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Violated Hero 3 English v0.47

October 12, 2013


Progress continues. The Octopus is the only girl left in the first half of the game now so she’s next on the list.

In this patch:
rp04 (Giantess Shia)
rp15 (Fan Mei 1)
rp16 (Lei Ling 1)


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  1. anon permalink

    does anyone know how to get the last 2 CG on first page and first 2 rows of second?

  2. Anonymous permalink

    hey dargoth can you please make an exception and translate the Extra H-scene in the next patch?

    • Sure. I’ll do Octorith and the bonus scene.

      • Anonymous permalink

        What bonus do you mean? There is new girl?
        BTW, who won in

      • The cowtits demon girl won with the maid robot in second.

      • Anonymous permalink

        The most generic monster won?:(
        At least maid robot was somewhat original but I bet she will suck you with vacuum cleaner
        I voted for sword/shield girl

      • moonblack permalink

        The sword/shield girl finished third.

        You can see the results at

      • That’s the problem with voting in most contexts: generic entries that appeal to the least common denominator tend to win.

      • 2-tall permalink

        was hoping to see something interesting or different, but alas no interesting bad end.

      • evil-one permalink

        Wait did I miss something or is it a perv’s dream to someday get it on with a robot?

      • Anonymous permalink

        So is the boring-ass cowtits demon going to be the only girl from the voting featured in VH4? I’m really hoping the robot girl will make it in too, even though I know that’s probably futile.

  3. SilentWill permalink

    Thanks Dargoth! 😀

  4. Durate permalink

    hohoho thank you! ‘been waiting for this..

  5. Anonymous permalink

    Thanks! I really appreciate your hard work. By the way it looks like both VH and MGQ will be fully translated at roughly the same time. Man, there would be so many cu…emotions for people who wait full translation like me. I’m totally going to take few days off work to properly fa… enjoy games 🙂

  6. Anonymous permalink

    Thanks a ton Dargoth, you rock!

  7. Please don’t mind me, I’m just here to show respect ^.^

  8. Anonymous permalink

    I’m having an issue when trying to go into the third area I get that error message and the game stops responding after it anyone have a idea how to fix it?

    • Not sure why you’re getting that error. Try a fresh copy of the game in another directory and playing that far in Japanese. My patch doesn’t touch the file that’s giving you an error.

  9. Ztron permalink

    dargoth, could I ask a favor?
    there is only one battle in ROBF I really wish to know,
    if I extract with agth and post here, could you translate?
    I believe that the battle is short.
    if not, thanks anyway for the great work with VH!

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