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Violated Hero 3 English Storyline Translation

September 8, 2013

VH3 English Version 0.26:!fAQCXKIQ!OvEzKjesOwEJx2TEplFs0WZ3diQAbag7GgCwgNbpOB0 (27.3 MB)
Alternate Link:

This translates every non-hentai scenario file in the game with all of the plant girl (including her rape scene) as a bonus. It’s 26% of the game in total. Like the previous titles, the story is pretty crappy, but I wasn’t going to just translate hentai scenes only. Battle lines for the important bosses are translated, but not for regular enemies or the other bosses.

Future patches should be coming more often now that all that is out of the way.

Also, go vote in the VH4 fan submitted monster poll I linked in my last post.

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  1. Anonymous permalink

    Thanks dargoth

  2. snooze permalink

    Thank ya mate.

  3. Anonymous permalink

    Thanks for the hard work!

  4. Anonymous permalink

    Cheers big ears.

  5. Anonymous permalink

    Problem, after the dialog with Sei Mei, when I go to select the third area I get an error message then the check status button disappears and I am unable to enter any stage. I am wondering if my copy is corrupted or if there is a simple fix I have missed.

  6. Anonymous permalink

    Thanks a bunch!

    Also. they really took things to 11 with the plant girl. It was shocking even for me. Well played, Dieselmine, well played.

    • Cory permalink

      Very much so. I found it arousing still, however. A good mix between Masochistic and Arousing.

      Now the crazy fucking scythe/sickle weasel thing…? Does anyone know its name? Yeah. Not looking forward to seeing it in English.

      • evil-one permalink


      • Cory permalink

        Right, thank you evil-one. Yep, not looking forward to the Kamaitachi.

  7. White Mage permalink

    Thanks for translating this.

  8. Shina Mayuri permalink

    Thanks ! ^^

  9. Anonymous permalink

    Found a little typo at the second rape scene of the plant girl, “Finally exhausted of semen, I’m left learning against Purane, breathing hard.” Should’nt it be leaning instead of learning? Anyways, great job on the translation so far, keep it up! 🙂

  10. evil-one permalink

    Every time I look at that cat girl scene I am sure that it was consensual sex.

    • Passing Chaos permalink

      what about the chain she’s holding attached to the collar around your neck(though that can consensual)

    • Cory permalink

      I am looking forward to her, and the Fairies the most out of all of the normal monsters that you encounter. As for the four bosses ((Slime, Kitsune, **SPOILERS ((not gonna name)), and the uh… zombie human lady?)) I actually love them all.

    • Anonymous permalink

      Dat ass….

  11. Anonymous permalink


  12. Anonymous permalink

    Excellent news!!! Thank you so much for your hard work, Dargoth.
    Much appreciated 🙂

  13. Anonymous permalink

    does anyone have a definitive answer (or better yet a 100% save) about how to get to the alternate route?
    I tried doing the “Keep fighting” and “Get to know Sei” dialog options plus a combination of various factors such as never dying, 100% clear on all floors, and losing to each floor boss, but nothing has worked so far. Honestly, I’m at the end of my rope here.

    • You need to deal 500 damage to Fan Mei in 5 turns when you meet at the end of area 5 (get 25 magic and 125MP, cast Seven Luminaries Seal 5 times) then continue and win the fight. In New Game+, you’ll get a choice of routes in area 9. If you managed to beat Fan Mei on your first play, you’ll get the route you earned the most points for.

      • Anonymous permalink

        Thanks, your a lifesaver.

  14. Martino permalink

    Thank you someone know if this is full voiced?

    • Anonymous permalink

      All the bosses (aka all the girls who have sex scenes) are fully voiced.

  15. Anonymous permalink

    How are you gonna release new patches, after you finish all the scenes of one girl or after a few? And how long do you think it’s gonna take between each patch (not considering any personal things that may delay it)?

    • I’m probably just going to release everything I’ve done every Friday or Saturday, depending on when I finish up a scene.

      • Cory permalink

        Dargoth, you are awesome for doing this! 😀 What are you working on now? Pirate catgirl?

      • The plot mandatory scenes early in the game. Did the Nea one and working on the Sei Mei one now.

      • Anonymous permalink

        Okay, sounds good to me 🙂

  16. Anonymous permalink

    Thanks a lot for your work! The scene is pretty awesome. Can’t say I like it when the man is kill in the end, though. But I’ll just pretend that the last part never exist.

  17. Anonymous permalink

    Hmm I can’t seem to get the last 2 scenes. Does anyone know how to get those?

    • Anonymous permalink

      Ahh… Never mind. Had to lose to Seimei’s second form.

  18. Anonymous permalink

    Okay…I dowloaded and did the easy install. After that, the data directory appeared. Now what do I do?


    My OS is windows 8. Does anyone know how to install using windows 8

  19. Anonymous permalink

    having the same issues with win 8 anyone get this to work on this OS

  20. Anonymous permalink

    having problems with windows 8 too. suddenly all diselmine games went crashed 😦 when i try to launch it opens the script editor with a error message in japanese

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