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VH3 English RC2

December 25, 2013

Oops! I missed a battle line that ended up causing a game crash. Fixed a few typos too, thanks to Jikorde. Please download this version, not the last one.


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  1. user permalink

    Any chance for a working mirror? mega doesn’t work for everyone (including me) and anonfiles is 0 bytes.

  2. Kurei permalink

    Once again thank you for your efforts and time Dar. Mega is working for me.

  3. Megashare works fine for me too. Thank you Dargoth, Happy Holidays.

  4. Kurei permalink

    With that said, hope you have a wonderful Christmas Eve. Alright ! Time to have some fun and enjoy the art baby !

  5. user permalink

    Megashare may have a blacklist, my ISP might be blocking them, they don’t like Firefox or for whatever reason I and some of my friends can’t download from them while other can. I was happy when they announced their return but unfortunately for whatever the reason is I can’t use them so another mirror would be appriciated? For example, or

    • user permalink

      P.S. I’m in no hurry but it’ll be nice if we have more mirrors for the final version – you can also consider using

    • Put it up on zippyshare, looks like it worked. This is the second time anonfiles has crapped out on me.

  6. Kurei permalink

    Oh yeah and one more thing guys. Read the readme file before you report anything and check/follow it properly before you sent any bugs or errors. The solutions provided there if you have any issues are self explanatory.

  7. Anonymous permalink

    Thanks so much Dargoth, You gave us the best Christmas ever!

  8. Anonymous permalink

    Thanks for all your hard work.

  9. 2-tall permalink

    A Merry Christmas Dargoth

  10. pedemonte permalink

    found a crash—> the first barrier of the game after the text when you can choice direction again, if you choice to go to barrier the game give an error and the direction choices disapear. (alt + f4 for restart game).

  11. Toragan permalink

    Is it just me or after you beat the nine tail fox boss and go to head back to the Empress there’s alot of dialog missing?

    • Hmm, did you successfully beat her on your first play? I’ve heard there’s a problem with that. I need to investigate.

      Turns out it’s impossible to beat her without having cleared the game once before, no matter how much damage you deal in the 5 turns. I really don’t understand the programming for the routes at all in this game – they just don’t make any sense.

      So you’re going to have to be more specific. What lines got skipped? Had you cleared the game before? Etc. The part where Sei Mei hands Lei Ling the stone is supposed to be skipped if you beat Fan Mei. Presumably you’ve already seen that scene since you can only beat Fan Mei and see the alternate version after clearing the game before.

  12. Anonymous permalink

    Thanks for the patch. Any chance for a 100% save file?

  13. Toragan permalink

    I haven’t cleared the game. This is my first play through. I did manage to deal 500+ damage to her in 5 turns by leveling to 16 maxing out my magic and magic power then using Seven Luminaries Seal. It didn’t defeat her like you said…you don’t seem to be able to do it on the first playthrough.

    Afterward it went up to the point where Sei Mei hands Lei Ling the stone then it suddenly skips to the hero talking about her being the God Youkai and how he got violated etc etc. It was rather confusing lol. I just stopped playing there for awhile

    I just replayed it again from my save and now it’s proceeding with the text it is supposed to. Very odd.

    Anyhow I just wanted to thank you for your time and effort with this.=) I know it’s a pain hunting down bugs.

    • Turns out you only have to deal 300 damage to her. Despite the comments and route spreadsheet saying you need to do 50% of her 1000 HP, it’s coded to check for 30% damage only. But if you don’t have a game clear flag, you can’t get the victory scenario anyway, which forces you onto the Empress route. If you *do* have a game clear flag, you can win, but that also earns you your choice of route in area 9, which makes all the dialogue choices in the game (which don’t lead to game overs) irrelevant. So why does the game bother tracking points and flags for routes at all? This is stupid and could be changed in 5 seconds in a bunch of different ways.

      It also just occurred to me last night that root_check.ks means ROUTE CHECK. Yay homophones. It’s things like that that’ll drive you crazy.

    • Anonymous permalink

      I’m having this same problem on my first playthrough. Regardless of what I do against Fan Mei (whether I do 500+ damage or 50 damage in 5 turns) I always end up getting weird dialogue where the MC talks about being violated by the Empress / Orochi even though nothing like that’s happened and he shouldn’t even know she’s Orochi.

      Loading my save, exiting the game etc aren’t changing anything. I even tried dragging out the second battle with Fan Mei (the one you’re supposed to win) for more than 5 turns but it doesn’t change anything.

