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VH5 and Paradox News

February 22, 2014

Like with VH4, Dieselmine took user submissions for VH5 and now you can vote on them, one vote per day until March 16th.

Top Row: Rabbit Girl, Mermaid Princess, Frog Princess, Dullahan, Sweet General
Bottom: Vampire, Gorgon, Necromancer, Futon Girl, Mirror Demon

They didn’t get very many votes for the VH4 pool so if there’s one of these you particularly like, throwing 20+ votes at it can easily be the difference in winning.

In Paradox News, Torotoro updated his blog with a new monster girl and some basic information about H-scenes. For a translation, check out this post on ULMF.

Not much info, but it seems that re-used H-scenes from MGQ will just have their beginnings and endings changed for the request service (so Luka doesn’t die, get captured, etc. at the end of them). Still no story details…

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  1. Michiru permalink

    That makes your job easier for the between scenes then. xD

    • Alexthelazy permalink

      not necessarily they could just be reusing the old CG with new dialog.

      • From the sound of it, only the beginnings and endings of old cg scenes will be different, so a majority of the actual scenes can just be copied from Rogue’s translation speeding up the project a lot.

  2. Hedoro permalink

    Weird, there doesn’t seem to be a way to view current polls for the voting once you’ve voted, I want at least a vague idea how disappointed I’m going to be when the most boring and generic monsters get picked again.

  3. Anonymous permalink

    I can’t really decide on one, and why is the frog princess the only one with a sample of a scene?

    • Anonymous permalink

      Where do you find this sample? ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

      • Anonymous permalink

        Hover your mouse over her full picture after clicking on her portrait.

  4. Tyr permalink

    Voted on mirror Demon because she looks hot.

    • Anonymous permalink

      She does look pretty generic, but I chose her too, since I didn’t know who else to vote for.

    • 2-tall permalink

      I voted White Rabbit and I don’t know why.

  5. moonblack permalink

    Since I can’t read Japanese I’ll be voting based on which one I like best.

    The Mirror Demon is the one I like the most, so I’m voting for her. Normally I like mermaids, but the Mermaid Princess looks a little too monstrous for me, especially compared to the mermaid in VHII.

  6. 2-tall permalink

    Many thanks for your response AlexTheLazy

  7. Michiru permalink

    I also voted for Mirror Demon… *innocent face* I really want to see the H Scene with her. I’m hoping a drag into a mirror scene.

  8. 2-tall permalink

    Looking forward to paradox and Majikoi A-2.

  9. James Turok permalink

    This is really hard to choose, cause there are some of my favorites on this list. Ugh, Decisions, decisions, it just never stops.

  10. Kurei permalink

    This time its indeed a lot tougher to vote than in VH4, at least for me. Remember guys its one vote per day, so you can still vote more than once. Personally I liked all of them except Frog and Mermaid princess. They just don’t appeal to me. As far as Paradox is concerned I think most people really saw that coming ( re-used H scenes ). As always, the warmer scene is another one of those scenes that take away the hentai element ( poor Luka he doesn’t even die in ecstasy in this one ) However, on the bright side the ”temptation events” and ”requests” are nice ways to add more dialogues and interactions if anything else. Also I like the idea and concept that you can choose to have whatever MG’s you want as allies or by your side.

  11. mikceron permalink

    Dargoth for who you will be voting in vh5?
    about parodox is there any at all new cg for old monsters? (at least gang rapes would been nice)

    • There will be new CG for some of the most popular old monsters. I’m voting for the vampire girl.

      • Anonymous permalink

        Hell yea, was waiting for a vampire to finally appear in a VH game.

      • mikceron permalink

        vampire looks like sucubus but more pale lol

  12. Temptation Events sound like a fun thing in Paradox. MGQ 1-3 had me wanting more of those.
    As for VH5, Mirror Girl :3

  13. Anonymous permalink

    Bleh, seems like I’m the only one that likes the Mermaid Princess. Don’t really care as much this time though. None of these girls appeal to me as much as Living Sword did back in the VH4 polls.

    • Johnny permalink

      No, I like her too. Has a certain appeal to her, I just hope she doesn’t kill you like the one in VH2.

  14. WildHawk permalink

    Temptations events now that sounds fun I cant wait to try this game considering two of my favored MG are the imp and lecubus this will be fun

  15. HK-47 permalink

    Well girls from this pool are better than the ones from VH4 to be fair it wouldn’t be bad idea to just include them all,but anyway my vote goes on Gorgon

    • Anonymous permalink

      this pathetic meatbag votes for it too ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. redtack2009 permalink

    i went for the bunny girl ๐Ÿ˜ฆ there’s a reason the term fucking like rabbits is used XD and those paws would great for footjobs. in terms of the mgq news the temtation events sound like the best idea ever. the imp was super popular in the first game primaryly because it was the idea of getting toyed with by somthing you could have beaten. loving that idea on every monster in the game ๐Ÿ˜€

    • 2-tall permalink

      Wait will this VH hero be able to survive some nookie with the rabbit?

