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Violated Hero 4 out on DLSite

December 30, 2013

I think I’ll wait another day or two and make sure there isn’t another censorship issue with DLSite like there was with VH3…

In other news, my quest to find translation tools that support RPG Maker VX Ace hasn’t gone well. Habisain’s excellent-looking RPGMaker Trans is going to have VX support soon, but Ace may take a bit longer after that. MGQ Paradox is still many (many) months away, but this kind of puts a damper on being able to translate something like ROBF or Tokyo Tenma in the meantime. So people who really want VH4 translated may get their wish after all.

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  1. Anonymous permalink

    Delicious lunch please! 😀

  2. Don Jon permalink

    It would be really great to see MGQ Delicious Lunch translated, I believe in you Dargoth!

    • I agree that it would be amazing if you translate lunch.

      • Anonymous permalink

        Definitely need Delicious Lunch more than another VH translation.

  3. Anonymous permalink

    In VH4, there are 4 sex scenes after the squid woman boss in the gallery (I’m going to assume they are two because each boss seems to have a part 1 and 2 rape) and I can’t figure out how to unlock them.

    Does anyone know how?

  4. Kurei permalink

    So you rather want Dargoth to translate a game which is 100 % vore based, has half decent art and voice acting compared to VH4 ? And plus its smaller in size and doens’t last that long making it less worthy for a long term translation project ? come on now guys…..

    • Anonymous permalink

      He also said it would take relatively little time. Let us have our small Lunch game, VH4 can wait.

  5. Touka permalink

    Delicious Lunch please!

  6. Anonymous permalink

    Pfff more like revolting lunch…. I would rather see VH4 demo translated over that ”game”, any day.

    • Anonymous permalink

      yeah XD. I mean who prefers seeing girls or protagonists being eaten alive or turned into jelly instead of seeing some nice hot sexual themed scenes with monster girls of course. Fetishes nowadays..seriously.

    • Roflcakes permalink


    • Anonymous permalink

      Everyone loves monster girl stuff, sure, but there’s plenty of that available. Vore stuff is hard to find, especially Monmusu vore.

  7. Don Jon permalink

    There are tons of games like VH4.. go play one of them.. there are not many like Lunch, so please translate it.

    • Roflcakes permalink

      With the same type of art? I don’t think so.

      • Anonymous permalink

        Go play some Monmusu. Some people actually enjoy vore – a game like Lunch is rare for us.

      • Roflcakes permalink

        I already finished that game and enjoyed it, just not the vore. Also, he said there are PLENTY of games like VH.

    • Kurei permalink

      I shall comment here as well. Tons of games like VH 4? Not even in the slightest dude. It has superb art and sexy voice acting, plus it has gameplay elements we all loved about VH. Apart from VH or MGQ, there arent others at all with the same quality.On top of my head I can only think of Demon Master Chris ( which is already translated ) and Tokyo Tenma. That’s about it. Most of them are either made with RPG Maker programs, or are just mediocre visual novels where you break your Ctrl button just to get all the sex scenes.

  8. Anonymous permalink

    I like Violated Hero more than Lunch. Some monstergirl kill people in both, but at least in Violated Hero there’s some loving monster girl too.

  9. Anonymous permalink

    Nothing is hotter than being consumed by a hot ass monstergirl. Period.

  10. Ken permalink

    I cast my vote for Lunch (Loved Breakfast) over VH4, that’s just my preference.

  11. rob permalink

    I vote lunch as well.

  12. Bobi permalink

    I vote for VH 4 all day everyday, with or without a bucket close to me

    • Orphen permalink

      I second that…VH 4 is such an awesome masterpiece in my opinion that should not be overlooked ( or left untranslated )

      • Anonymous permalink

        As Fluttershy said in response to someone else, we’re not saying VH4 shouldn’t be translated. We’re saying it shouldn’t be translated /first/~<3

  13. Anonymous permalink

    I fell in love with the VH series as well as with the 4th installment. It makes for a fine collection and if it gets translated, that would we great….no scratch that…it would be orgasmic 😉

    • Fluttershy permalink

      He could still do VH that but I think lunch should come first. He said it wouldn’t take that long to translate and then VH could be done making everyone happy. Its not like one or the other so I think that lunch should be translated because VH will probably be translated at some point. So to continue this voting thing I vote both if that’s okay with you.

  14. Anonymous permalink

    He has made his decision. Lunch will be translated first. *roar of applause*

  15. Fluttershy permalink


  16. Anonymous permalink

    anyone got save files you can download?

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