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Oh look 1.20 actually came out

July 11, 2015

It’s real! Busy converting all the ancient 1.03 translation files that I’ve been using as a baseline over to 1.20. Got lots of items and random stuff in 1.10 format that I’m really hoping Fanservicefan can help convert himself…

At any rate, I’m alive. Bad weekend for both me and MGL, but oh well. At least we have the damn patch now.

Updated translation patch this weekend. I promise.

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  1. John permalink

    Hey, is the game fully translated ?
    Thanks for answering I didn’t follow up the translation blogs :p

    • Anonymous permalink

      Patch release this weekend

    • Depends John, Short Answer No.
      Beautifully Crafted Dargoth’s Team Fully Translated? No… Last I new 1.02a was probably 20% and I’m a bit physicked to see what the weekend brings.
      Machine Mutilated With Good People Making It Better EX Fully Translated? Maybe 80-90% range
      Though only going off what I personally reviewed, the efforts of Casian Sarpe Socaci, and what was incorporated from Fanservicefan and Dargoth’s 1.02a patch it is probably around 30-50% with some parts being borderline acceptable though improvements are regularly being made

  2. Anonymous permalink

    What race and job should Rami have cause im having her on my team for the labyrinth. Man I just love this girl and how she got teased every time

    • Desert Eagle permalink

      Have her master all the magic jobs? Black Mage, White Mage, Sage…

      Of course, if she’s a caster in your team, her magic must be “min/max’ed”. Have her equip everything that increases magic.

      • Anonymous permalink

        Well I already maxed everything related to her race and job u mentioned. Is there any other job that should benefit her?

      • Desert Eagle permalink

        Well, to be sure, there’s Time Mage, Spiritualist, Necromancer, Puppeteer, Medium, Pope… Spiritualist will let you learn “Ability: Summoning”, which will allow the character to use Summoning magic.

        But really, make sure to min/max that magic. For example, equipping “Combat Ring” will lower her attack and defense but it will increase her magic by 150%. Alternatively, you can equip “Heavy Ring”. Equipping it doubles the mana cost of all spells but it increases magic by 150%. There are also shields that give a flat boost to magic, like Magical Shield and Dark Shield+.

        Some characters can learn abilities that have the same effect as Combat Ring or Heavy Ring would. Lily has the ability “Heavy Magic”, for example. I’m not sure how it will be for Rami but I suspect future caster jobs will teach those abilities.

  3. Kirashi permalink

    I start to worry a bit about the lack of update

    • TheBozzer permalink

      Look at the previous page mate.

    • Desert Eagle permalink

      Heck, just scroll up and take a look at the main post. “Updated translation patch this weekend, I promise”. That was updated not too long ago. 😛

      • Anonymous permalink

        And yet, ToroToro released v1.21 before Dargoth got the next translation out =P

        Let’s see if he’ll actually release a version for 1.20 this weekend, a version for 1.21 some time later.

        Well, at least he isn’t dead.

  4. Anonymous permalink

    I read someone else having problems with EX patch save files and I tried it out and I’m also having problems.

    Apparently if you move save files that were used in the EX patch to the untranslated game and start 1.20 without the EX patch, the save can’t be loaded. Is there a work around to this or will I have to start over?

    You’re able to access the load screen and see a save file, but cannot select it.

      • Anonymous permalink

        Worked, thank you! Had fun playing around with the maxed races and jobs for a bit too.

        I loaded up 1.20 and tried out a couple of things just to make sure everything was okay. I noticed some characters have their names missing but I think I remember reading about this being an known issue right?

      • Actually EX 0.5e has a function that should fix that, same sparkly scroll different features (though if you saved in that area you have to leave then go back to use the new features, a quirk of RPG Maker as it saves the map you currently are on); Though Rename needs a bit of work, I got an update ready for that but for now put those actors in your party and restore defaults, rename them to something else, or wait and when Dargoth releases his update I’ll update a custom list with the names he uses in his next patch.

      • Anonymous permalink

        Ah, just saw your message and tried it out. The names are fine now. Thanks again.

      • Anonymous permalink

        I’m getting an error that says:

        Script *some Japanese text I can’t copy and paste* ver1′ line26: NameError occurred.

        uninitialized constant Object::NWPatch

      • Not sure, though the NWPatch is it working with the patch system. What version of Paradox are you working with? And if upgrading which version did you come from?