      • Anonymous permalink

        Huh. I reloaded a much older save from when I was fighting Nea, then went straight on to fight Fan Mei rather than exploring anywhere else in that area. Turns out that did the trick and the dialogue went as it should’ve done. Weird.

      • Out of curiosity did you use a save from a previous patch or the untranslated version?

      • Anonymous permalink

        Nope, all my saves are from the RC2 patch. I don’t think it’s a problem on your end though – the glitch actually cuts out the entire first Orochi fight (and the resulting H scene when you lose) and takes you straight to the first area of the castle.

        Also I reloaded the Nea save again, explored area 5 fully and didn’t get the glitch. The only real thing I did differently that time from when I was glitched was that I didn’t lose to octolady and/or Fan Mei and then continue.

      • So you see all the normal script in area 5 and then when it’s supposed to go back to the throne room scene, it instead skips to area 6?

      • Anonymous permalink

        That’s possibly the cause, although as it only happened to me on one save file (i.e. on one occasion) I can’t be completely sure.

        It does take you to the throne room scene, but after about two lines of dialogue (the Empress welcomes Sei Mei back, Sei Mei says something) it cuts to an image of the Empress with snakes radiating from her, with the MC saying something about how she’s the legendary Orochi and reflecting upon when she violated him.

        After about 10 lines of dialogue from the MC, it then cuts back to the map of area 5 (i.e. with the MC on the boss square) BUT with the castle area background. You then get the ‘Area Completed’ message, then you’re put back at the area select screen for the castle with only the first area open.

        Utterly bizarre, I know.

      • Anonymous permalink

        Having now finished the game, the out of place dialogue where the MC thinks about Orochi comes from the scene in the middle of area 9 (which I believe is where you choose your endgame route on a NG+).

    • Anonymous permalink

      Whoops, only just woke up and I thought you were suggesting that seeing all the script (including losing dialogue) in area 5 was the cause of the glitch. Ignore the first line of that reply.

  14. Roflcakes permalink

    Story is in the main site of VH4 now, but I can’t understand it lol.

    • Roflcakes permalink

      And unfortunately, gameplay looks the same as VH3. I still hope you translate it though.

      • Anonymous permalink

        At least the enemies don’t look ugly like in VH3.

    • Sounds like the usual story, except the monster girls join your party this time around? Don’t know if that’ll change the combat system in any way.

      • Anonymous permalink

        You know what i find kinda funny? 4 VH games and not a single vampire… seriously you would think it would be one of the most popular monsters, especially after having what seems to be 3 succubi in the latest game. They could have easily switched it around, but nope they went for more weird choices like twin cyclops girls joined at the hip and shoulder… Yea… really fap worthy.
        Other than that, the monsters seem ok, i guess it comes down to personal preference but the vampires where my fav monsters in MGQ3.

    • Anonymous permalink

      VH series manage to make every new game better than predecessor so we could say they are slowly progressing, i hope they don’t ruin it with VH4

      • Anonymous permalink

        Yeah, ruining it pretty much means no translation 😛

  15. Kurei permalink

    Wait it says that they join your party this time around ? That sounds quite interesting. I mean even if they are not actually participating during combat sequences, it may crate different and interesting interactions,and route choices. Moreover if they create a tag system for example like demon master chris then that will be quite an impressive development to say the least, and make New Year day even sweeter. Time will unravel more info I guess. I, as well vouch and vote for this game to be translated 🙂

  16. Kurei permalink

    The spec page is also up it seems. Hmm, 2 gb of HD space is required for the game. VH3 is around 1.91 gb.

  17. Kurei permalink

    Actually it says MORE than 2gb after using bing translator.

    • Kurado permalink

      Wow, that’s pretty big for a VH game. I thought VH3 was big enough. Well no matter how bad or good it is, I would still want a translation.

  18. Roflcakes permalink

    On the downloads page, there’s a screenshot with one of the VH2 characters. I wonder what that’s for?

    • Roflcakes permalink

      Oh shit, speaking of downloads, the demo is out!

    • Roflcakes permalink

      Looks like the first mirror isn’t working, but the demo is 645MB. Speed is also slow :/

  19. Kurei permalink

    Oh yeah you are right ! Its one of the generals from VH2. Niiice.

  20. Kurei permalink

    Haha you gotta love the translation of the game title once again ( well Google translation in this case). Dame~tsu another Ⅳ ~ brave committed. My penis thingy about being a limit. lol.

    • Roflcakes permalink

      lol at the end of the title. penis thingy

    • All of the google translated subtitles are ridiculous. It’s funny that even VNDB uses them. This one’s really boring though, it’s just like “No more! My penis is at its limit!”

