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Update on Paradox Demo Translation

August 25, 2014

Hi guys, no new patch right now unfortunately. Despite there being very little to do in the demo, there are a surprisingly large number of words in it. I don’t feel like releasing half a dozen demo patches so I’m waiting until I’ve got just about everything done first. I’m sticking with the original plan to have a first patch with everything except the library, duplicated H-scenes from MGQ, and unimportant NPCs. Then I’ll finish it up with a 100% patch after.

As for after that, I want to get all the VH2 encyclopedia entries translated so I can finally call that one 100% and then at least finish the Sei Monmusu Gakuen Rin route translation so I can release something for that game before Paradox is released. Sorry to the one guy out there who’s more interested in SMMG than Paradox, but I promise I’ll finish translating it eventually…

  1. Sageofoblivion permalink

    Ok im Hoping the don’t change it all for the full game,
    Tried the game but I have the worst luck in picking answer if it’s wrong I will most likely pick it.
    But isn’t VH2 finished?

    • VH2 was missing a lot of image editing, and someone offered to do all that for me. He’s actually done all the images except for the trash mob encyclopedia entries, which I still need to translate and send to him.

      • DungeonMasterBobbySmith permalink

        how do you download from please tell me i don’t need extra software to download from it. anonfiles is down or something

      • DungeonMasterBobbySmith permalink

        how do you download from please tell me i don’t need extra software to download from it. anonfiles is down or something

      • you don’t need a file downloader for although you may need to signup and log in to download(im always logged in so not sure). Also your country/network may block mega in which case you should look into bypassing the block(google it).

  2. Ehunkel permalink

    As “the one guy” you mention in this post, I accept your apology.

    • Xort permalink

      I’m more interested in it too! There are dozens of us!

      • SpectralTime permalink

        A quarter dozen of us at least.

      • lknd14 permalink

        Same here.

      • AnAnon permalink

        I haven’t really been paying much attention to Paradox, but I’ve been waiting for someone to actually translate SMMG for quite a while now. I’m just happy that progress is even being made on it. ^-^

    • Hizoku permalink

      Me too~

      • lotrfan1224 permalink

        Same here I prefer a touching love story to rape

    • Dargoth's Boss permalink

      These updates mean you’re working overtime Dargoth! No pay like before. Now back to work! >=D

      • Dargoth's Fan permalink

        Can you please translate VH5 after all that as well?

      • Dargoth's Anti-Fan permalink

        He won’t do it, he’s a busy man. Of course!! Everything is gonna take forever…this just adds to delay of smmg. smh >=[

      • Dargoth's Supporter aka Pet permalink

        Dargoth doesn’t need to hear this bullshit. Pests like you only make it so that he doesn’t want to do translations anymore and ruin it for anyone. Just appreciate what he’s done so far.

      • Dargoth's Mom permalink

        Good work honey, don’t listen to what other ppl have to say. Just focus on doing your best, love mom

      • Dargoth's Dad permalink

        Hey son, after you’re done, I have a list of games I’d like for you to translate. Don’t tell your mother.

    • Wow, where did all you guys come from?

      • redpanther permalink

        Be careful Dargoth. I have a bad feeling that those posted may came from the same guy who also spamed Rogue’s page last year.

      • Dargoth's Panther Poacher permalink

        Nope, Dargoth doesn’t need to worry. I assure you, Panther it’s all in good fun.

    • lotrfan1224 permalink

      Same here I prefer a touching love story to rape

      • lotrfan1224 permalink

        ahh wrong reply

      • famous quote permalink

        What does love have to do with sex?

    • dereck42 permalink

      more interested as well – still have tons of MGQ mods to check out. Monster-girl school VN would be a very nice alternative.

  3. Anonymous permalink

    SMMG fascinates me more too.. but I will stay openminded for paradox
    (tho I hope it has less gore and is more like the earlier MGQ .. the third one was way to bizarre for me =/ )

    Have you ever considered writing to the corpses that tried to translate SMMG before you?
    Maybe you could get text to salvage – or do you prefer to do your own translation without any

    Anyways.. keep being great πŸ˜€

  4. Malicee permalink

    I’m interested in both, but Paradox a little more, cause it’s MGQ of course lol.. whart I saw when I played the Demo, confused the hell out of me, is it going to be an alternate universe or continue from 3.. or what..