        Lets see 1.03 didn’t contain that system and I believe it was added around 1.10

        Closest thing I seen was
        ▽ パッチスクリプト読込 ver2
        ▽ パッチスクリプト読込 ver3

        Are you using the EX system? If so what version?

      • Anonymous permalink

        Never mind, it’s working, but now it turned all the text to Japanese.

      • Anonymous permalink

        Is there a link to the English Patch 1.21?

      • Anonymous permalink

        Is there a link for the English Patch 1.21?

      • Yep there is, also you probably used the raw update info; Next time for official EX updates look for EX in the title

      • Anonymous permalink

        I tried both the Save Fix EX 0.5d and the regular EX0.5f, but now it says I’m missing the file mobs02_cip.

      • Missing mobs02_cip has nothing to do with saves. It was added in Paradox 1.10 and your missing assets. EX doesn’t add game assets.

        Two ways you can fix that.
        1 – Download a clean copy of 1.21 from the official website and decrypt Game.rgss3a again to get the new assets
        2 – Upgrade to version 1.20 using the readme
        For Those Coming From 1.02
        For Those Coming From 1.10

        Once you got the latest official Paradox files re-install EX

      • Anonymous permalink

        Ok, I got it working again, but it’s still in Japanese. I followed the steps involving For Those Coming From 1.02 and 1.10 and even copied and pasted the rvtext files that only has English in the name (and it’s all from the EX 0.5f).

      • Anonymous permalink

        Ok, I followed the steps involving For Those Coming From 1.02 and 1.10 and copied and pasted the rvtext files with English in the name (all from the EX 0.5f folder), and the game is working, but it’s still in Japanese.

      • Anonymous, you are almost done now finish off by going from 1.10 to 1.20 (otherwise you will still be missing assets)

        Then re-install the entire EX 0.5f (every file in that folder should be in your game directory overwriting the original files)

      • Anonymous permalink

        For reinstalling the entire EX 0.5f, do I still have to do the Decrypter steps or skip that and just copy and paste everything into my directory?

      • Just copy everything over. The only time you would need to use decrypter is if you had Game.rgss3a

      • Anonymous permalink

        Never mind. I got it. Thank you so much for your help 🙂

  5. So the sandworm girl hits like a truck. Got her at lv 26 with the killing earrings that makes her attack twice and she hits for around 1k per hit. Her def is at 450~ too, so she can take a beating. Only downside to her would be her speed which is very low

    Thought id share in case anyone is looking for a gal with some brawn

    • Desert Eagle permalink

      Are you training Dahlia / Sandworm Girl to be a “multi-hitter” or do you use her abilities as well?

      I have a multi-hitter in my team too: Nuruko. She can hit an enemy a total of seven times, each consecutive hit potentially being double or triple the original damage. I had her hit a lv 25 random monster for 600, 800, 1600, 3200 (crit) and it was down. There were even three attacks left.

      • Anonymous permalink

        Planning on using her as a tank and get someone else for multi-hitting. Was just suprised to see her rek the monsters in the final tower by herself 😛

  6. Anonymous permalink

    Toro Toro Just released 1.21

    • Desert Eagle permalink

      Huh. You’re right. Dlsite shows an update message for patch 1.21:


      I guess the patch has to be postponed to accomodate this update? It wouldn’t make sense to create two separate patches for 1.20 and 1.21 now.

      • …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….

      • Desert Eagle permalink

        I know. :/

      • Anonymous permalink

        Ur still release it this weekend right ?

      • Yeah, pretty minor changes in 1.21 overall. The only major overhaul was in a file we haven’t touched so that’s a relief.

      • Anonymous permalink

        May I know what u haven’t touched yet?

      • Desert Eagle permalink

        Oh! Whew. That’s a relief.

      • Arthas permalink

        Lol… it seems, TTR like to troll us..

      • Anonymous permalink

        “Yeah, pretty minor changes in 1.21 overall. The only major overhaul was in a file we haven’t touched so that’s a relief.” – This means it shouldn’t be hard to update your translations for the 1.21 version but it doesn’t necessarily mean you will do it though. So for which version will your patch be released to? I’m lost here.

