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May 2, 2015

Hi everyone, sorry for no updates on the main page last month. I do post in the comments and on the 4chan /vg/ thread sometimes, plus I’m always on Rizon in #mgq if you’ve ever wondering whether I’ve fallen off the face of the Earth or not.

Torotoro recently released his big 1.10 patch for Paradox, but there were further bugs that he says will be fixed shortly with 1.11. In order to avoid excessive duplication of effort, I’m waiting for 1.11 for the next English translation patch. Hopefully that will be in a few days. MGL has been doing a superb job getting through skills, items, and other gameplay descriptions.

I’ve seen scattered offers for help, but I often miss them (or I reply and the offeror misses the reply). If you’re interested in helping out with the translation, your best bets are to either send a message to Dargoth on Rizon IRC or email me at . You don’t have to be fluent or even nearly fluent at Japanese to help translate. I’m certainly not. Being good at writing in English is much more important. I could also really use someone to help convert reused H-scenes from MGQ to Paradox, which requires little or no Japanese knowledge. It’s mostly just a copy/paste job that will require fixing typos and cleaning up any rough edges.

In other news, the official MGQ English version that Torotoro released awhile back does NOT use Rogue’s translation. It seems kind of crazy that he had the entire first chapter re-translated, especially since the new translation is definitely worse than Rogue’s. It isn’t Engrish bad, but it’s nowhere near good either.

Edit: Thanks to people that sent me emails offering to help. I’ve been busy this weekend and will get back to you this week.

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  1. Anonymous permalink

    You know, the thing I’m really looking forward in part 2 is the Samurai job class, I was really hyped with the things the samurai guy said, too bad it will probably only be in part 2. Well that and Kenjourou for my party.

  2. Chiron Maximus permalink

    Ok, in hopes that a temporary patch can be made, I have ran into several crashes relating to the BFs. When I tried the Martial Artist, it crashed on the third attack, saying “No such file or directory – Graphics/Pictures?ev_mob_kakutou_h1”, and when I attempt the one in Happiness Village, I crash at the first attack, with “No such file or directory – Graphics/Pictures/ev_mob_touzoku_h1”. There have also been crashes I found in some battles, but luckily I got strong enough to beat monsters quick, as to avoid them. As far as this info goes, am I missing files or is the game not registering them?

    • Grandork permalink

      Check the Graphics folder, see if it’s missing those pictures. That’s usually the problem.

      • Chiron Maximus permalink

        I did check the folder, and I didn’t find an h1 cg for ANY of the mobs, and there were cgs with the semen stains, but maybe I should download MGQ_EX’s things just to be safe.

    • Chiron Maximus, as mentioned earlier upgrade your version as you are still using 1.02 Graphics when 1.10 Graphics is needed! You do not have the Graphic Files that where added to 1.10
      MGQ_Paradox_1.02_upgrade_1.10.rar 78.5 MB!TFlACR6S!PusSlyfLeWdGvfg8uwho3MPvtQUn6XWOD8FL4cOUV4c

      • Chiron Maximus permalink

        I will give it a try.

      • Chiron Maximus permalink

        Ok, so I made a copy of my entire game, and put the whole download into it, and the scenes did work, but EVERYTHING was untranslated. Could I perhaps just move the graphics and not worry about losing translation?

      • Chiron Maximus permalink

        I did it anyways, and it works just fine, so thanks for half the help!

      • NightmareChild permalink

        Life saver mate.

      • MCG Fan permalink

        Thank you. Now I can read some of this.

      • NightmareChild permalink

        Quick Quesion, How do I make request to the Battle fuckers after they join me?

      • Chiron Maximus permalink

        Right now, there is no request function for them. They will most likely be added in the second chapter, along with a lot of other awaited monsters, quests and such.

  3. Civildeviation permalink

    Dargoth, could I be so greedy to request a project update? After the news around the 1.11 turning to the 1.20 I’m finding myself really curious as to what you and your team have decided to do around it.

    • Grandork permalink

      No update = answer. He will wait for 1.2.

    • Waiting for 1.2 and hoping it’s sooner rather than later.

