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MGQ Paradox English Patch v1.21a

August 3, 2015

Well this has been a long time coming. After the nightmare of patches to the game causing dozens of hours of extra work and invalidating plenty more, we finally have a patch that’s actually compatible with the current version of the game. Yes, that means you need 1.21.

So… if you’re waiting on a patch that translates a big chunk of the story, you’re still going to have to wait. If you’re already playing the game anyway, a giant portion of the skills, items, jobs, interface text, etc. is done and this patch should help. All the h-scenes that were available in the demo are copied over, but no more than that. Now that the giant hurdle has been overcome just to get this far, actual content translation can progress at more than a glacial pace. Thanks for your patience, and sorry if the lack of content in this patch is disappointing.

Install instructions:

Copy patch into fresh copy of Paradox 1.21. Run the patch.exe program and click ‘patch.’ That should do it.

Bugs? Probably. Feel free to report them. If you’re having problems with the patcher itself, it DOES eat a ton of RAM so reboot, close other programs, etc. if you don’t have much RAM in your computer. If you hacked your 1.20 to 1.21, I can’t guarantee that the patcher will work with it either. I’ll probably upload some manual ways to patch because this patcher can be really finicky and slow…

MGQ Paradox English Patch v1.21a Option 1:

MGQ Paradox English Patch v1.21a Option 2:!bJZFWaSL!6RH6bG_p_QNmOxFgldt52aloC5CHzqJzc28epPjoO0I


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  1. Incubusknight permalink

    Thanks for your hard work Dargoth. The nightmare of patches was indeed mildly aggravating, but I’m glad it looks like we’re finally past that hurdle. As always do what you do and take your time and I’ll be looking forward to the finished project.

    For those of you who have grown impatient there are plenty of alternatives. Machine translator is of course one option, but better then that you can find other players who’ve completed the game and have typed up a basic guide with a rough translation of what’s happening.

    Many-Eyed Hydra’s MGQP play through is a prime example.

    If folks still prefer completely translated English version of the game well just be patient.
    It will come, and when it does it’ll be glorious.

  2. Anonymous permalink

    Thank you for your hard work. Just found out this today and can’t wait to get it. Looking forward the story translation xD

    • Anonymous permalink

      Yep, just started playing this game I bought months ago, thanks for all the volunteer efforts you guys!

  3. Gon permalink

    I can’t use my save after updated it to 1.21. I also tried to save fix and think it was 0.5d ? Anyway can you take a look at what is wrong with my save?!jU4WkDYZ!pmqFlB1xudRw_zUDovi5EAlGXZBmNgH-WAclpyG_n6s

  4. Sevalle permalink

    Don’t want to troll, but I somehow expected a bit more. Guess I should forget about this for a few months and check later to see if story progressed a bit. Thanks for the hard work.

    • Anonymous permalink

      I read “God, you are a lazy b#tch, thanks for nothing.” Nothing you say before the word ‘but’ really counts.

      • Sevalle permalink

        You read that? Man… hate to break it to you then but, you’re blind as fuck then.

    • Well you’re one of the ones that only see the “surface” of the game, if you were to dive in deeper you’d see how much he really did and trust me it’s a considerable amount.

    • Anonymous permalink

      You need to work on your wording, but I know what you mean. I wish they focused more of their efforts on dialogue.

  5. Grandork permalink

    Hey Dargoth, is there a special way I can send you the bugs?

    Fire Veil, Water Veil, Lightning Veil are listed as Normal Attack, instead of their perspective element.

    • Grandork permalink

      Geyser is consider a Normal Attack, instead of Water.

    • Grandork permalink

      Sun Slice is weird, it should deal Fire Damage, yet it’s a Normal Attack and it’s lacking the Effect: +
      Royal Life Sword is the same deal, except it has the Effect: +.

    • Grandork permalink

      13th Law: Iron Hammer is suppose to be Holy Damage, it’s also Normal Attack.

    • Grandork permalink

      Rising Heavenly Inferno Slash, Red Lotus Heavenly Cyclone, Red Lotus Flame Dance are considered Normal Attack, instead of Fire.

    • Anonymous permalink

      I’ll just attach what I find to this comment chain, as well.
      はくさい (hakusai) is translated as Bok Choy. It was probably meant to be Sui Choy.

      • DungeonMasterBobbySmith permalink

        親子丼 means Oyakodon (parent-and-child donburi), a donburi, or Japanese rice bowl dish, in which chicken, egg, sliced scallion (or sometimes regular onions), and other ingredients are all simmered together in a sauce and then served on top of a large bowl of rice.

        Oyakodon is also Japanese term describing a situation in which someone manages to have his/her way with a mother and her daughter at once (most often, in a sexual way).

    • Grandork permalink

      2535: Sun Sphere says it targets Foe, but it actually targets All.

    • Grandork permalink

      Rapier: Fue Trois is normal attack, should be Fire.

    • Grandork permalink

      Hm… I just noticed that these skills I said had in their Note that they were elemental, I guess that changes them right? If so, Ignore the ones I said were Normal Attack. Sorry about that.

      But this is not, 1130: Frozen Club is Physical, should be Ice Element.

    • Anonymous permalink

      The grey kitsune’s name after recruitment is Kitsu, but is originally Kitsune. (Not necessarily a bad change, though)

      • Chiron Maximus permalink

        But, at least, thanks to a certain man of awesomeness, we can change their names in the castle.

  6. Anonymous permalink

    When I try to play it says: File corrupted, run an antivirus check. What I have to do in order to play?

    • Desert Eagle permalink

      Re-download it? If it really is corrupted, then you have to get a copy of the game that is whole.

      If it’s just antivirus being oversensitive, ignore its message. I didn’t get a problem like this though.

    • Anonymous permalink

      You need to change the folder to be something not japanese and it should work

      • Drawner permalink

        How do you change the folder? Which one?

    • Anonymous permalink

      You rename the folder the game is in.

