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MGQ Paradox Demo Translation v0.91

November 28, 2014

Site 1. Paradox English Demo V0.91:
Site 2. Paradox English Demo V0.91:!SVYFHCJJ!LU3fZp6ufyiakKrFBZ9i_flRJq3gNym6fARS_P_8xjs

Forgot a file, updated to .91.

All right, it’s still not done, but it’s getting close! All the NPCs (except one guy, I think) are translated. Still plenty of battle and castle lines not done, and h-scenes. The Dog Girl loss scene is done (Pochi’s castle scene is virtually identical, but isn’t in there). Both Melk castle scenes are done too.

FYI, if you load an old save, some strings like character names won’t show up translated because they’re part of your save file. The current map you saved on won’t be translated either until you leave and come back to it.

First, you need an RPG Maker Decrypter. There are a few of these, but this one is good:!SJ5GwIRL!WoFhGFcNjBarrJdbTB-9bPtgxOItJfqxf-juPw6GAMQ or

If you’re having issues with that one, try this:

0. If you already decrypted the RPGMaker files before, you don’t need to do it again. Just overwrite the translation folder with the new files.

1. Download and extract MGQ Paradox Demo into a directory. To avoid locale issues, you should probably rename the directory so that it does not contain Japanese characters.

2. Decrypt!
2a. Run the tool I linked.
2b. File->Open File, pick Game.rgss3a.
2c. Tools->Extract All Files
2d. Success! Close the decrypter.

3. Move decrypted Data and Graphics files from \Extract\ to the game’s base directory, overwriting all duplicates in the game’s original Data and Graphics directories.

4. Delete or rename Game.rgss3a or you’ll get an error on launching the game.

5. Extract the patch into the game’s base directory, adding a Translation folder and overwriting Game.ini.

6. Launch Game.exe. That’s it!

Hopefully when Paradox comes out for real I’ll have someone make me an installer of sorts.

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  1. Anonymous permalink

    Why are some of you so upset about that fact that the demo translation is still unfinished. If Dargoth never translated it, you would’ve never played this game at all, unless you have a crappy translator :/ just be grateful and happy of the fact that there’s someone in this world who willingly translates a porn game (still an amazing franchise though) just for you 😀

    • Anonymous permalink

      Agreed. Dargoth and Rogue are two unsung heroes, they deserve all the praise. I just hope that the pace will take up once the game is released

  2. Anonymous permalink

    when I try to open the game, it says ‘Failed to load script’ What did I do wrong?

  3. ragm54 permalink

    Could someone tell me how to leave party members in the castle? Its supposed to happen the key 5 or something?

  4. Anonymous permalink

    I’m sure he gets this a lot, but does anyone know why dargoth’s twitter link just redirects to the homepage?

    Anyway, even though this did take awhile, if it weren’t for him it might never get translated at all.

    • I don’t use twitter, maybe that’s why!

      • Anonymous permalink

        well you should mr hot shot

      • Anonymous permalink

        then why do you have a twitter link lol?
        It’s like someone announcing they have a stand at a convention, but when I get there, it’s just a sign that says “fuck you”

      • It’s just something WordPress puts in the theme. I didn’t even realize it was there until now.

  5. save files please

  6. Anonymous permalink

    aww i was looking forward to imp castle scenes i-i

    cant complain though, theres so much info inside Illias Temple. keep up the good work! 😀

  7. Anonymous permalink

    i think there is some guys that still not translated at tartarus south of Ilias village

  8. Anonymous permalink

    what is the point of the playlist you posted. please explain sir Dargoth

  9. Anonymous permalink

    I have played through the demo and noted everything thats still untranslated just to help Dargoth in the case he did not know exactly whats left.

    – Most of the stuff in the Library menu

    – Combat Speech (Things said during combat including the use of the “Talk” ability)

    – Castle Speech (Things said when talking to people in the Pocket Castle)

    – Job selection screen (When talking with the priest in the temple)

    – H-Scenes

    – The top of the menu when in the Ability selection screen.

