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Dinner is served!

MGQ Delicious! Dinner:

Toki finishes the series with Dinner. There’s a bonus “dessert” scene with Alma too.

I DO plan to translate this, but I’m going to finish up the Paradox demo first. On that front, I’ve fortunately found a helper and maybe even two. Unfortunately (for you), I’ve been slacking like crazy on the demo translation over the last month. It should have been done weeks ago, yet I still have a lot of work to do on it. :(

MGQ Paradox Demo Bugfix

This fixes the crash that happens if you save on the world map then reload your game and finish a battle. Download or just keep the old version and don’t save on the map. :)



Monster Girl Quest Paradox Demo Translation v0.2

Same deal as last time on installing.

Oh yeah, I should probably mention:

Go here and get the 1.01 patch: (refresh the page if you still see links to 1.00). Also, start a new game to be sure. Note: lots of text strings are included with your save file that won’t carry over between translation patches, including text for the current map you’re on.

Get v0.21

Anyway, I didn’t get everything I wanted done, but I hit the high points. The last uninteresting bits with the white rabbit aren’t finished, and that whole conversation needs editing anyway. It doesn’t help that she says a lot of confusing things that will probably make more sense (and be easier to translate) later in the game…

Still tons more work to do on this demo. NPCs, battle cries, monster attacks, skill info, item info, the libraries, evaluations, H-scenes, present dialogue, and more!

Update on Paradox Demo Translation

Hi guys, no new patch right now unfortunately. Despite there being very little to do in the demo, there are a surprisingly large number of words in it. I don’t feel like releasing half a dozen demo patches so I’m waiting until I’ve got just about everything done first. I’m sticking with the original plan to have a first patch with everything except the library, duplicated H-scenes from MGQ, and unimportant NPCs. Then I’ll finish it up with a 100% patch after.

As for after that, I want to get all the VH2 encyclopedia entries translated so I can finally call that one 100% and then at least finish the Sei Monmusu Gakuen Rin route translation so I can release something for that game before Paradox is released. Sorry to the one guy out there who’s more interested in SMMG than Paradox, but I promise I’ll finish translating it eventually…

MGQ Paradox Demo Translation v0.1

In the interest of getting something out there for people who want to play immediately, I’m releasing an incredibly bare bones translation of the interface, items/skills/etc., and the first few minutes of story.

First, you need an RPG Maker Decrypter. There are a few of these, but this one is good:

If you’re having issues with that one, try this:

1. Download and extract MGQ Paradox Demo into a directory. To avoid locale issues, you should probably rename the directory so that it does not contain Japanese characters.

2. Decrypt!
2a. Run the tool I linked.
2b. File->Open File, pick Game.rgss3a.
2c. Tools->Extract All Files
2d. Success! Close the decrypter.

3. Move decrypted Data and Graphics files from \Extract\ to the game’s base directory, overwriting all duplicates in the game’s original Data and Graphics directories.

4. Delete or rename Game.rgss3a or you’ll get an error on launching the game.

5. Extract the patch into the game’s base directory, adding a Translation folder and overwriting Game.ini.

6. Launch Game.exe. That’s it!

Get v0.2:

Monster Girl Quest Paradox Demo out

Paradox Demo:!A5pyWbYD!8K7IRzSOCk3A8sI7D6dpNAJpJFEpu2PRvyJ7tRjHAkk

Thanks to whomever uploaded that. The official link was hammered very badly.

So I certainly didn’t expect this to come out so quickly. We may even get the full game by the end of the year given the usual couple months delay between demo and full game with MGQ.

I tried ytinasni’s vx ace tool on the demo and it just crashed, so that’s no good. I sent him a message so maybe he can get it working. He’s been pretty quick in the past, and the version I have is 4 months old so he may have already done more work on it since.

I’m not holding out much hope for habisain getting vx ace support in his tool any time soon given his progress over the last year, but you never know. Perhaps he hasn’t had a reason until now? I know both of these guys are interested in monster girl stuff.

If anyone else knows of RPGMaker VX Ace translation tools, let me know. Loading the game files themselves into RPGMaker, translating them, and releasing all the translated files is an option, I suppose? That seems like a pain in the ass for both me and everyone who downloads them though.

EDIT: ytinasni is coming though. :)

Updating some old translations

So not much progress on St. Monmusu Gakuen lately, but today I actually updated the original Violated Hero 1 patch. Someone known only as John Doe created images for the ones I didn’t do, including the Dieselmine logo, title screen, save/load messages, etc. It may actually be a 100% translation now.

He has also already done a ton of work on VH2 so perhaps by the end of the month that too will be a real 100% translation. Thanks to everyone for giving me shit about “half-translating” things. Just kidding, I hate you.


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