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Fast Translation Ideas

I’ve been thinking about ways to get translations done quickly for at least a year or two now, but I’ve kept them to myself because I didn’t want to get anyone’s hopes up or have any ideas interpreted as promises. So just keep it in mind that these are ideas that may never happen. However, with VH5 coming out and it being clear that 1) I translate/edit/release slowly, 2) there are lots of games I’d like to see translated, and 3) no one else is translating them, it might be worth exploring some of these ideas, or at least seeing what people think or if you have better ideas and suggestions.

I should mention now that I’m not doing this for St. Monmusu Gakuen, but for other projects that would otherwise go untranslated.

The first general idea is for me to simply play through a game and record myself translating the lines in real time then have someone else handle editing. The biggest hurdle here is that I’m not fluent in Japanese, and even the best translator is going to stumble over lines that don’t translate easily into English. Also, while people do offer to help with editing, who knows how enthusiastic they’ll be to edit 10,000 lines. So what do I do with the recordings…

1. Speech-to-text: Install Dragon Naturally Speaking or equivalent and put text directly into the game as I go.

Easiest for me to edit out garbage on-the-fly.
Easy to pause to think about a sentence or look up a word I don’t recognize.
Easiest for other people to edit.
Can release unedited versions.

Hard to get sounds, onomatopoeia, etc. correct. Same with names and game-specific terms that the software won’t recognize.
More work on my end.

2. Audio recordings: Simply release the audio to editors

Minimal time usage for me.
No problems with sounds.
Easy for me to explain things, add notes, etc.

Matching up lines might be confusing for editors.
More work for editors, and more likely they’ll screw up something that causes bugs/crashes.
Half the audio could be me correcting myself or giving 4 versions of the same sentence.

3. Let’s Play videos

Similar to audio, except people could watch the game being played so matching up lines in the text files would be easier.

Copyright concerns?
Getting pulled from YouTube for pornographic content?
Similar disadvantages for audio.
More work for me than audio.

The second idea is something that Rogue himself came up with a long time ago: creating a translation site that allows anybody to contribute translations of lines for a game. Here’s how I envision it working:

Step 1: A parser that takes the game’s lines and formats them for the website.
Step 2: Build a website where people can view the lines and contribute translations for them.
Step 3: A compiler that takes the translated lines from the website and builds the game’s script file back.

Steps 1 and 3 will be engine dependent, but I don’t think terribly hard for Kirikiri games or RPGMaker games when combined with already existing tools. Either or both steps could be done with manual intervention if necessary too.

The idea here is that there are plenty of people who know Japanese but don’t want to spend hundreds of hours translating and editing tens of thousands of lines. Even beginners to the language can handle easy lines, and people who know no Japanese can still edit the English. It’d have a feature to enable users to flag lines for review and rate difficulty of lines so more experienced translators could take a look at those. Throw in some basic security and version control to prevent/revert vandalism and bad translations, of course.

Unsurprisingly, the reason this has never gotten off the ground is because it requires work…

Anyway, just throwing out some ideas.


Finally hit 5000 lines translated in St. Monmusu Gakuen. I was hoping to be at this point well over a month ago, but oh well. Progress is being made and will continue until this damn VN is fully translated. Well… unless Paradox comes out this year, at which point things might get complicated.

Anyway, if you’re into vore (and monster girls obviously), check out It’s even translated into English already by the developer! It’s not the best English, but then again the story is an afterthought. The gameplay is simplistic, but doesn’t hinder the game. Art isn’t the best, but it’s all large animated sprites and pretty hot. Again, only for vore lovers.

Edit: I didn’t realize how short Demon Angel Sakura actually is. It seems more like an introduction for a longer series so perhaps we can hope for more. As others in the comments pointed out, it’s more hardcore than the vore in MGQ, but there’s no dismemberment or anything like that.

I wish I had more stuff to recommend, but it’s been a dry spell lately.

May May May

And I don’t know what to say.

The VH4 After Story ended up being pretty good. No torture, no anal probing (not that I mind that, Dieselmine has just been overusing it in too many scenes where it doesn’t fit).

Sei Monmusu Gakuen translation continues slower than I like. I’m doing semi-regular updates on the Translations page if you’re worried that I’ve fallen off the face of the planet between updates. There’s always the #mgq channel on Rizon too.