      • Thats gonna take awhile… Though to the most part not to bad

        Database has a few minor things mostly note changes though they did add another Dig Skill
        Skill 3173 though its an exact copy of Skill 3155 as far as wording goes

        A lot of ScriptText skills got updated.. I was wondering why there where so many sss, they where all temp placeholders, haven’t reviewed the underlining scripts yet

        Update to Map 345 – North Haunted House Kitchen
        Added Common Event 117 – Skills: Digging 2

    • Anonymous permalink

      Wow they actually did release 1.21 what are the odds

    • element permalink

      does this patch fix the cooking bug?

      • Looks like it 🙂 You can cook outside of battle now, though it looks like I overlooked a line in the cooking interface… I really wish I could write in Japanese or had a way to get Japanese from screenshots as I don’t know what I’m searching for, eh I still count my victories

        Though I did notice that I had to change my job from Lord to Cook before it would let me do that

      • I found it, it will be translated in the next update
        should be
        1 Consuming Items

  7. Anonymous permalink

    I hope to god he doesn’t postpone, some of us have been refreshing this page all day, hoping for release at any given moment

    • HotGear permalink

      It may come out tomorrow who knows although I do hope it is today

    • Anonymous permalink

      “You guys should know me by now. “Weekend” means 11:59PM (PDT) on Sunday.”
      – Dargoth

      • CivilDeviation permalink

        Remotes the exploding robogoat over the bridge… Teeheehee.

      • Anonymous permalink

        Well, technically the weekend starts on Friday and ends on Saturday.

  8. Anonymous permalink

    wow, is torotoro trolling you dargoth?

  9. This is so funny it hurts on the inside. Toro seems to be keeping an eye on this place just to screw with us xP

  10. DungeonMasterBobbySmith permalink

    Any body have a link to a update 1.20 to 1.21 patch?

    Huh, a new dig skill and bug fixes. This could mean the dig error I experienced was on Toro and not because of the EX patch.

    • Here is what changed, no new assets where added
      MGQ Paradox 1.20 to 1.21.rar 4.6 MB!TIExHa4T!udeRHaoMzg0dvHlU1zvcwQHFuaTVUmuazVBD9NTy91I

      Or you can go to the main site and download a gig for the same thing

      • Awwwww crap the update untranslates everything. Or is it just me?

      • As it is a raw compare and not an EX update then yes it is 😛

        I’m looking over the data now, an EX update won’t be out for awhile, though feel safe Casian Sarpe Socaci, not much in either the Database or Dialogues changed; ScriptText wasn’t so lucky…

      • DungeonMasterBobbySmith permalink


      • Well there’s not much left in the database to be edited that can be noticed I think. Yes there still are the awkward skill messages that I honestly can’t make sense of and some descriptions that probably are related to Japanese culture or who knows maybe my mind just refuses to come up with something decent. When Dargoth finally releases his patch will you be able to make a database file like the ones EX uses, I’m really curious to compare what I did to what he did see how they look like side to side (I’m sure his will be a lot more refined)

      • Yes I can and do so regardless and for you I’ll put a link up to the rvtext files extracted from Dargoth’s patch. Though lines might be off as a bit of conversion is involved, might be a typo somewhere, etc… I won’t know until I really dive deep into it.

        If you had a few sample skills of the really off ones I can look to see a second wack at it. I don’t need much just the ID numbers so skills/xxxx

      • Well we first have to wait for Dargoth and see what he’s got. Who knows maybe he cracked down everything and the only thing I’ll have left to do afterwards will be minor clean up like with the abilities that grant use of a certain set of skills. I really didn’t like the formula “Enables user to use x skills” so I changed it.Sounded redundant. The only ones I really had trouble with so far I remember were the Taoism skills. I remember rolling my eyes every time I scrolled down through the file and saw the words Yin or Yang. There are many that need revision again like I said in the last update everything I’ve edited really needs a 2nd opinion because you know 2 heads are better than one and while I might say that something sounds good and correct maybe someone else can find something I overlooked and prove I’m wrong, or maybe I took too much liberty and the description doesn’t match the original text anymore.
        I think you have enough on your plate as is for now and I honestly didn’t keep a record of the things that still need to be revised but I will keep a list from now on with things that I couldn’t really pin down and make them understandable or make them sound less nonsensical. One more thing that I would like to ask is how do you differentiate the skill messages that are spoken by casters from the ones that are spoken i the 3rd person because I’ve seen some skill messages that just say what the caster is doing while others are the caster shouting something like Holy Arts or Black Magic.

