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Hi, I’m Dargoth. I translate hentai games for fun and to study Japanese. I make no promises on speed or future projects, but I finish what I start. At the very least, I make some progress every day, even if it isn’t much.

I enjoy male protagonist reverse rape and femdom games, especially with monster girls and succubi.

  1. Mkmd13 permalink

    Hey I have a quick question for you. Is there a reason why no one has translated Succubus Quest or Succubus Quest 2? I have tried playing both of them on AGTH but the way it translate the game just sucks. Do you or someone you know have this game translated already or is there a reason why it hasnt?

  2. Cio permalink

    Hi Mkmd, I also support for SQ to be translated. This game never get a full translation, i hear some time ago this game have a little progress in hongfire, but it’s dead now. So, Dargoth, if you have any plan to do some request, i’m with Mkmd to vote SQ >.<

    • TranslateSuccubusQuest permalink

      3rd for Succubus Quest. Its the original quest game to me, but I don’t want to play it without translation.

      • Chris Caretti permalink

        I fourth that notion. Succubus Quest has been without a translation for far too long.

  3. Anonymous permalink

    You say you like Monster Girls and I gotta say that I love them too. That being said, this game looks right up our alley (though I can’t say for 100% sure because I don’t read Japanese)

  4. Anonymous permalink

    If you don’t have time for it could you send it up the grapevine to other translators? I don’t know of very many.

  5. anon permalink

    Well bake me up and call me a pretzel. Never would have expected to find THIS on the internet.

    P.S. It seemed the right site to put it on

  6. Hello! Thanks for working on all of these monstergirl games, I’m a huge fan of them. I came across a monster girl series called Mamono Musume which a group seemed to be translating a long time ago, but never completed.. I just wanted to mention it to you, being I didn’t see it mentioned anywhere on this site. Link:

  7. Scarlethill permalink

    Hi found this monster girl game:
    tought you might be interested ^^ It reminds me of Violated Hero

  8. Yoyox permalink

    Think you could in the future make some translations for ROBF? Ragnarok online: Battle Fuck? the game has some minor English in the menus but there’s no text translation for the monster girls sadly…

    • Xeno permalink

      There’s actually a guy on ULMF doing a partial translation of ROBF, not to be mistaken with ROBFS4U. If you want to check it, click the link below and scroll to around the middle of the page, guy’s name is “ramza022”. Not sure how often he updates it though.

  9. Anonymous permalink

    Hey man! Great thumbs up for translating the violated hero franchise and for doing it non-profit. I thought you might be interested in this game . It’s a another great femdom game from Dieselmine, which includes a pair of succubis sisters and a sadistic childhood friend. The atlas translation is crap, so If you have time, after you have finished translating VH 3, you could maybe take a look at this great game.

  10. Anonymous permalink

    There have been things on the wiki of MGQ that said that you will translate the brand new MGQ, the 4th one, who is on RPG maker. It’s true?

  11. Anonymous permalink

    Also i ask first, but do that mean i can say it on the blog on the wiki i created? to confirm it.

  12. Anonymous permalink

    Ok^^ done, thank for doing this dargoth and good luck^^

  13. WIng Fai permalink


    When I look hentai RPG game website, I found “Violated Hero” but I can’t read Japanese 😦

    Then I final found this translations in your website Great!! Thank You!! ^.^

    I think you made translation or finish in Monster Girl Academy 聖もんむす学園?

    Your best hard work and Thank You

  14. Eevee permalink

    Hey Dargoth i have a small request. Con you translate Utawarerumono Battle ? It is a small arcade version of Utawarerumono and there isn’t much talking so it shouldn’t take much of your time. The file size is 355 MB. If you can do this i wold be grateful and if you cant i understand.
    If you are interested i will give you the links for the game download.

    • The problem isn’t with the amount of text, but with extracting it and patching English back into the game. This requires hacking knowledge beyond my abilities so I have to rely on tools other people have created. If there aren’t tools compatible with the game, no one can translate it.

      • Eevee permalink

        Thanks for the info, if i manage to get someone to make the tools i will ask again.

        the tool that can help extract and repatch the game with the translated text. It doesn’t mess with the original game and creates a translated version so your translated work can easily be transferred to an updated raw version of the game. basically you can transfer work from 1.00 version to 1.20 version. I tried it myself. it helps a lot.

