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MGQ Paradox English Patch 1.02a

March 30, 2015

Didn’t get as much done as I wanted, but this patch includes all the map content that was translated in the demo along with lots of abilities, skills, racial traits, etc. H-scenes are conspicuously absent, but we’ll probably patch again in April with more.

Torotoro’s improvements from his patch 1.02.01 aren’t incorporated into this patch yet. If you use his, it’ll untranslate some of the menu stuff, but otherwise shouldn’t conflict. Speaking of 1.02.01, new patch naming format since Torotoro copied mine…

Sorry for the lack of a readme.

Patch only compatible with version 1.02 of Paradox. You’ll need a fresh copy of the game. Don’t try to patch a previously patched version (it shouldn’t even let you). Also, make sure Torotoro’s 1.02.01 patch.rb isn’t in the /Patch directory when you try to patch. You need the regular 1.02 patch.rb in there. Just copy your saves over, there won’t be any problems. Party member names from saves still won’t be translated properly. We’ll get that fixed in the next patch hopefully.

This isn’t tested much so hopefully it works! You guys know the drill by now.

English patch 1.02a:!zcYj2S4L!eyKrr0mbxH54RKTU5IWEvtychkXS1nkMCiGQbqD9i48

Alternative method if the patcher is giving you problems (e.g., out of memory, wrong version when you know you have 1.02):
1. Download an RPGMaker decrypter
2. Decrypt all files in Game.rgss3a
3. Move decrypted files into game directory, overwrite when asked
4. Rename/delete/move Game.rgss3a so it doesn’t conflict with the decrypted files
5. Move and overwrite these patched data files


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  1. Anonymous permalink

    is there any rips of the new cgs yet? i dont know if i like what ive heard about them so far….

  2. Dargoth stop translating you fucking fool.

    • I don’t buy their assumption that people will buy English localized versions of VNs but won’t buy the Japanese versions and use a fan translation patch. I think that would only be true if the VN were available on Steam, which is all but impossible for H-games.

      • Anonymous permalink

        what happened to the 1.02 patch?

    • eXitus permalink

      Their assumption is alittle outdated in my oppinion. I’ll happily buy a digital-japanese VN if an english patch is freely available, cuz it’s cheap. Think about it for a moment, dargoth (and the ones helping him) puts in huge amounts of time and effort to make a fantranslation !!!for free!!!

      On the other hand, if mangagamer puts out an official release, the chances are that the price will be higher than the “original”, since time and effort were used to localize it.

      This will only hurt OUR western market, not the eastern one. Since, no matter which way you go, the ones willing and able to lay down money for the game will do so, regardless of whom we pay in the end and that means; the money will end up in the pockets of the developer.

      Well, if it’s an all-ages version on steam, like dargoth already said, it’s a different matter. But do tell me, how would an all-ages version of MGQ be even look like? Nearly every encounter with a monster is already beyond any hope of getting through an inspection. xD

    • Grandork permalink

      I always laugh at this part: “It’s true that fan-patches for visual novels means that fans might get to play the game in English, but we’re now in the age where official licenses are much more common, and quite more likely”. That’s why only an insignificant amount of VN, and usually those that are dirt cheap to purchase the license, are translated. I lost the count of how many great VN I would have not been able to read if it were not for fan translation. Hell, even for non-VN games there are a TON of great Japanese games that will never see the light of day in English (Mother anyone?) for many of reason, hell, GaijinWorks had to start with Summon Night 5, because of the nightmare of getting the license to the game.

      This also boggles my mind “Honestly, the truth is that those of us working in the industry would love to have those of you with talent and skill join us on this end”. Sure, and have to translate a lot of crappy Eroge, because that is what sells, instead of games that they are really interested in, because said games is too long, too expensive, not accessible, won’t sell well, or any other reason, and getting paid way below your market value for your skills, because it’s a passion market.

      Also, I have yet to see a translator going “Well, fuck that this game was licensed and they started translation, I will continue my fan one”. And what do they expect, for fan translator to look at a game released in 2010 and say “Oh geez, better not translate this great game, I’m sure eventually Jesus will dawn on the publisher and they will license this game to be translated”.