    • Anonymous permalink

      A bit of both. From most characters’ perspectives, the game starts where the first game started. Luka is about to be baptised and set off on his journey. There are a few events revealed that are different than the first game and several characters are aware of what happened in some of the previous games.

      • JoScEl permalink

        So, the “Paradox” is literal.

  5. Anonymous permalink

    > I want to get all the VH2 encyclopedia entries translated so I can finally call that one 100%
    Did you do the same with VH1?

  6. Anonymous permalink

    Translating the full game of Paradox is going to kill you if the demo has this much stuff in it.

    • Well, the good news is that I’ll have all the combat and interface stuff out of the way, which is the most annoying to translate.

  7. Anonymous permalink

    I’m sure hes flattered and all but you guys are getting a little wierd

  8. Sageofoblivion permalink

    When it comes to games Story is most for me but with story there must be character that are well made they don’t have to be likeable or important but it’s fun when they leave a lastin impression I still today remeber many of the Old Rpg game character.
    Gameplay is both important and not for me i like it when there is some measure of skill in it from tactical skill or good judgement in it, but in Lvl games is also fun to be a bit overpowered sometimes and just beat the crap out of annoying enemies.

  9. Cellulanus permalink

    I am currently overhyped for MGQ.

  10. Sageofoblivion permalink

    I saw many foodstuff Is there a cooking system?

    • I don’t think so. The food is used for presents to make monster girls like you and for weapon/armor synthesis.

    • Anonymous permalink

      There isn’t a cooking system in the demo, but there is a good chance there will be later. If you go to the right of the village chief (the guy that can change your class), you’ll find a room that is full of people of different classes, each of which will give a summary of their class when asked. On the middle table of the bottom row you’ll find a purple-haired guy who will describe the chef class, saying that they hunt the ultimate taste. My guess is that when this class is implemented then you’ll be able to somehow use the cooking materials in order to do battle.

  11. Sageofoblivion permalink

    I just realised they said there was about 550 monsters in it. So i checked MGQ and i counted less than 250 did not count duplicates but did count forms and came about to 232. “Damn” Will you do this alone or is there someone you could cooperate with Like you did with Rouge?

    • Paradox is going to be in 3 parts just like MGQ so it’s not going to be that bad.

  12. zionchar11 permalink

    It’s ok dargoth take your time man~~ we know this is not an easy task so be sure not to stress yourself alright?? if you drop sick or something things will go much slowly. Most of your fans understand this and we can wait.

  13. Michiru permalink

    Do what you have to do. I’ll wait years if I have to. XD

  14. CwHart permalink

    I will vote for Paradox cause yeah the MGQ games have been awesome so far, but u do what u want Dar

  15. Anonymous permalink

    Bring in the hora

  16. Anonymous permalink

    How do you get the h-scene for the pink-haired girl in the starter village? She has different dialogue
    after and before you get Illias/Alice but none of it activates the h-scene.

    • Anonymous permalink

      Nvm I just realized there was more than one of the same person :/

    • Anonymous permalink

      The tent to the west of the village.

  17. Anonymous permalink

    Hey Dargoth, this is kind of out of place, but I notice that you use the adjective “oppressive” a lot. It bothers me just a little bit because that generally refers to racial minorities getting put down. Maybe you could use “constricted” or “restrictive”, I think those would probably fit better. Sorry for the nit-pick, I really appreciate the work you put in. Thanks.

  18. Anonymous permalink

    Does the demo end after getting the key of hades from the bunny girl? Or am i just lost :/

    • Anonymous permalink

      That is the furthest in the main story you can get. Dialogue indicates that you are searching for Amira in the town, but she has been kidnapped by the four bandits. The caves in the mountain are not part of the demo, however.

      The key unlocks the door on the second floor of the Ilias temple, which seems to allow you to change difficulty and replay boss battles. There is also a side quest to unlock the merchant class and the ability to unlock the soldier class that you may have missed.

      • Anonymous permalink

        Yay! I got all that. On another note, I saw a list of CGs on v/ and it had a trio scene. Is that unlockable or was I just trolled?

  19. Anonymous permalink

    Its ok Dragoth, I can wait, ive been waiting for the next chapter of daily life with monsters, Paradox might also looks like a fun game to play, so yea I can wait for a while. I bet you might even finish it by the end of the year or sometime next year, since you are working on many projects. If I could translate things in Japanese to English I would help. >.>

  20. Sonicdude8 permalink

    No worries, I’m sure you’ll get it done at some point. The fact that we know someone is translating it makes it all worth the wait.