    – Some of the stuff in the “Status > Basic Info > Status Resists” screen

    – Some stuff when viewing info about weapons/armor/accessories. (In stores and in the status menu screen)

    – When entering a new area the text brefly displayed at the top left (I assume it is the name of the area)

    – Most NPCs at the Tartarus (South of Ilias Village)

    – The confirmation message when selling something to a store (Like a rapier because it seems it does not appear for all items)

    Anyways I hope this helps you a little bit Dargoth, I will keep waiting for a 100% translation so keep it up 🙂

    • Thanks! The new area that’s briefly displayed might not make it for the demo translation. It’s going to require a new version of the translation program or manual editing and rebuilding in RPGMaker.

      Cue laughs about never releasing a 100% translation.

      • Is the new area you’re talking about the Tartarus location or somewhere else?

        I’m crossing my fingers for a 100% translation of the demo to wet my appetite until the game comes out, but we can still expect everything to to be translated for the full game at least, yeah?

      • I mean the text popup that says your current location like “Iliasville” or whatever. That bit of text is buried in some file that ytinasni’s extractor doesn’t work on (or maybe I need to look harder). I’ll either have to get him to update it or translate it in RPGMaker and rebuild the map files. Come to think of it, that second option sucks because I’d have to redo it every time Torotoro releases a new patch.

      • The text box when you enter a new map is very low priority as far as I’m concerned. Every area has a sign or an NPC that introduces the name to the player, and the floors use B1 or F2 in the title so the important information is still conveyed. It’s probably not worth the effort until the very end.

      • Alex permalink

        Have you thought about recruiting assistants to help you Dargoth? Also you might want to wait a bit because there will probably a update or three in the first few months after the games release.

      • I have assistants now. Three of them in fact.

      • Alex permalink

        Good to hear the great thing about translating RPGM games is that it’s easier to divided the work and to compile that divided work once it’s finished for example see the image below.

    • Anonymous permalink

      I noticed something else that you might have missed. The Reaper and the Bunny Slime is also untranslated when entering the spirit world (or whatever it is) using the hades key.

      • Anonymous permalink

        Also what Luka and Alice (and probably Ilias) says when leaving the spirit world

  10. pejman92 permalink

    BtW Dargoth, do you plan on “recruiting” some people here to help you a bit with translating stuff? (be it building the patches testing etc etc). I am sure a lot of people would love to help for free if that means getting the patch faster 😀

  11. HK-47 permalink

    Torotoro updated he’s blog with two new girls, unfortunately the guy who usually translate those news is not doing it anymore (at least for the time being)

  12. A very minor note but the level 7 noble ability is described as granting *1.5 experience when all other experience abilities are described in percents. I can confirm it works in percent like the other abilities because when used in conjunction with the Hard-Work Bracelet Alice gains 50% experience and 200% job experience.

    Which might be another thing to note: All experience modifiers seem to add or subtract percents. If it says 150% experience, it actually means +50% experience. As far as I can tell it stacks with other abilities that do the same, creating a total % modifier before applying it to the number. In addition, anything that tells you “double” or “zero” experience points seems to just increase or decrease experience by 100%. So in the Alice situation described above, she gains +50% from her Ability, and -100% from her accessory to her character experience, but +100% to her Job Experience.

    • Another thing. Ernest talks about Magiknights, but the man in the desert mentions Armamentalists. They both claim that they are jobs unlocked by mastering Warrior and Mage. Without the Master-required classes out yet (I’ve tried) it’s impossible to tell if this is an inconsistency in translation or if they are two different classes. Either way I felt it worth pointing out.

      • Yeah, it’s the same class. I forgot I had called them Magiknights before, but I think I’ll go with that. It’s already changed.

  13. Hey guys 🙂 I found this game here :

    Its a dungeon crawler maze rpg with monster girls and some funny conversations (animations). Check it out.

    • Nice find. That one looks pretty good.

      Angel Crest, made by the Desire Dungeon guys, is supposedly coming out this month, as is camel’s new vore game Card Quest 2. Should be a good Christmas!