  7. Anonymous permalink

    hello anyone knows what are the traits of the battlefuckers girls?, those are the only non-translated ones

    • Chiron Maximus permalink

      Honestly, you could probably guess based on their jobs upon recruiting and their personalities, but that’s just me.

  8. Anonymous permalink

    I don’t see any difference between dargoth patch and EX patch. Doesn’t EX patch has more stuff than dargoth ?

    • CivilDeviation permalink

      EX patch is machine translation with quite a bit of tinkering, however while it has almost the entire game translated, the grammar and wording is funky at best.

      The Dargoth translation is a man-made, line by line translation. As such it should have a much better feel and the grammar will be sensible. The con is that takes umpteen hours to do a line by line translations.

      While I prefer Dargoths work by a long shot, the Ex-patch makes the game playable without need of text-hooking soft-ware and even worse auto-translations.

      • Chiron Maximus permalink

        There just needs to be a patch/ex patch that combines the working capabilities of the EX patch, but has the proper sentences and translations of Dargoth’s work. What do you say guys? work together to bring a masterpiece to reality?

  9. Grandork permalink

    Hey guys, just finished Updating Basic Class and Advanced Class, next I will work on Basic Race and Advanced Race. Here’s Link:

  10. Anonymous permalink

    Where do you change the jobs at? Also, where do you use your cooking skills?

    • Chiron Maximus permalink

      You should already know that you change jobs and races at Ilias Temple by speaking with the High priest, or whatever he’s called. As for cooking skills, well, you use them in combat and you’re suppose to get the food when you choose it, but I’m not sure if the bug is fixed yet.

      • Anonymous permalink

        I started playing the game and remember being told about changing jobs with the priest, but now I’m using a save state and idk where I am or how to get back to Illias Temple. I figured there must be some other way to change jobs since Idk how to get back to the Temple.

        I’m assuming in order to use my cooking skills that I must change my job to a Cook right?

      • Anonymous permalink

        Some characters or races will allow you to use cooking skills in any job. That scylla with the mouths on her tentacles is an example of a character that does it and Kitsune Geisha is an example of a race that does.

        The temple is connected to the north of the initial village. The temple is always the second teleport option (top-right corner), assuming you have the pocket castle. If you have any Harpy Wings in your inventory, you can use them to teleport there.

    • Anonymous permalink

      You can change jobs with the head priest in Ilias temple. You should be able to use cooking skills from the menu at any location. Before 1.20, they could only be used in combat.

  11. MGQ_EX I got as far as mercantile skills go for now or skill 1881 and I’ll have to turn in since it’s 2 am already, I’ll continue tomorrow and hope to finish with the skills at least and when I’m done with them I’ll send you the database and you decide if to go all Dargoth or keep what I didn’t replace. I’ll get on equips after I’m done with skills and that will probably be it.

  12. Anonymous permalink

    Would love to enjoy this patch, unfortunately I can’t find anyone anywhere that has the base V1.21 so I can use this patch lol ._.

    • Tyler-B312 permalink

      Just Google “Monmusu Quest! Paradox RPG 1.21”, you can probably find a couple.

  13. Anonymous permalink

    I can’t understand how they thought it’s a great idea to make a mgq sequel with rpg maker. The old formula was fantastic, I’m not too sure about the new one… kinda sad actually

    • Anonymous permalink

      I kind of like it but also wish they had just reused the original engine instead because it was better for storytelling.

    • Anonymous permalink

      I on the other hand really love this version. The feeling of freedom is great, customizable party and eq are great too. Feel a bit like pokemon games on steroids. Or final fantasy with more potential party members.
      The only weird moments are those when you are creeping around in bushes to get some girl you want. Some can be very stubborn even with 100 affinity.

  14. Chiron Maximus permalink

    I just realized something funny! The strange being, Nuruko, follows you around and moves to get to you when you get close enough. It’s too funny how when I move around, she moves through the environment to get to me. The next time you’re near Nuruko, try it out and see for yourself.

    • Desert Eagle permalink

      In the castle?

      Huh. I need to try that. The idea of Nuruko following is cute. 🙂

  15. Anonymous permalink

    Ignore all the hate, Thanks for the patch man. We all appreciate the work you put into it.

  16. themengsk176 permalink

    Thank you for the patch. There are many here that appreciate your hard work and willingness to continue to put effort into a hobby project like this. Thanks again.

  17. Anonymous permalink

    work harder! i have been having a boner for about half a year now… its not healthy

    • Anonymous permalink

      Working ‘harder’ may not be the best solution when translating a porn game. It usually leads to unexpected breaks.

  18. Jam permalink

    Hey guys, how do you recruit page 65537? She wants a book, but I don’t know where to find it.

  19. anono permalink

    So are the loss scenes still un-translated or would that be a bug on my end?

    • Anonymous permalink

      All H scenes are still untranslated. Really only the game items, spells, armor, ect are translated at this point.

    • machinaforce permalink

      Odd I have some translated H-scenes….

      • Anonymous permalink

        There should only be a couple. From the Demo.

  20. Harbinger permalink

    Hey Dargoth, when I try to apply the patch it reaches only to 49% then it stops and says “wrong version” What is the problem?

    • Harbinger permalink

      Also I’m using version 1.21

      • Desert Eagle permalink

        Mmmhhhh… I really don’t know what the problem could be. I downloaded 1.21 version, applied the patch and everything went OK. Perhaps it just isn’t the right version?

        Or maybe your computer doesn’t handle Japanese language well? That’s just a far-fetched guess though.

      • Well if the automated one isn’t working you could try manually patching

        Some reason the automated method has odd quirks which is why I go with manual because at least its consistent

      • Chiron Maximus permalink

        Yeah, I tried the auto-patch too, but when it got to ~50%, it said wrong version, even though I got a fresh 1.21 from the site. After failing again a couple of times, I went straight to manual.

      • Harbinger permalink

        I figured out the problem but thanks anyway!

