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MGQ Delicious Lunch is out!

December 24, 2013

Watch all your favorite Monster Girl Quest characters get eaten for 735 yen! This one’s in flash, unlike Breakfast which was in some horrible java novel applet monstrosity.

VH3 should be “finished” Christmas Eve. I’ll put out a release candidate, fix any errors people find, and then have a 1.0 version for New Years. I don’t intend on doing any more image editing for the game, which includes all the encyclopedia entries. I know some people like reading those, but they’re a huge pain in the ass. Sorry.

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  1. Someone permalink

    I am having difficulty acquiring this, the english version of DLsite does not have it up, and the japanese site will not take my card…

    • English DLsite is usually a day or two behind. If the Japanese DLsite won’t take your card, it could be because your credit card company isn’t allowing foreign transactions on your account. If you care, you could call the company up and ask.

      • Someone permalink

        hmm do you think it could be because my system is set for Japan as a location and i’m using an american card?

      • No it probably has nothing to do with that. I’m in the same position and it accepts my card just fine, but I’ve actually *used* my card in Japan before.

      • Someone permalink

        btw i really hope you translate this 😉 i LOVE this little mini series

  2. Anonymous permalink

    When you translate it, will you have it separate from MGQ or will you do the same type of modding as you did with Breakfast?

  3. Anonymous permalink

    If you already translated encyclopedia entries can you put them in notepad file, doc file or something?

  4. Matt permalink

    So you probably won’t translate VH4. What about an initial release to make the game easier to play? I think you did that originally for VH3 and it was really helpful.

  5. Anonymous permalink

    If you plan on translating Lunch, when do you think you will be done?

  6. Cory permalink

    Well this keeps getting better and better! Hope I can beat VH4 100% before I head out to Boot Camp on the 28th of January :3 thanks for all of your hard work Dargoth! ^_^

  7. It’s really nice to see a game that’s tailored to the vore fanbase.

  8. Someone permalink

    still unable to buy lunch…ugh anyone know any other hosting site? the english site updated but its still not in there…

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