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Monster Girl Quest Paradox Beginning Chapter Now On Sale

March 13, 2015

English DLSite link:

Sadly we did run into technical difficulties with creating a patch for the release version, but ytinasni is working on that. In the meantime, we at least have access to the files to continue copying things over, but the patch itself will have to wait.

I know you guys have tons of questions about what things are going to be translated first, how fast, when patches are going to be released, etc., but it’s too early for good answers. We’ll do our best.

Torotoro put up a save for those who want to look at CG or watch H-scenes:

He also released v1.01 already, but it’s crashtastic. Don’t download.


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  1. TheHoraAwakens permalink

    Quick tip- When you talk to a battle fuck girl in a town you have the option to teleport to them when you talk to the maid in the pocket castle. This makes it so you don’t have to use harpy feathers to get around ๐Ÿ˜€

    • Monster Girl Quest Paradox where do I download this game for free? thanks…

      • Doesn’t exist, doubt it will for a couple of years.
        Good thing really, developers need supporting.

  2. Anonymous permalink

    Anyone knows if patch 1.02 is stable, and where can we download it?

    • 1.02 is stable. I’ve spent about an hour on it.

      • Anonymous permalink

        Is there a link to the patch?

      • Rather than create patches (which would be very convenient), he’s just updating the full version on all the download sites. RPGMaker doesn’t support patches out of the box I don’t think, but it’s obviously possible considering that’s what we’re doing for translation.

        To be honest I don’t know how we’re going to handle patching the Japanese versions. We could release a translation patch for both the 1.00 version of the game and for whatever the current version is. I *think* that would work, and you’d end up with the exact same result no matter which version of the japanese game you started with. I definitely want everyone who can pay for the game to do so, but I also don’t want to limit translation patches to those people. I fully understand that many people don’t have any way to legitimately buy the game.

        If Torotoro updates any of the game assets like art, music, etc., you’ll definitely need to get that new version though…

      • Anonymous permalink

        I wanted to support Paradox by buying it, but March has too many big game release like Bloodborne and FF Type-0 HD, so I’m quite tight on funds.

        Ah well, I’ll just wait till someone upload the game at version 1.02 already, then transfer my save files there.

      • Grandork permalink

        @Dargoth, you don’t have to worry about that, Pirates are well aware of how to get the latest version of the game.

      • Anonymous permalink

        Lmao. I have no idea where to get the latest version of the game. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  3. Anonymous permalink

    where can i download this game?

  4. Anonymous permalink

    how do you access the patches on the english dlsite

    • Anonymous permalink

      simply redownload the entire game.

      when you bought the game before and Torotoro releases a patch you’ll see download were the purchase button is.

  5. Drawner permalink

    how much time till the patch, please?

    • Anonymous permalink

      Given the scale of the project, stability updates, integration, troubleshooting, personal lives of the team… Probably no time soon so when its done its done; It took a couple months with the demo and Part 1 looks to be 4 to 5 times larger so Dargoth and team have a lot of work ahead that is much appreciated

    • Grandork permalink

      He will probably release the first patch in a week or so, covering the full Trial and whatever he can throw in. There has been more technical difficulties, but once those are solved, if new patches don’t introduce more, we should start seeing some real progress.

      • Anonymous permalink

        How many team members does Darg have?

      • Grandork permalink

        If I’m not mistaken, it’s him + 3 others.

      • Yeah I really need to do a team introduction post or something. Right now it’s me and:
        KirbyDances – Translation and tools
        Monster Girl Lover – RPGMaker editing/scripting, database file translations
        Carol J – Editing and rewriting

      • Anonymous permalink

        Nice! Hopefully you can get even more help as time goes by.

      • Kurobane Sayuki permalink

        Why not look at Fuwanovel for few more translators? ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

  6. Anonymous permalink

    Does anyone know how to unlock the job right above the playboy job? It was in the demo as well but I don’t know how to get it. Just hope I didn’t miss something simple.

    • Anonymous permalink

      If your talking about the job above flirt and below soldier in the demo that would be Merchant after you help the guy in the desert go back to illias village and talk to the merchant in the Item shop he will offer you (if I remember right) a sword, gold or the merchant permit i don’t know what happens if you choose sword or gold but I know if you choose the permit he gives you all 3. I am pretty sure this is right but I played the demo when it was first translated and holding off on game till its translated. So I may be wrong but I’m 95% sure this is correct

      • Anonymous permalink

        No, I have merchant. This is the one between merchant and playboy.

