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Tentative Patch Release Hopes

March 23, 2015

This weekend: patch for all demo content, all or mostly all items, skills, and other gameplay-related text.

Prior to Memorial Day (US) (let’s say May 20): patch for the Ilias Continent. All story and quests translated up to leaving the continent, as many H-scenes as we can manage for the monsters found there. Hopefully a good chunk of miscellaneous text too, but we likely won’t get to stuff like encyclopedia entries by this date. Rest assured that everything in the game will be translated eventually. Fully 100%, not “Dargoth 100%.”

That’s the plan for now!

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  1. Civildeviation permalink

    Dargoth, out of curiosity will unlocked abilities or other text suffer the same problem as the names not being able to be translated after patching? Also thank you for all the work you’ve done and will do, it really makes the game far more enjoyable.

    • I think party member names are the only issue, but we’ll get that fixed. Maybe by this weekend, but can’t promise that.

    • Anonymous permalink

      I think the name thing is more of the rpgmaker oh i name this guy asshole, he should still be named asshole when the game updates thing.

  2. Anonymous permalink

    Anyone else has noticed that La Croix resembles a certain SCP?

    • Anonymous permalink

      google “plague doctor”

    • Anonymous permalink

      You twat, that’s what plague doctors wore during the black plague. The beak is used to store medicinal herbs that are meant to be burned like incense to supposedly keep away the plague and the keep the mask from smelling like shit during the long periods of time it’s meant to be worn.

      • Asshole permalink

        What about that one MG that looks a lot like and has the same name as a Resident Evil monster?

  3. *sigh* I started the game again I didn’t pay Amira for the info and got the Informant job but now she doesn’t join me, what did I do wrong again.

    • Anonymous permalink

      You probably started the quest at the slums. You just go west to the cave and out to enter the town of slums. Talk to the girl in the tent (not the BF girl) and once you come out you should get a key. You go southeast and use the key to open a door into the house and search the shining object. After the event, you can go back and talk to the girl in the tent and recruit Amira as you’ve solved her quest.

    • you get her AFTER you go to where she tells you the white rabbit went, checking her info, then reporting back

  4. Ningyo no Koibito permalink

    I must commend you for your dedication to this massive project, Dargoth. Do hang in there. Also, I was wondering if you were considering using Torotoro’s official spelling of Alice’s name (Alicefeeze) as opposed to Alipheese with the missing phonetic. Up to you.

    • Kurobane Sayuki permalink

      “Alicefeeze” is terrible. >.>
      Alipheese would be fine.

    • anon permalink


      Sounds like Torotoro isn’t using a native English speaker if thats the official spelling.

    • Cellulanus permalink

      Oh god please no. That just doesn’t look good.

      • Ningyo no Koibito permalink

        I originally preferred Alispheese (with an S) until I found out the official spelling. I suppose Alicefeeze is kind of an odd spelling, but it at least explains why she likes “Alice” as a nickname.

      • along the lines of that… Luca’s name translates to Luke… but hey.

      • Ningyo no Koibito permalink

        According to Rogue, Luka IS the official spelling, with the exception of the misspelling in the battling label (Ruka). Then again, Alicefeeze was discovered because of the battling label, so perhaps that spelling is from an unreliable (albeit official) source. The Romaji is indeed ARISUFI-ZU, but it’s tricky to create a translation with all of the phonetics without making it look strange. Of course, it’s always good to respect the author as much as we can.

      • I put no stock in the Romanization chosen. Variable names in the games’ code are in Romaji, and they’re full of misspellings and mangling of English words. Stuff like theef_stealed. It’s really only useful to find what readings he meant for kanji in names, like seeing that Nanabi is not supposed to be Nanao, although Setouchi himself got that wrong in one of his BtE stories.

      • Ningyo no Koibito permalink

        Ah, I see! Thanks for that insight, Dargoth! Sorry to take up your time!

      • NoName permalink

        Translating badly misspelled English words is one of the worst things a translator has to go through. Specially when even the context can’t help you find out what the fuck they were trying to say. Unless they write the romaji of it, it’s a matter of tossing a coin and hope it lands on the side you bet.

