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Dinner is served!

October 20, 2014

MGQ Delicious! Dinner:

Toki finishes the series with Dinner. There’s a bonus “dessert” scene with Alma too.

I DO plan to translate this, but I’m going to finish up the Paradox demo first. On that front, I’ve fortunately found a helper and maybe even two. Unfortunately (for you), I’ve been slacking like crazy on the demo translation over the last month. It should have been done weeks ago, yet I still have a lot of work to do on it. 😦

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  1. Sevalle permalink

    These past few days are ofully quiet. He should have translated Violated Hero games cuz’ looking at this now we won’t be getting ether Paradox or that Monster high school game. Too much text for one person. ./

  2. Alex permalink

    Hey Dargoth Yokubou-no-tow is working on a new game called “Angel Crest” going by the blog it’s going to be like “Desire Dungeon” cool eh?

  3. Hong Kong permalink

    I think Dargoth needs to find a Japanese girlfriend, then the possibility of these games finishing translation significantly improves.

    • Anonymous permalink

      I think that a Japanese girlfriend would monopolize Dargoth’s time with… other … things?

  4. Arzuros permalink

    Btw Dargoth are you planning to do an End of 2014 Monster Girl Game Roundup next month?

    • I can’t think of any games that have actually released in the last few months.

  5. Anonymous permalink

    Question Dargoth, how do you translate the Japanese characters into English, and is it something anyone can do?

  6. Anonymous permalink

    “Paradox demo should be wrapping up by the end of the month. If all goes well (haha, right?)” – Dargoth before November

    So I assume things didn’t go according to plan, pretty badly actully as it is 19 days after the end of october :O.
    Would be nice if you let us know about such things tho 🙂

    • AnonRoy permalink

      Oh, relax. We’re getting something awesome for free, and it’s not something we need immediately. So, realistically, I’d argue we’ve got no right to complain about it.

      So, just do what I do – lurk moar. I’ve got faith in Dargoth, he’ll get it done.

      • Anonymous permalink

        Oh, AnusRoy! Nice to meet you!

      • AnonRoy permalink

        Likewise, Sir Cock of the noble house of Gobbler!

  7. Anonymous permalink

    Is there any other official site I can download this from? The site doesn’t like my American card.

    • You can try Booth:

      It’s more likely that your card is preventing you from buying something in another currency or from overseas than the other way around (for fraud protection). You might want to call your CC company and find out.

  8. Frequently Asked Questions permalink

    Dargoth, keep it simple. Don’t individually translate each game. Make a translator program that gives pretty good translations. I know nekohen has made something that is significantly better than a pure machine translator. Yes there are errors and its imperfect at times but it is understandable improved from MT (below screenshots). It is like the industrial revolution and interchangeability. I think its better to invest energy on on a improved translator on games than individually translating each word every time a new game comes out and spending too much time on it.

    • There are thousands and thousands of people in private companies and in academia working on better machine translation every day. I’ll let them handle that.

    • Anonymous permalink

      What ? There is an in-game translation of La DEA of Libra ? Even if its machine trans. its still nice. The game is quite text heavy with all these menus, maps,locations items etc.

  9. HK-47 permalink

    Little off topic but i wonder what’s up with Violated hero games will there be any new games in the future or is the series dead already

  10. Cellulanus permalink

    I think I’ll stop hoping.

  11. Anonymous permalink

    Hey dargoth, are you progressing well? Do you think you’ll be finished with Paradox until Christmas?

  12. Anonymous permalink

    Just to counter balance all the pestering you get, because I know the internet can be a rough entitled place, thanks for all the work you’re putting into this, Dargoth.

  13. Cookies! permalink

    St. Monmusu Gakuen progress? I can appreciate vore thanx to MGQ but sex is still better imo

    • stopbeinglazypleaseDargoth permalink

      Unfortunately, that project has had no progress in over 100 days. When you mention it Dargoth doesn’t reply back in the comments. It is dead basically. that project has been dropped. Most people think he wants to become Roguetranslator by translating irrelevant mgq spinoffs but I think its best to have hope that the other games will be translated and that Dargoth will stop being lazy one of these days.

      • Anonymous permalink

        And i wish one of this day people whould actually stop complaining for something that is being done for free while taking relax time away from the guy doing it. You should just be thankful coz he has no obligation to do this at all

      • Anonymous permalink

        He has no obligation indeed but he said he would and even gave an estimate on the date it would be done, if he wants or needs to take a break its fine and even if he is dropping one or two projects he really has no obligation to finish them, but he got a lot of people hyped up and now we just keep coming back to find nothing and thats for sure annoying a lot of people, i dont really mind if he needs more time, even a couple months to finish what he is doing but he should just be straightforward and say this wont be finished until christmas or the next year so people stop complaining that stuff is not yet done

      • The SMMG translation isn’t dead. I said a long time ago that Paradox was going to take priority and that SMMG likely wouldn’t be finished for a very long time as a result. I had hoped to have the Rin route out before the release of Paradox part 1, but this demo has crushed my spirits a bit and put me way behind on targets. It happens. I haven’t taken any breaks or dropped anything. I may be lazy when it comes to translation, but I’m otherwise a busy guy who spends too much time at work and doesn’t have the mental energy to come home and crank out translations for the remaining hours of the day. Sorry for getting people hyped up; I usually try to keep expectations low.

