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MGQ Paradox Preview Video

December 23, 2014

Torotoro’s end of the month update comes with a special surprise, a preview video for Paradox!

You can view his blog update with links to the video on Niconico and a direct download link:

Video translation:

Other things to note:
Promestein: Yes, I’d love to observe you… No, I want to help you.
Sonya responds with: you mean you want to turn Luka into a guinea pig?
promestein says she can inject something to turn bunni into a rabbit
bunni asks “oh yes, it must be carrot elixir”
promestein starts to explain DNA and then gives up and agrees with her
Brunhilde says she’s supposed to wake up at the end of the world and protect it
Sylph shown as a regular party member.

No release date yet, but “coming soon.” It says there will be approximately 230 monster races to choose from. Over 500 enemies, all of whom can become allies. Approximately 140 jobs. That’s probably for the entire Paradox trilogy and not just the first part though.

Demo translation is wrapping up too… Eventually. (Not never)

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  1. Anonymous permalink

    Video with subtitles integrated:

  2. Anonymous permalink

    Ok i need to say: The Trailer was Awesome. I really cant wait to see the full game. Please Dargoth promise that you will translate all of it. It doesnt matter how long you need.^^

  3. NoName permalink

    I really am frustrated with the “Coming soon” announcement, seriously. The game is obviously completed at this point, just by looking at the trailer, and the remaining thing may be testing and fixing, but that’s it. Really, you don’t put a “Coming soon” unless it’s really coming soon. You would rather put a release date for that. I really hope that it comes in New’s Year.

    • Manc permalink

      No one can really judge how big part 1 is going to be. After all, this is just a preview.

      It’s fine to write coming soon, and then give a release date a few days before release. Nothing is certain, so they can’t give a date weeks or months in advance.

      Be patient, quality is way better than rushing to be a little earlier.

    • Striker J permalink

      All RPG games require a long time to test. There’s a lot to consider including blocking the players from going to areas they’re not supposed to head into.
      Preventing sequence breaking takes a lot of programming and thought as to where could it happen. Finding these breaks and fixing them as to prevent the player from getting a total game breaking sequence that would prevent player progression.
      So yes they could rush it out and release patches later, or they could do a long testing period to save players progress so that aren’t threatened by a accidental game breaking sequence break.

      • Striker J permalink

        *Replace sequence breaking with script breaking.

  4. Anonymous permalink

    See, I absolutely love MGQ series and I also love JRPG, but mixing these two together kinda worries me for some reason. I felt that MGQ was at its best being linear, focusing more on the story, dialogue, and the battle sequences and of course the H-scenes. Being a RPG felt like it would have more meat and distractions from the things I loved about MGQ. Not to mention now with random encounters, it might be a little cumbersome to try and encounter the monster girls that way which was a pretty straight forward and relaxing task in the original trilogy.

    I played the demo, and it kinda confirms my worries on the game. Nonetheless, I’m still greatly looking forward to the game. Planning to play it in Japanese with VNR, hard to wait for the full translations. lol

    • CivilDeviation permalink

      I think though I’m not sure that there are reduced encounter items in the game. Might make it more enjoyable. Some will hate the “distractions” as a break from continuity and some will see “exploration” as a way of bringing depth and self-immersion between storyline. Honestly though, I can’t think of a game that I’ve been this excited for aside from the poke’a’girl jrpg.

      • Anonymous permalink

        I’m aware of the reduce encounter accessory, but that doesn’t really solve the problem though. Less random encounter also mean less chance of encountering the monster girls and more time needed to find a certain monster girl missing from monsterpedia. In standard JRPG, it may be fine to miss out on random encounter because they’re just monsters, but these are monster GIRLs, the main driving force of the game. xD

      • SToche permalink

        The way I look at random encounters is bringing depth to the world, making it feel… alive I guess, since it’s RPG maker and not a VN-styled game anymore. If he just placed a few events for every MG in every area then the world would feel less populated when there’s supposed to be a ton of MGs, it worked with the trilogy because of it’s format in my opinion. We can actually see the world from a different perspective this time and it’s going to feel much larger and it brings in the chance of rare MGs being encountered. Also brings in the option of a lot of sidequests, not that I particularly like them that much.

      • Manc permalink

        You can take the accessory on and off. It seems strange that there are both friendly monsters (Slimes) and also aggressive monsters in the same area (Slimes).

        I feel I would prefer the more linear encounters as well (like meeting npc Bunny Slime to fight her), but it’s the RPG maker norm to have random encounters. I hope the game ups the difficulty and challenges with monsters. Only boss fights seem to be as challenging as the MGQ’s regular monsters. The random mobs seem to be weak for the sake of being able to grind or travel.

