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Monster Girl Quest Paradox Demo Translation v0.2

September 3, 2014

Same deal as last time on installing.

Oh yeah, I should probably mention:

Go here and get the 1.01 patch: (refresh the page if you still see links to 1.00). Also, start a new game to be sure. Note: lots of text strings are included with your save file that won’t carry over between translation patches, including text for the current map you’re on.

Get v0.21

Anyway, I didn’t get everything I wanted done, but I hit the high points. The last uninteresting bits with the white rabbit aren’t finished, and that whole conversation needs editing anyway. It doesn’t help that she says a lot of confusing things that will probably make more sense (and be easier to translate) later in the game…

Still tons more work to do on this demo. NPCs, battle cries, monster attacks, skill info, item info, the libraries, evaluations, H-scenes, present dialogue, and more!

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  1. Sageofoblivion permalink

    Nice just woke up.

  2. edale permalink

    Wow, 3+ hours I fiddled around on the first patch, and just now on the new patch figured out how to get a 3rd party member (sonja), lol.

    So none of the h-scenes are done yet?

  3. Anonymous permalink

    Fish boomerang OP

  4. Anonymous permalink

    As always, thanks Dargoth!

  5. Anonymous permalink

    Sei Monmusu Gakuen Pls #CMON #YAO4LYFE

  6. Anonymous permalink

    could someone give me a list of stuff translated since last time because I don’t seem to see any difference and would like to know.

    • Get the new patch from Torotoro just to make sure and start a new game.

      • Anonymous permalink

        okay thanks downloading the new patch.

      • Anonymous permalink

        Ok it worked perfectally. can’t wait for the rest of the translation so I can know what the h scenes are and recruit some party members.

      • Anonymous permalink

        New game? We can’t copy our old save data to the new one?

  7. Anonymous permalink

    Nice work Dargoth!
    I can see what you mean that there still is a ton of stuff to do for you, there is quite alot of stuff to be translated even if its just a demo.
    I hope everything will go smoothly for you so I can play it and undestrand everything.

  8. Anonymous permalink

    It says ‘failed to load script’ when i start the game after i copied the english translation. Game starts normally without the translation

    • Anonymous permalink

      You still have to rename Game.rgss3a to something else and copy the files from the Extract folder.

  9. Anonymous permalink

    Is there a way to hide the text box at the bottom of the game screen?

  10. Sageofoblivion permalink

    What’s you’re current focus on translating?

  11. translate DINNER please

    • Anonymous permalink

      Take it easy, Dargoth has a lot of work on his hands don’t pressure him with more. After he is done with the Paradox demo he will return to working on Sei Monmusu Gakuen.

  12. Michiru permalink

    Great job Dargoth.

  13. Anon permalink

    Keep it up we are all behind you.

  14. Anonymous permalink

    Noo! the imp pauzuri scene is only with defeat scene?! that sucks…

    i thought it would be requestable too.. 😦

    • Sageofoblivion permalink

      it will most likely be there in the full game

  15. Arj permalink

    Great work on the translation so far! It seems this will be a huge project, looking at how much stuff there is to translate. I have 2 questions that arent really related to translation, but rather the game, if anyone can awnser:
    Around how long is the demo? Like not in time, but areas. Towns, caves etc?
    How do you recruit monsters to join you? I had one just randomly join me after I killed it in the field, so do I just kill them and hope for the best?

    • Arj permalink

      Also cant seem to change party members, it just grays out :<

      • You’re the second person to mention that. I’ll have to see what’s going on.

      • Sageofoblivion permalink

        They changed the button for that don’t know wih one it is because I use a controller

      • Cellulanus permalink

        Go into options and switch the control hints from controller to keyboard.

      • You can have 8 people in your party, but only 4 are displayed and fight in battle. To get to the other ones, use the formation command in the menu. If someone’s name is grayed out in the castle, it’s because they’re already IN your party.

      • Anonymous permalink

        After playing for a bit I discovered that all 8 people in your party will gain experience when winning battles, even if they don’t take part in the battle.
        Also to remove someone from your party when in the pocket castle just select their name and press shift 🙂

    • Anonymous permalink

      You can explore the starting village, the slime village, another town later, a cave near the starting village and a mountain (unless I forget something). To get monsters to join you you use Luka’s ability talk and if you answer their questions correctly or give them money/items your friendship rating goes up. The higher your friendship rating, the bigger the possibility that the monster will join you after you defeat it. You must have saved the slime girl at the village for this to work though and at least in the demo you can only have 1 monster of each kind at most.

  16. Anonymous permalink

    Once again thank you Dargoth, awesome job!

  17. Anonymous permalink

    I love Ilias

    those commands she gives Luka are awesome, such a bloodthirsty goddess

    -“fertilise these strawberries with her blood”

  18. Anonymous permalink

    one thing bothers me: a small grammar error when you flee battle

    instead of ‘luka run away’

    it should be ‘luka ran away’

    • Once you have a party member, it’ll say “Luka and party run away.” Japanese doesn’t have any need for subject-verb agreement so I’ll have to re-script a few things like that to handle single vs plural cases.

      There’s also “Luka were victorious” to deal with. I already fixed “Stole (enemy) from (item)” which is amusing.

      • Anonymous permalink

        Depending on how the dialogue works for failed attempts at fleeing, “Luka ran away.” and “Luka and party ran away.” could work. If this only appears on success, it makes sense. If it can be followed by a failure, it doesn’t.

  19. Anonymous permalink

    Now something very wierd happened to me, I have played the game for some time now and I saved and now when I load the game again and as soon as I win a battle the game crashes… wierd.