      • CwHart permalink

        Best call, it would avoid alot of extra uneeded work, even if it’s a longer wait. Hope we get it soon but I am willing to bet it wont be til the end of the month

      • Civildeviation permalink

        Thanks for the sitrep!

      • Anonymous permalink

        I have been wondering are you gonna do anything on the side while doing paradox like dinner or something small?

      • Anonymous permalink

        May I ask if you guys have made a lot of progress on the translation since your March 30th update?

      • They probably do little to nothing. Only EVER gonna pump up when 1.2 come out. Although when that time come there might be more patch coming and the postpone loop will start yet again.

        As I said, we probably get to play part 1 in English after JP part 2 comes out. Consider how laid-back our translation team is…


      • Anonymous permalink

        I cannot believe no translating was going on in the past 2 months, that’s crazy.

      • Civildeviation permalink

        Tired of being nice… You guys are moaning more than Tweens before a cancelled Justin Beaver concert. Get your parents to buy ya an everlasting gobstopper so the rest of us are free from your incessant petulance.

      • Anonymous permalink

        Wait is this speculation or did Darg flat out say something like “Yeah we’re not translating at all until the patch drops?

      • Anonymous permalink

        There is a difference between “we’re not releasing anything before 1.20” and “we’re not doing anything before 1.20”. I assume translation is progressing in the meantime (slowly).

      • Anonymous permalink

        Yeah that was my thought. I can’t imagine why he wouldn’t be able to continue to translate the game, just because 1.20 hasn’t release yet.

  4. Anonymous permalink

    Eh end of the month? That’s optimistic, I’d be guessing the time table is around the end of September at this rate.

    • cwhart permalink

      Well that just means more of the game will be done, who knows maybe all of it will be.

  5. Anonymous permalink

    Script ‘▽ パッチスクリプト読込 ver1’ line 26: NameError occurred.

    uninitialized constant Object::NWPatch

    I wanted to upgrade my ver 1.02 to 1.10 and i get this error.Any help?

  6. MGQ_EX Promestein’s request menu is non-existent. I went through the abilities making changes here and there to things that sounded redundant and scratched the eardrum. And went over some skills up to Taoism ones. Did some of the Taoism skills as well and will continue to try and make sense of them. Also, the “Received x item” message still doesn’t appear while receiving an item in the middle of dialogues(tried it in Pocket Castle). Here is the latest database file!lAwkFb4R!Jb9t-Z5Fa6jimS2uQ1vDz6bI7NjxhiulDdMfRohudZo

    Consider this a bug report not a complaint.

    • Thanks Casian Sarpe Socaci, and all bug reports are complaints as it is their nature just a tad more civilized

      MGQ Paradox Translation EX 0.4w.rar
      Updated DatabaseTextEnglish.rvtext
      Updated DialoguesEnglish.rvtext
      Updated ScriptTextEnglish.rvtext
      Backend items affected

      Promestein menu should have been fixed with 0.4v but being the 4th forgot to mention it.
      Not sure whats causing the popup error so Added XS – Popup Item

      Here is looking forward to hitting z… However if I go past that before 1.20 I’ll just start doubling the letters as that release is getting 0.5

      Also DerTraveler seems to have a big update planned for Language File System which is one of the core components of EX but I’ll cross that bridge when it comes.

      • Then I’ll hold back till I edit more so you don’t run out of letters :))
        I’ll post the next database update after I went through all the attack skills. Also should I use icons for attributes in the skill descriptions instead of actual words? If you think it’ll look good could you provide me a list with the codes for the element icons? And I’m not sure but I think I skipped an update I think Friday was the last time I updated the game if there was another between then and this one I may have skipped it since I worked all weekend. Still at work today for the next 12 hours and tomorrow all day(literally all day, 24h shift).

