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MGQ Delicious Lunch

January 11, 2014

Due to how easy this is to translate and since I’m still in contact with other people regarding translation tools for other engines, I’m going to translate MGQ Delicious Lunch. Pure vore isn’t my favorite thing in the world, but it’s still enjoyable and won’t take much time.

I haven’t even finished playing VH4 yet so I don’t want to say I won’t translate it. However, I have no idea how many of these games Dieselmine is going to produce. If they keep making them as fast as I can translate, I’ll never do anything else…

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  1. Anonymous permalink

    Can’t we all just get along? Everyone touch their tips in reconciliation.

  2. Anonymous permalink

    Doesn’t Dieselmine usually announce a new game coming immediately after they release their last game? It’s been more than 2 weeks and as far as i know there is no VH5 announcement so i doubt we will getting one any time soon, maybe wait a bit more and make your decision whether or not you want to translate VH4. It’s all up to you, but i know many of us would like to see that.

    • ChaoticNemisis permalink

      What I would do if I were you is translate the fourth, and see if they just start “eating their own babies” (and yes, that is what pumping out games at stupid speeds is called). If they do, just translate based on your own preference. In truth I’m losing interest in the VH series. It’s now really just tentacles up your but along with whatever else is happening. That and every game the hero seems to get quicker and quicker. I can sorta understand, but it’s to the point now in VH that it’s just a stream. Even in MGQ, if it was quick, they filled it with enough descriptive text that it didn’t trully feel that quick. Where as VH is now pretty much OMG, it’s a monster girl and I’ve got a tentacle up my ass, must mean I need to piss cum.

  3. Anonymous permalink

    Let us all gently touch our tips.

  4. Anonymous permalink

    Yeah seriously guys you might have a preference but just calm the hell down. And like dargoth said it’s easy to translate so it will hopefully be quickly done and we can have something for the rest of us next time while the vore fans are busy fapping away. Just calm down and count your blessings that we live in the days of free internet. Because there is NO WAY any of us would have got to see ANY of this kind of thing only one or two decades ago. It’s like spoiled kids arguing over the flavor of their surplus of delicious candy. It’s demeaning to yourself and you should stop it.

  5. Anonymous permalink

    I won’t be too heartbroken if you don’t translate VH4. After playing the first three, I feel like I can more or less guess what everyone’s saying now anyway.

    • Anonymous permalink

      I’ve finished VH4 now, and the game’s pretty disappointing imo. Maybe I’m missing some interesting context without a translation, but every scene seemed like the same dang thing over and over again. Every scene was either boobjob with a tentacle up your butt, blowjob with a tentacle up your butt, footjob with a tentacle up your butt, vaginal intercourse with a tentacle up your butt, or a tentacle on your dick… WITH A TENTACLE UP YOUR BUTT. Since there are roughly 40 H-scenes, most of these get used over and over and over again. Other than the tentacles up the butt and the whole monster girl thing, the game’s actually pretty vanilla.

      Feels like Dieselmine’s about out of ideas.

      • Anonymous permalink

        Seems like these people fussing about a VH translation are all closet homosexuals.. and theres nothing wrong with that.. to each their own..

      • Anonymous permalink

        Those were my exact feelings on VH3 as well. It got old pretty fast, even if there were a few scenes I liked here and there. I mean, I like prostate stimulation, but I don’t like it THAT much. If VH4 is mostly that again, I won’t be complaining if dargoth does something else after Lunch.

  6. Anonymous permalink

    Dargoth, you are a national treasure for translating this.

  7. Crimrui permalink

    Gonna skip MGQ Delicious Lunch. Didn’t like vore in original MGQ so I probably won’t like it here ether. Of course there is still crowd for that so your translation won’t be in vain. Looking forward to your other transaltions. ˇˇ

    • Anonymous permalink

      Damn right it wont be in vain.. show yourself to the door.

      • Crimrui permalink

        I have a right to second opinion. I accepted his decision even if it’s not my thing and you still insult me? Screw you pal.

      • Anonymous permalink

        He wasn’t insulting you or your interests, you were just being a dick for no adequate reason. Everyone has their tastes and not everyone likes vore, myself and plenty of others included.