    • Anonymous permalink

      Seems interesting, of course, my lack of an ability to read anything leads me to wonder whether or not I am actually stuck.

    • Anonymous permalink

      Trial is awesome. The sex happens on victory which isn’t as much my thing, but the game itself is incredible, you and all monsters have an attack+defence+hp stat and initiating a fight (you get to see the stats of the monster and choose) just makes you both hit each other for (attackers attack minus enemy’s defence) until one of your HPs hits 0, additionally you can get a ‘shield’ stat which is a little buffer HP that regens after each fight. There are three levels of key and you just walk around a small maze-like grid of each floor (whole floor is visible) choosing which enemies to fight and which keys to spend in order to access more keys, stat upgrades, health, and stairs to the next floor. Pretty easy to gameover because the inn at the surface is seemingly the only way to get health apart from the rare healthpacks, and it costs 80g (fights net you about 5-10g each). I managed to beat the first boss (watery slime girl) which ended the demo, at first I ignored her and you can go much deeper though

      Protip to anybody who gets the demo, talk to the shop guy before you go in and buy his upgrades, they’re over 100g each but upgrades in this game are godly. Same for the witch shop girl a few levels in, if you can get your defence near enough to the weaker enemies’ attacks it basically lets you reach all the skipped ‘not worth it, too heavily guarded’ upgrades on the earlier levels for free

      Seriously fun game, wish there were a more fleshed out non-hentai game with the same concept that I could pour dozens of hours into. It’s basically a puzzle game, not an RPG

  14. Is the RPGMaker you’d need to rebuild the game RPGMaker VX Ace? If so I MIGHT be able to help out a bit since I have a copy of it from a Humble Bundle a while back.

  15. mgq permalink

    How many H-Scene are in the demo?

    Is there already a date defined for the release of the full game?

  16. Kirigaya Luke permalink

    Thanks man, and thanks for all the translation, but I think this time I will learn Japaness, I really love this game, but wait to be translated is not for me, before, I’ve just the luck that I’ve start to play eroge (yes, not visual novel but eroge :3 ) recently, so I’ve play MGQ in one run, but be patient is not for me, soo I will use for one time in my life my time for make something, and learn japaness

    Just one question, why I said that ?
    Err, I think I will learn to don’t talk too much first ^^”
    Ah, and imprve my english, I think i’m really bad…
    You know what ? Forgot that, just thanks for all, bye o/

  17. what are you working on right now after paradox demo?

  18. Carol J. permalink

    Dargoth, concerns about the pace of your translation withstanding, do you have any plans for “prioritizing” different types of dialogue? Obviously the flavor text in towns and such is nice, but people would prefer story text first, right? Following that line of thinking, is there any planned “order” for how you’ll translate Paradox?

    Speaking personally, I’d prefer if the H-Scenes were taken care of before proper town dialogue. After all, it’s my understanding that you’ll have someone helping with item and skill descriptions, so with the battle system taken care of and the scant few lines that constitute the plot dialogue, I think it’d be a reasonable system to implement…assuming the people who want the H-scenes first are in the majority.

    Finally, thanks for your efforts. It seems like a thankless job most of the time from an outsider’s perspective, but you’re doing God’s work here.

    • I’m not sure people who want H-scenes done first are really a majority. Gameplay elements are definitely #1, but as you said, I’ve got MGL handling most of those.

      Tentatively, I’ll follow a similar structure that Rogue used with MGQ and try to translate area-by-area, including all the story, quests, and h-scenes for monsters that show up in that area.

      • Sevalle permalink

        Oh God please don’t go the way Carol described. If you only want to translate H scenes then we might as well crop the images and use google translate and be done with whole game. Playing the entire game is what makes it a whole experiance great.

      • Anonymous permalink

        Wait google translate can translate japanese text inside of a image? thats a first for me

      • Anonymous permalink

        IMO I don’t care much of whats said in H-Scenes as it’s not important what so ever.
        If I could translate it would be a very low priority. Gameplay elements and Story is top priority however 🙂

      • Anonymous permalink

        For some games all I really want are the H-scenes, but for MGQ it’s nice to have context with the H-scenes. Makes it better somehow.