      • Elements
        144 – Fire, 145 – Ice, 146 – Lightning, 147 – Water
        148 – Earth, 149 – Wind, 150 – Holy, 151 – Dark

        152-159 look like variants of the above

        1 – Skull, 2 – Poison, 3 – Blind, 4 – Mute, 5 – Dizzy
        6 – Sleep

        17-22 same but in a box

        37 – Heart in a box
        59 – Hearts

        Icon Code

        IE: \i[144] = Fire

    • Thank MGQ_EX/Casian Sarpe Socaci. The Ex patch works just fine :>

  7. Anonymous permalink

    Can I play with 1.02 then later carry my save file over to 1.10 1.20 and the like?

  8. Anonymous permalink

    I’m worried, is Dargoth dead or is he working silently?

    • Anonymous permalink

      Oh sorry, my mistake i haven’t seen the replies. Wish i could delete it. Thank you for your work anyway Dargoth.

    • Flaming Dildo permalink

      I fear the same for everyone, when I don’t hear anything from them for a while xD

  9. HotGear permalink

    Don’t know whether this is the second part but found Monmusu Crest -Paradox RCG 2- on the english DLSite

    • HotGear permalink

      Doesn’t matter is just a collection of different scenes that make up a story ignore this comment

  10. Mawey permalink

    did anyone read something about this so far?

    • That is a pile of junk in my opinion.

    • Anonymous permalink

      I think it’s dead? Which is good, I mean look at it.

    • Eh I think its still active, the dev pops in every few months to say ‘something’ is happening however no real progress report was made since the demo and just concept art here and there under the guise a reboot is coming sometime in the future… The community there is well aware that the project is over a year past its projected completion date and the game isn’t even an eighth of the way completed (The first fight with the Slime Girl isn’t fully completed so make a guess). Bandits where updated to look 18 so I guess when they transform they will be 30ish maybe, if it ever gets done I assume the same will happen for all the other monster girls that look riskey.

      Until something close to a halfway mark is released I go with something like this

      • Civildeviation permalink

        Yeah, that game probably wont be completed. The creator is obsessive-compulsive about details and getting things “right”. As a result, he is redoing the township again, just as he redid Hero and then created his own MGQ. Thing is, he hasn’t completed a single game iirc… which is telling.

      • Touka permalink

        I assume this is referring to the 3D MGQ game?

    • Yep, your assumption would be correct. If he ever makes it past Part 1 I’ll say there is hope though if it takes him 2 years to get to the end of Part 1 well oculus rift support for monster girls in other games might happen when he nears the end of Part 3… Though without need to do anything with the story, most of the characters have a blueprint he just has to follow, and any ideas for town layout he can just look at Paradox and copy. Some people have even offered to work for free on this project to speed it up though a few copy-write agreements would make that work the last I knew he wasn’t thrilled about sharing assets. Unless you invested in it at the moment its a poor mans monster girl drama. Though if he did release it I would probably play for the lols

  11. Are the mimic girls recruitable? been trying to get one for the last hour >_>

    • Chiron Maximus permalink

      They are. Get their feindship up, then train in hunter and demon trainer, so you’ll get the abilities Recruit Rate x1.5 and x2 respectively. Also as a tip, train Luka, and any others you wish, in Informant and Orator, so that you can have the whole team talk to the enemy you want to recruit, to raise their affinity up fast.

      • Anonymous permalink

        There is also an item at the casino place that increases chances of recruiting monsters or something.

      • You can cheese your way with that casino with cheat engine.
        Value for rpgmaker game = (x2) +1.

        If you 30 casino coin that value is (30×2)+1 = 61

      • Touka permalink

        Or save scum

  12. Chiron Maximus permalink

    Ok, now I have a few things to say.
    1) How do you recruit little vampire, goblin girl, and Chrome?
    2) I have an issue with the storyline, specifically that I crash as during the cutscene after beating ??? who comes after Sylph.
    3) I found that errors I run into are recorded on a txt file called errors. Should I do anything with that?

    • 2-3, well to fix them a detailed error report is nice. Though do clean out your error log after you give one else all your old errors will pile up taking time to sort whats been fixed and what needs fixed…

      • Civildeviation permalink

        1) Vampire requires that you go and talk to the merchants in Illias Village’s item shop, then retrieve a “bug” from a tree in the desert hills area nearby. You will then have the option to do multiple quests for her to increase your inventory.
        2 & 3) that sucks….