      • Roflcakes permalink

        Haha, none of the VH main characters have a limit on their penis.

  21. Anonymous permalink

    Now we just gotta wait for Dargoth’s opinion of the demo, which I hope is good. *crosses fingers*

    • Kurei permalink

      Yeah man I am with you. 645 mb is quite a huge ass demo if you ask me. Try the second mirror guys, it works fine.

      • Roflcakes permalink

        Waht, I left my download, but it failed D:

  22. Kurei permalink

    what in the… the game stops downloading at 319 mb for some reason. Nothing wrong with my connection either. Maybe something is going on with their servers. Did anyone finish downloading it ?

    • Roflcakes permalink

      Mine stopped at 227 mb just now. Maybe too many people dling it.

  23. Kurei permalink

    Yep it seems I got a network error after 5 mins of waiting.

  24. Kurei permalink

    10 mins left for mine to finish. ”Do not fail me server” ( Darth Vader voice ).

  25. Kurei permalink

    Got it 🙂 Now I am going to check the demo a little bit and write down afterwards my first impressions and opinion about it.

  26. Roflcakes permalink

    Oh, it’s going fast now. I think my internet was just being crappy for a bit.

  27. Roflcakes permalink

    Well, that was super short. Only 1 monster fight? The VH3 demo had 2 D:

  28. Anon Unknown permalink

    Here’s hoping that VH4 is good enough to be translated. I’m hoping that it is.

  29. Kurei permalink

    Alright here are my first thoughts of the game:
    The game starts off with a conversation of the male character and the hot purple haired succubus. After a long conversation and having him being subjected to her whims, you explore the fist area.
    Now this is the interesting thing.
    – Combat system.The bosses that you defeat follow you!! therefore granting you magical skills. You start of with the hot succubus that accompanies you in the beginning of the game. Every time you use your magic skill she makes you ejaculate and then unleashes a magic attack. This is the new feature mentioned in the story mode section in the website. Another thing is the pentagram skill. This time it seems that it has a new feature… you strip the girl the longer you use it on them plus dealing the usual dmg. Be careful though ! if you use it on the boss for too much there are hearts that fill on the bottom of your mana points. If they fill to much, the boss makes you ejaculate thus, dealing a lot of dmg to you. Another new thing is that there is a stat point system now 🙂
    -Movement. You move forwards one square at a time. The question marks can be either enemies.treasure chests…or traps XD In this area there are some spike traps that deal dmg. If you lose to a random enemy. you are given the option to restart the map. The traps that are sprung remain revealed. Another thing I noticed is that you cannot back track once you have chosen to go forward. It might be cause its still the demo that does not allow you to do so. This still remains to be seen with the full release of the game.
    -Dialog. Personally I love the voice acting in this game so far. Both the succubus that is accompanying you and the first boss sound superb. Also there is interaction with the succubus and that first boss in the game. Meaning that the bosses interact with your companions ( in this case succubus plant boss girl thingy )
    -Art. What can I say. The art is extremely awesome. There is nothing negative about it, and follows the same quality as the previous titles.
    -Other things
    There is a shop system in this game. The shopkeeper is….one of the generals from the VH2 game ?? Wow that is really nice.The demo also has a tutorial system, which is quite text based ( of course )
    – Conclusion
    I already love this game so far. Without going away from its initial combat system ( VH2 and onwards) the nice magic attack additions and the strips make it already quite interesting. The voice acting and the art are another areas that I immensely enjoyed. Oh yeah and…shopkeeper general for the win. Not only that but I was also VERY pleasantly surprised that the succubus starts of with you.

    About the demo:

    The demo only has one boss and 3 to 4 squares that you move. After you beat the boss there is a lot of conversation going on between the bosses themselves. After that they also show some rape scenes that are related to the samples in dieselmine’s website.

    That’s about it guys. This small review is by no means conclusive or absolute since my Japanese linguistic capabilities are quite limited and the demo ( gameplay wise ) is not that big.

    • Cio permalink

      Thanks for the review, this is what i need to get a large size demo. I’m surprised that the system were similar to Persona that can bring the enemy, it’s pretty popular now.

  30. Cory permalink

    Why the hell is my download saying it’s gonna take 5,6,7,12, a crazy amount of hours? O.o

  31. Anonymous permalink

    Heart button makes the game too easy. What’s the penalty for using it? Bad End?

    • Cory permalink

      Magic Points 😛 The first boss is the demo boss, and is SUPPOSED to be stupidly easy.

  32. Anonymous permalink

    Okay, I have six more videos to get, I got from the first rape scene towards the the three scenes where Ren becomes Lei’s lover.

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