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Monster Girl Quest Paradox English Patch v1.21.50

October 31, 2016



Happy Halloween! This patch is still missing translations in a few random places that really should be done by now, but it’s in a state I’d consider playable. We’ll continue to fill in missing parts, revise what’s already there, and crank out translations for the H-scenes and other content that’s been a lower priority lately. Sorry for all the delays….

If you want to check specifically for what events are done, look at the spreadsheet on bitbucket.

I should also have an actual readme or patch instructions by now, but I think it’s fairly self-explanatory. Put patch files in the game directory, run patch.exe, cross fingers.

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  1. KyuubiCalvary permalink


  2. Anonymous permalink


  3. Anonymous permalink

    OMG here it is! Thanks Dargoth and your minions xD (no offense meant)! this is awesome!

  4. Anonymous permalink

    Thanks for all the effort and work you have been putting into this Dargoth.

  5. Anonymous permalink

    5th :0

  6. Incubusknight permalink

    Thank you for all your hard work, and also Happy Halloween.

  7. Anonymous permalink

    Just let me check, do I need to do this in a clean folder with no translation and saves for it to work, then copy my old saves over in order to continue playing from where I left off?

  8. Anonymous permalink


  9. DirtyCuckingFunt permalink

    Does anyone know where you find the item that increases temptations?

    • Noar permalink

      Based on my library’s Accessory Book, it’s obtained in Port Natalia. However, it doesn’t seem to be in the shops there and I don’t remember how I got it. It should either be a BF reward, quest reward, or lying around in a pot somewhere. Thanks for the patch Dargoth!

  10. khalayia permalink

    awesome work as all ways dargoth and co.

  11. Anonymous permalink

    You are the man! Thx a lot.

  12. Anonymous permalink

    Thanks a bunch, Dargoth. We know it’s a hell of a challenge to do but we’re all so grateful that you’re pushing through it.

    So all that’s really left now is the miscellaneous, right? Like battle speech, item stuff and other things. Good luck and best of wishes for the future, Dargoth.

  13. Anonymous permalink

    It just gives me the file corrupted error, i did use a new install too.

    • Anonymous permalink

      I mean after patching of course, the patch itself goes through fine.

      • Anonymous permalink

        Nevermind, i just forgot to use jap locale.

  14. Anonymous permalink

    Woooo! Best Halloween ever!
    Now all that’s left is to wait for the sweet, sweet H-scenes, so I can at last appease the Hentai Gods with furious masturbation.
    No rush though. They are patient. And so am I.

    • Anonymous permalink

      Hmm. Avira doesn’t seem to like the Patch. Ah well. I’ll just shut her down while I do this. Damn thing never works properly anyway.

  15. Kai permalink

    Finally! Thanks for your hardwork Dargoth ^_^

  16. The Noble Shade permalink

    I just bought the game and I’m having trouble installing it. It seems to hold up when it extracts “part2”. Do I really need to change the locale for this? I didn’t for the last game.

    • Edale permalink

      Yes and no.

      You do need to change the locale for this, but it can be worked around.

      First, make sure you have the Japanese language pack installed in Windows. For a lot of games this is enough; on those that’s not enough on it’s own, use Applocale.

      Applocale is a free Microsoft program that simulates a different locale without you needing to actually change yours.

      Note, If you’re on Windows 10, Applocale WILL NOT work. Check out instead, I fell in love with it the first time I used it. It has context-shell integration, so you can just right-click whatever you want to run in Japanese, and select it off the context menu (much simpler than applocale was at any rate).

  17. Anonymous permalink

  18. Anonymous permalink

    Patch instructions unclear. Dick got caught in ceiling fan.

  19. Skuya permalink

    Finally! Happy Halloween to y’all!

  20. Anonymous permalink

    Thanks Dargoth and the others ❤

  21. Smaxes permalink

    Hey Dargoth just wanted to tell you that my avira found 14 trojans in there all called TR/Dropper.Gen they are all located in the patch.exe except for the last one thats located in patch.VIR im pretty sure you didnt put them in there or maybe its a false alarm but I just wanted to make sure you know.
    As usual thanks for the hard work on the patch ive been refreshing the page every 5 minutes the whole weekend xD

    • Edale permalink

      Just about any game patcher is going to be detected by a heuristics scan run by an antivirus, because a patcher does EXACTLY what virus scanners are designed to stop. As long as you trust the source, you can safely call a detection on a patcher as a false-positive.

  22. Anonymous permalink

    Good work as always, Dargoth and friends! Thank you for all of your hard work!

  23. Menthols permalink

    Great work Dargoth and team, thank you.

  24. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart to everyone involved in the translation!

  25. Lana Drahrepus permalink

    I appreciate your work so much Dargoth, Happy Halloween!
    Also I need some help, if anyone could tell me what the centaur girl says when she “invites” you, or lend me a hint on how to translate that specific part, he’d receive a banana showing my gratitude. A fluffy banana

  26. Anonymous permalink

    Ammit is smiling upon you today daragoth. Awesome job!

  27. Akihiko Fuyuzuki permalink

    ihave a question i finish dload the patch but the mgq-paradox ver1.21. when ipatch at 50% giving the error wrong version but i have a new fresh copy of ver1.21 can any one help me?

    • Anonymous permalink

      I had this problem before and my workaround was to save a fresh copy on a different HDD/SSD/USB or external HDD than your translated game. So for example, my translated MGQ was on my D: Drive, and my fresh copy was on my Z: Drive. What I would do when a new patch is out, is make two copies onto my Z:Drive, install the translation onto one of them, transfer that over onto my D: Drive, move the save file from the original translated onto the new one, delete the old MGQ, and now I have the new translated game on my D: Drive, the new fresh copy on my Z: Drive waiting for the next patch to come out. Someone else may have a better solution, but this is what I’ve been doing since I started following along for the patches.

