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Violated Hero 3 English Translation Release Candidate 1

December 24, 2013

Merry Christmas, everyone! Read the readme for details, credits, troubleshooting, etc.

Download RC2:

Have at it! Report mistakes, bugs, etc. in the comments and I’ll fix them. I’ll probably put out an “official” 1.0 around New Years with any issues resolved.

I still haven’t played MGQ Delicious Lunch so I’m not 100% sure if I’ll translate it. Last time I made MGQ scenarios out of it because it was too much trouble to edit the java files. However, this time Lunch is in flash, which makes it very easy to edit the script. As a result, I won’t be making scenarios since that added a ton of extra time and effort.

VH4 in a week, whether I translate that depends on it being good or not… But don’t worry, if I don’t translate it, I will be translating something else monster girl / femdom-related in its place.

Finally, I decided to put up a donation page for those interested. This isn’t a way to pay me to translate certain things nor am I going to hold translations hostage for money. However, donations will at least offset the cost of buying games and give me motivation to work faster. Thanks for anything you wish to give, but don’t feel obligated in any way. I’d rather you buy more games and support developers than support me. If you already have a PayPal account, you can just donate money to without PayPal taking a cut of the money. Otherwise, use the button on the page.


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  1. Anonymous permalink

    Awesome! Thanks for your hard work as always, Dargoth. I look forward to your next project.

  2. Jikorde permalink

    First, thanks for the translation and happy holidays.

    Second, two typos in rp22, second win h-scene with Lei Ling
    Her flesh pot is hot the point of burning and tightly squeezed around my entire length.
    add to after hot.

    Aha, haa, what a wonderful expression! Let me see more of your cute face as your writhe and suffer!
    should be “as you writhe”

    • Fixed those two, thanks.

      • Jikorde permalink

        Got a few more, and that will be it from me

        Who. Who’s there!? I’ll send you away!
        Comma after first who

        Flower Frog
        Created a system message and then my game broke(no text) at start of fight.

        Lose to Sei Mei
        My skin is whipped, my penis is violently sucked on, and my is ass deeply violated.
        switch ass and is

      • Hmm, I found an untranslated line in the Flower Frog, but nothing that should have caused an error message.

  3. Anonymous permalink

    Just a question, is your opinion on what would make it good be based on the CG content, or the story?

    • Story and gameplay. There’s no need to have the game in English to enjoy the pretty artwork.

      • Anonymous permalink

        IMHO CG(self explanatory) and dialogue(scenes where you lose) should be the 2 most important things. I don’t think many people care about stories in these particular games i could be wrong but there are ton of these games with literally no story or just a very VERY generic ones that repeat over and over. As for the gameplay it should be as simple as possible(though it shouldn’t be dull), but if i wanted a challenging gameplay i’d go back to playing Darksouls and Demonsouls,

        With all that said, this is all completely your choice and i don’t wish to force anything on you, do whatever you think is best it’s really no problem but it will be a shame to miss some games if they actually have some great CG and some really good femdom because the battle system sucks or because the story is repeated for the 52334123335 time.

        Anyway Merry Christmas, i wish you the best and i thank you for translating these games for us, if it where not for guys like you and Rogue i probably wouldn’t have never played any monster girl games in my life.

      • Well, it’s not just the story that gets repeated. As good as the art is, the scenes themselves are getting repetitive, and the text could pretty much be copy pasted from one to the other. So I suppose more variety in art and h-scene writing would be appreciated, moreso than a good story or battle system. Although I don’t think it’s asking for too much for either of those aspects to be improved as well.

  4. Anonymous permalink

    I’d be happy to donate… but I thought the reason that translators don’t accept donations is because they would get a C&D notice from game developers…….

    hopefully wont happen here

  5. Anonymous permalink

    The flower frog in the alternate dimension area 4 has an error message come up, when I click ok it shows te flower frog but nothing else and I can’t do anything

    • Anonymous permalink

      I’m also getting the error message/freeze at the Flower Frog.

      • Learch permalink

        I looked into the error message: It appears to say that there’s a breakdown between lines 513 and 530 of 04_battle.ks when you fight the Flower Frog.

        At a glance, it appears that the code gets reused for every other battle, so I don’t think the code itself is wrong.

        I think it’s this line:

        kag.process( ‘scenario/game/battle_line/’ + + ‘.ks’ , target_label );

        Breaking down because of the chunk being off for some reason.

  6. Anonymous permalink

    Is a 100% save file going to be included in the New Years release like there was with VH2?

  7. Learch permalink

    Dargoth: With regards to the Flower Frog error message:

    You left an untranslated line in /scenario/game/battle_line/special_enemy03.ks.

    Although it might work fine on your end, some of us downloading it are winding up with one of the characters corrupted, which completely destroys the code. In other words, probably mega’s fault rather than yours.

    So, for everyone watching, here’s the fix:

    1) Open up English/scenario/game/battle_line/special_enemy03.ks
    2) Scroll down until you see the following:

    [FlowerFrog][wrap text=”「ギロ・]「ギローwrap text=”!」”]!」

    @jump target=*battle_attack_normal_nonforte_end

    3) Replace that with this:

    [FlowerFrog][wrap text=”「Giro!」”]「Giro!」

    @jump target=*battle_attack_normal_nonforte_end

    (I’m not claiming that’s an accurate translation.)

    4) Rerun the English Install batch file.

  8. Anonymous permalink

    How do you save btw dargoth?

    • Hover your mouse near the top of the screen to bring up the menu. It only works at the area select screen and during scenes though. You can’t save while exploring or in battle.

      • Anonymous permalink

        Yep ty just had a little bug but thank you for the quick reply if it truly was a big problem =]

    • Anonymous permalink

      Nvm had to restart the top did not show up

  9. omgasd permalink

    why didn’t you translate the pictbooks? it’s all japanese

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