        If you feel the need to insult others rather than being a big boy and accepting the fact not everyone is the same then I would suggest YOU show yourself the door and please, let the door hit you on the way out.

    • Anonymous permalink

      You can accept or not accept it.. it makes no difference “pal”..

      • Anonymous permalink

        Which is the exact same amount of difference that your opinion makes, buddy. No need to get so assblasted when people don’t like the same things you do.

  8. Anonymous permalink

    Definitely buying lunch now.

  9. Dead Beard permalink

    Oh yes.
    I can enjoy this one.

  10. Anonymous permalink

    This is just a suggestion if you have time but perhaps it would be nice to translate a couple of the JSK flash games. They really don’t have much dialogue to do. And a couple of the untranslated ones involve demons so…..

    Just puttin it out there XD.

  11. Crimrui permalink

    Dargoth, why not try Sei Monmusu Gakuen if you want something with more words. ˇˇ

    • I saw a comment on the /vg/ MGQ thread that someone else was going to pick it up, but that was about 2 weeks ago and haven’t heard anything since. I did send a message to a guy on fuwanovel who said he had developed YU-RIS engine tools (that all of Vanadis’s games post-Lamia use), but he hasn’t even read my message.

      • Crimrui permalink

        Fuwanovel is having it’s own problems at the moment, unfortunately. Maybe give it some more time? If nothing comes up later you could take it into consideration…

        Also I hope you try VH4 and share the thoughts. I don’t know, VH3 was definitely the weakest in the series for me but the new girls in VH4 look more appealing.

      • Obsidious permalink

        There’s this guy that started a translation blog. Maybe it’s him, but he seems to be MIA.

      • Nah, that guy is long gone.

  12. Anonymous permalink

    Seems like these people fussing about a VH translation are all closet homosexuals.. and theres nothing wrong with that.. to each their own..

    • Anonymous permalink

      -50 respect for suggesting that being homosexual is in ANY WAY a bad thing. Even going so far to suggest that unpleasant personality traits are a sign of homosexuality. You sir need to grow up.

      • Anonymous permalink

        You obviously didn’t read my comment. You illiterate fool.

      • Anonymous permalink

        If you honestly just started up that conjecture-based rambling before even reading the very next line where he said “theres nothing wrong with that” (being homosexual), you should seriously consider seeing a therapist about that persecution complex.

      • Crimrui permalink

        It seems like it’s the same dude who goes around giving disconnected insults like a child throwing a tantrum. Throwing words with common sense at him seem to make him confused. XD

    • Anon Unknown permalink

      You know, if you keep attacking people like that, Dargoth may change his mind. Intolerance of other people’s choices does turn people off of projects. You never know.

  13. Anonymous permalink

    Saying … and there’s nothing wrong with that after being derogatory doesn’t mean a damn thing. It’s like saying that may be true … but. It’s bullshit.

    • Anonymous permalink

      The crazy thing is he is probably right though lol.

      • Anonymous permalink

        Wait a minute i just did some scrolling up is he seriously suggesting that people who enjoy the anal penetration in VH are homosexual. Dude that isn’t even bigoted that’s just naive lol. Look i will be frank i’m a dude and im totally into anal play but I’m not gay. The thought of doing it with a guy is frankly ugh to me. But during masturbation or a girl with a strap on … totally cool with that. Fact is most if not all of us men DO have a pleasure response there. You can totally get a completely separate orgasm from your ass, no kidding. Feels kinda like taking the biggest most satisfying dump you ever hat except at orgasmic levels of pleasure intensity.

        Point is homosexuality is being attracted to the same gender as yourself. What types of stimulation you like or are uncomfortable with have nothing to do with it. I don’t see an awful lot of actual males in the VH games (Though there is the occasional herm)

  14. Anonymous permalink

    Dude… so the people who enjoy VH are homosexuals.. whats the big deal? They have the freedom choose that lifestyle. Just live and let live bro.