    • Anonymous permalink

      For goblin girl, talk to the old man in the northeast most building in Iliasburg, then talk to goblin girl, who is running around town. It may be easier if you change the run speed in settings.
      For Chrome, you have to acquire an item in the lower floor of a cave south of the town between San Ilia and Sabasa.

      • Chiron Maximus permalink

        Got Gob, but for said item, do you mean the cave that leads to the puppet tower and is it in the blue chest that’s magically locked or the grey chest that I need lockpick III to open?

      • Mawey permalink

        not the grey one for sure, no one can open these so far

  13. Sonicfanx1 permalink

    Okay, it’s July 9th now. Any news?

  14. are there any mimics in any other place than the treasure cave where you obtain the bell? got tired of trying to farm them for a recruit, but now i want one again ;__; damn you, low recruit rate!

    • Chiron Maximus permalink

      They’re in a lot of places, you just have to check caves and such, but I recommend training in Hunter and demon hunter for “recruit Rate x1.5 and 2” respectively, or going to porn village and get a ton of coins for the casino prize.

      • Civildeviation permalink

        Unlimited Mimics are available in the basement of the final tower. The tower appears in the normal world after it collapses in the alternate world.

      • Hmm, thanks for the tip. Is demon hunter an advanced version of the hunter job or is it another thing alltogether? if so, where can i find monsters with demon hunter?

      • Chiron Maximus permalink

        You reach level 10 for hunter, then demon trainer becomes available, and it’s located in the intermediate jobs. Bonus tip, if you get an intermediate job for one character in your team, wait until you can give one to your whole team or at least your active team, cause intermediate jobs take longer to master than basic jobs. Same principle applies to basic and intermediate races. As for advanced jobs/races, they may not be available until Chapter 2, but with the principle of intermediate jobs/races taking longer than basic, I’m guessing advanced will take over 100+ easy, even if against all powerful enemies on very easy mode.

  15. Chiron Maximus permalink

    Ok, I redid the fight after sylph and slowly went through the cutscene that plays after, and when Luka calls out a name in his sleep, the game crashes, with this message: undefined method /upcase’ for nil:NilClass. What is this suppose to mean?

    • Thought that was fixed in EX 0.4c though looks like something similar was added in EX 0.4i with Script modern algebra – Global Text Codes [VXA]… This should fix the problem.

      MGQ Paradox Translation EX 0.4x

      As for what it means well there is a bit of code that is trying to change a character that doesn’t exist. Same patch was used with Script KilloZapit – Word Wrapping sometime ago

      It is caused when a code item doesn’t exist so when there is a \ with nothing after it goes boom…

      Thanks for your trouble

      • Chiron Maximus permalink

        If I download this and move the entire thing into my game, will it untranslate everything like a previous update did?

      • Chiron Maximus, the last one you used wasn’t an EX update however an upgrade from 1.02 to 1.10. Though nothing in the file should have made the notion it was an EX update… Those are raw decrypted releases of the original game compared and the difference is packaged up nice and actually where made when 1.10 was new and EX wasn’t even a concept. There is also a downgrade for 1.10 to 1.02 in the form somewhere for those that want to use Dargoth’s original 1.02 patch. EX was never designed to upgrade you from official release versions. Alternatively to what you used you could have downloaded 1.10, decrypted it, and then added EX which would have worked however downloading a 1gb you already have for 100mb change seems off so I made those.

      • Chiron Maximus permalink

        … Okay … But to asnwer my question, will this untranslate anything?

      • DungeonMasterBobbySmith permalink

        MGQ_EX, does this updated patch also fix the “dog girl dig” problem… I’ll elaborate. I had my dog girl dig for items and I encountered a similar error that crashed the game. It could be the same “code item doesn’t exist” error you mentioned.

