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Violated Hero 3 English v0.76

November 17, 2013


This adds Saria, the final of the 10 area bosses. Next up is Kohaku and all the final boss scenes. That’s about 14% of the script, with the remaining 10% being all trash mob battle lines.

In other news, Torotoro put up a few H-scenes from the upcoming MGQ Paradox RPG on the main site: Just click on the links marked NEW on the left frame. They’re all spoiler-free this time.

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  1. Anonymous permalink

    Okay…I dowloaded and did the easy install. After that, the data directory appeared. Now what do I do?


    My OS is windows 8. Does anyone know how to install using windows 8

    • You want the end result to look like this:
      1. A /data directory full of the game’s files.
      2. Files from /English copied into /data overwriting the Japanese files with English ones.
      3. data.xp3 renamed or deleted so it doesn’t cause conflicts.

      The batch file installer should do all three steps. If it doesn’t, you’ll need to do one or more of those steps manually.

      • Anonymous permalink

        Okay…but which icon do I press to start the game? Also, I don’t believe that I’ve seen that I’ve seen data.xp3 when I copied the files from /English into /data

      • Anonymous permalink

        Okay…I activated the english patch install, got the data directory, copied all files from /English into the data directory. Now what?


        I don’t see data.xp3 where is it usually?

      • Run the application at the bottom.

      • Anonymous permalink

        …Okay. Sorry to be difficult, but could you please walk me through the installation process? Cause every time I try doing it, what happens is:

        1. the data directory is created
        2. I copy the files in the english directory and overwrite the files in the data directory

        After that I’m lost, since there is no data.xp3 that appears, and there is no icon that shows that the game can be started. Also, I’ve tried the manual installation, but that doesn’t work either. What do I do?

      • This is the point where I have to ask: you do realize this is just a patch for the full game and therefore requires a copy of the full game, right?

      • Anonymous permalink

        …I need the full game? Where can I get it?

      • Dargoth i have a problem could i ask for your help? I have already downloaded all of the parts, then i have extracted it but once i have click for the application it won’t work and says that it has a syntax error

        What do i do?

      • Why are you replying to a post for an old version of the patch in the first place?

    • Anonymous permalink

      I have Windows 8. All I ever do is extract the files to the main Violated Hero 3 folder, double click the patch install file, press any key to continue, and I’m done.

      • Anonymous permalink

        Alright…but which icon do I click on to start the game?

    • Anonymous permalink

      …I need the full game? Where can I get it?

  2. Anonymous permalink

    Thanks so much, really appreciate all the work you’ve done 😀

  3. Cory permalink

    DAMN! Those new H-Scenes look great. Wonder what that last picture is. Looks kinda like the Angel Halo… anyways Dargoth thanks again and again and again!

  4. 2-tall permalink

    I liked the kappa myself.

  5. anon permalink

    that kappa

  6. JP90 permalink

    Ehhhhhh, those new H-scenes aren’t really doing anything for me, to be honest.

  7. Frank permalink

    Thank you!

  8. Anonymous permalink

    Torotoro’s new game is sequel or prequel of MGQ?

    • Anonymous permalink

      To my understanding, it’s entirely separate.

      • Anonymous permalink

        And i heard it’s an prequel

      • Well, the title is “MGQ Paradox RPG” and he’s shown screenshots of characters that are supposedly dead by the end of MGQ. It seems like some kind of time paradox, alternate timeline, sci-fi mumbo jumbo is at play, but we’ll have to wait and see.

  9. Anonymous permalink

    quick thing but after i beat fan mei it seems to skip the yamato orochi scene and go straight to the castle once Sei mei Drains her, bug or i need new game +?

  10. Anonymous permalink

    Thanks much Dargoth, your hard work is appreciated!

  11. Anonymous permalink

    Are you at all planning on translating the next MGQ game if Rogue ends up stopping with 3?

    • Rogue seems dead set on abandoning translation and his entire identity after he finishes MGQ. I’m interested in translating the next MGQ game, but we’ll see.