      And of course, MangaGamer is full of shit. Let’s look at a great example of why they are full of shit: Koihime Musou was first released in 2007, three years latter MangaGamer get the license and translate it, thus releasing it in 2012. Great, people loved it and were really excited for them to continue the series. I’m sure they had a lot of good reasons for why they couldn’t, either because it took to long, cost to much or can’t license, but for some reason they didn’t translate Shin Koihime † Musou ~Otome Ryouran ☆ Sangokushi Engi~, an alternate version of the first one that was also well received in Japan. People really wanted it to be released in English and got in contact will MangaGamer, when they didn’t give a positive answer, they created the The Shin Koihime Musou Translation Project, and started a campaign with translation in order to maybe spike some interest in them. Fast forward to today, they are about 70% into the rough translation, and still no word from MangaGamer that they are willing to get the license for said game. So the idea here is, you are harming potential sells that we may want to get in the possible future, even though there is a really strong possibility that it will never happen.

      So tell me MangaGamer, why hasn’t there been official translation of the Rance Saga? Or the really good Eushully games? Because they are technical nightmares and wouldn’t sell enough to pay for themselves. And how exactly would there ever be awareness to these games in the west without fan translation? Only reason some companies are translating games in English (NekoPara) is because they saw potential on all the people who fan translate and those who buy the JP game to play said translated game. The Fan Translators are the real heroes of the West Market for VN type game and you guys are saying for them to stop? Bitch, please.

      • eXitus permalink

        As a sidenote, doesn’t mangagamer&co. only go for the VN’s which would be are already highly evaluated/are an VN from an accomplished developer/studio? In other words, 99.9% of the titles on dlsite (for example) ain’t even on their watchlist until these titles get an fantranslation and their popularity on the western front booms…

      • Grandork permalink

        eXitus, not really. They go for VN that will bring in money. There are tons of VN that have great reputation, but the cost of License + Translation + Distribution is just not worth it. That is why half of their translations are crappy Eroge, that cost almost nothing to License and are easy to translate, plus they sell relatively well.

      • eXitus permalink

        Which I don’t deny. After all, most titles I’ve seen on dlsite tend to a niche that isn’t really satisfied with the usual VN’s. MGQ is probably an prime example of that.

        So it would be a pretty risky move to go for these. Well, another problem is probably that official translations are sometimes worse than the fan ones. Which, in my oppinion’s true for Light Novels aswell. The problem isn’t even the quality of the translations, but the way they do their translations.

      • Anonymous permalink

        Step 1: Japan makes great games.
        Step 2: No publisher will translate the games.
        Step 3: Fans translate the game for others to enjoy.
        Step 4: The market for the games increases with the popularity of the fan translations.
        Step 5: Publishers decide to get into the market.
        Step 6: Publishers can’t sell games that have already been translated.
        Step 7: Publishers accuse fan translators of hurting the market.

        I think they are forgetting that fan translations built the market they are trying to appeal to. I am all for official translations but until their supply can actually meet the demands they they are not loosing money to fan translations. They should get off their corporate high horse and actually discus which games they are going to translate than gripe about the ones they might maybe possibly translate someday if we are lucky.

      • eXitus permalink

        The Main problem there is that they’re not transparent enough. If they actually put a list of games out, where they declare openly “These are the games we have interest in.”, “These are the games where we are in negotiations.” and “We are hopeful, but these games will not be possible in the foreseeable future.” This whole thing wouldn’t even be a debate, but that is kind of impossible I think. Company secrets and shit… Well, let them cry all they want. The world won’t stop turning for anybody.

      • khalayia permalink

        um this my sound really silly but whats stopping a large group of fan translators getting together and officially translating games/vn’s etc? mangagamer can’t be the only official translating company?

      • Grandork permalink

        Khalayia, quite a lot actually. First they have to be able get the license to translate the game they want to translate, then translate it, then market it and then sell it. Plus, they have to have an idea of how many copies they will sell vs how long it will take to translate it + cost of licensing. Having a business is not easy, not by a long shot.

    • Touka permalink

      I’ve bought a few of the Touhou games and an eroges or two because they had English patches, I never would have bought them if they didn’t have one. Their assumption is bull.

      • Touka permalink

        Also, Touhou 14 is the first Touhou game that is getting an official English release, the first!

      • Goo Guy permalink

        Woah, Touhou 14 is going to have an official english release!?! I thought ZUN was against selling outside Japan?

    • Anonymous permalink

      This is trolling, right? It’s retarded on so many levels I can’t even.

      • eXitus permalink

        Admittedly, the chances for that are pretty good.

      • Grandork permalink

        Trolling or not, that is the position of Manga Gamer, a company that reaps the rewards of the fanbase created by fan translations.

      • eXitus permalink

        Weren’t they a fantranslation group before they started to make their living with it?

      • Grandork permalink

        Uh… I don’t think so, maybe?