  15. Anonymous permalink

    Guys even if you take it literally….you cant be homosexual if you enjoy VH…why ? because there are hot chicks in the game who make heterosexual’s aroused ( even if its kinda done in a masochistic sense ). It makes no sense whatsoever. How can people take it personally when being ”offended” as being a homosexual is beyond me. Just disregard the comment above who started all this and understand that he needs medical help to make the distinction. Don’t get angry and offended because of petty bs and don’t reply to these type of comments. Especially if its not true personally to you. The less you feed them the better. Focus on what you enjoy and like, haters gonna hate, and they might spout all sorts of ridiculous crap. VH is an awesome series for it’s genre and whoever doesn’t like it, keep it to yourself, or stay classy. There is no reason to hate something and spread it to others like a fire, just to justify your own negativity. Don’t take these type of baits. The comment above was used twice if you check it, one from a blue anon and then a green anon suggesting its the same person. He might even answer his own shit. Oh and one more thing, how you treat others you treat yourself.


    I love VH4. It deserves a translation because its fun, ridiculous, has awesome art, sexy voice acting, and at least a combat system where you don’t hold Ctrl just to get the H scenes. A shame that I lack code editing and programming skills. I would do it myself.

    Monstergirls for the win.

  16. Frank permalink

    Hi I wanted to get everyone’s attention for a bit. There is another English Eroge Developer which is developing a 2D platformer and could use some financial support. The blog is:

    Please check it out and maybe even consider about donating to the Offbeater page!

    • Frank permalink

      Also Dargoth if there is a way you could mention this somewhere in your next update I’d appreciate it. I was going to post it again next update to get more people’s attention.

    • Kurei permalink

      Impressive. This reminds me of Eroico, which I played some months ago. I will definitely check it out, and keep an eye on it. Thanks for sharing 🙂

      • evil-one permalink

        I kinda wish Eroico had some text, but beggars can’t be choosers.

  17. Anonymous permalink

    It doesn’t matter that the people that like VH are homosexuals that want tentacles up their buttholes.. this is 2014.. everyone can live their lives as they wish! Geeze.. imature children these days..

  18. Anonymous permalink

    omg, does anyone know how to shut the fuck up

  19. Anonymous permalink

    Dargoth if you could ever translate this small side story that would be truly awesome.

    It has to do with the elf and giant tounge girl it’s gold.

  20. Gilgamesh permalink

    You are all homosexual mongrels the lot of you.

    • Sevalle permalink

      Good job in making yourself sound like an retard or a very bad troll.

      People who like Monster Girl games are mostly into submissiveness where girls take a high lead which you don’t see very often in other hentai related content. And you can call us masochists, and that is alright too, but the term homosexuality has absolutely no connection to the genre. It’s like saying to people who drink soda that they are alcoholics.

    • Gilgamesh permalink

      How dare you impersonate a king, you Mongrel!

  21. evil-one permalink

    How long until “it” is done?

  22. pinkie pie permalink

    Smile every pony we get to be eaten.

  23. Gilgamesh permalink

    My dick is gunna take off and go into orbit around saturn when this is done translating.

    • Gilgamesh permalink

      YOU… MMMMMMMMMOOOOOOOOOOOONNNNNNNNGGGGGGRRRRRRREEEEEEEEELLLLL! YOU DAMN MONGREL! HOW DARE YOU! YOU DARE IMPERSONATE A KING!? Impersonating a king is the greatest of sins! Impersonating me is cause for the greatest of punishments! A slow death is too good for a worm like you! My treasures will rend your body, but they will not kill you! No, that will be my pleasure and mine alone!

      • Anonymous permalink

        Yeeeeah…. I think you are taking the Gilgamesh character a little bit too ”personally”. On the other hand, if some producers decide to pick someone up to fill the role for Gilgamesh, I’ll let them know ok ?

      • Gilgamesh permalink

        Come you mongrels, I desire the pleasure of slaying you all with my mighty 2 inch pecker!

  24. Alexthelazy permalink

    hey dargoth I just remembered that you where thinking about trying to translate some rpgmaker games as practice for mgq paradox. did you find anything you like to work on?

  25. 2-tall permalink

    Still the anubis pissing in the main dude’s mouth leaves me worrying that IF there is another VH one of the monster girls will take a dump in the hero’s mouth. (cringes at the thought) Someone tell me it won’t be that way, please?

