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Violated Hero 3 Interface Translation take 2

July 30, 2013

VH3 English v0.02

Hopefully I didn’t miss a quotation mark or anything that causes a crash. I already found out that I’m going to have to alter my word-wrap script again, but I think I manually fixed the problems it created this time.

If anyone who’s good with regular expressions wants to help me out, I’ve got this to match brackets:
separatebybrackets = re.compile(r'[^\[]+|\[[^\]]*\]\s*’)

Unfortunately, it doesn’t handle nested brackets. So the line:
[eval exp=”kag.tagHandlers.trans(%[layer:’base’, method:’universal’, rule:’左から右へ2′, vague:64, time:1300*sf.Effect])”]
only gets matched as
[eval exp=”kag.tagHandlers.trans(%[layer:’base’, method:’universal’, rule:’左から右へ2′, vague:64, time:1300*sf.Effect]

Can anyone see how to rewrite the regex so it matches the entire line? It’d save me a lot of trouble.
EDIT: Nevermind, got it first try. [^\[]+|\[[^\]]*\[[^\]]*\][^\]]*]\s*|\[[^\]]*\]\s* (what a monster)

Special thanks for image editing help goes to:
Raidis, art team leader for the currently in development VN at (He did those nice-looking title buttons for me)
Zin for an assortment of other random buttons and icons

So here’s a second patch that translates pretty much every image you need to play the game along with all the battle text (not the battle dialogue though). As for the scenario itself, just the very beginning is done (and all the choices). Purane’s H-scene is partially translated and not word wrapped. Sorry, the image editing has destroyed my time in the last week, but it’s all scenario stuff from here on. Like with VH2, I currently intend to release a storyline patch first and then go back and do h-scenes. VH3 tried a bit harder with its story than previous titles, but it’s still no MGQ or anything.

Images that aren’t translated:
Anything related to the yokai encyclopedia
Area names
Enemy nameplates
The seal clues
The “NEW” indicator for areas
Trap/healing message
Choice selection on the right in battle (fairly redundant)
A few other little random kanji that might pop up

There’s definitely a chance that I translated some images and left them out of the patch by accident though. If you run into something written in Japanese not on the list and think it’s important, leave a comment. It might have been a mistake.

Names are still subject to change, but right now I’m going with Lei Ling, Fan Mei, and Sei Mei. I still find it annoying that Fan Mei is often referred to as “The Nine-Tailed Kitsune” as both a title and a name. It works in Japanese I guess, but it’s an awkwardly long title for English, especially when it’s being used in her presence. Everyone else has a laundry list of titles as well, but none are such a mouthful. Oh well, I’ll deal with it.

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  1. Anonymous permalink

    Thanks dargoth. Always appreciate your work!

  2. Anigai permalink

    Dargoth, ive the answers to all your problems or at least 1 of them. Call her kyuubi, everybody here would get that 🙂

  3. Anonymous permalink

    Yeap, just stick to Kyūbi if you find “The Nine-Tailed Kitsune”
    Anyone who plays japanese hentai novels is, at the very least, familiar with japanese culture including one of the most famous myth.

    • Anonymous permalink

      Yeah, Kyūbi is easy and understandable 🙂

      • Anonymous permalink

        No God! Please no!

      • Nappa permalink

        Hey Vegeta, I don’t believe it!

      • Anigai permalink

        See Dargoth, its gotta be Kyuubi.

    • But then she has two names that characters randomly switch between calling her. It’s a little weird and potentially confusing.

      • Anigai permalink

        you may be right dargoth, but honorifics are used in japanese for a reason.
        To quote another one of your esteemed fans “Anyone who plays japanese hentai novels is, at the very least, familiar with japanese culture including one of the most famous myth.”
        If they are at least familiar with that myth then im sure “kyuubi-sama” for her respectful followers and maybe “kyuubi-chan” for her more playful follwers, somewhat akin to Milfy and Insecta from VH2.

      • I’ll work something out. Whichever way I lean is going to require a lot of case-by-case decisions at any rate, and I’m not going to turn this into ‘translation by committee’ where half of you are disappointed no matter which format I go with.

  4. Anonymous permalink

    Thanks Dargoth!

    You are the man!

  5. mat permalink

    Dargoth. Nicely done dude.

    Do you have a favorite monster girl in this one?

  6. Durate permalink

    lol “translation by committee” ..nice boss, make it yourway

  7. Crimrui permalink

    Half of them will be disappointed no matter what you do. It’s like that ”hora hora” thing. It can be translated as ”come on” or ”there there” but it just sounds so alluring and right when in original form. Anyway, I would use Kyūbi as well but you decide. In the end I’m more interested in what they are saying during h-scene then what they are actually called.

    • Getsu permalink

      Every time I see the Kyūbi word it’s remind me that fox from Naruto. Oh damn, I shouldn’t have watched Naruto and it would be fine 😦

      • Crimrui permalink

        It’s because you saw that word there first. If you saw it anywhere else, it would remind you of that then. ^^

  8. Something permalink

    Thanks !

  9. Prototype909 permalink

    Hey Dargoth, ever since I downloaded VH3 off Dlsite and unlocked the H-Scene between the Empress, Insect Princess and Hero I get this message when trying to re-watch it in replay mode. Any ideas?

    • It’s a bug in the 1.0 version. They already fixed it though, you just have to download the new version. I’ll also have it fixed in my next patch. There’s also one monster that will never show up in the encyclopedia and some other scene bug I haven’t encountered that they fixed.

      • Anonymous permalink

        can i ask (if it’s not very personal)?
        how old you and what means “Dargoth”?

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