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Lunch is served!

March 1, 2014

MGQ Delicious Lunch English patch v1.0

There are still a few menu things not translated, but I think you’re smart enough to click things and figure them out. Opening, editing, and copy/pasting 14 files is really tedious.

I’ll get some kind of readme up later.
As before, just copy paste the patch files into the Lunch directory and overwrite the Japanese ones. Use index.html to start and just click the image to go into the novel mode menu. The Succubus Witch alternate scenario and Cassandra probably won’t work unless you have version 1.2 of Lunch.


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    • Can burn in hell.

      • Anonymous permalink

        Can we get a reason? I’m kinda using it usually.

      • They banned my account, Rogue’s account, and many others. The files they flagged as violations on my account were things like 100% save game files and other completely innocuous stuff.

        Essentially, I woke up one day to find 3-4 violations in my e-mail and then a further e-mail informing me that my account was closed for too many violations. No reason for any of them, no notice, files gone. I wouldn’t trust mediafire with pictures of lolcats.

  1. Sajuuk permalink

    4shared alwais worked for me, but you need a acount to download

  2. user permalink

    You could try , , ,
    Definitely stay away from mega or 4shared since they aren’t available worldwide …

  3. Kagero permalink

    So what? Will there not be a version to be added to MGQ3 as additional stories like it was for Breakfast?

    • Nope. That was a lot of trouble and a bad idea overall. I’m not even sure if those side stories even still work properly.

      • Michiru permalink

        Yes they still work. I just played them all last night for memories. They just came out with a patch that helps alot of the old side stories work again on the MGQ wiki.

      • Kagero permalink

        awww… It’d be nice if they would be…
        Oh well…

  4. 2-tall permalink

    congrats dargoth.

  5. Anonymous permalink

    errr, Dropbox?

    • Michiru permalink

      Dropbox will block your account if there is too many downloads for your files. Had that when Rogue was losing his links to MGQ3 1.0 patch and I tried to help by uploading it there first.

  6. I have heared you are searching for YU-RIS engine tools?
    Since today i am working on one. So far it can extract all the files from .ypf.
    But the party is in the ybn files. I am working on them right now.

    • Crass handles the .ypf files just fine. The encrypted .ybn ones are definitely the issue.

      You may want to check out these links:

      Good luck!

    • it helped. With the key and file format it was easy to encrypt the files.

      so my translation tool is basicly finished.
      I also testet it a little bit with the game 聖もんむす学園 and it seems to work. But i cant tell if all text lines got exported.

      some Bugs:
      -no wordwrap
      -changed characternames wont show up in the little box above the text.
      -dont know it it works

      If it fails to extract the .ypf files you can use Crass to export them. It only needs the folder ysbin with all its files.

      If you have any problem let me know. Also about the game so i can test it.

      And before downloading: NEVER run a program from someone you dont know on your own computer. Use a VM for something like that. And it needs .NET Framework V4!axgFiLSQ!d3YJxaqUKREYf1PYN_YxbmHmsBhAy1au4ey838L6BTM
      enjoy translating.

      • Awesome, I’ll give it a whirl.

        Wordwrap and the character nameplates are things that always have to be hacked to work. I know the Russians have translated some yu-ris games so perhaps they’ve done that hacking already, but that brings me back to the problem that I can’t get in contact with any of them.

      • Hmm, I tested it with 聖もんむす学園 too and I seem to be having problems. Your program extracts everything fine I think (no seen0007.txt is worrying, but it wouldn’t be the first time a game skipped a number in their files). I tried to pack the original .ybn files with YSPac without even changing anything, but the game doesn’t seem to be able to read the repacked .ypf. It’s only different than the original ysbin.ypf by a few hundred bytes so I’m not sure what’s going on.

        The game simply pops up the licensing information when I try to start, which is the same thing that happens if you remove the ysbin.ypf file entirely.

