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MGQ Paradox Demo Translation v0.1

August 18, 2014

In the interest of getting something out there for people who want to play immediately, I’m releasing an incredibly bare bones translation of the interface, items/skills/etc., and the first few minutes of story.

First, you need an RPG Maker Decrypter. There are a few of these, but this one is good:

If you’re having issues with that one, try this:

1. Download and extract MGQ Paradox Demo into a directory. To avoid locale issues, you should probably rename the directory so that it does not contain Japanese characters.

2. Decrypt!
2a. Run the tool I linked.
2b. File->Open File, pick Game.rgss3a.
2c. Tools->Extract All Files
2d. Success! Close the decrypter.

3. Move decrypted Data and Graphics files from \Extract\ to the game’s base directory, overwriting all duplicates in the game’s original Data and Graphics directories.

4. Delete or rename Game.rgss3a or you’ll get an error on launching the game.

5. Extract the patch into the game’s base directory, adding a Translation folder and overwriting Game.ini.

6. Launch Game.exe. That’s it!

Get v0.2:


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  1. Anonymous permalink

    Is a game like MGQ easier to translate than St. Monmusu Gakuen? Just curious mostly.

    • On a technical level, it’s much much harder to translate a game than a VN. In terms of turning Japanese into English, MGQ is significantly easier because of the writing style.

      • Lucus permalink

        think of it this way more mirco management but simpler text

  2. Cellulanus permalink

    I haven’t been this hyped for a game since MGQ part 3.

    I love you for translating this.

  3. Anonymous permalink

    i do hope the missing CG is yet to be implemented in future patches or the full game.
    it would be dissapointing if those type of CG only show up with the seduce dialogue since that rarely happens that would mean you have to replay a scene maybe 30 times to get those dialogue with the CG.

    it isn’t much of a problem with the old monsters but seeing the promis of the new monsters it would be a shame if not all of the CG is used.

    is there a way to inform torotoro resistance about this?.

    • Nanashi permalink

      You should check the monster lord castle lobby, where the people/monsters recruited are stationed when not in your party. When talking to them in the castle they can give you presents, you can give them presents (プレゼントをあげる) to augment their affection or, when their affection (好感度) is high enough, make requests (おねだりする) to them like in the previous MGQs but this time out of battle. The CGs you saw that did not appear in the rape scene are most likely in these requests scenes.

      • Anonymous permalink

        ah i see now it makes sense.
        i always wonderd what that dialogue was in the castle.

  4. Anonymous permalink

    Tip: When you can, go to the cave near the city and keep stealing from the imps until you have at least 4 bondage ropes. Then equip them to the 4 inactive people in your party (assuming ofc you have recruited enough monsters). They will still get double xp and since they are not actually fighting, the paralysis, blindness and silence doesn’t matter. Also if you are strapped for cash go to the forest near you town and go looking for bunny slimes. Sometimes you can steal from them a bunny core that goes for 500g and the other monsters there are the not too tough slimes, and slug girls (which also have a stealable +10% magic accessory that goes for 250g and can drop slimy mucus for upgrades) and the free inn from your town is right next when you might need it.

  5. Anonymous permalink

    There’s a bug with the flee ability of the thief. If you manage to escape with it (it will fail if you use it while Luka is bound) then the game shuts down.

    • Anonymous permalink

      There is also a NoMethodError when you defeat some enemies after having changed your class. Noticed it first when I tried to have Luka as Unemployed and the game crashed after my first win, and it crashed when again when I tried it a bit later. I managed to have him as Unemployed a bit after that when I had changed some classes in my formation, and when I changed a monster from hunter to warrior it crashed again after the first battle, although I had leveled Luka before as a Warrior with no problem.

  6. Anonymous permalink

    where are the extracted files? it says success but doesn’t show me where they are

  7. Gary permalink

    Great stuff, much appreciated.
    Don’t suppose there’s any updates on Violated Hero IV? I was looking forward to playing that.

  8. jomppa89 permalink translation of blog update

    The will be approximately 550 monsters in the game (with around 200 of them coming from previous chapters). RPGs often make “new” enemies by changing the color scheme of an earlier existing enemy. That won’t be the case here.
    About all 550 monsters will have H scenes for defeat and temptation events, and all of them can become companions.
    However, most monsters reappearing from previous chapters will reuse their old CGs.

    so much new monsters ❤

    • WildHawk permalink

      ah crap most of the angels and the hybrid mosters from part 3 i dont want to see

      • Lucus permalink

        But gotta catch them all right!

  9. Monster-Girl Lover permalink

    Hey Dargoth, I finally got the level up list for characters/races/classes completed!

    Shows all the skills that a character/class/race learns on level up, as well as exactly what that skill does in terms of damage, cost, enemies targeted, effects it might have, etc. Prob won’t be able to do something similar for the full game, but this is at least useful for people playing the demo to see what types of skills characters get as they develop.

    • Anonymous permalink

      That really helpful, even on skills I had unlocked I didn’t know the damage formula. One small note though, the near-death training gives a *2 xp multiplier and replaces the *1,5 one from desperate training. Have you figured out how to unlock the noble and merchant classes or did you only find their info in the files?