      • evil-one permalink

        Dude… that just sounds so wrong.

  17. Anonymous permalink

    Are the old monsters that didn’t win last time getting a second chance vote? I clicked the blue button on the corner and there’s a lot of options to vote.

    • Anon Unknown permalink

      It looks like 6 of the monsters from the previous poll have come back.

  18. Sevalle permalink

    I don’t know what to vote honestly… I love the demon from the mirror but I’m pretty sure thats a certain death ending. *sigh* Where are raped for whole your life type of endings. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

    The dark skinned lamia-like monster looks awesome too but I’m pretty sure she will poisen you or something so.. not a fan of the needles. -_-‘

    Ah hell, went with the mirror-demon.

    • Alexthelazy permalink

      she’s a gorgon so she’ll turn you to stone

      • Her breath turns you to stone; her saliva reverses it. So she gives you a blowjob and then licks your face to hear you scream and moan while she rapes you. Then you’re turned back to stone and added to her collection. Pretty similar to the VH2 Medusa.

      • Sevalle permalink

        Hmm, not a better alternative mind you. Maybe I should go for mermaid…
        What, no four-legged futanari this time? XD

      • Alexthelazy permalink

        considering the the fact Medusa is a gorgon this makes perfect sense to me.

    • Alexthelazy permalink

      I was talking about the “The dark skinned lamia-like monster” by the way

  19. Passing Chaos permalink

    Hey guys there is a second poll for VH5

    • You can apparently vote in both polls too, by the way.

      • Michiru permalink

        Shame we can only tell what the first two rows are. Most of us can’t read all the other options.

    • WildHawk permalink

      I’m putting all my chips on the witch in the old list really want too see that one

    • Anonymous permalink

      I kind of posted that like 2 posts ago, but I guess everyone ignored me lol

  20. Jive Turkey permalink

    Yo can I get a translation of what is being said on the white rabbit’s thang up in here?

    • She’s normally peaceful and doesn’t like fighting, but goes crazy when the moon is full. You fuck like rabbits day and night until it kills you.

      • Jive Turkey permalink

        Muchas gracias amigo.

      • 2-tall permalink

        I knew this “hero” couldn’t survive some nookie with the rabbit. Day and night? That full moon should only last one night, so what gives?

      • Alexthelazy permalink

        actually it last three nights(the night before, the night of and the night after) by some standards

  21. Sevalle permalink

    Dargoth, please a sum up what it says at Mermaid’s page?

    • Her description sucks. The first page is just stats and her appearance that you can see in the drawing. Sex scene description is nothing more than a handjob with her rough scales and vaginal.

  22. evil-one permalink

    So what is the hero’s name anyway? and please don’t say Elmer Fudd otherwise I will be honorbound to send my votes to the White rabbit.

  23. WildHawk permalink

    Well if your doing it can you translate the witch on the second page

    • Witch who had her powers sealed by a former hero, which changed her appearance into a young girl.

      Originally a beautiful woman who lived for hundreds of years through magic, but now sealed in a dungeon with her magic power bound in chains. Deceives the protagonist by telling him she wants to retrieve a treasure stolen from her by an evil man. Once she regains her power, she rapes the protagonist.

      She first rapes him in her young girl form, then grows to adulthood by absorbing the power in his semen. This also makes the protagonist younger until eventually she’s an adult and he’s a kid permanently. She then keeps him bound with the chains that were on her and continues milking him for semen.

      • Anonymous permalink

        TLDR: The witch is a bitch.

      • Kurei permalink

        Wow that Witch has a nice description. That age reversal reminds me of Erubetie from MGQ. It would be interesting to see that effect artistically speaking in VH5. I like her already….in my own twisted sense of course ;0

  24. 2-tall permalink

    what it say about Sweet general?

    • You guys really don’t want Lunch translated, do you? :p

      • 2-tall permalink

        Not really, no.

      • 2-tall permalink

        But that would come at the cost of other things so I shall stop here.

      • Nadleeh permalink

        Same here. I’m looking forward to Paradox but Lunch, no thanks. I’m also looking forward to translated VH4 one day. ห‡ห‡

      • Anon permalink

        I’d like to see lunch finished, because I’m a kinky motherfucker, but I feel like VH games tend to have somewhat more variety. What are you looking at translating after lunch?

      • I’ve been trying to find some YU-RIS engine tools to consider translating one/some of the Vanadis games (a sign of the apocalypse, I know). Unfortunately all the hackers are Russians and Chinese, the tools I’ve found don’t work, and the people who created them don’t respond to me.

        RPGMaker VX Ace tools are still in limbo as well.

        So maybe I’ll see how fast I can do VH4?

        Lunch is one scene away from completion, but tonight and this weekend might be really bad for me to finish.

