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MGQ Paradox Release Date – 3/14

March 11, 2015


If you haven’t heard yet, Paradox will be released 3 days from now. Oh dear…

I think we’re in position to hit the ground running with the translation, fortunately. The short turnaround from the latest demo to release gives me hope that there won’t be many structural changes with the game, which should make the transition smoother than it has been between demos.

I mentioned it in an edit to the last entry, but we have an actual patching process now. You won’t have to decrypt the game or anything complicated like before. We’re still working on a way to rename characters from Japanese to English in the save files for those of you who played the Japanese demo or want to play ahead before I release a patch. I don’t believe this will be a problem though.

Anyway, I’ll be spending the entire weekend getting out an initial patch with all the demo content and hopefully a large chunk of things like items, class names, skills, character names, etc. for those who want to play without caring too much about the story. No promises, but it’s time I get serious about Paradox.

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  1. WildHawk permalink

    And It’s out woooooo

  2. Anonymous permalink

    It’s out on Japanese DLsite, but my credit card is giving a error.. 😦

  3. CMrC permalink

    NG+ is out as well nice this is gonna be a busy weekend

  4. Anonymous permalink

    If you want to purchase the game from the DLsite I posted a mini guide on the previous posts. I’ll retype it here one last time. To get past the credit card error you MUST register with the JP site and go through the process and provide a valid email address. In addition, under phone number enter 0123456789 and for phonetic spelling please just translated whatever you entered into actual Japanese character (G-trans) will satisfy this requirement (FYI keep it simple, don’t get fancy). Use Google-trans to navigate through the registration process shouldn’t take more than a couple a minutes. THEN enter your credit card info upon checkout like you would on the English site. The rest is up to you. Again please review previous comments, sometimes you’ll find the answer before even having to ask! Dargoth, love ya! Even though the game JUST came out, I can’t help but say it, please hurry, I’m dying inside waiting. Haha, nah I kid, but… seriously hurry up… NOO I’m just kidding haha. 😛 I’ll probably play it raw like a couple of others and get some levels in and what not.

  5. CMrC permalink

    I’ve too say ChiiTrans is prooving quite good for understanding stuff in game. I’m also making a lot of text replacement as i go to make it nicer. If i think it will be worth it i’ll try posting the file somewhere

  6. anon permalink

    Anddddd… its out! Time to see the feedback.

  7. Obsidious permalink

    Can you please translate the battle texts at some point as well? Or maybe tell us whether you intend to before or after translating the story?

    • CMrC permalink

      this is old stuff and it flopped already. Some things are meant to stay 2d

    • Chiron Maximus permalink

      Yeah at Intelliware, but they only have a demo right now, and it only has you fight slime girl, slug girl, and only encounter Granberia, but not fight her.

  8. Anonymous permalink

    Up on the english site now.

  9. Anonymous permalink

    Anyone know how to recruit the girls?

  10. are

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