  16. Anyone found the informant job item?

    • Anonymous permalink

      I’ve been reading around and I’m pretty sure you have to complete the Slums quest line before recruiting Amira, otherwise you miss it. I completely missed the Slums area (Cave directly west of Iliasburg, between the forest and bandit) and recruited Amira immediately so I’m pretty sure, I’m locked out from the Job until NG +

      • CMrC permalink

        I think in one of the patches they make it so you can still go back and do the quest and than talk to amira. I had the same problem but they fixed, just don’t remember which was the patch number

      • Anonymous permalink

        I’m still running the 1.02 for the translation but I just switched my save to my 1.10 copy and did some messing around. If you just paid her for the information and recruited her immediately, you should be able to talk to her in the mini-castle and she’ll have a new option where she gives you the slum quest and the informant job before even doing the quest. In my save, I’d already completed the game and raised Amira’s affection to over 500 so I’m not sure if something triggers the new option to appear or if it is available immediately, probably the latter, but it is just something to note.

  17. CwHart permalink

    100 posts away to 1000

  18. MGQ_EX after 1.20 comes out and Dargoth puts out his patch will you do an EX for 1.20 as well? I really like what you did with the item get during dialogue it looks fabulous.
    I really like this custom patch for various reasons, especially because I contributed to it (makes me feel proud) and the fact that it has that fit the window to screen option and that it can be constantly modified if for some reason the person playing doesn’t like certain aspects of it (this could be turned into a great spoof for example)
    Also I would like to apologize for the lack of an update but due to health issues I really couldn’t be much around the laptop screen.

    • Casian Sarpe Socaci,
      1) Your health is more important, take care of yourself
      2) Yes I do intend to keep up the EX into 1.20, if you recall that should be EX 0.5; though I’ll release a version upgrade separately for those that don’t want to download 1.20 just for the changes. Dependent on what gets changed in the backend might take a little while to implement.

      Dargoth actually liked the fit to screen script and might implement it in his next release but thats a mystery till 1.20 actually comes out…

      As for those that want to downgrade, Page 1 in the comments just search for ‘downgrade’

      • Ran into this error this morning if it helps you further in R&D for the patch. I’ll be looking forward to EX 0.5 and the version updating from you then we’ll see what still needs polishing. One more thing besides these errors I noticed is that there is no message telling you obtain an item from monsters during battle like when you have high affinity with them.
        *Error – v1.10.01 – 2015-07-11 06:37:56 (Saturday)
        Exception : NoMethodError
        undefined method `pop_item’ for #
        [“( XS – Popup Item ):109:in `pop'”, “( XS – Popup Item ):125:in `command_126′”, “( Game_Interpreter ):196:in `execute_command'”, “( Game_Interpreter ):102:in `run'”, “( Game_Interpreter ):500:in `command_117′”, “( Game_Interpreter ):196:in `execute_command'”, “( Game_Interpreter ):102:in `run'”, “( Game_Interpreter ):59:in `block in create_fiber'”]
        *Error – v1.10.01 – 2015-07-11 06:46:49 (Saturday)
        Exception : NoMethodError
        undefined method `pop_item’ for #
        [“( XS – Popup Item ):109:in `pop'”, “( XS – Popup Item ):125:in `command_126′”, “( Game_Interpreter ):196:in `execute_command'”, “( Game_Interpreter ):102:in `run'”, “( Game_Interpreter ):500:in `command_117′”, “( Game_Interpreter ):196:in `execute_command'”, “( Game_Interpreter ):102:in `run'”, “( Game_Interpreter ):59:in `block in create_fiber'”]

      • Thanks Casian Sarpe Socaci
        Eh I’ll be going over all the scripts so I’ll see if I can find what was really the problem

        Also for those that want pretty pictures brought to you by WinMerge
        MGQ_Paradox_1.10_upgrade_1.20.rar 39.2 MB!mMsQjbBa!87Gl0_Glt0LpZVmmkEordSYGVVDtqLNzOMEowIckIDA

        Note: This is not an EX update, this is an upgrade from 1.10 to 1.20 and will untranslate portions where 1.10 was different from 1.20; though Audio and Graphics folders should be fine.