        I translate the MGQ Delicious series because I like vore and I think the series is good. Also, Rogue and I are polar opposites when it comes to translation (much to the consternation of people that want things done fast).

  14. YummyTummy permalink

    Lol SMMG is still alive? I thought you decided to drop that Dargoth. Weird, I would have been completely fine with that cause i’m not a fan of novels. I would be okay with you dropping that and moving onto other projects. But damn, seriously what SMMG is alive… I assumed it was dead after all this time. Haha, Good luck to you Dargoth, have fun translating a novel, you can seriously drop that it if you want though for realz…

  15. Anonymous permalink

    Been looking for someone who could possible help you translate MGQ Paradox… not going well would of thought that at least some manga translators would be interested but NO. Maybe you will get insanely lucky and Rogue will decide to come back and help you.

  16. Doing taxes permalink

    Okay whether you are a supporter or a complainer, I’m sick and tired of listening to all the bickering so I’ve collected hard cold data. Take a look at it and decide for yourself what to make of it. Is Dargoth on track, is he being lazy? Well, maybe he is so what

    *Start dates – End dates

    3/9/14- (11/25/14) (18.2%, last update 8/10/14)
    6 month/3 month rest

    -Paradox Demo
    8/18/14 – (11/25/14) (v0.2)
    3 month

    ->9.5 month period= SMMG 18.2%, demo 0.2
    Past Projects

    8/26/12- 2/14/13
    ->6.5 month= 100%

    5/19/13- 12-24-13
    ->8 months =100%

    1/17/14- 3/1/14
    -> 1.5 month= 100%

    12/17/11- 3/31/12
    ->4.5 months= 100%

    5/15/13- 12/5/13
    -> 8 months= 100%
    -Other projects are not included because of missing data on start/end dates
    -Data is approximate but accurate +-0.5 months
    -Dargoth announce projects after starting them, ~like 1-2%
    -Dargoth does not give percentage progress for Paradox,
    -Lunch is completed in 1.5 months
    -Translation dates are first full patch release

    • Thought SMMG is a bitch to translate.

    • CivilDeviation permalink

      Nice starting stats! If ya want a more accurate picture I’d average lines/month, sad reality is that not all games translate at the same speed due to the number and complexity of the lines and characters. Hard to fairly compare VH2 to MG3 translation rates without a more complex analysis.

  17. Doing taxes permalink

    Yes technically looking at the data, Dargoth is being extremely “lazy” compared to before projects;
    In the last 9.5 months he has only completed 18.2% of SMMG and a Ver 0.2 on a Demo

    Other summary:
    Dargoth progress is significantly slower and some might even call it lazy yes he has been. But seriously who cares, he can be lazy if he wants

    Conclusion. Dargoth is indeed “LAZY” shown by the data. The man has been working hard the last couple years so what give the man a break. I repeat “He can be lazy if he wants”

  18. meninblk permalink

    I mean its kind of hard to deny he’s been slow all year but Dargoth is a person. Who knows he might have gotten a girlfriend or something. People, work, things they drain out your time. Dargoth could just be getting a lot of action in bed now

  19. CwHart permalink

    You also have to consider that it’s the holidays and he prolly has more important things to take care of, while still trying to enjoy them himself.

  20. Anonymous permalink

    Also don’t know how many tried to take on a translation project, i once started with lots of good will to translate MGQ in my language from Rogue translation and i went all “fk it people can learn english” after 400 lines. True i didnt have any promise made to motivate me or anything else but unless you do it for a living it takes lots of time to choose the words carefully, which i guess it gets even harder when translating from japanese. If someone already has a work of his own you can’t expect him to burn his free time on it.

  21. Anonymous permalink

    In the vore community, you are known as Saint Dargoth.

  22. Cory permalink

    Happy Thanksgiving Dargoth, everyone! Hora Hora to everyone!

  23. I think the only way to go about translation is to see it as fun. It gives one not only the motivation but the joy to keep going. Honestly though, i really, really want to be able to play the game so i hope translation gets underway again soon. Translating the demo will make translating the full game less work for sure since most of the dialogue shall be pretty much the same.

  24. now that you’re done with paradox, translate dinner please~

  25. Anonymous permalink

    Not to harp on older things, but are you still planning to translate this?

    • No. Too busy, and if you’ve played the previous ones, you can probably already guess what all the text says.

      • Anonymous permalink

        Unfortunately, I’m a little dense. ^^; Plus, imagining is never quite as good as knowing.
        But, I guess there’s nothing for it. I don’t want to put you out to do it, and I wouldn’t even know where to begin to find the raw text data to translate it myself.

  26. Anonymous permalink

    This project is kaput, right? Just checking. Yeah? Yeah…*sigh* Time to go learn Japanese.

  27. Anonymous permalink

    Nooooo … Please translate MGD Dinner it someday … ='(

  28. it been many years.. i’m dying to see MGQ Dinner translation… pls pls pls pls pls

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