    • rawr permalink

      what was your problem harbinger? I have the same issue and the manual seems to be only an upgrade from 1.2 and I don’t have the 1.2 english version anymore and lost track of it in the comments (think it may have been deleted)

  21. A small request Dargoth can you please translate Luka’s shout in batlle it always annoys me that the first thing in battle has not been translated.
    Also would like it if the chevvos were even machine translated..

  22. Anonymous permalink

    anyone have a complete save file?

  23. Anonymous permalink

    Rogue, come back to us with your frequent updates and percentage count towards completion. ;~;

  24. Anonymous permalink

    Not gonna lie, I hoped for partial story translation in this patch.
    Still, thank you for translating and good luck with future patches 🙂

  25. Ankheg permalink

    Where can i find version 1.21?

    • Chiron Maximus permalink

      Bookmark this site:, you’ll find it on the first page.

    • Chiron Maximus permalink

      If you’re overwhelmed:

      • Ankheg permalink

        cheers mate

      • Anonymous permalink

        I don’t want to be rude but please don’t share any illegal download links here.Let them find it on their own.

      • Chiron Maximus permalink

        Oi, just what are you insinuating? I got this link from MGQ_EX himself. Well, I got the link to the site to get it, and I clicked the one for paradox 1.21 and copied the link from there, but it was legitimate the whole way, so don’t be giving me any crap ya silly wee lad/lass.

      • Anonymous permalink

        You can at least give them some hints but don’t give the whole thing. I think I’ve read somewhere that Dargoth disapproves sharing of links.I’m just concerned 🙂

      • Chiron Maximus permalink

        I either give my full help, as much help as I can, or no help at all. It’s my policy, so if you don’t like it, rant about it somewhere else. Besides, imo, teasing belongs in pillow talk, sweet nothings and friendly banter.

      • Anonymous permalink

        Ok ok cool down. I don’t want to start a misunderstanding.I appreciate you helping others like you said earlier you got the link from MGQ_EX. He just gave you the link to the site.Not the direct link to the Paradox link you just posted. We don’t want to have the risk of Dargoth and his site getting busted.

      • Chiron Maximus permalink

        Bruh, why would I want to bring all his hard work down to ruins? If I really wanted to do it, I would have done it differently and a long time ago.

      • Anonymous permalink

        We’re all the same.I don’t want his work go to ruins like what you said. But sometimes, we’re unconsciously doing so. I really really appreciate you helping other people man I mean no offense.Sorry if I said something that may have meant something bad to you.

        Let see…
        You can find other ways of telling the link to him right? Like a private message or an email for example.Just don’t put links to the site directly. That way you can still help fully, yes?

        PS:I messed on the reply part somewhere…there’s a post below similar to this.

      • Chiron Maximus permalink

        Alright. When you put it that way, I’ll be more careful next time.

  26. Gadgetfeak permalink

    my save is not playable after upgrading directly to 1.21 then Ex 0.5g
    i use to use 0.5 c before this.
    please fix save the last save only…

  27. Harbinger permalink

    Just ran into another problem, when I try to start a BF battle with claire in Illiasburg I get this huge error message and so I wondered if anyone might know what the problem is?

    Error Errno::ENOENT For but it occurs, it could not continue processing.
    If No Similar Bugs in the Official Site, [Patch Support],Please report.
    We are sorry for the trouble …..

    No such file or directory – graphics/pictures/ev_mob_murabito1_h1
    ** backtrace:
    ( KilloZapit – Cache Back ):199:in `initialize'( KilloZapit – Cache Back ):199:in `new'( KilloZapit – Cache Back ):199:in `normal_bitmap'( Cache ):91:in `load_bitmap'( KilloZapit – Cache Back ):115:in `load_bitmap'( Language File System ):4498:in `load_bitmap'( Cache ):57:in `picture'( Sprite_Picture ):40:in `update_bitmap'( VXAce_SP1 ):130:in `update_bitmap'( Sprite_Picture ):30:in `update'( Spriteset_Map ):252:in `block in update_pictures'( Game_Pictures ):25:in `block in each'( Game_Pictures ):25:in `each'( Game_Pictures ):25:in `each'( Spriteset_Map ):250:in `update_pictures'( Spriteset_Map ):184:in `update'( 視界制限 Ver1.2 ):192:in `update'( Scene_Map ):64:in `update'( Scene_Base ):14:in `main'( KilloZapit – Cache Back ):257:in `main'( Base/Module ):129:in `run'( 【WF-RGSS】Exit-EX 終了処理 ):118:in `run'( 【WF-RGSS】Exit-EX 終了処理 ):127:in `block in ‘:1:in `block in rgss_main’:1:in `loop’:1:in `rgss_main'( 【WF-RGSS】Exit-EX 終了処理 ):127:in `’ruby:in `eval’

    • Chiron Maximus permalink

      You’re missing an important cg. You will need every CG to make it work. Give me a moment and I’ll make a rar that has every graphic you need.

    • Did you:
      2. Decrypt all files in Game.rgss3a (The 1.21 version)
      3. Move decrypted files into game directory, overwrite when asked
      4. Rename/delete/move Game.rgss3a so it doesn’t conflict with the decrypted files

      Graphics Folder needs to be in the main game directory, also that file was added in Paradox 1.10 so if you went from 1.02 and didn’t update the assets beforehand probably a good time to do so


      Only need to worry about the ‘Audio’ & ‘Graphics’ folders, if your missing any files from either copy them over

      • Chiron Maximus permalink

        Or just do that. Thanks Ex. Thank you very much.

      • Now back to reviewing the changes from the extracted rvtext from Dargoth’s 1.21a patch and waiting for HorribleSubs’s Overlord

  28. Anonymous permalink

    Has anyone else noticed that items received or lost through Talk with monsters aren’t added or lost?

    • Anonymous permalink

      Just noticed that I don’t lose medals when I turn them in to the Medal Queen…

      Is this a bug or is my game just broken

    • Anonymous permalink

      For me it seems random. Sometimes I do get the item, sometimes not. A shame, my first golden breastplate was given to me by monster and never appeared in eq.

