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Desire Dungeon English v1.12

July 14, 2013

Desire Dungeon English Version 1.12


It was brought to my attention that the original author released a v1.10 patch today which fixed the occasional crash when fighting the Mimic. The damage calculations only checked for damage > 0, not damage >= 0. I’ve updated the English patch to reflect the new changes. Although I normally wouldn’t consider this a big enough change to warrant incrementing the version number to 1.10, I figured I may as well match the official patch number to avoid confusion. I went ahead and also included the updated credits screens into the English patch (not that anyone really cared) so you shouldn’t need any of the official Japanese patches at all.

October 6, 2013 update to version 1.11 to fix 2 untranslated lines.
December 19, 2013 update to version 1.12 to address locale-related ending crash (maybe)
v1.02 Fixes Mimic crash (didn’t handle the 0 case in damage properly).
v1.01 Fixes untranslated Moebius ring text.

Original game created by Yokubou no tou:

Translated by:

Included files:
English readme.txt – this file
0.txt – English script file
DesireDungeonwrap.exe – game executable compatible with translation patch
/cg/ – folder containing title screen images

Installation instructions:
1. Copy all files to your Desire Dungeon directory.
2. Run DesireDungeonwrap.exe

Other things:
1. Window/Full Screen modes: alt+enter
2. Use Windows sound mixer to change volume. The game has no volume controls.

Common solutions to problems:
1. Run the game in Japanese locale.
2. Make sure the game directory and files aren’t write-protected or account protected by UAC.
3. If you crash fighting the mimic, sorry. There’s something weird going on with her that we haven’t been able to figure out.
4. You can’t use old saves from the Japanese version. Sorry.
5. Make sure you have the full version of the game and not a trial.

Special thanks:
Somelolicatgirl – executable hacking for word wrap and fixing byte boundaries
Anthemoessa – item translation work and title screen buttons
Everyone that played early versions and reported bugs and typos

What isn’t translated: Encyclopedia entries for weapons, equipment, and items. All monster entries are translated, however.


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  1. Anonymous permalink

    Thanks Dargoth!

    • Anonymous permalink

      I cant get this game to work and i am not quite sure what is meant by:”1. Copy all files to your Desire Dungeon directory.”

  2. Anonymous permalink

    VH3 in 4-5 days. My body is ready.

  3. Anigai permalink

    Seriously Dargoth, your a great guy like a demigod but i want to know just how can i donate.
    I might be exaggerating if i said you could make a living off translating games but the scary thing is there’s a change im not exaggerating because you have so many people who love you work, myself included.

    Dargoth, how can we donate? Lots of people want to do anything we can to help you in your translation quest.

    • AlphaNumerica permalink

      He should go on PATREON. He can get donations and stuff.

  4. Anonymous permalink

    How do you beat the Mimic using pleasure attacks? do you drain her health first or just go for pleasure attacks?

    • She mimics your stats so make sure you aren’t wearing anything with high ero defense.

      • Anonymous permalink

        like what kind of weapon and armour should I use? her Miasma attack is what downs me.

      • Try a high ero weapon with low ero def armor.

      • passing chaos permalink

        like Fighters’ “Heavy Armor” is a great choice for mimic hunting on the first floor

    • Anonymous permalink

      The mimic isn’t that hard if you know how to handle her. She always attacks the way it causes you more damage (the stat with bigger difference between that stat’s attack and defense), unless you have low MP which will make her resort to ero attacks regardless.
      If you want the win-to-ero scene the best way is to make the one with bigger difference to be magic and have at the very least the skill “heal” from the fairy. That way not only will you do MP damage, but she will also do it to herself. I’ve defeated her this way even when she used miasma wave a couple or three times in one battle.
      Of course, the more skills you know, the easier is the fight. Especially with the dragon’s cry or the succubus’ drain kiss.

    • passing chaos permalink

      to clarify i posted that cause i know you like monster girls and thought you might like it. I also wanted your opinion but that can wait.

      • Comically large breasts aren’t really my thing, but I may check it anyway.

      • passing chaos permalink

        I agree with you there with the exception of works by two or three artist

      • Anonymous permalink

        the breasts have got to be just the right size. too large or too small is… just not as sexy.

  5. Syna permalink

    Does this update contain the patch, too?

  6. Anonymous permalink

    I don’t suppose there is any way to get the soundtrack for the game?
    The mimic’s battle music in particular is fantastic.

    • passing chaos permalink

      I love that each girl has their own theme music

      • Anonymous permalink

        After digging around in the sites linked by the credits I finally found a few of the battle tracks.
        The mimic one is here if anyone else is interested.
        [audio src="" /]

      • Takata permalink

        Maybe this is a bit late (timestamp: 1 Sept 2013), but I was able to get the soundtrack out of the 00.ns2 file using exns2.exe by asmodean, here:

        Hopefully you know how to use a program from the command line.
        If you don’t… this could take a while. >. Run, type ‘cmd’ in the box (without single quote marks), and click ok. Then run the following commands:

        cd “”

        exns2.exe 00.ns2

        After a few seconds, you should see folders named “cg”, “music” and “sound”.

    • Anonymous permalink

      I took the liberty of uploading the entire Desire Dungeon OST on youtube, for anyone thats interested.

  7. drchaos permalink

    can someone post the h scenes somewhere online since im using my mobile and cant download zips i really wana see vampires 2nd lost 😀

    • 2-tall permalink

      dude, there is only a change in text between the 1st lose scene and the 2nd lose scene.

      • Anonymous permalink

        Makes me want to compare all the more!

  8. Anonymous permalink

    So in Violated Hero 3 which girl will be the final boss?

