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Different versions of VH3?

December 28, 2013

So I was looking at Dieselmine’s VH3 site, and there’s a banner that says “Due to expression restrictions, the way Fan Mei refers to the main character in the DLSite version is different from other sites.” I have the DLSite version and she just calls him bōya, or boy. Now I’m really curious what expression she uses for the other version of the game that is apparently forbidden by DLSite. Did anyone actually buy the game from somewhere else? I’m 99% sure all the pirated versions of the game are from DLSite, but maybe not…

Mystery solved: Fan Mei calls Ren 童 warabe, or child. Apparently DLSite frowns on that? There are actually a few lines that were completely cut for the DLSite version too. Might not be buying from them anymore…

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  1. Cory permalink

    From what I can see from my version, which is a mirror download from…a place I can’t remember for the life of me XD She calls him bōya as well. So I hope someone else has the answer.

  2. anonymous permalink

    hmm, i havent gotten every scene involving Fan Mei, but i have never seen her say the word boy yet though maybe i should listen more carefully to what she says instead of what is written

  3. Some chances of you translate an nukige? Or it’s just rpgs?

  4. Kurei permalink

    From what I recall, she does call him boy, at least from the DLSite version I have. Quite intriguing that there are different expressions for the same game. Does this maybe mean that dieselmine had multiple versions of the game released thus forgetting to change the script ? Or maybe a third party messed up with the programming….. .

  5. Anonymous permalink

    Wow, I’m really curios about that. What kind of word can even be censored in a freaking porn game?

  6. Eevee permalink

    Hey Dargoth i have a small request. Con you translate Utawarerumono Battle ? It is a small arcade version of Utawarerumono and there isn’t much talking so it shouldn’t take much of your time. The file size is 355 MB. If you can do this i wold be grateful and if you cant i understand.
    If you are interested i will give you the links for the game download.

    • Anonymous permalink

      That whole IP looks like absolute shit. Hopefully Dargoth ignores this.

  7. oPPAI permalink

    Anyone else who have a problem with the scene (before the last boss) where Fan Mei and Sei Mei give you a boobjob together? The whole english patch works for me until that particular scene and right there it jumps to japanese subs.. and when the scene is over.. it goes back to japanese. Weird. Any way to fix this?

    • Maybe when the English files were copied the copying failed at that file? The scenarios are in numerical order and would be copied in that same order.

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