        I prefer it the way you and Rogue usually do/did it.

  19. Anonymous permalink

    I just notice that the slime rape CG when you lose to her is the exact same CG used in MGQ part 1. Is the rape scene exactly the same?

      • Anonymous permalink

        Ah, thanks. Those should be easier to translate, right? Don’t know if it’s as easy as copy&paste, but yeah.

    • NoName permalink

      The monsters reuse their rape scene from the original series, unless they’re new monsters of course. The scenes in the castle are different though, except the CGs which are reused. They did say they would reuse things from the original series after all. But IIRC, the slug girl has new CGs, which means there’s a good chance some monsters may get extra CGs.

      • Popular monsters from MGQ will get new scenes and art.

      • Anonymous permalink

        MFW slug girl is a popular monster

      • While it’s true that popular monsters will get new scenes I also think some other that the creator feels need it will also get either new ones or more.

  20. Anonymous permalink

    Dargoth, not that I care about release dates or your projects because i can wait, but have you ever considered the possibility of maybe I don’t know, the idea of working on two projects concurrently. Even if it is just a line or couple every few days on just one of them. I get that some releases or more interesting than others but do you really have to stop time life and infinity and dinosaur go extinct boom boom just like that from a meteor falling from the outer space?! For real?! Well, I didnt know if you knew, so I just thought I’d tell you- that starting another project doesn’t mean you need to completely stop another one. Yes you can in fact work on more than one thing at a time, hard to believe. It’s a brand new idea, might sound crazy but you know that’s the jelly bean pie for you.

    • Yeah I’ve considered it. I’ve really wanted to do it, in fact. But let’s see… it’s past midnight and I’m typing this from work about to go home, straight to bed without dinner, and then up early to come right back. If I’m lucky I don’t end up working this weekend. Oh, and my cable at home has been down for over a week (temporarily up for one day). At least I don’t need the Internet to translate, but not being at home at all is quite a problem!

      It’s been a terrible December. If your company fucks off for the last half of December and expects everything for the month to be done and delivered to them by the 12th, I hate you. Let’s just say that the full paradox demo translation I said would take two weeks is still two weeks away. Merry Christmas. I’ll be spending it alone translating.

      I shouldn’t make blog comments past midnight either.

      • Anonymous permalink

        Without you there’s absolutely nothing My dear friend Dargoth. Yes, I’m not gonna ask you about whether your company fucked off in August, September, October and November either because I don’t care like I said. It’s not a issue of doing more or less work, it’s more of hmm I think Ill switch it up today and work on this one instead this week. I didn’t know if that thought ever crossed your mind. You’re not married to one project. It’s not a relationship where you fuck one chick the time you dating her. you can be promiscuous. And feel free to take a break, chocolate pudding meister, dont feel obligated to finish on Xmas if itll interefere with your life. take all the time you require to rest and work at your leisure. Just trying to let you know that you can work on different projects at the same time. Isn’t That just crazy! Also, tell me the place you work, I will call them up and give them a piece of my mind. I’m not trying to insult you, not trying to troll or make you feel bad. You’ve done so much for this community I dont think anyone can truly have hateful feelings for you. Just trying to open your eyes cause you got them them so damn closed. You can eat curry one day and thai ginger another day. Dont live your life eating the same poop every day for a good year then changing it up to one thing. Happy Holidays Charlie brown i hope

      • Anonymous permalink

        Oh wow, you really have it tough Dargoth. I hope everything gets sorted for you soon though. Atleast we now know the reason behind your delays, thats all I ask for at least.

        One thing I have noticed is people that work on projects I’m interested in tend to be like the busiest people in the world. Usally there are like 5 milion things that they need to do other than that perticular project. It’s really annoying but understandable xD

      • Start a project like this and you’ll quickly find you’re one of the busiest people in the world too.