      • Anonymous permalink

        I’m getting an error that says:

        Script *some Japanese text I can’t copy and paste* ver1′ line26: NameError occurred.

        uninitialized constant Object::NWPatch

  11. Kirashi permalink

    Just one question MGQ ex:

    Your file (mega) upload the game 1.20->1.21 or do i need to download the whole game one more time?

  12. Kirashi permalink

    Forget it, it was a stupid question. Just how can I instal the data folder?

  13. Kirashi permalink

    with the data folder there is noting to overwriting, thats why i am asking

    • Anonymous permalink

      You would have to decrypt the Game.rgss3a file, copy the files and folders from the Extract folder to the main folder, then delete or rename the Game.rgss3a file.
      This would likely not be compatible with the executable patch method, but it should be compatible with the alternate method, if Dargoth provides it again.

    • The manual patch method was documented in the EX readme a long time ago as my only preferred method as the executable one wasn’t stable.

      Under the title “USING MGQ Paradox Translation EX”

      You can find Dargoth’s original documentation under the news update “MGQ Paradox English Patch 1.02a”

      Though when it comes to using original, EX, or Dargoth’s patch; Step 5 will change.

  14. keba permalink

    i downloaded the game Via DL site a hwile back but couldn’t patch it because the version was to new. So where do i go to update the version so i can use this translation patch that you guys worked so hard on. Thanks!

    • Well while we wait for Dargoth and the fated hour.

      EX 0.5f updated for 1.21

      Note: ScriptText had a massive update and I haven’t gotten to it yet though as I’m anticipating Dargoth’s update I wanted to mostly be cleaned up with 1.21. Some combat items will be untranslated. Oh well with the main attraction done, let me know if there are any bugs.

      Database & Dialogues was relatively small you can use WinMerge with a previous version of the files if you want to see the changes.

      Also for bug tracking please use the link provided in the readme under Bug Reporting & Tracking.
      Its helpful if you provide information on your problem
      1: MGQ Paradox Version
      2: EX Version
      3: As Much Detail About The Error To Help Recreate It For Testing (Location, And Relevant Info)

      Though I still plan to check the forms it also helps so I don’t miss something.

      Also there is a link in the readme for handling a save transfer error if you happen to encounter it.

      • DungeonMasterBobbySmith permalink

        When you said “Some combat items will be untranslated”, how many Items did they add? Any Equipment?

      • No equipment was added. As for what was untranslated any SkillWords that had sss in it was replaced with a real phrase, some might be similar to what the generic version is and others are new. Actor or Enemy battle dialogue

      • Any changes made to the database file? I’m only asking because I’m using the last EX database file to edit and of course I’m not that keen on overwriting it now since I made certain though small changes.

      • A few minor things such as note changes and an added skill. If you load up the database you are currently working with in WinMerge,, and the current database in EX 0.5f you can review the changes.

      • Guess I can’t I get an error from WinMerge.
        Oh well I guess I’ll just abandon the old one and work on the new one. I haven’t done much anyway and I won’t be able to do much today either till night time so about 12h from now. By then Dargoth will probably (hopefully) will release his patch.

      • Don’t abandon it, just upload it as is and I’ll see what you got done later;

      • Also Casian Sarpe Socaci, if you didn’t see the post Cooking works now outside of combat 🙂

      • I apologize for taking so long.I was on the road all day visiting places I didn’t want to.
        I managed to look over skills 2571-2670 making changes here and there, I’ve seen you kept the “Attribute” so I left it there though the rest of the skills I edited and added icons to followed Dargoth’s format with the icon after power value and no more “Attribute”
        I also think I made corrections to 2 of the Heroism skills, the later ones which didn’t make any sense. I’m still not sure if Guren and Ha are some kind of entities or just google translate nonsense so I didn’t edit their messages. Other than that the rest should be as I gave it to you last time with the changes you made in EX 0.5e or whichever one contained the large revision I made to skills.
        There is a good portion left to work on, I think the Beast skills are next but I’m gonna wait for Dargoth to release his patch, maybe he translated them and I won’t have to do extra work for nothing. Good to hear the cooking works outside of battle because now Fried rice will be easier to make. Gonna give those bitches Fried Rice, bitches love Fried Rice.(gives 90+ affection to some of them!!!)