  21. Sageofoblivion permalink

    witch Rpg maker did they use?

  22. Anonymous permalink

    so how do you get to battle Alice like some people have been talking about?

    • Anonymous permalink

      in hell when you get the key. the door in the first town where you start in the castle

  23. Sageofoblivion permalink

    Do you think there will be a lvl cap in the actuall game like 33 or something as it’s a only 1out of 3 parts again.

  24. Obsidious permalink

    Will it be possible to play the translated version without Japanese Unicode?

  25. Sageofoblivion permalink

    Lcl 10 is the cap so far but for jobs is that it or will there be more?
    Thought lvl 100 for jobs will be a bitch.

    • Anonymous permalink

      lvl 10 is the cap for jobs and races. After reaching 10, you can upgrade to a higher rank (lvl.10 slime becomes lvl.1 mega slime, lvl.10 warrior becomes lvl.1 swordsman, ect. ect.), there will be different paths along the upgrade routes, so you could choose between Mega Slime, Healing Slime, Carnivorous Slime ect. ect. Some jobs can only be reached by maxing two different lower rank jobs, (warrior+mage=magic knight ect. ect.).

      This is how it’s described in the blog posts, anyway. There is no upgrading in the demo.

      • Anonymous permalink

        Lvl 100 seems like overkill, but in my opinion they are going to up the job level cap a bit. My reason for thinking this is that you get unlock 1 as a thief to unlock blue chests, but in the castle next to a blue chest there are also a green and a silver chest waiting to be unlocked.

        Maybe they will introduce a bandit class or whatever for the more advanced lockpicking skills, but that’s practically the same as raising the job cap.

  26. Anonymous permalink

    hmm looks like the third part of that MGQ vore scenario thing is being released on Sept. 1st

    at least that is what Google translate told me, and it can never be wrong about a translation
    trial version seems to be hosted through that booth site thing that seems to be some kind of pixiv partnership site. haven’t really looked into it

    I’ll buy it, but i wont be beggin anybody for a translation. If i needed it that bad then i could always take the time to go ref/dictionary diving myself. Maybe that would get me out of this rut I’ve been in with my new job.

  27. Sageofoblivion permalink

    If it’s no trouble could you put your progress on the translation page.
    It’s nice to see how it’s going along.
    Still no hurry, but I’m the kind of person who wants to know as much as possible without the spoilers.

    • I’ll come up with a good way to track progress for the final release, but for the demo, it’s more trouble than it’s worth. The files aren’t conveniently organized for counting lines.

      I’ll have the next patch out on Monday at the latest. So probably Monday, but maybe Sunday.

      • Sageofoblivion permalink

        Really looking forward to that.
        Tested the beta for LQOO while waiting and it was fun.
        Found it Ironic that 2 rpgmaker games I have looked forwar to came with demos the same month but as for contents they are opposites.
        Have you tested the Legend of Queen Opala games Dargoth?

      • Nope, never played them.

      • Sageofoblivion permalink

        Any problems?
        Seems like the whole internet has had problems with uploading and downloading this weekend.
        You said you would translate the main stuff but not the unimportant NPC but what do you classify as an unimportant NPC? Because some of them will give you instructions and tips.
        Or is it just the chatty ones?

      • I’ll translate everything, don’t get me wrong. For the next patch, I’ve been focusing on NPCs with portraits and ones that trigger conversations with party members. So Lazarus is translated, random guy standing around town isn’t yet. The “tutorial” NPCs in the temple are going to have to wait too.

        Oh, yeah there was a problem. That unexpected demo patch took hours to sort out. There were a lot of changes, some of which wiped out portions of already translated content (e.g., interface stuff, the castle maid).

      • Sageofoblivion permalink

        Oh so the trigger ones are important I was wondering about that.
        Shame about the temple but I can wait.
        Also What about object like the bookshelf or graves?

      • Bookshelves and graves are done. Lazarus’s house alone has something like 6 objects you can interact with for conversations. Lots of conversations depend on your party members too. Examining the stuffed bear in Sonya’s house gets you a conversation with Ilias, talking to the guard in front of the inn gets you a conversation with Alice. Talking to Hans with the bunny slime or bringing the earthworm girl to Lucifina’s grave both have conversations too.