      • the header of the .ypf files is as following:
        4bytes with the name
        4bytes version number
        4bytes filecount
        4bytes header size
        16bytes something.

        the game doesn´t care what version number the archive has. And for just repacking, filecount and headersize must be the same.
        You have to pack the folder ysbin, not every file. So only 1 entry in the list of YSPac. Thats what works for me.

      • Yep, that works. The idea crossed my mind at some point, but I didn’t actually try it. Oops.

        It seems that sometimes the game engine discards the rest of a line and grabs text from the next line instead. The next line ends up working correctly, though.

      • Character name export/import? Now inside.
        So they will show in the box if you change the name in both places.
        every text that starts and ends with ” needs them.

        But for word wrap i dont think the engine can do this. Simplest thing would be to add some spaces where they are needed if it will work. Maybe i make an automated way of handling that problem.!H5hU1DTZ!rogc4aPgDWtLs4YUvwcdLxFuFUqdAzY_Rwoa5fb9LVU

      • and i fixed that problem. i managed to calculate offsets wrong so i overwrote some other text.!ywB2RJhA!JCfSQk-Xre_CkD8mPV2CoYOy1Xcz5F5Zzbzo9NZBIQE

      • Nice! You’re totally awesome for doing this so quickly.

      • It is possible to change the Japanese quotation marks 「」 to regular ones “”?

      • yes, but then characternames will not be shown in the box. Maybe i can find a way.

      • You now have 3 new Values to change in キャラ名定義.txt
        They are the starting quotations. So you could change one that is not in use to “.
        Also changing things in said file now works.

        What i found out is that names have a script and a display name. So i could only change the display name and all the script files still work with the jap name. But that means that said file would need a reset. I think it will work just fine in the current form.

        and WORDWRAP!fsBCnYaL!5U3pzqQsgaGkhMdtdNm7dJwzpn0vgRutwAsprweaZPc

      • Wow, awesome!

        I can’t get regular ” quotation marks to work as a starting quotation though. Special “ ones work (and other symbols), but those mess up the word wrap, maybe because they count as 2 bytes?

        Oh, and not to complain, but the text replacer is really slow after I’ve translated some lines in a file. It’s not bad now, but I’m worried it could take hours after a few thousand lines are translated. I don’t know if it’s the wordwrap spacing algorithm or the quotation replacement. It was fast in the last version.

      • it´s none of them.
        I rewrote the complete texte replacement function and testet it with all lines. And now it is faster.
        For the wordwrap it is now slower because it has to calculate the size of the lines. Before that i was using the length of the text in characters. Also i didn´t account for the spacing the quotes have on the left side. The settings in the config file are good enough for now.

        But it should still be a speedup.!Cx4CBRSL!-B7MqFSwwFb7rR1vXZ5rOlvL54OET7xI9qtFu8McpZo

      • Nice. It’s very fast now.

        2 bugs:

        3rd line with a quotation is mis-aligned with the 2nd line.

        If there are no spaces, the quote doesn’t work properly. This is easy to avoid though. “R-right… ” works. So does “R- right…”

      • Both things are fixed.
        The first one seems to be an engine bug not having spacing on the 3rd line.!ixg2GYDD!b_vfqUR5WMimPb5ETkEaLri4EYMWBtDYQFM5vQB2ltM

      • Excellent! I think that covers everything. You’re a hero for doing this so quickly.

      • I just like to see games getting translated.

        And the last feature that i add because i want to are:
        -some config
        -only changed files will be processed. For speedup.!T1xAGYQT!5bV4K-i133dtqLk8SURWUYl5vgrsEjthTWaUSKk1XUY

  7. Anonymous permalink

    I think I speak for the whole vore community when I say thank you very much Dargoth.

  8. yuki permalink

    Om nom nom

  9. HK-47 permalink

    So what now ? VH4 ?

  10. Kurei permalink

    Yes. Unfortunately or fortunately, Dargoth might be the only one interested in translating VH4. Haven’t found anyone else either.

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