      • Sunny’s nickname and ability are サボレス and サボレスフェイズ. I have absolutely no idea what either of those is supposed to mean. I asked on TT’s forum but no one answered me.

      • NoName permalink

        Suppress and Suppress Phase? Or Surprise and Surprise Phase, if I go for terrible mispelling? Tell me the monster that has that name, perhaps I can help.

      • Actor 144, サニー / Sunny the Scylla.

      • Ningyo no Koibito permalink

        Hmm…. フェイズ does seem to be phase. サボレス could be a variety of things. Savorless comes to mind. Google Translate wants to try things like Support Voles (what?). Does Sunny have a particular personality or habit that gives her such a nickname?

      • NoName permalink

        And the effect of her unique ability? With this I may have an idea on where to start. I already grasped her personality after talking to her with the Talk option.

      • NoName permalink

        … … … It’s a spanish word. Sabores. Which means flavours. Are you fucking serious, Torotoro? Urgh, I can’t believe I didn’t see that even though I know Spanish…

      • Ningyo no Koibito permalink

        Wow. I think you’re right. They do use French and Spanish at times. Heck, Tiny Lamia is actually Petit (not Petite) Lamia. I guess they’re trying to give the names a bit of flavour. …Bad joke, I know. Please don’t hit me.

  5. Pyro permalink

    Alrighty fun question, anyone know if the naming issue persists through a New game Plus… if NG+ is in this one.

  6. Erebos permalink

    In Mithra Caste I found several different chests and empty monuments. Should there be something else?

    • Anonymous permalink

      Mithra Castle is the destroyed one to the south of the slum on Ilias continent? If so, it seems to have no plot-related events yet.

  7. Monmusu Big Breakout!! permalink

    Nice new monster girl game just got released on English DLsite, but ITH can’t hook any text. Anyone got an h-code?

  8. Anonymous permalink

    By gameplay related does that include the quotes when you are fighting mosnter?

  9. Anonymous permalink

    wow that’s quick! You guys are going at this at a much better rate than I had suspected. Amazing job!

  10. Desert Eagle permalink

    Umm, I just noticed. There are TWO monsters whose names are “Honey”. The bee girl is called “ハニー/Honey” and the Honey Pot girl is called “蜜壺” (Literally “Honey Pot” but translated “Honey”.)

    I have to differentiate between them somehow. Either I call the bee girl “Hani” or just call Honey Pot girl Honey Pot.

  11. Does the Queen of Grandgold(?) have anything else valuable in her list besides the noble job change item

    • CMrC permalink

      Not sure how many medals it required, but she also gives you the lord job change. Also her 50 medal thing is the strongest piece of armor you can find. Even beating the shinigami won’t yeld an armor as good as that (and i don’t think it can be done without cheats, i just did it to check life, drop and dialogue)

      • Anonymous permalink

        It is certainly possible to beat death.
        Power fighter lvl 6 ability (食いしばり) prevents one hit kills on your party if they are over 300hp. Combine that with constant healing and you can win, though it will be a grind.
        Also, Wing harpy race level 4 unlocks a dance (天空の踊り) which raises the evasion of all party members, which can help.

      • NoName permalink

        That is not enough for Reaper, since I believe some of her attacks cause instant death, and some hits multiple times easily bypassing that ability’s usefulness. The strategy I’ve seen from some japanese guys is to abuse Unfortunate Harpy’s innate 70% evasion and boost it to 100%, making it completely untouchable, and keeping it on all the time, keep in mind though, it’s a freaking long battle because of how high her stats are, you’ll be hardly doing damage to it.

        My opinion, don’t beat it yet. Reaper was not intended to be beaten at this point, or at least that’s what Torotoro’s team believed, since you can’t refight it once you win (but as always, there’s some way to exploit the system LOL). Just beat Alice XVI, she gives good loot and she’s definitely easier to beat than the Reaper (still needs preparation though).

      • CMrC permalink

        interesting i didn’t consider that abilityi, maybe that coupled with all member mastering dancer and singer for phys and magic evasion and a couple summoners for constant magic reflect shield and accsessories to avoid insta death might do it.