      • Anonymous permalink

        If you ever find yourself needing to take a break from this for a few months or whatever, you should feel free to do so. Burn out is a bitch and all.

      • Anonymous permalink

        WordPress doesn’t seem to show dates of stuff posted. When was “Let’s just say that the full paradox demo translation I said would take two weeks is still two weeks away” posted? N-not that I’m keen for this or anything…

      • I’m aiming for a Christmas release. End of the year at the latest.

  21. Anonymous permalink

    Dargoth you should mother freaking make a short tutorial on basics and translating and post on your page. I think if more people got some sense on how to use kirikiri they could mother freaking help you because there are quite a number with basic sense of the language but are not good with using that shit. Like seriously. I took Japanese and wanted to translate some stuff possibly to help out but the Kirikiri program confused my brain

  22. Anonymous permalink

    Dargoth, have you ever considered just not translating at all. No one is forcing you to do any of this. I would be perfectly fine if you went Rogue, and never wrote a single translation ever again. I mean there has to be a million things better to do. Just drop all your projects and disappear. If people hate me for suggesting this, then good I get lots of pleasure from denying everyone this. If not, then good Dargoth gets his life back finally.

  23. lavel permalink

    Paradox English Demo V0.91 anonfiles is down. Rehost?

  24. Anonymous permalink

    Oh you fuckr. Don’t ruin it for everyone else okay. I’m jsut waiting patiently like others. Dargoth likes translating hes doing this because he wants to and because he enjoys it. Leave the man alone kk

  25. Anonymous permalink

    While I agree I don’t want Dargoth to stop, I can see how unappreciative people are and take work to be granted. You guys shouldnt talk like that, you dont know what Dargoth is about. Dargoth, I’m fine with you taking a long leave of absence just to teach these bitches a mother fucking lesson

  26. Anonymous permalink

    Yeah, you should definitely stop translating for a year or two and then return if you are still into it by then. People have grown spoiled and disgusting these last couple of years. They will be singing a different tune once they realize what theyve last. You should take a break, you’ve done enough dargoth

  27. Anonymous permalink

    you guys shut up okay. let dargoth decide geez. and dargoth you better not forget your promise of finishing those translations which you’ve been promising for so long now. I want to see them done and on my computer before any of this garbage nonsense of you quitting. You need to keep working quickly and focus on finishing those translations. These guys are just distractions. Pay no heed to them cause I’ll rage if these translations dont get released after all these months.

  28. NoName permalink

    *sigh* Dargoth, you may want to disable comments for a while or else we will have plenty of idiots spamming here. Or one idiot, because after reading that garbage it looks like one single person talking to himself, but oh well… Enable them when you feel it’s necessary.

    • Touka permalink

      At least 3 comments are from the same person.

      They way they keep talking about quitting and breaks, unappreciative people, and never end their last sentence with a period gives it away.

      • WordPress shows me IP addresses of posters so yeah, it’s one guy arguing with himself.

      • Alex permalink

        apparently in some cases it shows your routers ip since I got in a argument with my brother online and was accused of sockpuppeting due to the system showing both of us as the same ip

      • LOL finally got busted huh~

        apparently he doesn’t know that wordpress gives the IP address of posters.
        such newfag~

  29. Touka permalink

    I do believe that is cause for a white padded room.

  30. Anonymous permalink


  31. Anonymous permalink

    I can’t seem to find the file Game.rgss3a , can anyone explain how I can find it?

  32. CivilDeviation permalink

    Glad he/she got caught trying to manipulate red-handed; even if well intended, it is the same sort of tactic used by politicians via find a fall-guy to make a low grade counterargument to increase cognitive dissonance thereby strengthening one’s connection with the target idea. Slimy but not in that hot sort of slime girl way.

  33. matt permalink

    Thanks for doing this. Just played the demo. Thought it was really fun. I’m impressed with the pocket castle idea. Game seems like it will be really massive.

  34. Anonymous permalink

    Darg have you ever considered taking donations? Not sure if that’s inappropriate to ask, I just feel bad that you’re spending hours and hours translating such a massive game, and not getting paid for it. Sometimes I feel saying “Thank you” just isn’t enough.

