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MGQ Paradox Initial Translation!

March 18, 2015

Okay, this is mostly just menus and some misc. stuff with *some* of the demo content copied over. None of the H-scenes or really anything from the common events file. I’ll be copying over more and more this week and translating new content.

Note this patch is ONLY valid for the 1.02 version of the game. You’ll have a file called 解説書v1.02.txt in the folder and the game will say 1.02 in the upper left corner when you start. If not, the patch isn’t going to work. I’m only capable of editing the files in the game, not adding any new ones, and since patch 1.02 added new scripts, there’s no way to patch version 1.00.

Extract contents to your game folder (with game.exe) and run the patch exe. Click patch, exit when done. Play game. It is STRONGLY advised to use a clean directory for the patch and keep around a non-patched version just in case.

Patch v1.02.00:!DE5xSbgb!-NgdlMIZF4sRbZszxsffPXlfBXGB8ExjP6oGjjLiCE4

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  1. Sumimura permalink

    The file is no longer, can you fix it for me? Please~
    Thank you

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