      • Thanks, I’ll have a look over it. A break is probably a wise choice, and bitches also love cannons! The Attribute is just how it goes through machine translation. I figure there is a lot of redundancy and some liberties are taken to either shorten the text or add flavor. Like if you have fire right in the weapon it can be assumed to have the fire attribute but as it takes so little Japanese text to say that its just included.

        1. crimson; crimson lotus flower

        I’ll adjust it to crimson, either blood crimson or crimson flame given context;

      • Roughly what will be used in the next EX update
        MGQ Paradox 1.21_RVTEXT_Edited-08-02-2015.rar 4.8 MB!mJEyCDqR!FAOhCI_WMVQrlrAIfqhX3Lm9ilUUBBukJ_7ByO3nyoY

        With that cleaned up, now back to waiting and looking over ScriptText while watching *TFS* Hellsing Ultimate Abridged

    • By the way I think you should remove the cheating from the scroll on the left of the big door, it kinda takes away from the torture of the RPG perfectionists and they deserve to be tortured! =))
      Anyways I think he should really consider using what we worked on so far if he isn’t done with the misc things in his update and just correct what he thinks needs correcting +add his magic %skill formula to the skills. I think I did a pretty decent job on weapons and armors excepting a few select ones like the Caladbolg or whatever that magic sword is named. It would be such a waste otherwise. He should focus on the story and rape scenes because I personally can’t wait for Honey Pot and Deiji’s scenes. And Chrome of course. Everybody likes Chrome even if she neglects her hygiene.
      Anyways in my timezone it’s Monday already so I’ll turn in hopefully by my morning he’ll have a new post and the translation out. I’ll have a long day tomorrow so I’m not sure I’ll be able to check here till about 22-23h from now.

      • Its true torturing the player would be fun but there are so many Cheat Engine repeats for those things… Perhaps I’ll change it to a hidden feature the player has to explicitly turn on somehow through Game.ini; Though I’ll document it in the readme so those that glance over can still enjoy.

        Yeah you did pretty good, well have a good night and we’ll see what comes tomorrow 🙂

      • element permalink

        I dunno the cheating menu isn’t that game breaking once you get a lvl 10 cook you can get all the affection just as easily, plus all the rpg masochist will just ignore the cheating option.

  15. Anonymous permalink

    False alarm boys. Come back tomorrow : /

  16. CivilDeviation permalink

    Just noticed that the Translation tab states:
    Temporarily on hold: No, it’s definitely not dead!
    Sei Monmusu Gakuen 聖もんむす学園
    Progress: 18.2% 6387/35035

    If the temporarily on hold is inaccurate it might be good to change it so there is less confusion.

    • Anonymous permalink

      That’s an update from the demo translation back in 2014.

  17. Anonymous permalink

    Dargoth pls senpai.

    • Anonymous permalink

      So the translation patch will be for 1.20 or 1.21 ?

      • Anonymous permalink

        I’m almost sure it will be for 1.21. Dargoth seems to hate to upload multiple patches within a short amount of time for some reason. So he will either release the patch for 1.21 or just skip that version, which is the most unlikely scenerio.

    • Desert Eagle permalink

      Technically, weekend isn’t over yet. 😛

  18. Anonymous permalink

    So if he wait every time for new update before he started translation ? where is point event make translation ? why just not wait 3 year or 6 year that creator of game make game complete but no that not point he will make new game all wait for new translation for new game. Im bit loss now…..

    • Anonymous permalink

      He waits with releasing translation patches, not with translating text.

    • Gon permalink

      Either you aren’t too smart or just a whining baby. Read what he posted before making stupid comment.