  29. Anonymous permalink

    You are the very best

  30. Anonymous permalink

    We’re all the same.I don’t want his work go to ruins like what you said. But sometimes, we’re unconsciously doing so. I really really appreciate you helping other people man I mean no offense.Sorry if I said something that may have meant something bad to you.

    Let see…
    You can find other ways of telling the link to him right? Like a private message or an email for example.Just don’t put links to the site directly. That way you can still help fully, yes?

  31. koldstare permalink

    when can we expect full patch of the game?

  32. Was the translation started from scratch or something? I swear I remember several un-translated things in this version that were translated in a previous version…

    • I noticed that to. Maybe it got lost on the road of life?

    • Lowlightt permalink

      Most likely those things were changed from how they were in the previous version, ie the orginal japanese text was changed thus they need to be retranslated.

  33. Anonymous permalink

    I am not sure if this is a bug or not, but when I create a food dish it does not appear in my inventory. Its like its lost somewhere. Even when I create food thats already in my inventory, the amount doesnt change. Am I missing something?

  34. machinaforce permalink

    Question about the EX patch I placed it in a fresh copy of the game moved the files into the game directory that were needed and moved the old game.rgss3a out, but the game still comes out in Japanese am I doing something wrong?

    • Did you decrypt game.rgss3a first?
      If not get the files from it and put them in the game directory
      then overwrite those files with the ones from the EX.
      finally either delete or rename game.rgss3a to game.rgss3a.bak

      • machinaforce permalink

        Ok so what I did was I started the Decrypter selected the .rgss3a went to tools extract all it made a folder with two folders inside Graphics/data I moved them to game main folder overwrote when asked deleted the .rgss3a and moved over DatabaseTextEnglish.rvtext, DialoguesEnglish.rvtext, and ScriptTextEnglish.rvtext. Loaded them game afterwards and still just the japanese characters I was following what was in the readme don’t know where I went wrong.

      • You didn’t move the other files from the EX over…
        ‘Audio’ folder contains an audio file EX can use but mostly its there just for show…
        ‘Data’ folder deals with how the game works, if you don’t overwrite these then the game won’t read the rvtext files and thus won’t offer any translation
        ‘Graphics’ folder contains some presets for a cache system to try and compensate for speed
        ‘Patch’ contains the latest patch, not really needed if using direct 1.21

        Just copy everything in the EX archive into the main game directory, overwrite any file with the ones in those folders

      • machinaforce permalink

        Oh I see the read me didn’t mention that… Thanks for putting up with me I done goofed. Got it thru thanks for the assist!

      • Not a problem machinaforce, updated the readme a bit to hopefully be more clear and provide a basic overview of what some things do

  35. Anonymous permalink

    I’m missing the job change item for berserker. Where do i get it ?

    • CivilDeviation permalink

      Can’t get berzerker in part I, other than using the cow girl.

  36. Anonymous permalink

    im getting a cacao 114 error. I tried editing the game to make it easier

    • Anonymous permalink

      oh wrong section i have the 1.02 version

    • Well anonymous you should really try 1.21,
      Now cacao should effect the Casino scripts, as you modded them not much help there though you could either use Dargoth’s 1.21a patch (auto or manual in the first comments) or EX 0.5g and open up the scripts and copy them into something like WinMerge to compare those scripts to see what doesn’t match as it could be a simple typo that you added. However unless you did a major overhaul to the scripts its easier to just copy the changes you think where good and start clean to fix that error.

      Though a simple script call like: $game_party.gain_coin(I’m Rich Bitch)
      Changing “I’m Rich Bitch” to the amount you wanted say 1,000,000
      So: $game_party.gain_coin(1000000)
      And gain a million coins, ah its fun to play with the backend though getting help with it not so much

      EX 0.5g

      • MGQ_EX could you check for me if skill 2044 is single target or affects all party. EX says it’s all party dargoth’s says it’s single party member. You know voodoo better than me so I guess you could find it faster.

      • Casian Sarpe Socaci, scope for skill 2044 is all enemies
        skills – 2044 – name
        Dragon Queen Dance!yFMC2QbI!ypjyfQxxVpqU_uJvAX8G4oEBViKD2-sU0eSjE6rbgFE

        though even without looking its the “Dragon Queen Dance” if that don’t f shit up nothing will 🙂

      • Alright thanks one more question. Dargoth added the power of healing skills as well to some or all I’m not entirely sure should I bring those over to ex as well or keep them as is?I alalso found the sonic icon thanks to Dargothth’s file, 176 if it may help you in the future.
        Also I think by tomorrow all skills and items that are in Dargoth’s file should be integrated in the database, I’m on a 24h shift no one bothers me and there’s just mobile internet which means no distractions.

      • Not a problem. Power of healing? eh unless you feel the wording is better don’t worry about it. Sonic Icon added to the list thanks! Damn 24h shift, well what ever keeps you from going insane… Standing the mid watch used to be so boring… ah fun time fun times

        Is it just me or is windows 10 somewhat duller… seems less 3d and more 2d

      • Casian Sarpe Socaco permalink

        No idea about Windows 10 I’m still on 8 with Classic Shell so I don’t have to put up with the swiping. To be honest I would of stuck with 7 but there are no drivers for my laptop’s components for windows 7 so I was forced to move on. I didn’t copy everything from Dargoth more or less the technical stuff and the messages the equips should go a lot faster since there’s only a handful that really need changes, I won’t change descriptions or names unless I was clueless about them or if they involve mgq world history. If anything else comes I’ll pester you with questions here.

      • Sounds good, let me know if any other skills bug you; also if you could keep track of any more errors you find that would also be good

      • All of Dargoth’s skill entries assimilated in the EX database file. I will skip consumables and materials as they have already been translated and go straight to weapons armors and accessories. When I’m done I’ll mail you the file if my crappy net will allow me.

      • Anonymous permalink

        well what i tried to do was add an npc to boost my lvl by 10 and add 100,000 coins Is what I usally do

  37. jchris1_2000 permalink

    does anyone remember Lufia 2, Rise of the Sinistrals. Casio 2 is a well known tune 🙂

    • Sounds more like black and white comedy background music involving slapstick, I haven’t played Lufia 2 in a long long time so I can’t remember if this tune was there or not.

