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Happy Valentine’s Day!

February 14, 2014

As promised, here’s my current progress on MGQ Delicious Lunch! It’s the first 8 of 14 scenarios so a bit more than half. I wanted to set it up so you could switch between Japanese and English, but haven’t found a way to do that easily without doubling the size of the game and creating an installer. In short, this patch replaces the Japanese files only, but also just requires a simple copy and replace.

Also, you’ll need the 1.2 patch for the game or the Succubus Witch and Cassandra stories will probably blow up.

Step 1: Get the 1.2 version of Lunch and extract it.
Step 2: Download patch, unzip, overwrite files when asked.


For more Valentine’s Day fun, this guy is streaming a charity run of MGQ part 2 for 24 hours today. It’s already going on so check it out if that sounds interesting to you:

Also, since I’ve been remiss in mentioning it, check out Mogi Origins. It’s an upcoming side scrolling monster girl platformer made by some English-speaking guys that have worked on games before. They’ve got a blog with a demo so you know the project isn’t vaporware. It’s already funded, but you can donate for rewards and stretch goals. I’ve been following this one since day 1 and am looking forward to it.

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  1. Anonymous permalink

    Thank you so much! By the way if you don’t have the patch it still plays the text, it doesn’t crash the game which is nice. I already saw the added pictures elsewhere. Thanks again for translating!

  2. Anonymous permalink

    Nevermind on that. It will crash your game, only succubus witch works >_>. I’ll have to redownload at some point.

  3. Anonymous permalink

    Thanks Dargothtranslations keep it up :3

  4. 2-tall permalink

    What comes after this Dargoth?

  5. Anonymous permalink

    Guys i have a one i will play this game.i dont understand.i have Delicous Lunch but dont have any .exe program. i think i need combine with something for play?.

  6. WildHawk permalink

    Im still watching the charaty lets play Damn now i want mgq to be voice acted

  7. Anonymous permalink

    I can’t even get the game because of DLSite’s retarded payment limitations. Credit cards only. No debit cards. And Paypal’s a bitch for not allowing adult content purchases.

  8. Anonymous permalink

    I try to open it and it does not work am i doing something wrong?? im supposed to click Index.html right?

  9. Michiru permalink

    Thank you! It all worked fine for me. ^^

  10. Anonymous permalink

    Anyone can upload the game? I cant find it pirate anywhere.

  11. Anonymous permalink
    Just thye haven’t uploaded the latest patch yet

    • Anonymous permalink

      Care some of them are CG only pack

    • CivilDeviation permalink

      Yeah, please buy it or at least make your pirating more discreet so ya don’t possibly impact Dargoth.

  12. Michiru permalink

    Guys. Please support the people by buying the game. Don’t pirate it.

  13. Crimrui permalink

    Don’t post links here you assholes. You’re disrespecting Dargoth.

  14. Anonymous permalink

    how i can download the game? i don’t know how

  15. Someone permalink

    good stuff! thanks Dargoth, can’t wait for the rest

  16. Anonymous permalink

    Much appreciated Dargoth, you’re a national treasure.

  17. Anonymous permalink

    Great. DLSite and it’s stupid payment restrictions preventing me from buying another product, could somebody just upload the 1.2 patch.

  18. Anonymous permalink

    Great work Dargoth, just bought the game after some trouble with the server connection which
    abortet payment every time.
    By the way is there any option to make it fullscreen? F11 to hide the browser window is one thing,
    but is there a way to set it as if you were watching the spin off stories?

  19. Anonymous permalink

    Wow, didn´t see that. You made my day!
    since you did such a great work until now and I was just leeching
    your patches I feel kind of doing something for others.
    e.g. I´am from germany and I think I might be able to translate your
    english patches into german…
    that means if you would lend me a hand, cause I am not able to do this
    encrypting stuff….

    • Are there really Germans who are into this kind of thing who can’t speak English? Germany is already the 3rd most popular country to visit my blog after the US and Canada.

      • Anonymous permalink

        Well indeed you learn english in school here, but every single movie you may
        buy here in germany has german Dub. You also may say “why is that if they all
        understand english as well?”.

  20. Wizeman permalink

    Hey Dargoth, thanks for the translation so far! It’s good to be able to enjoy this little part of Monster Girl Quest in English.

    I found grammatical error in the Scylla Maid scenario.

    “Oh dear, I almost gave into my desires.” should be “Oh dear, I almost gave in to my desires.”

    Here’s a little page about in to versus into:

  21. Tempting fate permalink

    I’ve not seen a Gilgamesh yet so it looks like no one will have to be called a mongrel here.

  22. Anonymous permalink

    So Succubus Witch freezes partway in and no music plays at all for me, any thoughts?

    • Not on version 1.2? Does Cassandra work?

      • Anonymous permalink

        Sorry for the late reply.

        It’s Version 1.2 and Cassandra works fine. It’s just music that doesn’t play as well, sound effects work fine.

  23. What will u do next Dargoth? U’re the last Monstergirl-translator standing and this make me very nervous

    • Kamui permalink

      That’s true. More games are coming and the genre is slowly expanding but none other then Dargoth wants to translate. I’ve seen a lot of doujins too, but none is interested in it cuz’

      a) They don’t like monster girls or b) They aren’t fan of masochist stuff/girl raping guys.

  24. Kurei permalink

    Speaking of VH. I think Dieselmine updated something about accepting voting submissions on their website again.

  25. Kurei permalink

    ^Starting from 22/1 to 16/3 ?

  26. Kurei permalink

    21/2 * sorry

  27. Anonymous permalink

    Dargoth i think on playing mononoke village until u say something of new projects or news.

    U say in a older post ” I did a bare bones translation of the menu and weapon/ability bonuses to make it easier to play” But the download expried, can u reupload please?

    • That was only for the original game and wasn’t compatible with the expansion. I don’t even think I have that patch anymore.

      • Anonymous permalink

        fuck :C, well thank u for reply

  28. Anonymous permalink

    New game from Dieselmine MF:

    Doesn’t look as masochistic as the first game they had, and looks pretty hot (lol). Dunno if you translate non-monster girl games though.

    • 2-tall permalink

      that black-haired girl seemed like a yandere if I read what she was saying right.

      • Anonymous permalink

        I’m sure all of them are yanderes, I mean it’s an MF game. I’m just saying the masochism doesn’t look as intense as the first game MF had.

  29. Anonymous permalink

    Do you think there will be any futanari in paradox?

    • 2-tall permalink

      Probably will be some futa. at the very least I just KNOW that kappa is going to stick her cucumber up Luka’s ass.

  30. Anonymous permalink

    Is there any way I can find the CGs for Lunch? The patches certainly give me the text, but unlike the demo, there’s no images. Its’s a bother because of my having to use a library computer ATM, but until I can get my laptop fixed, I’d be satisfied with CG and the script. Any help would be appreciated.

  31. Kurei permalink

    Actually go to and search for the game. You need an account to do that.

  32. 2-tall permalink

    Q: Did anyone here ever play Eien no Aselia? If you did then can you tell me what was being said in that H-scene on the red-haired girl’s route after Yuuto became an eternal?

    • Alexthelazy permalink

      sorry to say I only played the evil route in that version(in fact it was the only reason I got the H version)

  33. HK-47 permalink

    Update on MGQ Paradox blog and new girl the h-scene is…………

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