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Lunch update

January 30, 2014

There was an update to MGQ Delicious Lunch that added a choice and alternate scenario to the Succubus Witch. Also some new pics for Cassandra.

Work continues on translating it. I’m hoping to simply add an English option to the menu so the same .html file can switch between Japanese and English. I converted Breakfast into MGQ scenarios because its format was terrible (and not easy to translate), but Lunch is much better. Unfortunately it still has no music, but there are at least sound options and an auto mode. This does mean you’ll need a copy of it this time.

Even if I’m not done, I plan a Valentine’s Day release of what I have finished by then. Preferably it’ll be up late on the 13th or morning of the 14th so those of you in Australia and Europe won’t have to go to bed unsatisfied.

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  1. Gilgamesh permalink

    Whatever let it be known the king was here first and supports the translation of VH.

    • Gilgamesh permalink

      You support getting butt fucked you pathetic mongrel!

      • Gilgamesh permalink

        As is by the kings decree every hole is a goal.

  2. NonAnonButAnon permalink

    I’m so confused though. I can only find Breakfast, not lunch.. is it the same game? am I missing something? oi

    • No, it’s not the same. Lunch is the sequel. Neither are really games, just sets of vore scenarios meant to be viewed in your browser.

  3. Someone permalink

    wait an update? how do i download this update?

  4. Someone permalink

    Bah i think i screwed myself, the guy says the purchasing site should offer a free re-download, but i purchased as a guest because i didn’t feel like doing the registration. Oh well, its on sale anyway.

    BTW Dargoth if you’re releasing what you have by Valentines day does that mean that is where you are stopping? Or do you plan to finish it

  5. A traduction of Sei Monmusu Gakuen is not posible right? :C

    PD: Nice work!

  6. Anonymous permalink

    Does it only contains vore?

  7. Michiru permalink

    Thanks for doing the translation for this. I know vore isn’t your thing, not mine either, but I like seeing the different art pieces.

  8. Anonymous permalink

    I always turn the music off on those games anyway. I am glad that you are working hard on it. Thanks very much.

  9. Anonymous permalink

    Thank you for the translation Dargoth, love it.

  10. Go to bed unsatisfied.
    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  11. Gilgamesh permalink

    I enjoy getting butt fucked.

    • Michiru permalink

      You should call yourself Gilgamesh Lannister the way you shit gold.

      • Anonymous permalink

        Shit gold?

      • Michiru permalink

        Game of Thrones reference. Hence the name Lannister. Its basically said by the common people of the books that the family has so much gold that they shit it.

  12. Anonymous permalink

    Does this mean lunch is going to be released in a similar way like breakfast was?
    i mean like the scenarios added to the side storie menu in MGQ?

  13. Sevalle permalink

    Well, I’ll skip this one but I’m really looking forward to your next project. Whatever you bring Dargoth, I know I’ll love one or two of them along the line. As long as we get to see more assertive and awesome Monster Girl games. :3

  14. Anonymous permalink

    You are a champion for translating this Dargoth, thank you.

    • Anonymous permalink

      You’re a Gilgamesh aren’t you?

      • Anonymous permalink

        bcuz everyone with a green icon = gilgamesh

  15. Dargoth I haven’t seen anyone ask this so I though I might pose a question
    Since we know that all the returning monsters in MGQ-paradox will retain all their old scenes will you be using Rogue’s tranlsation for those or do the whole thing yourself?

    • I’ve thought of that myself, but I’m not sure. I’ll have to wait and see if the scenes are copied identically or not. Chances are I’ll try to reuse what I can and just clean up sloppiness where I find it.

      • Okay good to hear, thanks for answering.

      • Anonymous permalink

        When they said that most of the returning monster will have the same scenes as MGQ I took that to mean their CGs, I doubt the dialogue will be all the same.

      • Actually you can take that statement a bunch of ways, we just have no way to know for sure yet. It could just be the same positions, or they could be line for line the same.

  16. Michiru permalink

    You never know. They might just be lazy enough to keep the dialogue the same as well just so they can release the game sooner.

    • This is kind of what I am thinking. Keeping the old scenes is faster for Torotoro, and for a number of them there is no real need to change them as the same thing is happening, you lost and now they kill you, If any would change they would be the ones for affection if that system is still in place, but since those are still femdom they only need to be changed a bit.
      Basically, it would take them a lot longer to rewrite every scene, so they will probably keep them the same.

      • Yeah, Luka has to actually *request* sex with them from a menu so the usual “omg get away from me!” routine is going to need a bit of changing here and there, especially with monsters that eat or otherwise kill him in MGQ.

  17. Anonymous permalink

    わふにゃのくえすと no koto wo wasurenaide kure dargoth-san

  18. Anonymous permalink

    Vore stuff is my favorite Dargoth, thanks for the translation

    • Anonymous permalink

      so the thought of being turned into shit gets you off?

      • Anonymous permalink

        would you just stop fucking arguing, i thought we got over this

      • God permalink

        Vore is amazing and for those who don’t like it shall be eaten.

      • Anonymous permalink

        oh look another fag adding in to the arguement, gtfo

  19. Anonymous permalink

    Criticizing each others fetishes… bunch of sad fucking losers man..

  20. Anonymous permalink

    Thanks for the translation dargoth! Can’t wait!

  21. T.A.T.G. permalink

    If someone does not like vore then don’t hate in those that do. If you have a problem with vore just keep it to your self. No one cares about your comments. Sure you might get a response, but in the end there is just no point to it,

    • Anonymous permalink

      Well said.

    • Anonymous permalink

      Freedom of speech BITCH!

      • T.A.T.G. permalink

        Well your lucky then not everyone has that freedom.

    • Anonymous permalink

      Well I don’t want to sound offensive in any way, but since people answer to that dude who is judging in a negative way about vore, then that means they do ”care”. Otherwise they wouldn’t take the time arguing…just saying

      • Anonymous permalink

        Some people respond but don,t really care about it. For example at work I don’t care about some peoples problems because some people do the same thing every week and don’t seem to learn. However if I want to keep my job i have to at least act like I care. They might just come here checking for updates and decide lets reply to some random person. Now if they do it negatively they are a troll. However, if it is not a negative comment then they are just here cause they have some free time or something and want something to do. Its just easy to reply to haters because some people try to make people mad for the fun of it. My point is not every one cares if you or anyone else says anything negative about vore. Some response could have been meant to troll the troll and just have a little bit of fun.

      • Over half of the flame war is one guy arguing against himself. WordPress shows me IP addresses of comments.

  22. Anonymous permalink

    I know its not appropriate to ask this here but….how do you guys get Sharia’s CG in VH4 ? Can someone help ?

  23. Michiru permalink

    That’s kinda sad if you have to argue with yourself to stir reactions.

  24. HK-47 permalink

    To argue against yourself…… i can’t decide if it’s funny or sad

  25. Anonymous permalink

    are you guys stupid, Anonymous is the default name

    • Michiru permalink

      If you read above Dargoth said some of the Anons have the same IP so its the same person arguing back and forth.

      • Anonymous permalink

        oh okay then i sound like the stupid one, my bad

  26. Anonymous permalink

    btw does anyone have a download link to this? i plan to buy it at ze end of the month but till then i cant way 0.0

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