      • jchris1_2000 permalink

        It was in the Casino, 1st game to ever have it back in the SNES era 🙂

  38. kana-art permalink

    Please answer me. If I finished the event in the Witch Hunt Village, I will get Lily and Lucia or can I choose only one?

    • Chiron Maximus permalink

      I’m guessing you can only choose one, but when you complete the whole chapter, you can go into NG+, keeping everything you collected so far, and go through all over again, this time, letting you get girls you couldn’t before!

      • kana-art permalink

        What is NG+?

      • Chiron Maximus permalink

        New Game Plus. It’s basically starts you off from the start, letting you have everything you gotten throughout your play through: Your level, characters, items, and other things, and since it’s a start over with all the characters you collected, you can choose differently the second time, getting the girls you didn’t before. For Example, if you start the chapter with Ilias, then go into NG+, you can choose Alice the second time, adding her to your ranks, so that you have both the tiny monster lord and tiny goddess on your team. At least, I think it works for them, but I know with a good feeling that it works with Lucia and Lily.

      • CivilDeviation permalink

        Incorrect sadly, in NG+ you get EITHER Illias or Alice, not both. That being said, with NG+ you can get Lucia in one run through and Lily in the next so you have both. Just can’t do that with Alice and Illias

      • Anonymous permalink

        That’s a bummer.

        They might tweak it to let you have both in your team/harem/whatever in the final part. Maybe they opted to not let you have Alice and Ilias for now for plot purposes or something. It would be nice to have them both.

  39. Anonymous permalink

    Is 1.21 the last update or there’s going to be more?

    • Chiron Maximus permalink

      I shall quote a certain Zombie badass. “There’s always more.”

  40. Not sure if this question has been explored before, but is there any value in using the machine translation to make the hand-translation easier / faster? ie: instead of translating for Japanese to English could we translate from Engrish to English?

    • Well a machine translation helps those not fluent in Japanese lend a hand, somethings don’t come out right however some research usually corrects that, however a few things are lost in the machine…

      Stuttering, cute sounds or sound effects in general, and some concepts (especially the happy kind so many love).

      You could look at the EX rvtext files, though they received a lot of work correcting the machine there is still plenty of raw google translate data in it especially in dialogues and scripttext.

    • Anonymous permalink

      Theoretically? Sure, can be done.
      In practice you’d still need to look up the original all the time if you want a good translation.

  41. Anonymous permalink

    anyone knows whether to download a patch or re-download the game for full view 1.21

    • Chiron Maximus permalink

      You know, I read that ExtraTorrent is the Biggest BitTorrent System on the Internet.

    • Depends on personal preference

      If you don’t know what your doing (or don’t care to think about it) download the latest version (1.5gb) from the official site (or learn to use google so you don’t flood the forms with request for things that can be found in 10 min or less)

      If you feel competent in yourself and already have a previous version just update the files that changed, this involves using unencrypted files. Roughly from 1.02 to 1.21 only 200mb changed so either download 1.5gb for the complete game or 200mb and update the changes

      As for patching for translation, if you got the latest official version with no modifications Dargoth’s automated patch should work however if you update content the manual patch will be needed.

      • CivilDeviation permalink

        MGQ_EX: I apologize for my naivete on this, but would it be feasible to install the Ex patch then install Dargoth’s patch over it? I’d love it if it worked though I am afraid I’m grossly underestimating the complexity of patching.

      • Chiron Maximus permalink

        I don’t thinks so. I tried playing without the EX, and it didn’t work when I reached a certain point. I think it was in battle, and it didn’t work until I put the EX patch in. So I think you plan won’t work, since the EX stuff would be overwritten and not work.

      • CivilDeviation, its possible but error prone… Though until I finish going through it I guess it couldn’t hurt, here is the dialogue changes update file (Casian Sarpe Socaci is currently handling the database and I haven’t gotten to scripttext)

        Unofficial_Dargoth_DialoguesEnglish_Update_EX_0.5G.rar 205 KB!uZ1yDK4D!TMoO-P2Z82LEsqeRa782-5wDZtBj4Yw2_6U1vIpo4rs

        Note: though my equation mostly worked some unintended things got caught
        Dargoth’s 1.21 Patch – Japanese 1.21 = Only Dargoth Changes For 1.21
        Only Dargoth Changes For 1.21 – EX 0.5g 1.21 = Only Dargoth New Changes
        Only Dargoth New Changes made into an update file so I can compare EX 0.5g with Dargoth 1.21 changes

        Things probably wrong with this:
        1 – Some things are untranslated, Dargoth updated some names through a mass search & replace. Nothing wrong with that but that makes those entries unique to both the original Japanese and the EX modifications…
        2 – Looks like a few errors occurred with some entries in Dargoth’s patch, causing some content to blur.. Some conversations might get shifted with this; Like the Head Priest is suppose to complain twice about Luka and Sonia running in the temple but one of the Head Priest text gets cut off in Dargoth’s patch.
        3 – Some items might not have been updated correctly. As paradox is massive and changes with versions well somethings might simply have not been corrected between versions. Only way to really check for this is comparing to the original Japanese

      • CivilDeviation the misc stuff from Dargoth’s patch(items weapons armors ALL skills) will soon be absorbed in the EX patch, I just sent MGQ_EX the database file with all those integrated, As for story and such we’ll have to wait and see

  42. MGQ_EX I’m done I sent you the database file with certain observations that got me puzzled.

    • Sweet, thanks Casian Sarpe Socaci!

      • CivilDeviation permalink

        Hurray you you two and Dargoth + team rock!