      • eXitus permalink

        Wikipedia says I’m wrong. But something there made me laugh… Quote:”MangaGamer has served as a mediator in talks between several fan translation groups and Japanese game companies that ended in deals made to officially release said translations through MangaGamer.”

    • CwHart permalink

      Read my lips, MGQ will NEVER get an official license in the west. The translation they are using is the one rogue made which is a fan translation. The game itself hits too many red notes in the western world, vore, lolis. Luka looking like a shotacon. Toro is getting people to translate their work for free, and sure while that sux for people who want to translate for monetary gain, it’s not hurting Toro in any way, but helping them. Fuck whoever posted this shit.

      • Touka permalink

        Technically MGQ Part 1 has an official English release on DLsite.

      • Touka permalink

        It doesn’t matter if it used a modified version or even a straight up rip of a fan translation, Toro included it in the game so it’s basically official.

      • Anonymous permalink

        I remember someone saying that the official translation was completely different than Rogue’s. Anyone here seen it?

      • Grandork permalink

        No, Toro did not use Rogue’s translation.

      • Anonymous permalink

        When did Luka “look like a shotacon”? I don’t remember any scene where he seemed interested in young boys…

  3. Pyro permalink

    Hmm looks like 1.10.1 is up on The main site but not on DLSite for those of you grabbing the game now/recently

    • eXitus permalink

      Any mention of which bugs got fixed?

      • Pyro permalink

        Something about an error in a conversation with Sarah

      • eXitus permalink

        ??? I thought there were numerous critical bugs? Haven’t played 1.10 myself, but from what I read I got that impression…

      • Pyro permalink

        It’s a minor fix for 1.10

        1.10.00 adds a TON of stuff

        1.10.01 fixes Sarah’s conversation — bug introduced in 1.10.00

        If it helps, think of it as follows for patches.

        1.x.x = Game 1 in the trilogy
        x.##.x = Major patches and/or content additions
        x.x.## = Minor patches such as spelling/grammar changes or minor crashes.

      • eXitus permalink

        That much I know. I’m wondering why they mention only that one bug and nothing else. Normally this is where they say what else is going on, no?

        I really hope Dargoth won’t die of headaches with this project… I’d be down for the count by now. >.<

    • Drawner permalink

      How does that patching works? My pc doesn`t even recognize the format…

      • Pyro permalink

        For the 1.10.01 patch, extract the file and place it into the patch folder containing the game version 1.10.00. If you have 1.01, 1.02, or 1.03 you need to re-download the latest package

        You’ll know the game data is 1.10 if in the root folder with the Game.exe you’ll see a 解説書v1.10.txt file with a Patch folder for you to place the file in.

      • Drawner permalink

        Isn`t it a translating patch? I re-downloaded the game in 1.10 version but it`s wholly untranslated even with the file from your link

      • Anonymous permalink

        There is no translation for 1.10 yet. 1.02 is the last translated version.

  4. Grandork permalink

    With all these fixes, I wonder if Dargoth is just going to say “Screw it, I’m releasing the translation once I finish Illias Continen”.

  5. Respect permalink

    Exactly how far will the patch be translated up to?

  6. CwHart permalink

    Dargoth, I wanted to drop my thoughts on something. While myself along with everyone else is itching to get their hands on an update, it’s clear toro toro is going to have a few more patches in the future. From what I understand with each patch you need to rework alot of shit to make the update work for that patch, so I was wondering why not hold off on any updates until the final patch is out? I don’t see the point in you overworking yourself any more then what you already are, and alot of that work can be focused on translating the game itself. Just my thought TBH, I don’t wanna tell you how to do things and am very grateful of you and the others working with you for taking ya’lls time to do this for us.

    • Cellulanus permalink

      Pretty much my thought too, but who knows when toro is going to be done patching.

    • BlackWind permalink

      Depending on how much work needs to go into a new patch it normally also be possible to release a patch ever so often say nearly every major patch with where ever the translation is at.

      however this is just my 2 cents i’m sure that yous have already disgust how to go about this and i’m grateful for all the effort that is going in to this.

      thank you and good luck with the translation 🙂

  7. Dargoth should Twitch his translating

    • Cellulanus permalink

      Something tells me it wouldn’t exactly be interesting to watch.

      And full of spoilers.

    • Grandork permalink

      They don’t allow adult content.

      • eXitus permalink

        They could put it on Redtube? 😛

      • Grandork permalink

        I don’t think Dargoth wants to become fap material O.o

      • eXitus permalink

        I thought the game would be onscreen and not dargoth? Although it could be kind of funny if he tries to imitate lukas moaning… xD

      • LOL guys common we don’t want to upset our translator.