    • I do!

      I’ve got some helpers for Paradox so I’ll just split anything people donate between them. Also, buy monster girl games! Commission artists for more lewd pictures and share them with us! Don’t feel bad for me; I’m doing this because I want to.

      • Anonymous permalink

        That’s great to hear! You guys really deserve it. We’re lucky to have guys like you and whoever’s helping to be willing to step up to the plate. I just wish developers like ToroToro over in Japan realize that they have a Western Audience who really love this type of stuff. Of course I’ll buy the game, I just wish other players in the West had that mentality. Perhaps Toro would take us more into consideration if the majority of people over here didn’t just pirate the game.

  35. Lying too your face permalink

    can we get a text file that tells us what the buttons? unless its in the textfile with the game but thats not even showing up in japanese.

    • Lying too your face permalink

      forgot to mention this but quite a bit of text is going off screen instead of appearing on the next line

    • Lying too your face permalink

      say what level do jobs max out at?

    • Lying too your face permalink

      the only job i dont have is the one above apprentice hero is that unlockable in the demo?

    • NoName permalink

      Go to the Monster Girl Quest wiki and ask there anything related to Paradox. In fact a lot of your questions can be answered instantly if you go there and check the comments of the Paradox page. I’m not going to answer them because it will most likely create a chain of questions that should be asked somewhere else, not here. Here’s about the translation, not about the game itself.

      Also, if you have any bugs to report, be more clear, don’t just say “Oh, I found X bug hope you solve it”. Make it easier for Dargoth to find where the bug is, like writing the exact phrase, which NPC and its location.

      Also, please next time think about everything you want to ask before writing, don’t start spamming questions one after another. Make a list and post it when you’re sure you have all questions.

  36. apache2813 permalink

    pls the demo is okay right now we don’t care (i think)
    pld translate the motherfucking dinner pls…pretty pls…. dinner is at least complete…

    • Anonymous permalink

      The demo is necessary for the translation of the full game otherwise Dargoth wouldn’t be even bothering on translating the demo. So no just wait btw most of the text in dinner is “slurp” “slurp”
      “gurgle” so yeah not a priority right now…

  37. CivilDeviation permalink

    Dargoth thank you for all you’ve done already and what you choose to do going forth. It’s really a gift for all of us, that said, I hope you have a good season. I wish I could take some of the burden off ya or at least shield ya from the well-intended yet foolish pressured that get hailed on ya. Many of us recognize you have a life outside this game and are grateful enough to put our wants aside.

  38. Anonymous permalink

    I can’t make him move to the right. I can’t figure out what’s wrong with it but I’m stuck in the very first room with him facing the wall. I can make him turn up or down but not move to the right and in menus I can only go down, not up. Anyone else having this problem?

  39. Anonymous permalink

    is there an actual update post from torotoro except for the new monsters that come out once a month?.

    How far is the progress anybody know?.

    • Stoche permalink

      I’d like to know this to, If I had to guess though judging by the release and announce dates between the trilogy.. I’d say it’s a little over half completed or a little under.. Hopefully more but this time the engine is RPG Maker, so naturally it will add on some time.

  40. CivilDeviation permalink

    I can’t imagine that making a “good” RPG with a crafting system, weapons with sprites, and balancing a ton of playable characters would go at the same pace as a visual novel with a combat system. We may have a long wait on our hands.

    • Goddess Ilias permalink

      I agree, judging after the Demo the full Game could become very big with very much content to translate in it. Will definitly take a while after release until the English Patch is finished but that make´s me also looking forward to the end product.

  41. Anonymous permalink

    The video preview of paradox has been released. Merry Christmas from TTR

  42. lygarx permalink

    I have played a lot of RPGmaker games and this one is really well made. I also translate a bit too, but I just go into the game itself and manually change it.

  43. shunrenhu permalink

    Hi! I don’t know How do I translate Monster Girl Quest Paradox RPG Demo into English, Would you please translate it for me.

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