      • Dargoth and his team didn’t touch any of the DownWords neither for Actors nor for Enemies. I checked. I’ll see if I can come up with anything for later on since I just got home from my 24h shift and I won’t be able to do anything now no matter how hard I try. I’ll have to compare what’s in the script file with scraps I can find from online translators and we’ll see if I can come up with anything decent, though at some point these cries of desperation should repeat themselves. Or at least I hope they do. If they don’t repeat respect for Torotoro team for putting so much effort into making every character unique and fuck them for giving us so much to work on e.e

      • Casian Sarpe Socaci, Get some rest, they wet themselves a lot in those… They repeat, each one could have a few variants spread out from type and class… Some change to be more unique while others just change the end to something like a music note, shorthanded, and such. Alice and Ilias are considered the base and many derive from them. Still working on dialogue, getting distracted so its taking longer, go through see something that wasn’t changed then an error right next to it and yep still going.

      • Well unless I pull translations out of my ass I won’t be able to do anything. All the translations from online translators don’t even come close to what should be there. I even tried to get them to translate in my native language to see if I can then translate in english but no luck. So unless I make something up using what’s given in the script file I can’t help you with DeadWords at all. I still have some real life issues to attend to for now and when I’m done I’ll see if there’s anything left in the Database left I can work on like the enemy skill descriptions(what they’re actually doing when they’re used). Also I’ve seen a minor difference when it comes to skill messages. Dargoth uses a present continuous and I used past simple, or vice versa I can’t remember well now. Should I go through them again and go with Dargoth’s tense or leave it as is?

      • Thats fine, I can’t expect you to work miracles and some of those lines are probably broken (I’m done foooor…) and I doubt the machine can do jack with those. Hopefully your real life issues aren’t to bad. As most of the skills should be present (they are using that skill at that moment) eh I’ll look at it when I get to it, so many things on the to do list. Thanks Casian Sarpe Socaci

  43. Chiron Maximus permalink

    When the Angels get put in, I hope Eden is one of them, and that she has her paradise rape scene as a request. I gather that if Angels do get in, I would surmise their affinity would have to be even higher then the base 10-100, since angels are very strict about sex and stuff.

    • Anonymous permalink

      Angels didn’t give me the impression of being very strict about sex in MGQP3… But yeah I’d love to have Eden in my team. She’d permanently be in my third row.

      • Chiron Maximus permalink

        Oooooooooooooooooh. Burn.
        Also, the reason I say strict is because they’re angels, beings of purity and light, and in MGQ3 they had to fight with pleasure because that was their order from Ilias. The only ones that actually took joy in using pleasure on humans was Cupid and Dominion Endiel, the “Angel Whore”.

      • Desert Eagle permalink

        Where does it say they were ordered to use pleasure attacks and that being against their preference? It seems to me they were simply exerting their own skills in their invasion on human world. Heck, they even have angels like Ranael, Power Berryelle and even Power Muzukiel. Not to mention Eden’s little transformation.

      • Chiron Maximus permalink

        Dude, during most of the angel battles, the angels actually say it in one form or another, like “Neuter the hero with pleasure” or “As the Goddess commanded …” You were probably not reading the entire thing, or haven’t payed attention at all to the text outside of battle. And of course they were exerting all of their skills and angels, it was a world wide war; and Eden’s transformation was only to fight Luka in the event her made it to heaven’s gate and gotten through!

      • Desert Eagle permalink

        It could also be “As the Goddess commanded, (eliminate the human).”

        What you’ve said can be considered as circumstantial evidence. There isn’t a clear statement that says they don’t like fighting with sexual attacks. On the contrary, a lot of them smile and/or tease Luka during the H-scenes. That doesn’t point towards disliking the act.

  44. Anonymous permalink

    Been wondering about something.

    The ‘Devil Fighter’ Regina’s trait says ‘Succubus Swordsman,’ but her race is Yoma. Not sure if that’s a mistranslation or just a weird thing from the original game. Maybe it should say ‘Demon Swordsman’ or something instead? Not that it really matters.

    Also, there are lots of really random things translated throughout the game. Like when you talk to the Devil Fighter girls in battle near Witch Hunt village a lot of their dialogue is translated now. Pretty sure I’ve seen other things too.

    • Anonymous permalink

      The original doesn’t say anything about Succubus. Don’t know if it’s a translation flub or some weird conscious decision.

  45. Cellulanus permalink

    Ah well. I’m only interested in the story really so I’ll just keep waiting for a large story patch.

    I just hope toro is done with the patching on his end.

  46. Anonymous permalink


    Interesting game,

    wish I could understand Riot’s backstory if she has one…guess I gotta wait for translation.

    hmmm Paintgeist h-scene is just one and it’s lethal…hmm bit of a letdown but it is just a painting.

    And hopefully more angels show up later though….

    anyways thanks toro and dargoth

    • Desert Eagle permalink

      Riot probably has a backstory but I suspect you can only find bits and pieces of it from her conversations with others. That, and the general story behind the apoptosis monsters.

      And yeah, monster girls with only lethal scenes is kind of depressing.

      • Anonymous permalink

        Riot has a decent sized back story compared to some of the others and I suspect some more will be added in as Tartaros and Apoptosis are explained. I wrote up an explanation if anyone is interested but it’s a bit wordy despite my best efforts so take a seat.

        A couple of things to note:

        I’ve had a couple beers. It’s part of the reason I went out of my way to write this.

        My interpretations of her and the wording may not be completely accurate but it should be fairly close.

        All information was taken from her library entry, her combat dialogue, and her request scenes.

        I wrote this up in the span of half an hour on August 5th / 2015 and all these interpretations are mine and mine alone. If anyone says I plagiarized them, they are lying, at worst, and at best, simply mistaken, because we both have to work with a small amount of source material and are likely to draw similar conclusions. If I’m still accused of plagiarism, I don’t care. I’m just an anon voicing an opinion over a character from a porn game. They can have the credit for all I care.

