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Misc. Updates

This might be the longest I’ve ever gone without an update. Sorry for that.

In Violated Hero news, Dieselmine is releasing a Violated Hero 4 expansion of sorts on April 25th. Fan-winning Nightmare and the Equipment Mimic thing are added along with new scenes with Lilith and Maid Robot. The site doesn’t really say if it’ll require VH4 or be a stand-alone, but at any rate it’ll be about $5.

In MGQ Paradox news, no update from Torotoro this month, but the MGQ Official Site will have 8 new monster updates on May 3rd, including some Eden CG apparently.

In Sei Monmusu Gakuen news… Well, my goal is 200 lines/day and to finish in 6 months at that rate. My actual progress has been closer to 50 lines/day. I could make excuses and plenty of reasons why I can pick up the pace from now on (or soon), but those are hollow promises. If I have to shelve this to translate Paradox and I end up finishing the translation in 2016 when no one even cares anymore, so be it. I hope that doesn’t happen, but I’m not giving up just because it might end up taking a very long time. I’m making progress almost every day, even if it’s a lot less than I want.

Two days left on Offbeatr fundraiser for MoGi:Origins

I’ve mentioned the game before, but 2d monster girl platformer MoGi:Origins is now down to the final two days on Offbeatr. They’ve hit their funding goal, but there are still more stretch goals out there. If you’re interested in any of the rewards or simply want to support monster girl content being made by English-speaking developers, you’re not too late (unless you’re reading this on Wednesday).

Blog for the game: (there’s a demo already)
Offbeatr page:

Unlike some other crowd-funded monster girl project which shall not be named, MoGi is actually being made by people with experience making games. They already have a demo finished and are aiming to have the game out this summer.

Many have tried, all have failed…

To translate a Vanadis game into English. I’m next on the chopping block, and not for just any Vanadis game, but Sei Monmusu Gakuen itself. The sequel just came out so maybe now is a good time to get the original translated into English.

I’ve finished every translation project I’ve started so far, but I have to admit this one scares me. My goal is to finish it in 6 months, which is possible, although perhaps not reasonable. I doubt MGQ Paradox will be released in 6 months so that seems safe. Tentatively, I’m going to translate Rin’s route and release that first, then do releases for each other character route as I complete them. The files aren’t conveniently ordered by route so I really have no idea how much work Rin’s route is compared to the whole game. Sometime in April for the first patch is the earliest guess, sometime in May more likely.

Sorry to those who really wanted VH4 translated. If I manage to finish SMMG and there’s still awhile before Paradox, I’ll see if I can fit in VH4 or even VH5. I dreaded translating another VH game, whereas doing SMMG is actually refreshing. We’ll see how I feel around line 10000 though…

Huge thanks to Progvian for writing the tools I needed and quickly dealing with my unreasonable demands without any complaints. There may be some further technical challenges, but right now I can extract, translate, and pack very easily. We’ve got word wrap, character nameplates, some customization, etc.

I’ll get a progress page up soon. For now:
702/33929 Unique Lines (2.1%)

Monmusu Delicious! -Lunch- Version 1.01


1.01: Menus translated now and readme added.

MGQ Delicious English Translation Patch Version 1.01
March 3, 2014

Welcome to the English translation patch for Tokinokogiri’s second Monmusu Delicious! installment. Like Breakfast, this is a simple collection of vore scenarios involving characters from Monster Girl Quest. Unlike my translation for Breakfast, however, I’ve left Lunch in its original HTML/Flash format.

Note that this is only a translation patch. You do need a full copy of the Japanese files for it to work.

Acquiring Lunch:
You can buy it from the English DLSite here:
If you don’t want to pay, well, you’re on the Internet. Finding it shouldn’t be too hard. If you like it, I do suggest buying it, however. Vore is quite a niche genre, after all. Supporting creators increases the chance of more content in the future.

Also note that this patch requires version 1.2 of Lunch to play. The Cassandra and Succubus Witch scenarios may not work properly with version 1.0.

Files in patch:
1. /html/ – directory of translated content
2. index.html – entry point for content
3. MGQ Delicious Lunch English Readme.txt – the file you’re reading now

1. Extract all files to Lunch directory, overwriting when asked.

Help, it didn’t work!
1. Are you sure you have version 1.2 of Lunch?

Lunch is served!

MGQ Delicious Lunch English patch v1.0

There are still a few menu things not translated, but I think you’re smart enough to click things and figure them out. Opening, editing, and copy/pasting 14 files is really tedious.

I’ll get some kind of readme up later.
As before, just copy paste the patch files into the Lunch directory and overwrite the Japanese ones. Use index.html to start and just click the image to go into the novel mode menu. The Succubus Witch alternate scenario and Cassandra probably won’t work unless you have version 1.2 of Lunch.


VH5 and Paradox News

Like with VH4, Dieselmine took user submissions for VH5 and now you can vote on them, one vote per day until March 16th.

Top Row: Rabbit Girl, Mermaid Princess, Frog Princess, Dullahan, Sweet General
Bottom: Vampire, Gorgon, Necromancer, Futon Girl, Mirror Demon

They didn’t get very many votes for the VH4 pool so if there’s one of these you particularly like, throwing 20+ votes at it can easily be the difference in winning.

In Paradox News, Torotoro updated his blog with a new monster girl and some basic information about H-scenes. For a translation, check out this post on ULMF.

Not much info, but it seems that re-used H-scenes from MGQ will just have their beginnings and endings changed for the request service (so Luka doesn’t die, get captured, etc. at the end of them). Still no story details…

Happy Valentine’s Day!

As promised, here’s my current progress on MGQ Delicious Lunch! It’s the first 8 of 14 scenarios so a bit more than half. I wanted to set it up so you could switch between Japanese and English, but haven’t found a way to do that easily without doubling the size of the game and creating an installer. In short, this patch replaces the Japanese files only, but also just requires a simple copy and replace.

Also, you’ll need the 1.2 patch for the game or the Succubus Witch and Cassandra stories will probably blow up.

Step 1: Get the 1.2 version of Lunch and extract it.
Step 2: Download patch, unzip, overwrite files when asked.


For more Valentine’s Day fun, this guy is streaming a charity run of MGQ part 2 for 24 hours today. It’s already going on so check it out if that sounds interesting to you:

Also, since I’ve been remiss in mentioning it, check out Mogi Origins. It’s an upcoming side scrolling monster girl platformer made by some English-speaking guys that have worked on games before. They’ve got a blog with a demo so you know the project isn’t vaporware. It’s already funded, but you can donate for rewards and stretch goals. I’ve been following this one since day 1 and am looking forward to it.


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