  15. Omer permalink

    Hey Dargoth what do you think about Bunny Black

  16. DungeonMasterBobbySmith permalink

    Hey Dargoth do you have a English patch for Violation Hero 4? I just recently got into the VH series & finished beating VH 1, 2, & 3. I found a post on this website that said you’ll have a patch up probably on that weekend, but I can’t find it.

    • That was probably referring to VH2 or 3. I’m not working on VH4 right now, sorry.

      • DungeonMasterBobbySmith permalink

        Oh ok thanks. What projects r you working on now, & what games are similar to VH that you know are translated?

      • Monster Girl Quest, obviously.
        Desire Dungeon (Rogue and I translated it).

        Working on St. Monmusu Gakuen right now. Check the latest post.

  17. DungeonMasterBobbySmith permalink

    Thank you, your hard work is greatly appreciated. Gotta say I though the first two VH were the best. I did enjoy new battle system in three but I felt the eroge scenes weren’t as top notch.

  18. Anonymous permalink

    Have thought about doing this game, Kyonyuu fantasy? it’s supposed to actually have a good plot with a succubus and harem route it also got an ova, though there is a guy doing it on hongfire he’s got about 2% complete.

  19. Badger permalink

    Hey Dargorth, I know your working on St. Monmusu Gakuen right now but have you ever considered translating Alraune no baai? Its a Vanadis like your current project buts its been driving me crazy that no one has made an attempt to translate it.

    I’d be willing to donate a good chunk of money for its translation. :3

    • I liked that one a lot, but it has a weird .exe (due to copy protection or something?). It’s the exact same engine the Lamia game uses, but the hacked Lamia .exe doesn’t work with it unfortunately. So as usual, relying on hackers.

      • Badger permalink

        Ah I see, well all is good and thanks for responding. Looking forward to your next project man, and thank for all the effort you put into translating these games for English speaking Joe’s like me!

  20. DungeonMasterBobbySmith permalink

    Dargoth, I understand you won’t be translating VH 4 or 5 any time soon. Due to my impatience I’m going to play the copy of VH 4 I already have, blind. The only part I’m caught up on is the bottom two Stats. Health is already labeled Hp, You start with 50 Magic/Mana so the Stat that starts at 50 is it. But as far as the other two, I’m guessing one is Defense the other is Strength/Attack. What one is Which?

  21. Paul permalink

    heres a game to try
    LVL 1 Hero Enacts The Breeding Plan to Goddesses & Girl Monsters!

    • Chris Caretti permalink

      now THAT would be a translation I’d buy!

  22. G.K. permalink

    Hello. And, mostly apologies if I bother you with this question;
    However, I’d just like to know if there’s anywhere I could e-mail you? That’d be kind.

    Thank you beforehand if you take the time to answer me.

  23. MinosLune permalink

    Hi, Dargoth! Im a huge fan of your translations, I just wanted to say, thanks a lot for your contribution to the community n.n

  24. Hizoku permalink

    Found this mongirl vn on VNDB, the art looks pretty nice in my opinion. You ever take a look at it?

  25. MarieX permalink

    Yo, do you have any plans of TLing VH4, 4AF, and 5?

    • Someone else is handling VH4 and maybe even the others after. My only plans are St. Monmusu Gakuen and MGQ Paradox.

  26. MarieX permalink

    Ah btw, do you know which file contains the bgm for VH4?

    • The whole game is packed into data.xp3

      • MarieX permalink

        I see, managed to get the bgm files but somehow it can’t be run~

      • MarieX permalink

        Actually none of the ogg can’t be run somehow

      • Shikkoku permalink

        I’m also having the same problem, extracted the ogg files but can’t be run/opened

    • Eevee permalink

      You need a media player that can run ogg files, or you could use a online converter.

      • Shikkoku permalink

        I did try MPC, WMP, and Adobe but it still wont run, tried converting it but failed when starting conversion aswell. It is said that I’m missing a plugin but not sure since I installed all plugins beforehand. Don’t really know what causing it since I don’t have problems running other ogg files(including those for VH1-3)

      • The oggs for VH4 play just fine for me in Media Monkey (not that I really recommend that program).

  27. Shikkoku permalink

    What did you use to extract the oggs from the xp3 file if you don’t mind me asking?

  28. Anonymous permalink

    there is this game without monstergirls but with femdom sort of.

  29. Balgias permalink

    MGQ DINNER is out ! Hoping for a patch from ya :3

  30. Xeno permalink

    Sup Dargoth, I’m sure you already know about this but I’ll ask anyways. Visual Novel Reader is a program that uses fan-made/community subtitles and machine translations to translate games automatically in overlay form, no hacking required and it supports a huge amount of engines (not restricted to just visual novels, it works with RPGs, and even PPSSP, a psp emulator). You can translate while playing the game by simply typing the translation in an external box below the game window and pressing submit, the translations link to your account.

