different note I hope we get to see more goblins in paradox made me sad in the first 3 that we only saw Goblin Girl.

  8. fdf permalink

    Yeah I don’t like this RPG maker style.. I wish he went back to the old storyline formula

    • TTR is releasing a VN full of the stories published on his site in another month or two.

  9. Anonymous permalink

    One question guys, I have notice that in some attacks there is no dialogue, just the animation of the attack and that’s it. So is that supposed to happen? Or maybe is a bug or something?

  10. Akushi permalink

    How can i fullscreen the game ? Even if i press on “Fullscreen” (F1) it dont work..

    • Anonymous permalink

      alt+enter turns fullscreen not F1

      • Akushi permalink

        it dont work

      • Anonymous permalink

        Try clicking on the screen the pressing alt then enter and of course holding down alt when you press enter

      • Akushi permalink

        Im not idiot… the game freeze and 5sec after, stay window mode, there’s a other way to change the resolution ? Because alt+enter dont work, and that with somes games.

    • Anonymous permalink

      Oh, sorry if I sounded a bit rude there I didn’t mean to offend you at all and I sadly don’t know any other way to help with this so again sorry

    • There are a few methods

      From Running Game
      F1 (Properties)
      General Tab
      Check ‘Launch in Full Screen’
      Restart Game

      From Running Game
      ALT+ENTER should toggle Full Screen

      If using EX
      When Game Isn’t Running
      In the Main Game Directory
      Edit ‘Game.ini’
      Find entry ‘WinMode=’
      Change that line to equal either ‘WinMode=Fit’ or ‘WinMode=Full’
      Save ‘Game.ini’
      Start Game

      • Akushi permalink

        Thanks for the answer, i apprecied.
        I have tried every method, but no one work, if only i know why, i think there’s a way, but i don’t know how i can do.
        There’s a way to disable text during a scene, like left click in the others MGQ ?

      • Perhaps it has something to do with how RPG Maker utilizes the graphics card or OS dependent.

        You said you tried the EX version method, what version where you using?

        I’m not sure if there is a way to disable text, though something can probably be added.

      • Akushi permalink


      • Looks like the script that handles other resolution settings for EX depends on ‘user32.dll’ which should be available in Windows

        Added a Debug Option to test Basic Window Resizer script calls
        Added script “efeberk – Message Visibility” to toggle text visibility
        Uses Function Key ‘F8’ To Toggle

        Will be added to the next release or you can pull the current dev version

      • Akushi permalink

        Okay thanks, i’ll try the dev version, if it dont work i’ll wait the next release.

  11. Anonymous permalink

    Can’t wait for the patch tomorrow XD I wonder what time it will be released ?

    • Anonymous permalink

      Considering Dargoth’s usual m.o…. I’d guess 23:59 šŸ˜€

  12. Sonicfanx1 permalink

    It’s the 1st of November for

  13. Anonymous permalink

    I’ve heard that Paradox will be a trilogy, is that true ? If yes, only 1st arc is out ?

  14. Anonymous permalink

    so no patch huh?

    • Anonymous permalink

      The day’s not done yet.

    • lordkane01 permalink

      It will probably come out during the later part of the day. So now time to refresh once every hour till it pops up which is what I am currently doing. Which is probably a sign of having a very large obsession with monster girls.

      • Anonymous permalink


      • Anonymous permalink

        Y’know I wish I could say I’m not doing that but really I am :/

      • Arj permalink

        Yeah… every “hour”…. Totally not doing it every 10 minutes here…. Honest….

      • Anonymous permalink

        Well well, let’s be honnest, i do it for Luka too. 8)

      • Anonymous permalink

        Arj thank you for even more specifying what I’m doing as well lol XD
        – Tamam0

      • cwhart permalink

        I worked today so lucky me this is only my third but as soon as I get off in about 20 minutes I am sure I will be checking every few minutes nonstop

      • Arj permalink

        Join the refreshers! Joooooin us! xD

  15. Anonymous permalink

    I think I’m being very patient. According to my browser log, I’ve only checked this page 27 times today…

  16. Anonymous permalink

    I don’t understand you people that actually thought a patch was coming out yesterday. This is Dargoth. Take any estimate of time he gives you and triple it. In other words, expect this patch in December. The end of year update will get pushed to next year, because he’ll have just taken the effort to release this patch.

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