    • Yuchen permalink

      Sweet General looks good
      She does not attack, but only entice you, and let her servants attack you
      When you lose in combat, she will only fuck you in the sweetest way, with no pain at all.
      And in the second poll the monster with 3heads and 6arms, she will attack you with force, and once you lose, she will split to 3, and gangbang you. So itโ€™s a 4p

  25. Anonymous permalink

    Since you’re getting a lot of questions about the description, do you mind giving the one for the Mirror Demon since most people are voting for her?

  26. Anonymous permalink

    Man, I really wish I knew Japanese. Especially when I can’t use web translators in any way.
    I’m interested in facesitting/smothering/unbirth but I can’t tell which one will likely have that from the pics. The pink one on the second voting page looks like there will be digesting involved so that’s a bummer, the mirror girl looks like a good one though.

    I know giving a brief on all of them would be a huge pain, so could you give me a suggestion on which would have facesitting or unbirth with no death end? You can ignore this as well, you’re probably getting allot of requests on this.

    • Anonymous permalink

      nvm, the 3-headed girl and the mirror girl sound like they will be good

  27. Anonymous permalink

    Yo dargoth , can you look up which monster girls have paizuri scenes from the poll? Thanks!

  28. Yuchen permalink

    Sweet General looks good
    She does not attack, but only entice you, and let her servants attack you
    When you lose in combat, she will only fuck you in the sweetest way, with no pain at all.
    And in the second poll the monster with 3heads and 6arms, she will attack you with force, and once you lose, she will split to 3, and gangbang you. So it’s a 4p

  29. WildHawk permalink

    Damn the sweet General sound good. Ill be honest I now want the game makers to eather start putting the not used monster in the next game because some of them sound really good or save them up and put them into the next bigger game with all the not use ones. am i right

    • Passing Chaos permalink

      Considering the second poll things like this have a chance of happening. also someone told me the third place finalist for the VH4 poll is missing so he said they might already be putting her in the game.

  30. Kurei permalink

    Ok so I have found some comments that are translating each of the 10 poll MG’s. I will try to to give a brief description in my own words, without distorting much of the translation.

    White Rabbit ( Conellieta ? ) : She goes crazy when the moon is full. She keeps the main protagonist and rapes him until he dies, so she can have lots of babies.

    Shark Mermaid : She has a fearful relationship even to other monsters, and she sexually assaults using her rough skin.

    Frog Girl : As shown in her evaluation on DM website, she swallows the protagonist and rapes him using her tongues inside her stomach.

    Dullahan: Initially a knight who protected people and executed after being accused of being a witch. I haven’t found anything that reveals info about her rape style.

    General Sweet ( or Sweet General ?): She is a general that acts very nice to other people. If she likes someone she has really amazing gentle sex with that person mind you, which cause him to become dependent on her.

    Vampire girl ( Carmilla ?) She can suck your blood through a kiss, and make you orgasm through a kiss on the lips without meddling or touching your penis.

    Poisonous Snake goddess : She has poison in her body, able to control it at will, but she mostly uses her gorgon skill to turn people into stone. Her saliva reverses the effect, So she gives you a blowjob and then licks your face to hear you scream and moan while she rapes you which points out her sadistic nature. Then youโ€™re turned back to stone and added to her collection. She sounds similar to VH 2 medusa.

    Necromancer ( Witch ) She can do all sorts of things to transform dicks to make them more pleasurable for her and to get more semen, which she uses for stuff. Also Dargoth above mentioned that she can rape and use semen to get older and reversing the age of the victim making them permanently younger.

    Futon Girl ( Tsukine ?) She likes to lie on top of her victims, and entice them to have sex and sleep with her. She hates being tied up.

    Demon Mirror ( Mira ? ) A polite demon who is obsessed with beauty. When someone does not pay attention to her or agitate ( piss her off ), she tempts them into the mirror, and rapes them until they only look at her.

    This info is by no means 100 % accurate but gives a description of them.

    • The witch description I did was for the one on the second page of voting, not for the necromancer.

      • Kurei permalink

        Ohhh ok, thanks for the note

    • HK-47 permalink

      Damn they all sounds great couldn’t they just include them all in to the game, i doubt they can make something better anyway

      • WildHawk permalink

        That’s what I’m saying HK

      • evil-one permalink

        Them tentacles have gotta raid someone’s ass unfortunately.

  31. Moby permalink

    The old girls from the poll for VH4 are there excluding the possessed sword girl? Is this implying what I think it is? I hope so…

  32. moonblack permalink

    There are some sort of results available, but I don’t really understand them:

    Can anyone make sense of the result pages?

    • Not final, just the top 5 and top 10 from a few days ago. The first page of voting is over, but the second page lasts until the 23rd.

  33. Anonymous permalink

    I hope the frog girl wins.

  34. moonblack permalink

    The results are out at

    The difference between first and second place is pretty significant – ~3000 for the Mirror Demon and ~2100 for second place. In the second poll it’s even greater ~1900 for first place and ~760 for second.

    This time the winners happen to be the ones I voted for, so I’m happy with the results.

    • tyr permalink

      You and me both. I voted everyday for the mirror woman ๐Ÿ˜€

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