        Her library entry is pretty basic but it does give a few clues. Her brain was programmed to repel invaders on instinct and her body is basically in heat all the time. It mentions she’s a beast hybrid with cybernetic augmentations, possibly in an attempt to create perfect lifeform. In one of her combat conversations, she states she has no allies or comrades so I’m pretty sure she is unique, probably a trial run or failed experiment. The fact that you only ever fight one of her at a time supports this. It mentions she has brutal and proud nature and prefers to fight with overwhelming force. If she wins the fight, the man becomes her victory prize and breeding stud. However, it does make special mention that how or even if a cyborg, Beast Hybrid, Dragonoid can have children is unknown. It is entirely possible that she has a high breeding instinct but is effectively infertile. If she was an experiment to create a perfect lifeform, whoever created her wouldn’t want her to be able to breed if she turned out flawed and make a bunch of imperfect children. They’d wait until they could make a perfect lifeform and then give it the ability to breed but all this is just speculation on my part.

        Actually interacting with her yields better results, unsurprisingly. She says she has no idea how she came to be in Tartaros and anything even before that. She doesn’t even know that there is a world outside because the only indication she has been given is the appearance of Luka and maybe a few members of the expedition team. She only stays in Tartaros because her instincts are telling her too and she doesn’t know anything else. In one combat conversation with her, she’ll ask Luka what she was before this Luka can respond with Human, Dragon or Pet Lizard but really his guess is as good as ours or hers. However, the third option is just the troll option and the library makes no mention of Dragon DNA, just a hybrid of beast and something else so I’m inclined to believe she was once a human, but captured, and experimented with gene splicing and then cut up and turned into a cyborg.

        One last thing to note that is pretty important is that while she primarily a slave to her nature, synthetic though it may be, she is capable of overcoming it. She manages to go against her nature and leave the Tartaros because she was curious and probably a little bit attracted to Luka’s shota swagger like every other girl in the game. And while her first request scene is the same brutal push down as her loss scene with minor variations, her second scene is nurturing to say the least and while it might be possible she has mothering instincts along with her breeding instincts, it seems far more likely that since the scene requires 100 affection, she just didn’t want to break the pelvis of the guy she kind of liked. She doesn’t even force Luka to be her mate after it’s done, going against her supposed described behavior in the library unlike the first scene where she does force Luka to be her nightly playtoy after the deed is done.

        I really really need to make a name already.

      • Chiron Maximus permalink

        Wow. Just … wow. Bravo sir. Bravo.

      • Anonymous permalink

        I feel bad now. I thought the posts detailing the change log in MGQ_EX were long but this is just ridiculous now that I can look at it in its actual size. I hope that other Anonymous comes back here and reads this so I didn’t clog up the comment section for no reason.

      • Anonymous permalink

        The thing about apoptosis is that they’re horrifying amalgamations that are created by chaos time space combining a bunch of raw material into a new form so any physical facets they have aren’t necessarily a reflection of what they were like in their past life. She reacts pretty strongly to the indication of being a dragon so she might have been a type of dragon in her past life, but the apoptosis phenomenon has combined her with a bunch of other weird things that weren’t originally a part of her.

      • Anonymous permalink

        To be honest, I hadn’t really taken into Riot’s nature as an Apoptosis because is still so much unknown about it. I know it is supposed to be the embodiment of chaos brought about by the fusion of light and darkness at the end of the first game, thus retroactively fucking up the timeline because that’s how chaos rolls but my story sensibilities tell me there is more going on here. Torotoro could easily just make Apoptosis some crazy big bad out to destroy the world for chaos’ sake but that feels a bit lazy if not thematically accurate. I just get the feeling that there is going to be a head or a voice at one point which implies some sort of intent or intelligence behind Apoptosis. It it highly likely that Riot was born by a bunch of random stuff thrown together by the fact she is supposed to protect Tartaros makes me think there is something else going on. To be fair, it seems like the library entries are written from Luka’s POV so anything in there might just be his interpretations and not factual at all. There’s also the idea that nature, although chaotic has certain compulsion like breed or eat so maybe Riot’s instincts to protect Tartaros is like an animal’s instinct to protects its home or its family because to an Apoptosis, Tartaros is their home and family.

      • Anonymous permalink

        The entries aren’t wrong. Riot as she exists is a ‘beast type apoptosis’ (stated by both the encyclopedia and Ilias in the evaluation) and whatever is written there is most certainly fact. The thing is, the original being that forms the base of her personality is not “Riot” and thus doesn’t necessarily have to have anything to do with beasts. The machines parts were also most likely something that combined with her after becoming an apoptosis since she seems confused to their presence and wonders how and when they got there.

        As for apoptosis, they don’t seem to have any evil intent or intelligence to me, really. It’s just a self-defense mechanism from the ‘world’ itself. Apoptosis is something programmed into the DNA of all living things so they’re basically just following their genetic programming. The idea of something/someone controlling the process isn’t unfeasible but it seems to me like it would have to be more of an abstract being or a concept rather than an actual person.

      • Desert Eagle permalink

        Riot is definitely has something of “beast” in her but definitely dragon as well. One strong indication of this is that she has access to both beast and dragon races. I think she identifies more with the dragon part than anything else though. Perhaps she’s a land dragon of some sort? Wingless dragon.

        In any case, I like her a lot. She’s part of my main team and quite possibly the strongest member. Or, well, she becomes the strongest when under the influence of Luka’s skill “Einherjar”. She contributed the most to the defeat of Death (before 1.21).

      • Anonymous permalink

        I did a bit more digging and found some stuff. I think that it is fairly safe to that she was an originally a Dragonoid like Granberia. As Desert Eagle said, she identifies as a dragon in most of her conversations and others like Mummy Girl, Dragon Pup, and Miranda all recognize her as a dragon. When the Apoptosis phenomenon came along she was merged with Beast DNA giving her the Beast Races and the Minor Chaos race all apoptosis monsters have. I’m still inclined to believe the cybernetics came after the merger though. When going through the Labyrinth of Chaos, if you enter a lab area like where you find Hild, Riot will say was born in a place like this. Either, she was made a Beast/Dragonoid Hybrid by apoptosis and then modified in the lab or she formed as a cybernetic Beast/Dragonoid Hybrid and she just happened to appear in a lab. The former sounds more likely. I also doubt that she was born in the Tartaros we found her in. For starters, the tilesets between the lab and the Tartaros are completely different so Riot wouldn’t mistake a lab for a Tartaros zone especially considering the South Eastern Tartaros didn’t visibly incorporate a lab. Secondly, their purposes seem entirely different. The lab is obviously for research while Tartaros seems to be me made of some sort of military complex mashed together with other environments. If Tartaros incorporated a warehouse or an assembly line, that would explain all those weapons we keep finding inside them. I still don’t know what she is doing in Tartaros. She was either placed there by someone or she simply ended up there after the dust settled and apoptosis finished blending the world.