  19. nick permalink

    *cries * I just want my patch to come out today damn you totoro

  20. For those coming from a decrypted 1.02 and above to 1.21
    MGQ_Paradox_1.02_upgrade_clean_1.21.rar 113.7 MB!SQ1QlAbS!_B9-oPG95ItrektJFdt8jPZiOnW4vb2cpUUaRTGkZig

    This is not an EX release, it is a clean untranslated upgrade from 1.02 to 1.21
    It Can also be used to essentially uninstall EX

    Though there are 3 files out to do the same thing this streamlines it to one file slightly smaller.

    • Anonymous permalink

      But, aren’t we going to need 1.20 for Dargoths translation later today? I truly doubt he will move to 1.21 with how minor the update was.

    • I doubt he won’t roll in 1.21, it was mostly bug fixes and shouldn’t have messed the translation up much. But just to be safe
      MGQ Paradox 1.20 downgrade from 1.21.rar 6.7 MB!vItFBCLD!PIh_p_CdGbDXJIN48gpXrA-HqoU9DKmhI59DboZpIZ4

      And do a quick search for “MGQ Paradox 1.20 to 1.21.rar 4.6 MB” in the forms if you downgrade and find out it wasn’t needed.

      The big thing is getting all the underlining assets updated as there is a big difference from 1.02 to 1.20 but not so much between 1.20 and 1.21

      • Anonymous permalink

        Will the upgrade patch from 1.20 to 1.21 work if we don’t decrypt Game.rgss3a (and rename it/remove it) ?

      • No, all upgrades and downgrades use decrypted files and the existence of Game.rgss3a overrides the decrypted files that is why it is changed.

        All decrypted files should work fine with Dargoth’s manual patch method once he releases it.

  21. Arthas permalink

    where i can buy page of magic manual?

    • Anonymous permalink

      You can’t. It is made through a skill.

      • Arthas permalink

        ahhh,, can you tell me what skill create that item?

      • Every ghost type monster girl gets a magic book skill called page creation that costs 30 MP

      • Arthas permalink

        do you know what monster learn the book skill 666:apocalypse?

    • Anonymous permalink

      Where did you get the info about such item and what it does? Is there any item list posted somewhere? Same question about skills and jobs etc. I would really appreciate if someone posted useful links such as those if they even exist.

  22. Anonymous permalink

    Well it’s 5PM east coast 😦 I hope Dargoth is a west coaster I WANT TO BELIEVE!

  23. I have a 98 hour save… and… 1.20 to 1.21 doesnt work !:

    Someone know why?

  24. Anonymous permalink

    Aaand It’s over

  25. Anonymous permalink

    Aw… It’s your turn, east-coasters

  26. Chiron Maximus permalink

    Ok, as far as everyone and their chaos is going, what I’m going to worry about is Dargoth’s next post being the download and a list of install instructions, and unlike most people, I’m gonna wait as patiently as I have been this whole time.

    • Anonymous permalink

      I don’t think that people aren’t patient. It’s simply that he said he was going to post it before today was over. So now that peoples Sundays across the world are ending they are understandably upset because Dargoth has yet to make good on a promise A LOT of people have been waiting a long time for.

      With that said Dargoth has posted multiple times that he keeps his own schedule and, honestly that’s better than anyone could ask when you realize this is all a free service. It comes when It comes I guess.

      As for me I guess I’d be mildly upset but, really it’s nothing to get too upset over. I’ve almost come to expect delays on this release.

      • Chiron Maximus permalink

        I understand that people are upset, and most would be, but not me. I know how hard it is to translate words from one language to the next, then you have to put it into code and make sure it works. the way I see it: Dargoth not releasing it already means that he’s making sure everything works to a certain degree, so that everyone doesn’t throw a fit when it doesn’t work. I know there will be a few that won’t work, but I’m sure he has a plan to fix/help people’s games.

      • Anonymous permalink

        Your absolutely correct. Frankly I’m a West coaster. I’ve still got like 7 hours of my Sunday left!

      • There’s no delay. I’ve got plenty of hours left in Sunday. Sorry to those of you living in the future.

      • Anonymous permalink

        West coasters unite!

  27. Anonymous permalink

    5 more hours – east coaster

  28. Anonymous permalink

    Still 9 hours of the weekend left in Hawaii!

    Can’t complain until then.