    What’s your thoughts on this?

    • Xeno permalink

      Forgot to mention, the only downside is that you can’t translate the background images or anything to do with the menu.

  31. Anonymous permalink

    any chance any Eushully games can be added into your list? Kamidori was amazing, and I would love to see more of them in English, jut a random question, please don’t chew me out if the answer is a no >.<"

  32. LJVapor permalink

    Hello Dargoth,

    First I just wanted to thank you for all the patches you provided for so many Monster girl games, I had a ton of fun playing them.

    Second I was wondering how you got so skillful in learning and translating Japanese. I’ve recently started learning so I could watch some of my favorite Japanese shows and understand non translated games ( both H and Non H) and wanted to know how you learned Japanese.

    There are so many options (books, courses, podcasts) and I was wondering how you learned


  33. Slit permalink

    Hey Dargoth

    Love the work you do, and can’t wait to see more patches being released!

    I was just wondering, since MGQ Paradox came out, are you working on that more than Gakuen now or are you going 50-50 or something like that. I honestly want Gakuen to be released before Paradox, but I am still looking forward to Paradox!

    Also, I was wondering if it was too late for the Mamono Musume games, or if you get the right tools, will you still patch those games, they look interesting. I don’t have the hacking skills myself (sadly) but I just wanted to know what you plan on doing if and when you get the appropriate tools.

    Anyway thanks again, and hope you do some good work with these next few patches!

    • Stoche permalink

      If I remember correctly, I think I saw Dargoth say he would put everything to a halt for Paradox a while back until it’s finished.

  34. Hi Dargoth,

    Would it be possible for you to get me in contact with ToroToro?
    I’ve been attempting to contact him for a while now, but I can’t find any form of contact details anywhere.

    If there isn’t any issue with you getting me in contact with him, then I’d really appreciate it.

  35. Hello, this is Sue Sakamoto Takari, and I was hoping for a private email with you, can you send me your gmail? I have a “private request” for you.

  36. Well Dargoth, I hope I was able to help you with this program that easily extracts the text from an RPGmaker game and allows the user to reapply the translation to the game. It does most of the tedious work outside of actually translating it.
    I would love it if you confirm that you received this comment and taken a try at it. It really works. I tried it myself.
    The ‘RPGMakerTransv4.1.7z’ file is the only one you need. It will not change your original file and it will create a copy. It also creates patches that can be applied to full or updated versions of the game, so your translations are easily transferable to 1.20 version from 1.00 or even from the trial.
    I tried it myself for my own rpgmaker translations. it works on my VXace and VX game projects.

  37. Hey Dargoth. I’m curious if I can commission you to do some translating for me. A bit of a different project than what you’re used to I’m sure.

    I’m not looking to get something in Japanese translated in english but rather from English to Japanese.

    My site has a setting. And it’s a work in progress mind you. But I’d like to have various profiles translated so people can read and understand my setting in Japan.

    • Sorry, my English->Japanese is really bad and slow, plus I don’t do commissions in the first place. Good luck with your site though.

      • I see thank you for your honesty. If I may ask. Can you make any recommendations as to who might be interested or where I should look for that kind of thing? I came here first because I know you don’t have any qualms about creative works of an adult and explicit nature.

  38. Is there any translations for this? モンスター娘百覧Vol.1 Monster daughter hundred list Vol.1 if thats even the actual name.

  39. Hello! I’m translated MGDelicious, but I can’t run it. Please, show me result of command ‘syasei’.

  40. Anonymous permalink

    Translation still needs some work.
    some dialog isn’t translated like.
    when you use skills in battle.
    1-2 npcs in the 2nd floor castle starting town. (and the lamia in the room with various monsters)
    and job descriptions like high yoma

  41. Ero-anpanman permalink

    is graphic in MGQParadox useable for other game?
    like non commercial game

  42. Mel permalink

    Hey I found this reverse rape game. I want to buy it but its only in japanese.

    Is there any way you could translate it please.

  43. Joehunter permalink

    Hi I having trouble with 1 of the patches. Monmusu quest part 1. I have version 1.21.00 so I tried both 1.21a and 1.21 b and it continues to tell me wrong version. I could use some help. My email is plz help me. I i be sure to donate if your product is true.

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