        Suffice to say, there’s a lot of hidden text in the game. I don’t know if Torotoro put extra effort into Iliasville, but if all the towns are like this, it’s going to be pretty crazy. You get funny dialogue from things like trying to feed Alice rocks and beetles as presents too.

      • Sageofoblivion permalink

        I noticed that played some of the game to get a feel for it and made it to the next town.
        Thought I can understand that with the new patch that it took a bit to adjust.
        Haven’t tested it yet but I read that the cluster of menues in battle are fixed now thank god.
        To tell the truth It’s been hard to wait at first but I got some other ganes that can act as an distraction.
        Can wait even more because I want quality

  28. Dargoth go inside a team, either make one or join one. Probably the latter because starting new teams is a pain and there’s already good teams out there. Individual effort is exhausting and being in a translation project group will make things easier. You can head your own translations and recruit your own team by translation members with the same interest but first you need to join the community of translators. We could use independents like you. I’m just saying… I first noticed you after MGQ and surprised you were doing this all by yourself. For example you could sign up on our forums and we’ll rank you up there as a translator with links to your blog.

    • Well I certainly can’t turn down that invitation. I’ve put out feelers for translation help before and gotten nothing more than “I don’t know any Japanese, but I can use Google translate and guess!” Fuwanovel has a place for translators to offer their services, but the majority of people don’t want to work on eroge, especially not niche femdom monster girl stuff…

      • Sageofoblivion permalink

        That’s a shame
        When i see the jobs they have diffrent stats for HP, MP and all other basics does the job affect stats for job LVL or Real LVL?

      • Clockwork permalink

        Anything technical that I can help with?
        I can’t translate, but when it comes to computers, I’m pretty handy.

  29. Christopher Carter permalink

    I’m waiting for the choices to be translated, hard to know if you are making good choices when random guessing lol

  30. Izanagi permalink

    It looks like Illias has reverted to a child-like form and can join the party.

  31. Sageofoblivion permalink

    Seems like there is a new modified demo to fix bugs and some of the system and changes to so character systems and LVL.
    Will it affect you?

    • Took awhile, but I incorporated all the changes hopefully. It was a little taste of what it’ll be like when the full game comes out.

      • famous quote permalink

        Will we need to grab the new demo, or will the next patch work on the old demo?

      • I’d grab the new one just to be sure.

      • edale permalink

        Well, I can’t read Japanese, so not 100% sure, but I think i got the new version, and looks like v0.1 translation patch works on it.

        Someone posting a link to the new version would be helpful.

  32. just wanna say,
    do what you gonna do..

    regardless everything everyone said, many eyes are upon you, dargoth. you can take pride of what you’ve done..

    as for me, it’s nice having something worth to wait..

    keep up the good work. and the most important, keep your mind and body healthy πŸ™‚

  33. Anonymous permalink

    Does anybody know what exactly “Jobs” are in game?.

    are they the classes you can pick by that priest guy?.
    or are they side quests or somthing?.

  34. Sageofoblivion permalink

    both you get some natural,others throught quests and some are hidden.
    They give you skills, abilities and seems to also effect your stats.

  35. Anonymous permalink

    Hey Dargoth! I really hope that you will find the time to translate Dinner to complete the trilogy of Breakfast Lunch Dinner. The vore community loves these and would be very thankful!

    • I hope I find time to translate it too. Toki was excited that I translated the first two, which is a big contrast from the usual attitude towards foreigners from Japanese game/VN creators. (All I got from Torotoro was a “girigiri” which was hardly enthusiastic.)

  36. Anonymous permalink

    The demo screen size is really tiny, is there some way to change the resolution?

  37. Anonymous permalink

    I stumbled about something called HERO – Monster Girl Quest 3D
    is this something good or is it junk

    • Anonymous permalink

      Complete trash, it’s existence is a joke.
      Erase the memories of it from your brain.

    • edale permalink

      Check out the MGQ3D forums: plenty of renders of character models, so you can see the style being used for it, Ntelliware went with more realistic looking, over more anime looking, models; just check the concept art thread.