      • Monster-Girl Lover permalink

        Noble is Alice’s default class, only available to her in the demo. Merchant can be gotten by everyone, but must be unlocked. Talk to the merchant in the upper right corner of the herb shop in Luka’s hometown and you’ll get a quest to go to the hill to the far east of town, he’ll also give you three Full Moon Grass to help against the Paralysis a Mandragora’s scream inflicts. Once you get there, you’ll find the other merchant has been paralysed by uprooting a Mandragora. The game will ask if you want to give him a Full Moon Grass, and once you do, he’ll head back to the other merchant. Go there, talk to them, and pick the bottom option, and you’ll get the Merchant class, 500 gold, and a copper sword.

    • Monster-Girl Lover permalink

      Gah, had a typo on Neardeath Training, is supposed to be *2 XP, not *1.5

  10. Anonymous permalink

    Hope the TL is coming along smoothly.

    • Lots of annoyances, but I’m figuring things out along the way.

      • Anonymous permalink

        Well good luck with it! Hope to see an update some time soon.

  11. Well i found a way for you guys to get through some of your translations and help pass the time so dargoth can finish making the OEP (Official English Patch). I’m just going to say that this method has helped me for previous games like VH3. i’ll get to the point i have recently tried this on the MGQ paradox demo and it worked slightly but i gives a good description of whats going on in the game.
    dargoth i hope i’m not doing anything that will offend you i just want to help pass the time if this does offend you then ill just take down my comment immediately upon your request. with that said.

    Please keep in mind the translations will rarely be perfect but MOST of the time it will be hard to make sense. The best to expect is getting the gist of what is being said and going on.

    You will need these two programs:
    ITH (Interactive Text Hooker):!EgFj3BTI!0_3N1Sdz5XzNALpnR2ctKzh9sHh5fSocA1GJwO544xw

    Translation Aggregator:

    After you download the two tools and you have the game you want to test it on lets go!
    Run MGQ
    Now run ITH
    click on “Process” and click on your game’s name exe. Most likely it will be “Game.exe”
    and then click on “Attach”
    Now play MGQ until you reach some Japanese dialog. Now click on the drop down menu in ITH.
    Once you have done that in the drop down menu there will be three choices to choose from for me i chose “0003”. Now run Translation Aggregator then click on MGQ and continue the japanese dialog.
    Now you will see Translation Aggregator use several different translation sites to try and get you a good translation. So thanks guys for reading. Also if you have an anti-virus software like me (i have norton) it says it will have a virus but you have my word its not. i WILL answer every comment i can Happy making sense of this game guys.

    • FYI, if you include more than 1 link in a comment, WordPress will mark it as potential spam and not post it automatically.

      • Ah im sorry >.<

      • WildHawk permalink

        ok well it did work well enough for Paridox but i tried using it of VHE5 did not work nealy as well any tips on how to get that to work better

    • If there are other people who can understand japanese only in romaji, I recomend using jparser and mecab with Translation Aggregator, it’ll give you options to see text in romaji, hiragana and katakana… It’s better than the machine translation, for the ones who can understand…

    • Enonymous permalink

      Hi, when I click on “attach”, it says “Failed to attach ITH to process”. Do you know why that is? Am I doing something wrong?

  12. Sageofoblivion permalink

    Im wondering what your current focus in the translation is it the menu system or the story?
    I usally loath to ask these questions but at first I thought it would be the story but in the end the menu seemed like a better basic thing to do.
    As for the English versions of the names I would sugest to mix it up or even be original with the names.
    But take your time build a solid foundation that can be used when the full game comes.

  13. Anonymous permalink

    Just wanted to say a big thank you for your work, Dargoth! Really appreciate all the effort you put in those translations, I’ll be looking forward to MGQ Paradox for sure 🙂
    Take it easy,

  14. Sonicdude8 permalink

    So, how far does the demo translation go? Since all the text is untranslated once I leave the house.

    • Anonymous permalink

      That and some item names & descriptions, class & race names, and character names are translated.

  15. can’t open the deccrypter and got this instead

    what should I do?

  16. Anonymous permalink

    The Game.exe doesn’t run. I click it but nothing happens. What’s going on?

  17. Anonymous permalink

    To exactly what should I rename the Game.rgss3a? If I delete it, the Game.exe doesn’t even bother to open.

    • Make sure you’re decrypting the files in Game.rgss3a and copying them back into the game’s directory (assuming you didn’t just run the decrypter from the game’s directory in the first place).

  18. I deleted the 0.1 patch and 0.2 closes the demo after a battle 😦

  19. could youlink the 0.1 patch again

  20. Anonymous permalink

    Doesn’t work in the slightest……

  21. Anonymous permalink

    Can anyone upload and link the decrypter? I can’t seem to find it anywhere.

  22. Anonymous permalink

    Im getting an error called No such file or directory – Data/Animations.rvdata2 theres much more but it seems pointless to put it all here

  23. Anonymous permalink

    I have no clue where the extracted files are. It says success and there are no files anywhere the extractor is. Can someone just link their game .rar’d?

  24. Balgias permalink

    The decrypter link is dead.

    • Hopefully they’re just temporarily down… There’s another one linked in one of the comments here.

  25. Anonymous permalink

    Where’s the patch itself? I got through all 4 steps, but I don’t know where the patch is…

  26. Anonymous permalink

    I hope you come out with some program to patch the files later on because this is a pain in the a$$ to patch as it is.

  27. Anonymous permalink

    still can patch eng translation T,T

  28. gana permalink

    still can’t patch eng translate T,T

  29. Anonymous permalink

    Step 5. what patch are you talking about? cant find it or i just dont know that the patch looks like

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