    • Sevalle permalink

      Nah, Empress H-games have that all covered. If anything VH gets more brutal with penetrations and with a bit of a whipping at the top. Regardless, I would still love to see it translated. I like the art, and with succubus lending you a hand I’m really intrigued with VH4. ˇˇ

    • evil-one permalink

      M-size pulled that crap as well and the main characters in m-size games never got to (ahem) put it in.

  26. Anonymous permalink

    Guys I think there might be something seriously wrong with Gilgamesh, Both of them in fact if in fact they are different people. As for the homosexual thing I merely wished to point out that there is basically NO homosexual content in either VH or MGQ, I guess i just have a bee in my bonnet because of all the intolerant people who seem to make an automatic connection between a scene with a girl going for a guys ass and homosexuality. It’s not that homosexuality is bad i just don’t want to be labelled as something i’m not in a derogatory way by immature idiots whose sexual exploration probably consists of “trying doggy style”.

  27. Anonymous permalink

    Gilgamesh is either a troll or mentally unstable. He is an idiot in both cases.

    • Anonymous permalink

      agreed. also, did people finally stop arguing?

  28. Anonymous permalink

    Did anyone ever play Fate/Stay Night? I think he was doing an impersonation of that character.

    • jayce permalink

      No that rant was almost completely taken from “Just an Unorthodox Thief” by The Infamous Man on I think.

      • Alexthelazy permalink

        oh I might read that one Zero Sense was funny as all hell

  29. Anonymous permalink

    Yeah I would imagine most of us know. But it’s still lame.

  30. evil-one permalink

    When do you think MGQ paradox will come out?

  31. Kurei permalink

    May I have your attention pls…..weeeeellll seems like….Violated hero V is being developed ??? Seems like a voting system is underway again !!. These guys are relentless. They must be dreaming making more violated games XD. ” We have 4 already hmm whats our next plan…what ? only four? develop the fifth one without delay…but sir Dargoth has not even started translating our 4th installment are you…..just do it now !!!….something along these lines I am sure.

    • Sevalle permalink

      Well, this pretty much proves it. They are a fan of their own games XD

      As long as they don’t step into heavy vore and gore, I’ll keep playing them. If someone else or Dargoth translates it of course.

      • Anon Unknown permalink

        I agree with you. I might get the earlier VH games, because I’m having a bit of fun playing VH4. I just hope Dargoth translates it.

    • I don’t know what’s being milked more: the series or the heroes in it.

      • Anon Unknown permalink

        It looks like they’re just asking for another character vote for the next one, but the vote doesn’t start for another couple of months.

      • 2-tall permalink

        The only difference between the heroes are the clothes that they wear and their names. Other than that they all look the same to me.

    • Someone permalink

      I would get excited except 4 may as well have been called 3.1, it was the same damn thing over again and again, nothing new. I wonder if they are copy/pasting…

  32. Anonymous permalink

    More tentacles up the butt.. great..

    • cliche permalink

      I know you love it mah boi.

      • Gilgamesh permalink

        Hey try this, stretching your dick downward until you can squeeze it into your ass. Then clench your bunghole till you give yourself a creampie.

      • Gilgamesh permalink

        … Mongrel are you even trying to do it right?

      • Anonymous permalink

        I think there are 3 different Gilgamesh here.

  33. redtack2009 permalink

    on a note slightly away from violated hero, does anybody know if another oneshota game is in the works? although they dont really need translating this feels like the only place i can ask (and yes i know about kariyumi)

  34. HK-47 permalink

    VH 4 isn’t that bad it was pretty fun i hope it get translated but i really hope they work longer one the next one

  35. Roflcakes permalink

    you shitting me? VH5 already? i like the series and i guess im kinda happy about it, BUT if they keep releasing these too quickly, dargoth will probably drop the series.

    • 2-tall permalink

      I hope they have better art and women that I WANT to get abused by, ya know?

  36. Anonymous permalink

    MGQ Lunch got an update today. Those of you who bought it on account can re-download it to get the new stuff. If you didn’t use an account or found other means to acquire it then you might have to wait awhile. Seems like they just added a path to the succubus witch and one other change I can’t remember off the top of my head.

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