  7. CMrC permalink

    Man i tought porn village was going to be the best laugh, but man was i wrong. Just wait till you finish the quest line from san ilia to radaito village.
    That is what i call unexpected

    • CMrC permalink

      Also i would say the crabroid in that lab is the prove that mech monsters don’t have to be creepy as fk.

      I’m really curios is there anyone who finds xelvy monsters enticing or fappable?

      • Anonymous permalink

        Well it depends on what you are referring exactly. Since I haven’t played paradox yet I can’t say anything about those xelvy monsters. As for the ones in the original trilogy I liked three of them but not everything. Let me explain:
        I really liked Assasinroid, I think she was well made and was both cute and cool looking, that is until her scene, which was a big NOPE.
        Knightroid was for me just cool with her personality and all but that’s it. She was more of a rival warrior.
        Finally I think Lamiaroid was, in the most bizarre way, kinda cute and everything, and her scene was a little more tolerable, the blowjob scene was in my opinion good UNTIL she revealed her ABSOLUTELY charming (sarcasm) set of teeth.

      • Anonymous permalink

        Nothing wrong with Xelvy’s monsters, some are good and some are not it depends on you. I find it interesting that he goes beyond borders when creating his monsters and combined with his excellend skills you never know what he will do next.

  8. Anonymous permalink


  9. White Mage permalink

    I will buy the game as soon as I have at least a partial translation.
    Some % of the profits should go to team Dargoth. :p

    • Anonymous permalink

      I’m with you White Mage, waiting for the partial is what’s holding me back from playing it as well. I wanted to buy it when it first came out but I was afraid I’d play it before seeing a translation haha, so I held back. After waiting the first couple of days it becomes a lot easier as opposed to the day it first came out when all the hype was at its peak.

  10. redpanther permalink

    Megami Tensei: Old testament translation has been finished for months now.
    I’m gonna play some old megaten games while waiting for translation and bugs fix of paradox.

    • Grandork permalink

      Man… That’s old school. It’s quite unfortunate that I can no longer play something like that. Gameplay wise, it’s too decayed.

  11. Anonymous permalink

    is anyone having trouble with recruiting any particular monster girls on the starting island? ive been trying to get the crab and fish looking girl for over 2 hours with no success………..

  12. Luka permalink

    Can somebody confirm if there is a H-scene with loli Ilias in this game?

    • yeah, in the pocket castle, you can get her to jack you off with her feet, while she’s not wearing panties.

      • Luka permalink

        Found it! Gods be praised!
        But it’s the only Ilias scene in the game.
        8/10 needs more Ilias.

        I will have to wait for part 2.

  13. Anonymous permalink

    is there an easy way to find people in the pocket castle? I walk around for ages and hardly ever find anyone. I’ve added like… 9 people to my team already too

    • CMrC permalink

      9 is not a lot if you consider the castle is fitt for 1000 ๐Ÿ˜›

      Anyway you’ll find most of the girl you get at the start in the first room or the garden
      You can go with intuition since monster will be found in their abitat or place they have an affinity to
      For example lamia and monster who seems to like to eat will be found in the kitchen, unless they have a well defined habitat like a carnivorous plant that will be found in the forest

    • Anonymous permalink

      Go to the list to add the person into your party and press D. That should teleport you to them.

  14. Ido permalink

    Anyone know how to exp very fast? I’ve a lot of problem!

  15. Anonymous permalink

    if you look in the castle, you should notice that every area is themed to a certain extent, use that as a guide to find the monster your………..looking for!

    • NoName permalink

      Or open the menu with the maid where you can select your party members, then press D on your desired party member to teleport to their location in the castle. Easy way to find all of them.

  16. anonymous permalink

    Keep up the great work Dargoth!

    Is there any way for people not fluent in Japanese to assist in translation? Especially if said person is technically inclined?

  17. krul permalink

    Is there a link to some proper map? Maybe a guide about the map? And can someone tell me where I’ll encounter Eva?

  18. One question In the old translation you could not put it on the area script can you do it in the new one? Right now I have started to studie japanse mostly the wrtiting since I already have some basic understanding from watching anime for 15 years.

  19. bluebird permalink

    Yo, Dargoth. Why don’t you have a patreon yet? There are tons of people that want to support you financially.

    And if that money can help bring out the translation faster, it’s a win-win. Wouldn’t hurt thinking about it!

    • Grandork permalink

      Just a little something. While accepting money to โ€œspeedโ€ the translation is not illegal per se, it is immoral and frowned upon by the Devs. He would most likely receive a C&D and be forced to stop translation, since it would be viewed has doing something already in the gray area, for a profit.

