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Violated Hero 3 English V0.291 (updated)

September 14, 2013

Update: New version so you can get past Sei Mei in area 4. Dieselmine tricked my word wrap script by indenting a few lines of script code with tabs. I didn’t even know the kirikiri engine would allow that, oops!

v0.291:!OJQQ2T4B!ZonUTByP1UA_3BXbAMZRHQzUucQpTjcIPokuiiKmmpE (27.3 MB)

Adding to what’s already done, this contains h-scenes 11 and 12, the mandatory ones at the beginning of the game with Nea and Sei Mei.

I’m going to try uploading new patches every Friday or Saturday depending on when I finish a scene. Since the last patch was on Sunday, this one is only 4 days of work.

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  1. Wow thanks for your work, Dargoth. You are being a serious motivation for me.

  2. SilentWill permalink

    Whoa patches every week? Thanks man, you’re awesome 🙂

  3. Edale permalink

    savedata.rar (462 KB)!jVAGmY6a!Y740zSSLLjsHh9OQ5yMGABt6Gexft-KsAuHDxqnfFh4

    100% savedata I grabbed off another site. ignore rufus*.exe that’s in the file, it’s a flash drive formatting tool, not sure why it’s in there, but like I said, got it from another site.

    • If it’s save data from the Japanese version, I wouldn’t suggest using it. It won’t crash or anything, but things like enemy and item names are part of the save file so they won’t appear in English if they were saved in Japanese.

      • Edale permalink

        It’s only the global stuff, like replay, gallery, and extra showing up, no actual in game saves. Not sure if item and enemy names are included in the global stuff, but I’d think it would just be in the local game saves…

        When the translation’s 100% I’m gonna be deleting them from my game and filling everything out myself anyways (I wanna enjoy the game, not just the H-scenes), so even if names are in global save, I’ll be fine in the end.

      • Oh, yeah the global save file is fine to use.

  4. 2-tall permalink

    Dargoth a man with the skills to make us all happy. We love you man<3

  5. Thanks Dargoth!

  6. matt permalink

    Thanks Dargoth.

  7. Anonymous permalink

    Thanks ^^

  8. Servalwi permalink

    Anyone else have this error? In the replay scene mode the scene on the 4th page top middle gives an error then the game just stays hanging on a black screen. Everything else works fine and the CG for the scene works as well but this scene alone seems to crash the game. Thanks!

  9. Cory permalink

    So Dargoth, here is a fun question for you: Will any of our VH Main characters in the future ever not be virgins with uncut penises? 😛 I LOVE it don’t get me wrong, but three games in a row of them made me giggle a bit inside, as it is defiantly a running theme.

  10. SCEX permalink

    Seems like this patch bugged the Sei Mei event at area 4 since I’m getting a gameover(can’t progress beyond it) no matter what choices I picked. Anyone else getting this?

    • Anonymous permalink

      Yup. I’m getting the same thing.

    • Oops, sorry about that. Looks like my word wrap script garbled the end of the file. Going to have to edit it again…

      Okay it’s fixed, grab the new version.

      • Anonymous permalink

        Thank you very much kind sir.

  11. Anonymous permalink

    Pretty sure this is an isolated incident but for some reason after applying this patch I couldn’t run the game anymore. The window would come up but some error message pops up and a file in the savedata folder is listed. Not sure what went wrong but I was able to get it working again with a clean slate. I transferred the old savedata files over and applied the newest patch directly.

  12. Edd permalink

    Hoy Dargoth! I wanna learn how to Translate Jap RPG Ace based games! Like Chasare Fantasy… can u help me out what programs I need to use for that?

  13. Kell permalink

    Well, the 100% save came in handy… Saw all CG atleast. Can’t exactly say I love this one. 1 was decent. 2 was pure gold. 3… hm… I guess I’ll wait for complete translation first.
    Thanks for the patch, dargoth!

    • Kell permalink

      p.s: I’m searching for an eroge I actually found out about in your blog here. I believe some commenter mentioned it. Can’t recall its name right now and searching through lots of posts here, lol. Iirc, some indie game about succubus with lots of corruption involved. If anyone recalls the name, a reply is much appreciated.

  14. Anonymous permalink

    The link for the second file lets me download but it’s always stuck in 22-26 MBs resulting in a broken archive :/

    • Anonymous permalink

      Now I managed to download it, copied the files, ran the english patch and the hentai scenes 11-12 are in Japanese.

      • Anonymous permalink

        Nvm my bad, I forgot to copy the “English” file to my VH 3 directory.

  15. Midian permalink

    sorry if someone already asked this, but do you have plans to translate ROBF, dargoth?

    • Anonymous permalink

      dude this was asked over 4 times already it getting old.

      • Anonymous permalink

        Yes, please let it go already. Otherwise, if you want it done so bad, learn the language and do it yourself.

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