      • eXitus permalink

        *Performs a splendid dogeza* I’m sorry, it won’t happen again!… Probably… *Avoids eye contact*

  8. Did anyone else see this besides me? I didn’t find the man’s laugh that funny but the subtitles were funny.

    • eXitus permalink

      If that man sat before me in RL and started laughing like that, I’d have one of two possible reactions 1. I’d piss myself laughing. 2. I’d give him my best punch to shut him up. Depends on the situation, I guess?

    • I saw something similar a while back, but subtitled to refer to a hockey team. Basically, discussing minor gripes about the game … because we care about the franchise so much.

      In regards to the music from the first game, I thought most of it was open-use free stuff anyway.

      • ragm54 permalink

        Its a pretty famous clip from an old spanish TV show, Its even hard for spanish native speakers to understand what is he talking about.

    • M8 Xevly is best Artist

  9. eXitus permalink

    Umm some thought just hit me from nowhere – although it’s pretty late in the game and it should have hit me far sooner. Does anyone know if toro is planning for an official english translation of paradox? He did it for monmusu quest 1-3 after all… although I still think that rogues translation playd a big part in it.

    Knowing me, I’m probably only overthinking this and couldn’t be more wrong, but it’s making me anxious. <.<

    • CwHart permalink

      The translation they are using is the fan one Rogue made. IDK if they ever will as long as fan translators do it.

      • eXitus permalink

        Didn’t someone say – a page back – that it wasn’t the one rogue made?

      • I might just buy the English version to find out for sure. Lots of conflicting reports on this.

      • I’ve heard of lots of people *assuming* it was Rogue’s, especially since Rogue apparently send it to TTR when he quit translating. But the only thing I read as an “I played it and can compare”-statement was someone who said that it was either an entirely new or at least heavily edited translation.

      • eXitus permalink

        If that’s true, why doesn’t TTR make a news/statement? If he has a translator at hand, it would be the safest and easiest thing to do, to just say that there will be an official translation. ~_~

      • Anonymous permalink

        “will be a translation”? Are you talking about the original MGQ or Paradox?
        If it’s about the original MGQ, I thought they announced it already. If it’s about Paradox, who knows whether they’re going to translate it? Just because they translated one doesn’t mean they’ll translate the other (though it raises the chances).

      • Anonymous permalink

        Umm… “will be a translation”?
        Are you talking about original MGQ or Paradox?
        If you’re talking about the original – I thought they announced that. But then, I can’t read Japanese, so I can’t just check it.
        If it’s about Paradox, maybe they aren’t announcing anything because they have no plans to translate it yet?
        In any case, it’s not like they have a translator as part of their staff. They either paid a freelance translator to translate it, or they used Rogue’s translation. Neither guarantees that future games will be translated.

      • Anonymous permalink

        Great. Can’t log in, couldn’t see my own reply, posted again, anonymous double post. I hate WordPress’ comment system >.<

      • eXitus permalink

        I’m talking about paradox and if they have an translator, freelancer or otherwise, it would make the fantranslation something akward. And since TTR veils himself in silence in regards to the “official” english release of MGQ 1-3, we don’t know whether it’s an heavily edited version of rogues translation, or an complete new one. If it’s only heavily edited, one can assume that that’s the only thing TTR will do towards an english version of his games. But if it’s a real new translation, one has to assume that the likelihood of the same happening to paradox is pretty good.

      • Anonymous permalink

        What does it matter whether there will be an official translation?
        MGQ’s translation – both the one by Rogue and the one (commissioned?) by TTR, whether they’re the same or not – was handed out for free. No one made or lost any money.
        Dargoth also hands his translation out for free. Unless TTR decides “I want extra money for an English version” (which they didn’t before), TTR won’t loose any money, either.

        So, the only “awkward” question would be whether Dargoth’s translation is redundant.
        Which it is not. Who knows when, or if, an official English version will be released? At the very least, Dargoth’s trans allows to partially play the game before an official English version is released. That means even if an official version would be released, Dargoth’s version wasn’t pointless.

    • CwHart permalink

      What the above poster said, TBH if Toror concerned themselves with fan translations they would translate paradox now and not focus on the older games just yet.

  10. Daeryu permalink

    Hey Dargoth, I posted a couple of times in the /vg/ thread about being interested in helping with translation – but I didnt get a reply. Anyway, I spent 6 months in Japan last year and am around N3-N2 level in Japanese. Figured I might be able to help with something. If you think I could help with my limited Japanese, tell me how I can start.

    • Nice! You should come by the #mgq channel on Rizon or shoot me an email.