      Fan translations donโ€™t receive donations, because they are fans who are translating it for fun, not because they are making a job out of it.

      • I got permission from Torotoro for the translation, and he’s very open with these things anyway.

      • Grandork permalink

        Nice, but in your opinion Dargoth, do you think he would be as opened minded if you were to open a Patreon or something similar to “speed” the translation? This is not a rhetorical question, I’m genuinely curious.

      • I don’t believe he would care one bit. He’s perfectly open to others selling their own content with MGQ characters, and he even advertises for some of them himself.

      • Grandork permalink

        Interesting, seems like a really laid back dude.

      • Anonymous permalink

        Nice to hear that. Makes sense, not people who don’t know Japanese would buy it without translation.

  20. CMrC permalink

    Lvl cap is 30 apparently

    • Anonymous permalink

      Probably so you can’t grind like crazy and breeze through the next chapter(s).

      • Has anyone found most jobs and races yet and posyrd a list?

      • CMrC permalink

        Not all of them, and right now i dont have the time to compose a list of tier 2 jobs since i need to look it across a lots of character.

        For tier1:
        Martial artist
        Fortune Teller
        Mageshi (kind of like puppet muster i think)
        Apprentice hero

      • Anonymous permalink

        Could you give a short description on how to obtain some of the jobs?

      • CMrC permalink

        Warning SPOILERS

        Merchant -> Complete the quest starting in ilias vill where you rescue the merchant in the hill near town where you can find mandragoras

        Fortune teller -> In porn village after you recruited the orcgirl (pink hair giant club) you’ll see a fortune teller being harrassed or something like it by her, if you speak with her after having the orc girl in your party she’ll give you the permit

        Scholar -> I don’t remember how i got this, but i think it was related to the university in ilias port

        Engineer -> After you find some relics in tartarus show them to the guy wearing a red headband at teh entrance of the first tartarus

        Mageshi -> Speak with the mimic in the haunted house after defeating/recruiting chrome (not sure i did it after recruiting)

        CooK -> After you went to the second tartarus and spoke with the chef in the non destroyed village he will tell you he is going to leave his permit under the tree near his house. Tha go to your world equivalent and take the permit

        Nurse -> Win the battlefuck with the nurse at 2nd floor of ilias port university

        Maid -> Get the slug extermination quest from the legendary maid in midas villafe, complete the quest by defeating the slug boss and go back to her

        I think one of the ???? was noble which i don’t have on Luka but you can unlock it by talking with the queen of medals and buying it (i think it was the less costly item)

      • NoName permalink

        Let me fix some things:

        Fortune Teller is unlocked by giving the fortune teller in the Porn Village a certain accessory. I believe it’s one that raises the XP Job and lowers the normal XP (or the opposite). If you give it to her (you have to talk to her first, then again to give it), she will give you the permit. The orc girl appears there because you recruited her, and she will appear in every city you visit as long as she’s not in your party. And about the accessory, I believe it’s a ring you can get in the Casino in that same village, but chances are that you probably already have it from some chest, since I didn’t need to obtain it myself from the Casino.

        Mageshi, or maybe you meant summoner, is obtained by completing all the events you will see in Chrome’s Mansion. Basically, every single place in which you see monsters doing something weird, you have to stop it. Do it in every room (you don’t need to defeat Chrome for that), and once you’re done talk to her and she will give you the summoner job. Or at least it’s that job I think.

        And I can confirm it, Noble is obtained by buying the 3 medal item from the Medal Queen.

        The last one you seem to miss is Snitch (above Cook), which is obtaining by doing the optional quest Amira gives you. It’s really easy to miss because if you don’t select the proper options you end up killing Amira.

      • CMrC permalink

        K for the fortune teller i really missed it the only thing i did was talk to her once when she was with teh oger and again when she wasnt ๐Ÿ˜›

        The mageshi i rlly didnt try before, after talking to amira in the mansion i saw that i could go back to the mimic to do something

      • CMrC permalink

        About amira you mean the one where you need to find her in every town?

  21. Anon permalink

    How’s the story in Paradox so far in comparison to the MGQ trilogy? Does it seem promising?