      • Anonymous permalink

        same here, just redownloaded the game again, the patch den transferred save files over

  28. Anonymous permalink

    Thank you!

  29. It’s not working for me. English is not my first language, so please bear with me.
    When the instalation is 82-99% complete, I get this error:

    The process cannot access the file ‘Path\Monmusu Quest! Paradox RPG\Graphics\Pictures\ev_d_fighter_hb4.png’ because it is being used by another process.

    It’s not always that same file, but it’s always a PNG. I have version 1.21. For the previous patch, I just extracted the game, ran the patch and it worked fine, so I don’t think I’m missing something I should install.

    After trying ten times, I’m strongly considering keeping the copy with the 99% attemp.
    [Insert ‘Close Enough’ meme here]

    Any help would be very much appreciated.

  30. Anonymous permalink

    Thx alot for the patch and all the hard work that went into it.

    Just wanted to know if the job Flirt having been changed into Gadabout being normal?

  31. Anonymous permalink

    So which girl are you guys picking first?Alice or Ilias?

    • Anonymous permalink

      I find Ilias more interesting if you have played the original.

  32. Revenn permalink

    Yeeah, (Battefield 1 theme play)

  33. BrystolDash permalink

    First of all, I would want to thank you Dargoth and all those who helped you to deliver us this translation.

    I held myself back from playing the game until now because I wanted really wanted to wait to be able to live the experience of Monster Girl Quest Paradox in the best conditions. And now that you released a playable I’m immediately going to buy a copy of the game on DLsite.

    While I’m at it, I would like to encourage you to buy the game as well, of course I know that not everybody can afford paying that price for that kind of game but in my case, I had such a good time playing the original game that I really want to support the devs for granting us such a good franchise which is among my favorite games.

    With that said, I’m thanking you guys again for this translation and I wish you luck for the translation left. I also wish a good gaming (and fapping) to all the other who have waited for this day as I did.

    Stay Fluffy !

  34. Chiron Maximus permalink

    Awe to the freakin’ some! Can’t wait for the final patch! We’re rooting for ya all!

  35. Anonymous permalink



  37. Anonymous permalink

    You dont have to be sorry dargoth. You are a living legend.

  38. Anonymous permalink

    I know this is probably posted somewhere, but I couldn’t find it. Is anyone willing to share a full or nearly full clear save? At this point I am really just trying to find out what things I don’t have. Thanks!

  39. The Noble Shade permalink

    I downloaded while in Japanese locale, and every time I try to install the game, this happens. Can anyone help me out?

    • Anonymous permalink

      Part 2 didn’t download properly, it should be the same size as part 1.

      • The Noble Shade permalink

        I can’t believe that I didn’t catch that. It worked after redownloading part 2. Thanks, anon.

  40. Anonymous permalink

    Thank you, Dargoth and team.

  41. Anonymous permalink

    I love you, man!!!

  42. B-Spiral permalink

    Finally convinced myself to buy the game like 2 or 3 days ago and spammed it so hard that I reached Sabasta where the last patch just about ended and I check here and to my surprise, boom.This was released. Much thanks.

  43. you are our hero thx so much.
    keep the good work.

  44. Anonymous permalink

    Ok a side note to reading the note H sceens should be near the top priority i mean realy come on now 😛 only half kiding will have to test the patch after

    • Anonymous permalink

      i think i have my own opinions and i agree with you but really making the game playable and the entire plot translated is higher priority for me and I understand where Dargoth is coming from

      • Chiron Maximus permalink

        While you have half a valid point, I’m pretty sure he was doing the harder job first so that he could breeze through the easier stuff. Since the h-scenes are basically just translating the words, the request titles, the names and several other word things, on top of other translations, such as race descriptions and some items, this patch work should take much less time than working on maps, combat and other heavy-duty stuff. So have no fear, for this simple task may be completed very soon enough, like early Feb, since Dargoth and company will have the holiday stuff.

    • Anonymous permalink

      I’d play this with just the H-Scenes translated , gotta hope that they get translated too.

  45. Anonymous permalink

    maybe i did something wrong but it works now because I had to re-download the entire game again and patch from there because it always said wrong version when patching progress hit 49-50 percent even though all of it was in the same game directory but works after a fresh download and patch and I just copied my “save” folder over..whew (cuz it worked when I patched the 1.21.36 one the first time)…once again thanks so much! 🙂

  46. Anonymous permalink

    Been waiting on this before I finish my Alice playthrough!

    At 100% translation I’ll have to do a second playthrough with best girl Ilias so I’ll have a 100% complete Pocket Castle to transfer to Paradox 2. (if that’s how it’s going to work)

  47. Anonymous permalink

    Whoa… Admin’s Tower story made me literally feel shocked now that I can understand what Radio says.

    • Sulphur99 permalink

      It really was one of the bigger plot twists.

  48. Anonymous permalink

    I encountered a problem with Justice Kaiser, or rather the BF event. With the patch she just says the same as if you chose ‘nothing’, I ported the saves to an unpatched version and there I could actually do the BF.

    • Justice for Justice Kaiser BF! permalink

      I have this problem too. I can’t do Kaiser BF!

  49. Rezz permalink

    WOW THANKS SO MUCH DARGOTH! I’ve been waiting for this and everytime i get a chane go in this site to check if there’s Update… I LOVE YOU xD

  50. Anonymous permalink

    Thanks Dargoth and team

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