  9. SilentWill permalink

    Thanks Dargoth! Always appreciate your hard work 🙂

  10. Anonymous permalink

    Sorry to bother you Dargoth, but i get this error when i leave the town:
    I didn’t lose twice to any girl during the game, so i got the solo ending, but is this popup normal or am i supposed to see something else after the end?

  11. Anonymous permalink

    ^ I got the same error the first time i played the game. I don’t remember it happening again after the “good” ending though.

  12. Anonymous permalink

    So, now I get this error when fighting the mimic. I do have the 1.10 patch:
    How do I fix it?

    • That’s a bizarre error. I’m not so good with Japanese error messages, but it looks like it says the temporary file can’t be enlarged. Are you out of memory, full hard drive, or something like that?

  13. Anonymous permalink

    Randomly. It’ll sometimes happen during one of the mimic’s attacks, other times it won’t happen at all. I’m half tempted to reinstall the patch.

    • Anonymous permalink

      Sorry, Dargoth. It didn’t let me reply to your last reply to mine, so I refreshed and tried to post a reply (I was the one with the NS2 error).

      • Anonymous permalink

        I solved it by reinstalling the patch. Sorry for the problems.

  14. Anonymous permalink

    It happens randomly (though usually after a second attack.)

  15. Crimrui permalink

    Finished it. It was a bit annoying cuz’ of too much grinding. Cool about the each monster’s ending. Werewolf and Slime were my favorites. ^^

  16. Hi there,I notice there is an untranslated script when you got defeated and raped by Angel,with the “Already viewws H-scene” skipped…Shall I send you the screen-shot of it?

  17. Anonymous permalink

    Whenever I try to open the game, I get a really weird error message, concerning curser1.bmp, and a certain line in 0.txt

  18. kylelopezwms permalink

    Problem, Meswin.png is missing, and i need it lol, or i get an error at the end.

    • Anonymous permalink

      When I reach the end of the credits, I get this thing that says
      F(the curvy one)GF(The curvy one)%.[
      (a bunch on letters here I can’t copy)
      o.txt line:6041
      | gosub *Meswin_set
      It’s the same thing whether I have a monster end or not. Is this what you’re talking about?

    • Anonymous permalink

      I looked at the 0.txt file, which is the 0 text document in the folder, and I went to the line it talked about, and it was that exact words in the problem. So, there’s a problem around it and I have to figure out what it is.

    • Anonymous permalink

      I figured it out! At the point of text I was talking abut, I took out the 4 @ and tried to run it again, and when I reached the credits, the error did not pop up, and when I did a monster end, I got the Erotic Fighter Badge! That’s the fix in the credit crash! Just go to line 6401 in the 0.txt file and delete those 4 @s and leave that line blank!

  19. Anonymous permalink

    I’m probably just an idiot for saying this but what do I click on to get the translatoin

  20. Balcerzak permalink

    So, I tried Lilim Rod on Succubus because I couldn’t put her to sleep normally. First time successful it crashed (she did the attack where she tries to remove your clothes). Silly me, forgot to screenshot it, so I go in to try to reproduce the problem, get a few trials where she wakes up normally, finally got another crash for you though:

    I realize this is probably a year too late for you to care, or maybe just a problem on my end, but still… figured I’d share the news.

    Been loving the game, thanks for your hard work.

  21. theblindoldman permalink

    i dont mean to bother you, but when i try to download from both anon or mega, they dont even seem to start downloading…i wait a long time but theres no progress… maybe its te locale, but its set to japanese just like the game told me to be in. so i dont know the problem…maybe another link set to mediafire would be amazing…IDK..Great work though!

  22. Anonymous permalink

    when i unzip the file and run it, there is some weird message that pop up and i cant play the game. Any idea why?

  23. Anonymous permalink

    Whenever I try to run the game I get this…

    This happens as soon as the game launches so I can’t even try it. Please help.

    • I don’t see anything. Host the pic on a site that doesn’t suck.

      • Anonymous permalink

        Sorry about that. Try this.

      • You should set your computer to Japanese region locale or use a program like applocale with the game.

      • Anonymous permalink

        I did. I downloads HF pAppLocal or however it’s spelled and chose “Run with Japanese Local as Administrator” Same result.

  24. Anonymous permalink

    I did. I downloaded and installed HF pApploc, right clicked, and chose “Run with Japanese Local as Administrator” Same thing.

    • Strange that the error message is gibberish then. Maybe the files you downloaded got messed up somehow? I’d redownload the game at least and see if that fixes it.

      • Anonymous permalink

        Did that thrice. I don’t know why I’d be getting this message.

      • How about the directory path to the game? Make sure none of the folders contain Japanese or any other non-ASCII characters (i.e. remove any accented characters).

      • Anonymous permalink

        Not sure what you mean, honestly.

      • Anonymous permalink

        I’m having the same problem here

  25. Anonymous permalink

    Can you please replace the links? They’re both dead…

    • Replaced the MEGA link. The file was still there so not sure why the link stopped working.

  26. Anonymous permalink

    The game wont start for me, I’m not sure if I messed up somehow. When I open the wrap it gives me a short bit of code somewhere along the lines of
    “0.txt line:55483

    (theres a vertical line before this)erasetextwindow 0”
    sorry if this doesnt help.

    • Anonymous permalink

      print 15

      yOuroboros z
      ;@‚»‚ꂶ‚áA’nã‚É‘—‚Á‚Ä‚ ‚°‚é‚í‚ˁv\

      this is what I got when I found that line

  27. Perry Como permalink

    A mysterious message coming from nowhere…

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