        Looks like Salamander and Undine got some graphics 🙂

      • It untranslates everything probably none of the girls in the castle will talk to you and who knows what else. Anyways how long do you estimate it will take you to get out a EX patch for the 1.20 version after Dargoth releases his 1.20 patch?

  19. SMRG permalink

    Just bought the game but it’s the v1.10 which is not compatible with the v1.02a translation. Is there a way I can bump back the game a few versions or a v1.02 I can download while we wait for the whole v1.20 package?

  20. Anonymous permalink

    TT is kind of taking long with this new patch. Is this the last one he’ll do before he moves on to part 2? I want to see the second game already.

  21. Civildeviation permalink

    Anyone know if the orator ability- “Lets be friends” works? It is supposedly improves recruitment rates up to 3x. I have that the 2x recruitment and the 1.5x recruitment equipped. My recruitment in the last dungeon even at 100 affinity still seems to be crap.

    I realize that grinding is a part of this, though I am wondering, does the 3x recruitment work with, against, or stack with the other items? Does the 3x recruitment last for the entire battle or is like a status effect that withers away.

    • Grandork permalink

      Sorry, Recruit items don’t stack, only the strongest one counts, that is 3x. Quickest way to recruit stuff is turn off all effects and hold CTRL. Also stack up Encounter chance and go ham.

  22. What the heck does the zombie state do? SPOILER i just found a ring that makes me stay in the zombie state all the time. what is this and why?

    • Lol haven’t you played any other RPG? Makes bio and instant death attacks heal you, healing items/skills harm you. There should be one more effect but I can’t remember it off the top of my head

  23. ok… the robocop pope… wtf.. like… really? are you going to do this to me Toro?

  24. Grandork permalink

    I wonder if Dargoth will allow this thing to get to 1k comments XD

  25. CwHart permalink

    Holy shit it’s here o.o FINALLY

      • Care to put it through google translate? I for one am on phone ant it seems the browser I’m using doesn’t auto-translate stuff

      • The latest version v1.20 will have been published in
        We expect perfection, but before just in case version and save data
        We recommend that you keep a backup.
        Updates will be as follows.

        v1.20 updates planned
        • To add a new cut-in to fellow 4 bodies
         (Iliad, candles daughter, watermelon daughter, seaweed daughter)
        -Existing erotic scene and renewed some of the CG
         (65537 pages, sea anemone daughter, Cobra daughter, scorpion daughter
          Sphinx daughter, sea cucumber daughter, Hill daughter, bees daughter
          Centipede daughter, Meda daughter, Roper daughter)
        • The two points add a mini event of fellow
         (Rati, Gigi)
        – Various and strengthening the skills of performance underprivileged
        • To strengthen the unique abilities of more than half of the fellow
        • The strengthening vocational and the ability value correction and the ability of the tribe
        • In the milking skills, as unique milk is available for each monster
         Specific words when squeezed also set to all monsters (except the Berserker armor)
        – Add a new dungeon “labyrinth of chaos” in the previous chapter clear after limited
        • The restoration of the small events serif 42 pieces of the Iliad that has not been displayed in bug
        And other, fixes various bugs

        For the new dungeon “labyrinth of chaos”, please refer to the last update.
        Go to the netherworld with the data after clearing, and examine the bookshelf that can combat recollection,
        You can go to the chaotic labyrinth of.
        Before you plunge into the labyrinth, the advice of the Grim Reaper and white rabbit who is in the entrance
        Let’s check is not forgotten.

        Since the degree of difficulty is very high, extremely long as the party is not strong,
        Push the envelope in the attack full commitment is difficult.
        Physical attack, magic attack (covering various attributes), state and abnormal Auxiliary
        It is, it will be a key to the breakthrough to organize the balance good party.

        In addition, since “labyrinth of chaos” is a special challenge dungeon,
        There are specific rules such as the following.
        I can not, and conversation enemy
        The enemy is not a fellow
        – The enemy does not come to the battle in the temptation
        If you have, defeat, H scene and evaluation meeting cut
        · It is unlikely to be able to escape, also escape skills invalid
        – Ability and equipment to reduce the encounter rate is invalid

        Also by milking skills, you can squeeze each monster specific milk.
        Only is a collector’s item, no special effects and events.
        It should be noted that “demon of milk” which was available at the milking of until now,
        Since it came out of the labyrinth of random treasure chest of chaos, you do not have to worry about to become impossible to obtain.