      • Hey Dargoth. I was wondering wether or not youre gonna keep releasing patches every now and then, or wait until part one is finished by Toro and then just release the entire thing all at once?


      • DungeonMasterBobbySmith permalink

        Hey Dargoth,
        anonfiles is down and I was wondering if you would please post an alternitive link to patch (depositfiles, faststore, or datafiles) . My piece of shit compter is not able to download from

  11. Anonymous permalink

    Hey guys where is the panty master sensei located?

  12. Suzaku permalink

    Argh. Just looked trough all the pictures to see what all the fuss is about, turned out to be a bad idea. Giving this Xelvy artist so much freedom… damn what were they thinking? He must be pretty cheap compared to other artists.
    I wasn’t that disgusted since someone sent me the one guy one jar video a few years ago. If this guy continues to draw the lionshare of the scenes i will probably not bother with part 2 or part 3. Sure the plot and the gameplay of the game are decent so far and the characters are mostly likeable, but for me the nature of the scenes is the most important part of an eroge. The sex scenes are what distinguish this game from other rpgs and if most of them are between “blegh” and “im gonna cut my eyes out” you are left with a average rpg at best, and that is really sad.

    • Anonymous permalink

      Wow, you are really playing this game from the wrong angle if you even consider not playing the other parts just because of one artist you don’t like. I would play the game even if every single artwork was drawn by my least favorite artist in the game, that is because I enjoy the story the most.
      Xelvy has drawn 13 entires (by checking the monsterpedia) from a total of about 135+ entires which is not so many. Like it or not he is here to stay.

      • Anonymous permalink

        Find and/or be better artist, Decrypt game, and replace artwork… If the scenes aren’t to liking then get rpg maker vx ace, put a project file in the directory, and do some edits or figure out how Dargoth is search/replace content. Give the mod a good name, share, and the people will love you; When in doubt mod it out

    • Stoche permalink

      As much as the cyborgs and shit are a turn off for me (When I first got to Part 3 I was just thinking what the hell, is this all there is now?) I would still play Part 2 & 3 of Paradox. As strange as some may find it since it is an eroge after all… I play MGQ mainly for the story, of course I also enjoy the h-content to. Though if there’s a repeat of Part 3 later on I really will be playing MGQ, an eroge, for the story alone lmfao

    • Dsfargeg permalink

      Couldn’t disagree more. Monster girls are now boring, vanilla. Monstrous girls like xelvy’s are the next level.

  13. Anonymous permalink

    I got a slight problem, I can´t seem to find the 1.02 version of MGQ, could anyone provide me with a link or tell me where to find the right version?

  14. Dickalert permalink

    Hey mmm, noob question. But can anyone point me out to how to install this translation? I dont have an RPGmaker Decrypter so yea….

  15. EZSPECIAL permalink

    Anyone know on translating this kind of game work (being RPG Maker), do you actually edit it decrypting and then using RPG Maker to replace lines? That would be awesome

  16. Anon permalink

    I’m getting the following error when I open the game (after following the Alternative Method, because the Patch.exe didn’t work (OutOfMemory error):

    “Script ‘Cache’ line 106: RGSSError occurred.

    failed to create bitmap”

    Any idea? I still don’t have the game translated.

  17. help permalink

    can someone tell me how to patch the game properly when i always try to patch it it will suddenly hang. how do i fix this problem

  18. Bradical Brad permalink

    I try on every way but the patch doesn`t work it say wrong version and i have the 1.02 version of the game, please i need some help here.

  19. Anonymous permalink

    i have patched the game but why i didn’t see the translated H-scene of slime girl?

  20. Anon-Perv permalink

    I don’t know of I missed something, but there’s a lot of dialogue, including attack names and talk dialogue, that’s not translated. Any advice?

    • Anon-Perv permalink

      Ok, nevermind. It didn’t translate anything past the bridge on the Slime Mountain, in the beginning of the game.

      I did something wrong, but I don’t know what it is yet. Any ideas?

  21. so, stupid question most likely but im new to this so sorry in advance, but do i need to download the Japanese language pack first, then the game + this english pack to make it work? or can i just skip the japanese pack?

  22. Anonymous permalink

    hey the links for the 1.02a are not working and i can’t find the patch anywhere else so plz help

  23. OrangeFlame_476 permalink

    Hey Dargoth, the link for downloading the full translation patch of Monster Girl Quest part 2 is down on rogue’s site. I am cautious of other download links on the web. Can you provide a link for download?

    • Part 2? Why not just download the full patch? I really doubt I have a copy of a part 2 patch myself.

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