      • Anonymous permalink

        I can’t really blame him as the last 3 games have taken up so much of his time and energy. It’d be pretty awesome if you took up the reigns, but if not, there’s always machine translators I guess.

      • Passing Chaos permalink

        well that’s his choice and right, I wonder if he’ll go back to his old identity or create a new one… it’s probably for the best if we don’t know so he doesn’t get pestered into hiding by rude idiots like myself(though I wouldn’t do that I just fit in that category of person).

  12. Anonymous permalink

    >Come buckets into my tentacle

    Is that really what it said in Japanese?

  13. Anonymous permalink

    Hi Dargoth !

    Do you know any good places where I could found CG and character pictures from some of the monster girl game you have review ?

    For some of them, like MGQ, it’s pretty easy, but for Lv1, Violated Hero or Chaos Labyrinth I’ve got some problems : <

    Thanks in davance !

  14. Anonymous permalink

    Dargonth Since Rogue plans on quiting after finishing MGQ 3 do you plan on trying to translate this next title?

    • It probably won’t be out for another year so it’s too hard to say for sure that far in advance. Tentatively, yes.

      • Anonymous permalink

        after finishing this VH3 do you have a plan on another game?
        As far as I know you and Rogue were the main MG game translators and when Rogue leaves it will just be you an plans on expanding your types(since there are several MG games out) or just going on what you feel you wanna do?

  15. Anonymous permalink

    That Kappa girl is awesome. I hope she does something with that cucumber of hers.

    • 2-tall permalink

      Let’s see… a cucumber, a man being violated and, a kappa with her fingers in said man’s ass. I think we all know where this would be going. Let’s just hope the dialogue leading into it either has us all laughing out loud when all is said and done, or is something that can be whacked off to.

  16. Anonymous permalink

    so the sequal to monster girl breakfast has been given a rough release date of december/january
    and a demo is available

    scenes seem to include (wrong names may be wrong):

    succubus witch vs luka
    kyiryuu vs luka

    undine vs unknown
    sylph vs Lilith sisters
    that maid at cassandra’s place vs luka
    Erubetie vs cow girl
    slug girl vs pitcher plant girl
    cassandra vs dullahan
    vampire girl vs ..actually i have no idea what that is

    slos guest art from:
    and someone else that i haven’t has time to look up

    tl;dr new monster girl quest universe game

    • Yeah, that’s nice!

      Also, wordpress seems to flag comments as potentially spam if you include more than 1 link. That’s what happened to your other post.

      • Anonymous permalink

        Ah i see.

        I thought my script blocker was doing something weird.

        thanks Dargoth

    • Touka permalink

      It looks like it’s Vampire Girl vs Beelzebub B

  17. There’s been a couple of updates on VH 4, presenting 4 of the illustrators. One of them I recognize as F.S., who designed some characters for Queen’s Blade! Great manga artist.
    The other update is about some numbers, there seems to be over 400 event CG’s 🙂

  18. Someone permalink

    i noticed it was just mentioned a few posts ago, the Monster girl breakfast followup, i’m very excited about this and am wondering/hoping if you are going to translate that Dargoth?

    • I might just because it’s short, but I’d kind of like to get away from projects that are nothing but porn with no story or gameplay.

      • Someone permalink

        guess i better break out my Rosetta Stone Japanese for the future huh

        I really hope you decide to translate it…those scenes are all i honestly play the games for lol, ya i’m wierd

  19. Anonymous permalink

    So, will you being patching rp17-20 this weekend, or are you planning on fully translating all the h-scences for the next patch? Thanks for all your hard work.

  20. Anonymous permalink

    I’d like to second the Monster girl breakfast followup translation, I would appreciate it so much. Huge fan of the first one and the 2nd one seems to have even better characters! I would be eternally grateful.

    • Anonymous permalink

      Thireded and such. With the subtitle Lunch, one assumes there will at least be a third Dinner too someday. 😀

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