    • JohnTitor permalink

      I think what really matters is whatever timezone Dargoth is in…

      • Anonymous permalink

        Nah, what matters is when the weekend is objectively over. The world doesn’t revolve around one person.

      • JohnTitor permalink

        The weekend is over whenever the timezones say it’s over but ofcourse that is going to be different for some people. In this case, though, Dargoth is the one who set the date and is the one making the patch so the deadline for the patch is based on his weekend.

  29. Anonymous permalink

    It’s already Monday in Asia. What about western people in Japan?

  30. Anonymous permalink

    lol, Let them take the time they need.. without them we wouldt get any real translation and would have to read engrish from japan translated via google instead or worse

    • Anonymous permalink

      While I agreeee. I think people should make good on their promises or otherwise not make them/

      • CwHart permalink

        You know that kind of attitude towards the people doing this FOR FREE is discouraging right? I mean maybe not to Dar and co, they are prolly use to this shit at this point, but really we aren’t owed anything. Making good on a promise should only really applied if you are owed that promise to begin with.

      • Anonymous permalink


      • JohnTitor permalink

        No one should be making promises that can’t be kept regardless of something being free or owed.

      • JohnTitor permalink

        Also, I don’t have a problem if the patch is delayed or not. I’m just chiming in~

      • CwHart permalink

        Semantics, you worry too much about them. Looking at the bigger picture if he came in and told us he wants to wait another month for whatever reason, but is still working on it, then we should be happy he is still working on it.

      • JohnTitor permalink

        Worry too much about ‘them’ as in promises? I’m not if that’s the case. I’m glad it’s being worked on and have no problem waiting if he decides to wait on releasing it.

        …but comment and criticism about failing to or not following through with something you said you would do should not be ignored or pushed away just because that something is free. I failed to make that clear but that is what I meant by my post.

  31. Anonymous permalink

    4 hours… Hopefully.

  32. Anonymous permalink

    Due to the sudden appearance of the 1.21 patch, no one should be too surprised if the translation patch misses the “this weekend” promise.

    • CivilDeviation permalink

      Feel free to use as needed:

    • JohnTitor permalink

      Actually it would be surprising if it’s missed.

      Anon: Toro Toro Just released 1.21
      Dargoth: ……………………………….
      Anon: Ur still release it this weekend right ?
      Dargoth: Yeah, pretty minor changes in 1.21 overall. The only major overhaul was in a file we haven’t touched so that’s a relief.

  33. Anonymous permalink

    2 hours till midnight

  34. CwHart permalink

    So way it looks we got a year til Part 2 comes out, atleast from their estimate and the notice board is going on hiatus. That’s what I am gathering from google translate atleast

    • didnt see anything about a hiatus, but it did say their next release would be a different game ( monster musume 100?).

      Also 10 of the 11 artists on the project would be new additions?

      • CwHart permalink

        I said Hiatus other then dormant but same stuff, and ah wonder what that one is about.

      • Anonymous permalink

        I’m going to guess that the other artist is Xelxy.

  35. Anonymous permalink

    It’s like new years eve for perverts!

  36. DungeonMasterBobbySmith permalink

    Well now its a hour before sunday here in Baltimore, on the East Coast. In the meantime, enjoy this full save for the original MGQ.

  37. Anonymous permalink

    weekend on east coast is over

  38. Anonymous permalink
    Anyway it’s obvious he won’t release it this weekend but lets hope he releases it tomorrow.

    • Anonymous permalink

      If you go up about 20 posts he says he still plans on releasing it tonight so cool your jets!

      • Loli Lich permalink

        Only 37 minutes until he’s a liar.

      • Anonymous permalink

        Unless he lives on west coast. In that case he still has 2 and a half hours.

      • Anonymous permalink

        You are right. Totally missed that 😐

    • CivilDeviation permalink

      Santa works in mysterious ways, most assuredly though, “naughty children” who stay up past their bed time complaining that they haven’t seen him, wont see him til they do get rest.

  39. MGQ Fan permalink

    Is there a map function? I’ve tried every letter on my keyboard and can’t get one to display.

  40. Kaju permalink

    ^Dam, i didnt find the file for the patch for 1.20. that i needed for the latestone. could somebody help me with that ^_^’

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