        One thing I’ll miss from MGQ is the meditation. You’d choose to fight a slow battle with meditation and spirits, or just blitz before you die. Maybe MGQP will bring a different kind of fun through all the jobs.

      • Sonicdude8 permalink

        In regards to what Manc said, don’t forget, in the original MGQ one feature of the linear battles was that you heal in between every battle, so it didn’t matter how hard an enemy was as long as it is possible to beat at full health (even the “random mob” type enemies). In this game it is necessary to fight a random mob many times before getting to the boss, so if they made one type of mob really tough, you would need to heal to full health after every normal battle. In that case a player needs tons of healing potions in order to travel, and this does not include the amount necessary to travel a dungeon. (this is referring to when characters at the appropriate level for the area and not under-leveled members). I don’t claim to be the best at strategies in games with a set number of enemy encounters but I don’t think I’m bad at them. Think back on the enemies in the original MGQ and remember how much health you had after each battle. Of course unlike the original, we can level grind in paradox until we are over-leveled, and that would make it easier.

  5. Striker J permalink

    I wonder if there will be a orc girl if they’re basing some enemies off of D&D.

  6. NoName permalink

    … It’s in the trailer. That pig girl that attack a bear girl is an orc. Orcs are usually depicted as pigs, so yeah, that’s the orc.

    • NoName permalink

      In fact, her name says Orc girl, so no doubt about it.

      • Striker J permalink

        Well I guess from looking back at it, wasn’t quite as muscular as I would’ve hoped. I guess domesticated monster girls still aren’t a thing.

      • Manc permalink

        There’s a slime in Luka’s village and the church.

      • Striker J permalink

        I was referring to the fact that I thought that the orc girl was pig. I know monster girls are friendlier in this title, also some angels still look they were out of the Arab Qur’an.

  7. Is Yao in the game?

    • Anonymous permalink

      I think everyone from the original is. They already have the art done, so why not?

      • NoName permalink

        Yeah, she’s in, though if you’re asking if she will be in the first release then we don’t know. We do know that Nanabi and the small fox is in the first game because of the trailer. IMO I doubt we reach the four heavenly knights in the first game, and since Yao was fought a little before them, you probably will get her in the second game.

        And seriously, I don’t get why there’s so much Yao love in 4chan when Nanabi is far better, but oh well…

      • AnonA permalink

        Psh, Tamamo > all fox MGs.

  8. Anonymous permalink

    Woo hoo, it’s finally New years!

    • NoName permalink

      For you, at least. For us it’s still not New Year. Sorry, but you’ll have to wait a bit more.

  9. Cellulanus permalink

    I had a dream last night where the full translation was out.

    I hope it was a prophecy. And I’m worried about the implications that I’m dreaming about waiting for the translation to an eroge demo.

    • Anonymous permalink

      Dreaming about waiting for the translation to an eroge demo for a game about monsters raping a shouta, you mean 😛

  10. Ravaged by Busty Imp permalink

    Goddamit Dargoth, stop blueballing me!
    Happy New Year to you too!

  11. NoName permalink

    Happy New Year Dargoth! Hope it was a good one, and that you have a good one for the next year.

  12. Anon permalink

    Is it coming tonight? The anticipation is killin’ me!

    • No, not even close to being done.

      • Asshole permalink

        Goddamn if it’s taking you this long to finish the demo then part 1’s going to take at least 3 years.

        Can you at least upload what you got done?

      • Sure asshole. I’m sitting at work at 10PM on New Year’s Eve, but I’ll head home and check the status of editing and package up what I’ve got.

      • Asshole permalink

        Your post said that you’re “not even close to being done” implying that it would take a while to be finished. I was asking if you could upload what you did get done at the date you said it would be finished.

      • Anonymous permalink

        Why are people so excited/bitchy about the demo trans. I really just think of it as a head start in translating the main game when it’s released (which may be why it’s not done yet, because there is no rush). I played the demo with the partial trans earlier and really didn’t need anymore. It’s a freaking demo, so why they hell are you all so hell bent on having it translated. It’s likely going to be finished before the main game is released so it really doesn’t matter when it’s complete. All in all, F off.

      • ^
        Someone gets it!

  13. Anonymous permalink

    Dargoth is going to need to be kept on a steady diet of Ritalin and cocaine in order to get this one out quick enough!

    Looking forward to customizing a team of MGs. This brings up a lot replayability, which I think MGQ lacked. Though I am worried about the grinding that apparently will be a part of the game. It will definitely be a different feeling to the series.

  14. Anonymous permalink

    Half Life 3 or the Paradox demo… which will come first? 😀

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