    • Take a screenshot of the crash message. They’re pretty useful at tracking down the problem.

      Are you using the demo version 1.01 and a new save? I wouldn’t be surprised if the game crashed if not…

      • Anonymous permalink

        As I said it was very strange, because after testing if it only affected the save by creating a new game and then playing until I won a battle. After seeing that it didn’t crash I tested the save again and then it did not crash anymore.

        Also no the game saved was not from the old version.

      • Anonymous permalink

        I had a similar bug in the old version (haven’t played the new one), which maybe they didn’t fix. Did you change your jobs before saving? Because sometimes after I changed a party member into a new job the game would crash the next time I won a battle.

  20. Sageofoblivion permalink

    I’m gettin a long and complicated error.
    Undefined motod `name´for ni:Nilclass
    and then alot of things mostly script then some YTTY

    • Screenshot and tell me what you did to trigger it (or when it happened randomly).

      • Polaris permalink

        I get the same error as Sageofoblivion. The game crashes with the same message after any battle, though it also happens when I walk on certain parts of the worldmap (in this case it is near the bridge leading to Illiasburg. This is strange because I had played the game yesterday all the way to Illiasburg without any problems whatsoever.

        After some testing I seem to have found a temporary fix to the issue. The cause of the problem appears to be when you save on the worldmap then exit the game and start playing again. Though if you load a save in a town (I have only tested Illiasvillage and Illiasburg) or quickly enter a town when loading a worldmap save, then exit the town none of the crashes mentioned above happens.

        I have not done any additional testing besides this but I hope it helps.

      • That’s a great error report. It’s been reported to Torotoro. I might be able to fix it in the meantime. Looks like the game stores the next bgm when you’re on the field for music transitions, but that next bgm isn’t included in your save file. So after you load and then finish a fight, the game checks for the name of the next bgm, except it doesn’t exist so it crashes. Going into town or another area then back onto the field will re-initialize the next bgm.

  21. Sageofoblivion permalink

    Have the shoot but don’t know how to post it here.
    The trigger is after a battle gone trought the castle function and got soldier quest and merchant.

      • Sageofoblivion permalink


      • Sageofoblivion permalink

      • Sageofoblivion permalink

        No hurry going to bed if you can’t find anything i’ll just start the game again 30 min of gamplay is nothing to cry about.

      • All I can see is that after you win the battle, the game changes from the battle music back to the field music, except in your case, it’s not initialized properly. I didn’t touch that file in the translation so either it’s a bug in the game or you’re missing a bgm file?

      • Sageofoblivion permalink

        Tried the save on a new game file same problem so.

      • Sageofoblivion permalink

        Trying new of everthing today just to be sure.
        So the next patch will it be all the rest or a partial again?

      • We’ll see how close I am to finishing near the end of the month.

      • Sageofoblivion permalink

        I am more interested in the gameplay right now like items combat and library I’m a tactical fighter so reading information is important to me also the job system. Is traits something used in gameplay or is it just some info

      • It’s gameplay stuff. Like Luka always has access to swords and hero skills no matter what his job is, Ilias always has holy and white magic, etc.

      • Sageofoblivion permalink

        Damn that good stuff.
        Well the good thing about this is that when part 1 comes you’ll have a base for the rest of the stuff.
        And I think there is most likely more NPC at the start villiage and temple then any other place in the first part of the game so that’s a comfort.
        Also maybe most Shops will have the same greeting of words in them.

  22. Anonymous permalink

    So, does the translation end after you talk to the white rabbit in iliasburg?

    • Yeah, that’s essentially the end of the demo.

      • Anonymous permalink

        I thought it felt weird because there are a couple of lines between Alice and Luka right after the fight that weren’t translated in that scene. Still great job so far!

      • Anonymous permalink

        oh lol I asked if the white rabbit part was the end of the demo in the comments of the new patch before seeing this whoops lol thanks dargoth

  23. Anonymous permalink

    The horacopters have arrived.

  24. Anonymous permalink

    Will it be possible to travel with Alice/Ilias only? Sonya is annoying…

    • Anonymous permalink

      Once you get 9 party members, you can leave her in the castle.

      • Anonymous permalink

        You can leave her in the castle immediately.
        Press shift in the maid menu to remove party members. No swapping required.

  25. Sageofoblivion permalink

    How come the some of the slimes that sang boomerang where partly translated?

    • edale permalink

      there’s prolly a “boomerang boomerang” line that’s translated, and called by multiple slimes, while the other lines some of the slimes said aren’t translated, leading to a partially translated convo.

  26. Anonymous permalink

    Is this only in windowed mode? Didn’t see how to make it full scene

    • Anon permalink

      Just press alt+enter (works in any rpg maker game)

      A gameplay question, is there a sex scene with the girl north of Iliasburg? (the one where you enter her house alone)

  27. Anonymous permalink

    How do I translate the game? Im new and its really confusing DX

  28. Yuzzup permalink

    Does anyone know how i bring up the configure menu or the options? this BGM is annoying the heck out of me.

    • Yuzzup permalink

      Nvm I figured out how to do that, but im still confused on what the controls for everything are.

  29. Anonymous permalink

    [Luka] All 4 of them made it back alive, at least. Uncle Lazarus hurt his right arm and had to give up being a solider though.

    solider should be soldier.

    • Turns out I made that mistake a lot more than once. Maybe I should remove “solider” from my spellcheck dictionary.

  30. Baalberi7h permalink

    if i remove a party member can i get it back if i found it in the wilds ?

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