        I’m gonna try it

      • CMrC permalink

        Also as far as i’ve seen she has multiple aoes, but no attacks that hit more than once the same target

    • Desert Eagle permalink

      For 30 Medals, you can get the job change item for “Lord” and “Pope”. Lord requires mastery of Noble and Warrior, and Pope requires Noble and Priest. You also get a very nice crown.

      For 45 Medals, you can recruit the Medal Queen.

      • Anonymous permalink

        Desert Eagle, thanks for the info! Perhaps I should start searching for medals more carefully (buyed the permit to Lord and Pope`s jobs already). BTW, do you know how much medals there are overall in Chap1?

      • NoName permalink

        As much as you want. Mimics and Honey Pots drop them (low chance though), and you can find them as random encounters in the tower east of the entrance of the 3rd Tartarus. That tower will only appear once you’ve beaten Part 1 though.

      • Desert Eagle permalink

        I’d like to say that I’ve carefully searched every nook and corner for small medals. I also had Amira drink gallons of coffee and cola to get her medals. I think I’ve collected a total of 49 small medals; Just enough to recruit Medal Queen.

        However, I think it’s possible to farm these medals if you have the patience for it. According to a japanese wiki page, Mimics and Honey Pots have a low probability of dropping small medals. If you go to the tower basement after beating the game, you can grind (giggle) those monsters for medals.

        I might do that. I just need 29 small medals. Probably take many hours though but I wanted to master some jobs anyway.

      • NoName permalink

        I believe Gambler (advanced job for Fortune Teller), when you level it up it gives you an ability that increases the chances of an item dropping x2. Keep in mind that if something has a chance of 1/64, it means now it has a chance of 1/32 (I think it works that way). Even with that x2, it’s still a reaaaaaaally low chance of dropping.

      • Civildeviation permalink

        Another way of getting 3 medals and a plethora of other items is the Grand Dole (theatre) with Saki. Bring her in your party and talk to the manager. For each combination of monster girls that do their first performance you get items. Mimic and Honeypot get you the 3 medtals

      • Desert Eagle permalink

        Gambler can do that? Well, if I’m really going to try and get those medals, I MUST get a gambler in my team. Turns out though, I don’t have the permit for Fortune Teller job. I just found out that the permit can be acquired from Pornof, the town of perverts (You trade 200% EXP bracelet to a fortune teller for the permit). Thanks for the info!

        And Mimic + Honey Pot show gives three medals? Thanks, I haven’t done that show yet! (I need to recruit Mimic first though…)

      • CMrC permalink

        Do this x2 stacks if you have it on multiple members?

      • Anonymous permalink

        I can confirm that Mimics and Honey Pots do drop them, but the odds really are terrible. I long ago lost count of how many dozens of each I’ve beaten and only had 1 medal drop from each. I know it was the first medal from each because it was added to Monsterpedia data.

        I’m certain I don’t have the 2x item drop rate yet, so I’ll make that my next goal for Luka since all I’m doing with him is filling out random jobs anyway, and I don’t think I have anyone else with Fortune Teller exp that I want to myself get exp on.

      • Desert Eagle permalink

        @CmrC – No, it doesn’t stack. It seems that two effects that boost item drop rate (or exp rate) cannot stack at all.

        You can check it yourself too. Party menu –> Status –> Basic Info (click on it) –> Adv. Stats.

      • Anonymous permalink

        Boosting cannot stack but you can use a booster to help cancel out one of the Exp reducers. The items/abilities that reduce an Exp type are not a Multiply by 0, they’re a -50% or -100%. A positive booster can cancel them out. Humans have it really easy with their passives, but since most Humans racial options are pretty lousy…

      • CMrC permalink

        @Desert Eagle
        I was talking about having them on different character.
        Like if you have 8 gamblers all with the x2 drop ability on.
        I think it would be best for someone who is pratical with the code to check this than for me to start trying to define a statistics for all the cases (already grinded soo much that i’m starting to consider cheats instead of doing further grinding coz it got quite boring)

  12. CMrC permalink

    I’ve started looking at the cgs in the graph folder. There seems to be a series with crome sitting on you while facing you, but from the request scene it only seems to play the one where she sits on you ginvg her back, as anyone found a way to accsess the other one?