      There is a beta on the main website (, but it’s out of date, as Ntelliware is currently doing a complete top-to-bottom overhaul of the coding and maps and…well pretty much everything. He’s doing that to take everything he’s learned since starting, and applying it to the earlier parts of the project (which of course leads to needing to redo the newer code, as it was built on the older code) as well as streamlining everything to increase FPS (the Luka model had over 100,000 polygons originally….he got it down to like 3000 or so if I recall). There’s a video preview of the changes at:

      Keep your eyes on the forums, because once Ntelliware finished the recode, he’ll be releasing another beta before the full demo is released.

      It’s had mixed reviews in the MGQ community, but Ntelliware’s been pretty successful in changing the minds of some of the detractors (who’s biggest and loudest complaint was that Ntelliware did a kickstarter for it, when he’s never made a game before).

      • Anonymous permalink

        It might have been OK if there was H and the faces weren’t so god damn ugly.

      • Anonymous permalink

        That said, keep working on it. I may not like it but I’m sure others do.

      • edale permalink

        Current beta up actually has an H-scene or two in it, though Ntelliware’s changing the H-scenes to be hi-res cinematic rather than the type used in the beta with the overhaul he’s doing.

    • Anonymous permalink

      Had this been a stand-alone thing then maybe I could tolerate the appearances of the characters. It’s just not the same when I’ve come to know the characters based on how they are depicted in Torotoro’s MGQ. Making it 3D just makes the disparity that much more obvious.

  38. Anonymous permalink

    it’s stated in the demo that some H scene are locked? is this true for the current monsters?.

    because i did notice not all CG scenes from the imps are in there or do the CG defeat scenes differ from the friendship scenes?.

    • Anonymous permalink

      Yes. There are scenes that are just not available at all in the demo.
      They are all request scenes in the castle though, the enemy defeats are all there.

  39. Anonymous permalink

    What is going on? Didn’t you say a couple of comments back that the translation would be out monday at the latest Dargoth? Did some unexpected roadblock appear or something?

    • Anonymous permalink

      Nevermind, I missed your response that the patch messed things up but it should be ready sometime soon right?

      • Yes. My fault for giving a date. Never a good idea when 1) you don’t know the full extent of work required, and 2) other people can increase your workload unexpectedly.

      • edale permalink

        Yea, this post structure isn’t exactly ideal for making a timeline of the posts…given there’s no post time data, and no organization…

  40. Anonymous permalink

    Give us another date just for fun.

      • edale permalink

        Well…time is going to be going at a crawl for me today now…checking every 5 min to see if it’s out yet and all….

      • Maybe I should have said “tonight” considering I’m still at work for another 3 hours or so.

      • Anonymous permalink

        So this is translator power…

      • edale permalink

        noted, obsessive compulsive tendencies put on hold for 3.5 hours. lol.

      • edale permalink

        Obsessive compulsive page reloading re-commenced.

        Must… have… new… translation

      • edale permalink

        Wondering what timezone you’re in, it’s 1:30 AM here (GMT-5), and I don’t know if it’s roughly the same for you, or your on the other side of the world, and tonight for you is tomorrow morning for me…

      • I’m pacific time. Don’t stay up. πŸ˜›

      • edale permalink

        I’m an insomniac anyway, typically don’t get to sleep till 6-7 AM… so pacific would put it at…10:40 there? So assuming tonight meant before midnight, and not before you go to sleep πŸ˜› , it’ll be out in the next hour and twenty min or so? (crosses fingers and prays for a “yes”) lol.

      • Maybe a little after..

  41. Anonymous permalink

    errr.. dont suppose anyone could post a link to the newer version of the demo?

    • Anonymous permalink

      When did the newer version come out? One of the links on that page is purple and I originally DL’d on day zero

      • Hit refresh on the page. I think it’s in a frame that might not refresh automatically.

      • edale permalink

        Depending on your browser, holding either ctrl or shift while you click the refresh button (or tap f5) will force the browser to download a fresh copy of the webpage, discarding any cached data.

  42. Thorben permalink

    It’s not just one, I’d like to see updates for SMMG, too. ^-^”

    The title also has been recommended to Mangagamer to be officially translated.
    If they will pick it up, or not is of course an entirely different matter.

  43. DarkDrakir permalink

    ive read your earlier post on this matter and i know how much work you have to go through, just want you to know that i appreciate all that you do and i cant wait to play Sei Monmusu Gakuen either.

    Just found the game yesterday and it works just fine, im studying japanese just in order to play these games (still a newbie though..) so dont hesitate to ask me for help in the future. I might be able to assist πŸ™‚

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