I’d update more often, but there really isn’t anything to mention. Are there monster girl games coming out that I’m missing? Whatever happened to the MGQ doujin that Torotoro and Jingai Modoki were working on? Haven’t heard an update on that since it was announced last year. Setouchi cranks those things out like clockwork, but I guess Jingai is going for something a little more meaty.

Misc. Updates

This might be the longest I’ve ever gone without an update. Sorry for that.

In Violated Hero news, Dieselmine is releasing a Violated Hero 4 expansion of sorts on April 25th. Fan-winning Nightmare and the Equipment Mimic thing are added along with new scenes with Lilith and Maid Robot. The site doesn’t really say if it’ll require VH4 or be a stand-alone, but at any rate it’ll be about $5.

In MGQ Paradox news, no update from Torotoro this month, but the MGQ Official Site will have 8 new monster updates on May 3rd, including some Eden CG apparently.

In Sei Monmusu Gakuen news… Well, my goal is 200 lines/day and to finish in 6 months at that rate. My actual progress has been closer to 50 lines/day. I could make excuses and plenty of reasons why I can pick up the pace from now on (or soon), but those are hollow promises. If I have to shelve this to translate Paradox and I end up finishing the translation in 2016 when no one even cares anymore, so be it. I hope that doesn’t happen, but I’m not giving up just because it might end up taking a very long time. I’m making progress almost every day, even if it’s a lot less than I want.

Two days left on Offbeatr fundraiser for MoGi:Origins

I’ve mentioned the game before, but 2d monster girl platformer MoGi:Origins is now down to the final two days on Offbeatr. They’ve hit their funding goal, but there are still more stretch goals out there. If you’re interested in any of the rewards or simply want to support monster girl content being made by English-speaking developers, you’re not too late (unless you’re reading this on Wednesday).

Blog for the game: (there’s a demo already)
Offbeatr page:

Unlike some other crowd-funded monster girl project which shall not be named, MoGi is actually being made by people with experience making games. They already have a demo finished and are aiming to have the game out this summer.

Many have tried, all have failed…

To translate a Vanadis game into English. I’m next on the chopping block, and not for just any Vanadis game, but Sei Monmusu Gakuen itself. The sequel just came out so maybe now is a good time to get the original translated into English.

I’ve finished every translation project I’ve started so far, but I have to admit this one scares me. My goal is to finish it in 6 months, which is possible, although perhaps not reasonable. I doubt MGQ Paradox will be released in 6 months so that seems safe. Tentatively, I’m going to translate Rin’s route and release that first, then do releases for each other character route as I complete them. The files aren’t conveniently ordered by route so I really have no idea how much work Rin’s route is compared to the whole game. Sometime in April for the first patch is the earliest guess, sometime in May more likely.

Sorry to those who really wanted VH4 translated. If I manage to finish SMMG and there’s still awhile before Paradox, I’ll see if I can fit in VH4 or even VH5. I dreaded translating another VH game, whereas doing SMMG is actually refreshing. We’ll see how I feel around line 10000 though…

Huge thanks to Progvian for writing the tools I needed and quickly dealing with my unreasonable demands without any complaints. There may be some further technical challenges, but right now I can extract, translate, and pack very easily. We’ve got word wrap, character nameplates, some customization, etc.

I’ll get a progress page up soon. For now:
702/33929 Unique Lines (2.1%)

Monmusu Delicious! -Lunch- Version 1.01


1.01: Menus translated now and readme added.

MGQ Delicious English Translation Patch Version 1.01
March 3, 2014

Welcome to the English translation patch for Tokinokogiri’s second Monmusu Delicious! installment. Like Breakfast, this is a simple collection of vore scenarios involving characters from Monster Girl Quest. Unlike my translation for Breakfast, however, I’ve left Lunch in its original HTML/Flash format.

Note that this is only a translation patch. You do need a full copy of the Japanese files for it to work.

Acquiring Lunch:
You can buy it from the English DLSite here:
If you don’t want to pay, well, you’re on the Internet. Finding it shouldn’t be too hard. If you like it, I do suggest buying it, however. Vore is quite a niche genre, after all. Supporting creators increases the chance of more content in the future.

Also note that this patch requires version 1.2 of Lunch to play. The Cassandra and Succubus Witch scenarios may not work properly with version 1.0.

Files in patch:
1. /html/ – directory of translated content
2. index.html – entry point for content
3. MGQ Delicious Lunch English Readme.txt – the file you’re reading now

1. Extract all files to Lunch directory, overwriting when asked.

Help, it didn’t work!
1. Are you sure you have version 1.2 of Lunch?


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