    • Pyro permalink

      I haven’t done enough digging but there may be a possible slight difference between battle loss rape scenes and post recruitment affection scenes. also per character there are multiple scenes for some of the girls. IE loss via a BJ vs Loss by Rape from the previous games for example.

    • NoName permalink

      The best theory we have is (taking into account that facing Luka and kissing him is far more intimate than giving her back) that this scene will be accessible in a future Part 2 or Part 3 release, when some event makes Chrome’s relationship with Luka improve (like for example meeting her sister). Since obviously UN_DO wasn’t just going to do different versions of the CG at different moments, he just did them all, and Torotoro’s team added them all to the game, ready to be used in the future. That’s the most likely theory so far.

  13. Anonymous permalink

    YEA!!! Patch this weekend. . . Thats like around 10% with what he said is translated.

  14. Anonymous permalink

    Awesome!!!!!!! I don’t need to sacrifice kittens to hasten the translation. . . .yet.

    • Kurobane Sayuki permalink

      Please, let the kittens live ;_;

    • Anonymous permalink

      Please murder them immediately, don’t let mercy delay our patches.

  15. shadowhearts2 permalink

    Having tried to play part 1 essentially using some hooking stuff with dictionaries that essential equaled google translate that produced English that made no sense I just wanted to say having tried the rest I’m more appreciative of the best. I’m rooting for you meatbag with newfound patience only the suck of robots can teach.

  16. CMrC permalink

    Yessss after 15 min or more of battle i finally defeated the shinigami

    Luka, Power fighter, Valkyre
    Sylph, Super star, Wind spirit
    Promestin, Lord, High angel + mastered medic, and white mage
    Alice, Lord, Boa lamia (forgot ot chagne back to yoma) + mastered summoner

    Used the 食いしばり (defense tree) ability from power fighter tree on everyone, +20% evasion for phys and magic from dancer and minsterl, also used ability for death immunity on all that had it and accsessory for other.

    Used Luka as main dmg dealer (super hero transform + 2SP move that power up next attack) (+ sylph 5SP dancer buff to attack and agility he hits 20k on her with 6sp 4 random hit hero skill)
    Sylph to keep every one buff, and 2SP dancer skill to heal at start of turn if needed (had to keep all above 300hp), also kept stagetime on to have double turn.
    Promestin for general heal, medic 6SP skill that increase max healt of party to 1.5
    Alice, general heal and kept carbank summoner skill always active to have magic reflection barrier (you need to enable the ability in the green tree to use summoner skill to use summons without having right job, but not sure if i got it from summoner or one of the other 3 jobs following the spiritualist tree)

    Good luck and grinding everyone if you want to try to take her down^^

    • Anonymous permalink

      And what did you get?

      • CMrC permalink

        99 job exp 15k gold
        A really good armor that rises all stats but dexterity (still not as good as the 50 medal one)
        A potion that restore all hp/mp/sp to all your party
        A gem that rises willpower by 2

        Unfortunately you can’t fight her again after defeating her once, but you can enjoy her rape scene without having to loose to her

      • NoName permalink

        Think is, she has items to steal, so make sure you get at least one of them before defeating her.

      • CMrC permalink

        Didn’t notice that, umh might try to reload another save and see if it’s worth it

      • CMrC permalink

        Normal steal: Erikusa(full HP/MP restore potion for single target), Life nut
        Item request(Orator skill): World tree leaf
        Ingredient steal: Skull
        Material steal: ???
        Underpant steal: Shinigami underpants

        If someone is interested i also mapped to an extent her dialogue lines and answers

      • NoName permalink

        Erikusa is Elixir LOL.

        Btw, I fucking finally figure out how to steal materials. Harpies have a skill that allows that. One of their advanced jobs at Lv2 (I believe Wind Harpy or similar) allows you to do that. Thank god of the japanese wiki, seriously.