        Also, I can’t wait until we get the Berserker job change item considering I learned the berserk status 50% attack boost stacks. I use Mina with battle master dual axes, her passive berserker ability, the berserker mask, and Einherja when she dies and she hits godly strong. Combine that with Enhance Attack, LittleBug/Lippy’s armor break on an enemy and you got yourself a boss killer. I can’t wait to apply that to a Minor Chaos Riot so she is immune to almost all statues.

      • Anonymous permalink

        A lot of the Tartarus is mostly made up of Remina, at least one of the Apoptosis is a former Remina researcher, and it’s highly implied that an experiment in the Remina laboratory that went wrong is a part of the origin of what’s happening. I would figure that she’s just referencing the Remina lab.

  47. Anonymous permalink

    ok so im trying to patch the game, but i keep getting cockblocked by a secured file, “acces to the path C:\Windows\System32wfp is denied”, ive been looking for ways to get around this, deleting it isnt an option and i SUPPOSEDLY got full control to it and it’s still denying me, i dont know what to do at this point.

  48. Jam permalink

    Hey guys, I’m having some trouble recruiting Chrome. I’m at the lowest level of the cave where you get her doll kit from the blue chest, but it’s not opening for me. Luka says it’s sealed with magic… I have a thief with the level 2 lockpick ability in the party, but it’s still not opening… Is there some item/event that I need to clear first?

    • Anonymous permalink

      Did you actually get Chrome to ask you to find it and offer to join if you do first? Seems obvious but there seems to be a lot of people who have that issue for some reason.

      • Jam permalink

        I figured it out just now. Yeah, I defeated her and tried to get to join, but it turns out that in order to recruit Chrome, you need to head back to Monte Carlo (or whatever it’s called, the slum place ) and head into the rogue/freedom fighter HQ–the building with the guard in front. Once there, you need to go up to the second floor and talk to these two women towards the lower right part of the room. One of them will give you a clue as to where Chrome’s doll kit is, and it’ll trigger some dialogue from Luca and the gang to head there.
        Once you go to the cave (it’s located east of Rubiana), make your way down and there will be a cutscene with a shady puppeteer, and some part 2 foreshadowing. After all that, head to the lowest level and Voila! The blue chest will be unlocked (granted you have a thief with you).

        Sorry for the long-winded post, but after everything I went through trying to get that blasted chest open, I want to make it perfectly clear for anyone else who may be having trouble getting Chrome.

  49. Havin small graphical problem with win 10 my Pc is hooked on to my TV but every time I get the game to fullscreen It switches from modes on the tv to 16:9 and a small percentage of the game is not seen i can’t see the edges of the game it’s small stuff but it’s annoying.

  50. What do You think the mascot is for MGQ Paradox.I think it might be Slime girl or dog girl

    • Chiron Maximus permalink

      I think it would be one of the new girls, somewhere along the lines of a perverted RPG, like Saki the Succubus Popstar, or maybe a silhouette of a certain new face in the game.

    • Desert Eagle permalink

      Nuruko! 🙂

    • Anonymous permalink

      Sonya? Ilias and Alice were both pretty big in the last game, but now that you can choose between them, it would seem weird to have a mascot that’s not with you all the time. Promestein has the same problem as Alice and Ilias even if she has her moe nerd librarian look now. Sonya is Tsundere Childhood Friend and she’s always with you but she’s only human right now and it would be weird for a mascot to show up in part 2 or 3 when it’s revealed she’s a monster or is made one by apoptosis or whatever horrible fate surely awaits her. So I guess we’re left with Nuruko or Hild? Nuruko will probably win out due to being a big breasted adorable bundle of tentacles that would make Nyarlathotep squee in delight but Hild has the charm of being all like, “I’m a murderous chaos cyborg but I’m innocent to the ways of the world like morality and emotions.”

      So of course the winner is Shinifa. It’s so obvious she is best girl with that gorgeous smile.

      • Chiron Maximus permalink

        Tsundere? Sonya? She’s a bigger Tomboy than Sara, and she’s an all work, never play priestess. So tsundere ain’t gonna cut it.

      • Anonymous permalink

        Wait, I’m confused. Are you saying Tsundere is too weak a term for Sonya or that it’s not appropriate? I get that Sara is a tomboy. After a long day of politics, she’s like, “Hey Luka, wanna fuck?” as if it’s no big deal but I always found Sonya really girly. Sure, she likes to play detective and go on adventures but she’s always looking after Luka, making sure he’s on time and that he doesn’t make stupid life choices like sewing his oats in every field of monster girls he finds. And then, whenever they have to do something scary like go into a dark place she chickens out and wants to leave. Or when she is in the town of perverts and finds them all disgusting repulsive people. Of course, if Luka does do something perverted like fall for a seduction or grope Don Dahlia’s tits, Sonya gets super pissed because the guy she likes, who she hasn’t admitted it to yet, is doing something she’s not okay with, like its her business or something. I mean, who cares if Luka wants a blowjob from an Orc? But Sonya buts in anyways which screams classic Tsundere behavior to me. I don’t know, maybe there is another level beyond it which mortals have yet to reach like SSGSS Goku.

      • Chiron Maximus permalink

        Dude, she has deep feelings for him AND she’s a All-Work-Never-Play Preistess of the Goddess of Light, so of course she’s gonna have a fit if Luka gets flirted with or does something naughty/stupid.

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