  22. Cory permalink

    I seem to be having trouble recruiting the Tiny Vampire and Tiny Lamia. I haven’t fought Nanabi yet, but am about to, just cleared the first Tartarus, met the “monsters” there, turned the fuck around and ran away after talking to the story npc you meet outside the exit, I have the Silver Ore that you are supposed to give the Lamia that I got in the cave west of the half-naked town with the gambling tent as well. When it comes to the Tiny Vampire, I told her yes to joining, but someone with orange hair walked into the shop and apparently stole something and walked out, because now she’s standing there crying and I can’t do anything. Can I get some help? ^_^

    • CMrC permalink

      For tiny Lamia you need to complete the harpy, because she won’t leave the owner of the inn since she is having trouble.

      For tiny vampire you need to talk to the merchant you saved (still in Ilias vill general store), that will tell you to grab a beetle from a big tree in the same hill you saved him and bring it to the vampire.
      The story here is that she want to be a merchant, but the kid made fun of her merchandise and you decide to help her by asking the merchant you saved. I don’t get the reasoning for the beetle to be a cool article but i ddin’t inquire it too much ๐Ÿ˜›

      • Cory permalink

        Thanks so much! But on that topic, what’s the harpy thing? X_X I’ve been all the way up and down the tree that is Harpy Village, took me a while to figure out the wonky “Behind the tree” pathways, but I went into every building and such and no one was anywhere, and apparently there’s supposed to be a story NPC there for a dungeon?

      • Cory permalink

        Also I talked to Hans ((I think it was him, I talked to like, everyone just to make sure)) and went back to the hill, and can’t find any sparkling spots for items, or anything beetle related… DX

      • CMrC permalink

        Not totally sure about this since i kind of did all togheter there, but i think you need ot the 2nd tartaros first.
        After this in the queen house(the one at the topmost with a room behind a curtain) you’ll find nero that will explain to you the situation.
        Than you’ll need to go to the tower in the forest north of happy village

      • Anonymous permalink

        The vampire girl seems to be buggy. I talked with the merchant (which isn’t the one you saved, you saved hans the blacksmith) and i already got 2 beetles, but i still get the same dialogue with him and the vampire girl. Despite the vampire girl and the ugly tartarus abominations i have recruited all monsters from the first island by now.

      • CMrC permalink

        Maybe you did not save the merchant yet, but there is a quest in ilias vill that will make you save a merchant on the hill after the brigde east of the town. You need to speak to another merchant in town to trigger it. I don’t remember if he is found in the general store or outside before triggering the quest.

        Once you have done it go to the place and youll find him near a mandragora girl that actually was keeping him safe from monster after she pulled on her and got paralyzed.

        After that go speak again to the vampire girl and you’ll get the idea to speak to the merchant you saved and than you can continue from this

      • NoName permalink

        Steps to recruit Vampire Girl:

        1st. Make sure to have the Merchant permit before anything else.
        2nd. Talk to her, Luka will comment visiting the Merchant that gave you the permit.
        3rd. Go to that Merchant (it’s the left one), and he will point you to the location where you saved his friend.
        4th. A new shiny spot will appear on a tree, left to where the Mandragora is. Check it for a beetle. Go back to the Vampire, give it to her, and after selling it to the kid she will join your party.

  23. CMrC permalink


  24. Pyro permalink

    Dargoth, are you going to work with a small team of translators? — If you have a Domain & Google apps activated for it, I recommend the app Asana which makes it easier to collaborate with your team and assign items out.

    Good to hear the original author don’t mind translations ๐Ÿ™‚

  25. Anonymous permalink

    Are there really around 150+ monster on Chapter 1?

    • Anonymous permalink

      Nope ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Anonymous permalink

      All the monster girls in Part 1 make up 25% of the Encyclopedia. I do know that there are around 60+ new monster girls, and the rest are from the first trilogy.

  26. Cory permalink

    So can anyone tell me…: How to get Nanabi to appear, where the key to the second Tataurus is, are you supposed to do anything at the first Tatarus after you speak to the White Rabbit there? I’m sorta stuck right now and can’t do anything, I think it’s all riding on the second Tatarus being cleared and me beating Nanabi so I can get the rest of the bandits to join me and get the Harpy Village NPC to show.

    • Cory permalink

      Oh, and some more detail on this “Beetle” ordeal that involves recruiting the Tiny Vampire. Good new though, I figured out the Tatarus thing after a few hours of fucking about XD

      • CMrC permalink

        Wrote a couple post 8-10 posts before this explaining it, tell me if you managed to find them and solve it

    • NoName permalink

      Nanabi appears at the cave left of Ilias port. And only after you finished visiting Tartarus.

      1st. Speak to the person near the ship.
      2nd. Go to the cave left of Ilias port.
      3rd. Go to the bottom cave, and Nanabi will be there.