      • NoName permalink

        Okay, the proper name is Wing Harpy, not Wind Harpy LOL. Guess I was close. The name of the race is ウィングハーピー, and the name of the skill is 素材を盗む.

      • CMrC permalink

        Yeah knew it, just didn’t had the will to grind an harpy as well to make her fit that battle 😛 and i really missed the eilixir romanization 😛

    • Anonymous permalink

      Shinigami underpants O_O

  17. CMrC permalink

    Meant above 30% hp

  18. Anonymous permalink

    For some reason my patcher just freezes with apphangb1 everytime I try to patch. :/

    • Pyro permalink

      do you have game revision 1.02 prior to attempting to patch? — if yes, did you run the patch in administrative mode.

      • Anonymous permalink

        Yes I have 1.02, Tried administrator mode, tried all the compatibility modes, tried japanese locale, tried downloading fresh copies of the patch and game, disabled all antivirus/antimalware/everything, ran in safe mode, just can’t get the patch to do anything but freeze and go “not responding”.

      • Anonymous permalink

        Nevermind, got it to work by repairing dot net framework, deleteing temp files and running it with applocale

  19. Grandork permalink

    It’s weekend now, first real patch hype!

    • Casian permalink

      Hyyyyyyyyyyyyype! Man I’m so excited even though I’m on the road

      • Anonymous permalink

        can’t wait for it to come out today or tomorrow.

  20. Kurobane Sayuki permalink

    I want to play this game already q.q
    Dargoth, humanity’s fate rests on your shoulders.

  21. Anonymous permalink

    What is meant with weekend? It could be saturday morning or sunday evening…

    • Casian permalink

      Don’t jinx it, I can barely hold back my horas

    • You guys should know me by now. “Weekend” means 11:59PM (PDT) on Sunday. Okay, “weekend” *usually* means Tuesday, but I’ll try not to do that to you…

      • Well it means Monday for me at least. or Wednesday if you take till your Tuesday.

      • Anonymous permalink

        Judging from just how many abilities and items there are in this game, I think Tuesday would be an early real estimate. Once you really get into this game, you start to see just how much is in it. It’s quite overwhelming.

  22. Arj permalink

    Just for a frame of reference on how big the game is, how much % of the game is the Ilias Continent? ( roughly speaking )

    • NoName permalink

      You’re going to spend in this continent 50%-60% of your time, while for the other (and it’s only half of it since the game stops you from exploring more in Part 1) it’s about 40%-50% IMO. If you’re not skipping sidequests, you’ll be spending a lot of time in every continent.

  23. Anonymous permalink

    Anyone knows what is the actual name of soundtracks “casino”, “casino2” and “sinden”? I know that “castle7” is “Dance of the Reed Flutes” from “The Nutcracker” and other 3 sound familiar to me.

    • Anonymous permalink

      Casino 2 is “The Entertainer” by Scott Joplin.

      As for the others, sorry. I can’t remember them off the top of my head.

  24. Anonymaster permalink

    How’s it comin’ Dargoth? 🙂

  25. Civildeviation permalink

    Few questions for ya folks:
    1) What is the purpose of collecting MG underwear?
    2) Is there a way to quickly check and see if there is a MG you haven’t recruited?
    3) Anyone know the list of job permits that you can get in this first part? I haven’t found taoist, ninja, or any items for intermediate races

    • NoName permalink

      1) To show it to one guy in Porn village. You get an achievement after a certain number. Plus I suppose it’s a “collect them all” kind of fun event.
      2) Sorry, but the only way is to check your Recruited Monsters section in the Monsterpedia, then check the Enemies section in the Monsterpedia and see who’s missing in the first section. Keep in mind that some bosses do not join you (yet in Part 1).
      3) Link to the walkthrough, check there:

    • Anonymous permalink

      For 2, there is a line below their name on the 3rd page of their Monster Book entry. If it is 仲間になっている, you have recruited them. If it is 仲間になっていない, you have not recruited them, but they are recruitable*. If the line is not there, you can’t recruit them.

      *The only exception seems to be from an event near the end of the game. You choose to fight one of two people. The other will join you, but the one you fought appears as though they are recruitable.