  26. Anonymous permalink

    Holy Jesus! In just 5 more months, we’ll finally have the first translation patch!

    • Touka permalink

      The first translation patch was months ago.

      • Anonymous permalink

        It didn’t even have the content that he translated from the demo.

  27. Grandork permalink

    Hey guys, 1.2 is out, and this is what’s about (Thanks to Cnby26):


    v1.20 is out now. As always, make sure you back up your version number and saves before you update.

    v1.20 includes:
    -new cut-ins for 4 companions (Ilias, Candle Girl, Watermelon Girl, Seaweed Girl)
    -some existing scenes’ CGs have been renewed (Page 65537, Sea Anemone, Cobra, Scorpion, Sphinx, Sea Cucumber, Leech, Bee, Centipede, Meda, Roper)
    -two mini events have been added (Rati, Gigi)
    The rest of the updates’ contents are more-or-less covered in my previous post.

    A few notes about the “Labyrinth of Chaos”.
    You can access the Labyrinth after clearing the game by examining the bookshelf in the Netherworld. Before you plunge into the Labyrinth you should speak with Death and White Rabbit’s for advice at the entrance.
    Since the Labyrinth of Chaos is a special dungeon there are a couple of rules.
    -You cannot converse with enemies
    -You cannot recruit enemies
    -Enemies will not try to tempt you
    -There will be no H or Evaluation scenes if you are defeated.
    -Chances of escape from battle is incredibly low, and escape skills are disabled
    -Abilities and equipment that reduce encounter rates are also disabled

    One last note. The milking skill will generate unique milk depending on the monster you use it on. Ultimately it’s for collection purposes only. They don’t lead to any special effects or events.
    It should be noted that “Demon’s Milk” which was available until this update, will still appear in chests in the Chaos Labyrinth. So don’t worry if you didn’t collect any.

    • CwHart permalink

      Thanks for the clearer translation, a few things I had trouble making out with the google one.

    • YES

  28. Anonymous permalink

    I got the new patch but can’t seem to figure out how to obtain the monters milk. Anyone know how?

    • Desert Eagle permalink

      The “Doll” family usually gets mechanical skills, one of them being a pleasure attack, “milking”. That should let you milk them.

      • Anonymous permalink

        Program, milking. It’s in the maid skill group.

  29. Anonymous permalink

    They put New Cut-ins! Yeah! I’m really happy for that, I hope they keep making more until every monster has one!

  30. NoName permalink

    By cut-ins they mean the ones that appear in battle when you use certain attacks with those monsters, right? Well, I guess it’s fine that Ilias finally got one, I guess. I’m really curious about the “renewed” CGs though.

  31. Chiron Maximus permalink

    Ok, so 1.2 is out, but I can’t find a download link. Should I ask for one or wait on Dargoth?

    • Desert Eagle permalink

      I don’t think the English patch for 1.2 is ready yet. It’ll take its own time.

    • Touka permalink

      If you mean the game, go to Sukebei and search もんむす・くえすと! ぱらどっくすRPG前章

      If you mean the translation patch, it isn’t out yet.

  32. I don’t know if anyone would mind helping me out here, but DLsite messed up my order and I can’t redownload MGQP. I own the game and paid for it, but I don’t know if there’s any other way to get 1.2. If I can’t get DLsite to honor my purchase, would someone mind e-mailing me a copy of 1.2?

  33. Mawey permalink

    if you have paid for it look into the upgrade information from your dl account

  34. Anonymous permalink

    If the English patch ever came out for 1.2, I wouldn’t mind if I had to repurchase the game, I simply want to #$*@#%ing play it at this point, it’s been months since I’ve heard it, months since I bought it, and months since I still can’t play it.

  35. mrSmith007 permalink

    Seems like the ROBF translation EX files have dead links anyone kind enough to reupload?

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