      It’s a battle you aren’t supposed to win btw, so don’t worry. You can defeat her after all those events, but be advised, Level 30 and proper preparation is a must, as she’s damn hard. Defeat her after beating the game.

      • NoName permalink

        And by Tartarus I meant the second one. And before somebody asks, no, the Sphinx is not recruitable in this chapter, even if you cheat by defeating her. Same goes for the angels in the area nearby Ilias Village (the one from the Tartarus).

      • CMrC permalink

        Have not tryed sphinx yet, but you dont need to cheat to defeat the angels near ilias vill, a good party with all lvl 30 and good formation can handle them.

        Also by buffing luka with the transformation from the super hero job and the 2sp skill you get from the 2nd tier after soldier i can make his 6 sp hero skill that hit 4 random enemies hit for 20-24k. But you need to hold out for two turn, so be sure to have someone to boost your defense and heal (i love the scylla maid skill to give 8 random cup of tea, does not restore much life, but great for sp recovery)

  27. Michiru permalink

    Wow I can’t believe its out already. I’m so glad!

  28. Kurobane Sayuki permalink

    Has anyone finished playing first part yet? lol

  29. khalayia permalink

    are the tier 3 jobs like the sage, paladin etc accessible yet?

    • NoName permalink

      You mean tier 2, and yeah, they’re accessible, but you’re required to master certain jobs to unlock them and, in some cases, have a certain item.

  30. I have a noob question, does this game support controllers and by that I mean without using some key mapping program.

    • CMrC permalink

      It might, if you press f1 in game you get key assignment for bot a gamepad and the keyboard. Not sure which contrell it refers to though

      • Well I guess not and I thought it would, the demo allowed me to use a gamepad before, oh well thanks anyways

    • I use a microsft xbox 360 for pc worked without anything on windows 8 on 7 you need to download some files and then its ok

  31. Anonymous permalink

    So the trial/part 1 of the game is still being translated or is the trial fully translated and the full part 1 is still being translated?

  32. CMrC permalink

    Dang finished already and so many stuff need to happen.
    Any chance the 2nd chapter will come out one year earlyer? ๐Ÿ˜›
    Man gonna try to lvl up and discover all jobs combo and see if 3rd tier jobs are available on this part

  33. CMrC permalink

    By the way is it a bug that i can’t recruit the medal queen? I’ve 45 medals, but she says that i need to be atelast lvl 20 (or so i take it), i’ve all party member to 30 but she still says that.

    Also if i got that right the world tree fruit won’t be accsessible in this part, or is it somewhere i didn’t go? I really want to recruit the harpy queen

  34. Anonymous permalink

    Can I play this game on windows XP ?

  35. Anonymous permalink

    so do I need to be in japanese system locale for this part? It keeps telling me it’s corrupted and I have to run a virus check when I try to run it but avast isn’t finding anything and reinstalling and redownloading did nothing.

    • I don’t think you need japanese locale for the patch or the game.

      • Anonymous permalink

        hmm, well I swapped to japanese locale and it’s running now, US locale keeps telling me it’s corrupted for some reason.

    • Anonymous permalink

      Change the folder name to something in English like “MGQ P”.

  36. machinaforce permalink

    Is there anywhere else I can get the game Dlsite doesn’t take debit cards…

  37. Anonymous permalink

    isnt one of the succubus sister in Part 1 i cant find any in the castle or is she not available in the castle?

  38. lokisam permalink

    Can anyone tell me if the Dlsite takes Visa Electron as card? i would have loved to use paypal but that’s not an option

  39. Chiron Maximus permalink

    Not to sound cheap, but is there a possibility of downloading the first chapter for free in the future? Also, if anyone here got the first chapter already, could you let me know if Alice, Ilias and Sonya has their requests available? I have a vague idea as to what they are, but I’m just curious as to what they could be.

    • Enonymous permalink

      Yup, there already is. It’s available on “”, I can’t really post the link because it’s crazy long and plus I’m not sure whether or not I’m allowed to…

      Go to the site and type in “monster girl quest” in the search box and you’ll find what you’re looking for

  40. Anonymous permalink

    i seem to have 1.03, is it possible to use the English patch, or should i wait till the next one is available?

    on another note, i notice excessm made a game like cg gallery

    not that im asking you to translate it(dont mind if you did however), im just wondering if it is translatable. i know one syota wasnt translatable.

  41. Anonymous permalink

    why i cant open the blue chest to get the item for recuiting chrome even though i have lockpick II ?

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