  26. Anonymous permalink

    Dargoth says May 20 is the plan for now. That means the actual release date is at least 5 months later.

    • Kurobane Sayuki permalink

      Oh god why…

    • Grandork permalink

      That’s a mighty ungrateful thing to say. Expected from someone who hides behind Anonymous.

      • Ell it could be 5 month later for the full 100%.
        One thing the description text for the monster girls is it mostly the same for the old ones in the monsterpedia.

      • Anonymous permalink

        well 5 months for a 100% would be great because then that means it wouldn’t be that long of a wait.

      • Kurobane Sayuki permalink

        Imo, 5 months of waiting for awesome game is really long >.>

      • Anonymous permalink

        yeah but hey it will be awesome to play once it is English.

      • True it would be worth it.
        Even if the patch for this weekend is released on Tuesday I would be happy because I CAN WAIT.

      • Grandork permalink

        Kinda funny how the discussion that is replied to me has nothing to do with what I replied XD

      • Kurobane Sayuki permalink

        Shush Grandork, we are having serious discussion here.

      • Autismo permalink

        ALRIGHT SURE, why does it even matter if he doesn’t put a name in the name row? Me calling you a faggot and putting a name in the row doesn’t make it any less vitriolic.

      • Grandork permalink

        @Autismo The fact that you chose Autism as the nick kinda made me lulz XD

  27. The high priest of San Ilia doesn’t ask me for guard duty which means I can’t do the quest in the village north east of San Ilia. I finished the basement library part, recruited Page 65XXX(whatever number) and opened every chest in there and also examined the sparles on the floor(not the ones that heal). What did I miss again?

    • Anonymous permalink

      The NPC near him mentions a requirement to being able to make Mythril items. You have to find the Mythril on the mountain northeast of San Ilia. There’s also an event at the summit of the mountain, in case you missed it.

      • I went to the summit, there’s nothing there and I assume the crystal-like thing is the mythril, I can’t pick it up for some reason that I can’t understand since it’s in japanese Sonya makes a frowning face when examining it.

      • Anonymous permalink

        Either you have already gotten it, or you may have to talk to the blacksmith in San Ilia first.

      • The blacksmith says something about getting permission from someone. So he’s not the one that initiates the mythril quest.

      • Anonymous permalink

        Does it work if you directly talk to the person that stands to the right of the pope?

      • Nope I talked to everyone in the town. The guy to the right of the pope gives me the dots treatment then says 騎塞騒魔討魂溝秦魂.穣 which I have no idea what it means even with google translate

      • Thanks to Chii Trans I managed to get a hint and find out that I had to talk to Lazarus. and I think that’s it.

  28. Anonymous permalink

    How the hell are people playing this game? #NOSPEAKLANGUAGE

  29. Cory permalink

    How on earth are people getting the Machine Translation to work? I a using VN Reader and it isn’t working for jack, just displaying the plain jap text at the top of my screen instead of the translation.

    • Grandork permalink

      Most people just use AGTH + Translator (Chii Trans 2). Works fine if I remember correctly.

  30. Ruka permalink

    I’m late for them but these news make me happy~

  31. Anonymous permalink

    I have no idea what I have to do with Amira’s quest. Anyone pls help?

    • Anonymous permalink

      Thank you very much!!! Now, I can continue ^_^

  32. Anonymous permalink

    How do you recruit tiny lamia?

  33. The Noble Shade permalink


    • Cellulanus permalink

      Always add 10 on to any release date given.

      • The Noble Shade permalink

        Honestly, with how turbulent this process is, I don’t pay attention to the release date. I just know it’ll be here eventually.

  34. Anonymous permalink


    • I thought dargoth already released it. Haha
      Gotta be patient a lil bit more 😀

      • Civildeviation permalink

        Yup patience. Plus given the silence on Dargoth’s side I imagine he is hard at work. I for one do not want to mess with that mojo.

  35. Anonymous permalink

    is there a list of how and/or where to unlock intermidiary and advance job list and where to get the items to unlock them?

  36. Anonymous permalink

    So exactly how much of the game will be translated with this weekends patch?

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