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Desire Dungeon English Translation v1.01

June 28, 2013

Latest patch:

It’s done! Probably still some bugs and typos in there, but hopefully nothing major at this point.

Update: Already at 1.01 to fix the Moebius skill.

1.01 Mega:!zUBimJzR!bAiAphc0s2kAIUH6XxN2jAGXgRoG1kvIAZr5Iyx4BMo
1.01 Anon:

Save file (missing a couple things, but close enough): https://mega.n!yNBzBDbA!Nj8SSjNTk8RjEi0fHkx19SddD-JWC-2TQlu1zSKPmxU

Original game created by Yokubou no tou:

Translated by:

Included files:
English readme.txt – this file
0.txt – English script file
DesireDungeonwrap.exe – game executable compatible with translation patch
/cg/ – folder containing title screen images

Installation instructions:
1. Copy all files to your Desire Dungeon directory.
2. Run DesireDungeonwrap.exe

Other things:
1. Window/Full Screen modes: alt+enter
2. Use Windows sound mixer to change volume. The game has no volume controls.

Common solutions to problems:
1. Run the game in Japanese locale.
2. Make sure the game directory and files aren’t write-protected or account protected by UAC.
3. If you crash fighting the mimic, sorry. There’s something weird going on with her that we haven’t been able to figure out.
4. You can’t use old saves from the Japanese version. Sorry.
5. Make sure you have the full version of the game and not a trial.

Special thanks:
Somelolicatgirl – executable hacking for word wrap and fixing byte boundaries
Anthemoessa – item translation work and title screen buttons
Everyone that played early versions and reported bugs and typos

What isn’t translated: Encyclopedia entries for weapons, equipment, and items. All monster entries are translated, however.

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  1. Anonymous permalink

    I cant beat lilim! Help! I know you’re supposed to use Mirage at the beginning of the fight but there is none! She casts Charm right away before you could do anything

    • Anonymous permalink

      Nevermind. You have to right click and press Mirage

  2. Anonymous permalink

    Could someone upload the patch on Mediafire? I’m in italy and my shitty provider has locked anonfiles and MEGA 😥

    Sorry for the poor english…

  3. Anonymous permalink

    Anyone know how to beat Angel? She uses a move where it drains like, all my MP.

    • Anonymous permalink

      Yep! Just don’t let her attack your HP 😉

    • evil-one permalink

      … If someone comes asking how to beat the fairy I AM DONE.

    • mikceron permalink

      just get max level

    • SilentWill permalink

      The strategy is, when you get to around 60% of your HP, use [Heal] which will stop her from healing you. If you let her heal you, she will drain an equal amount of MP as the HP she restore. Nasty move, that one :/

  4. Anonymous permalink

    How do you beat the werewolf with pleasure attacks?

  5. Anonymous permalink

    i cant see enemy HP and MP.. anyone knows whats wrong?

    • SilentWill permalink

      Ah you start off not being able to see them. You’ll need to siphon the Werewolf’s ability first.

  6. Master Metroid permalink

    Hey Dargoth, Ive read the English readme, but Im getting an error on launch. is exactly whats on screen, so Im not sure how to respond to that error. Ive tried the version from MEGA and the version from anon, with the same result.

    The locale is set to Japan and the files dont seem to be write protected or account protected. Could you perhaps provide some recourse?

    • Looks like your copy of the game is messed up in some manner if it can’t even find the cursor bmp.

      • Master Metroid permalink

        alright. Ill try a redownload. Thanks.

      • Master Metroid permalink

        Got it all sorted, looks like my computer was reading a few files wrong for some reason. It all works now >3

    • jayneedshelp permalink

      how exactly did you fix this problem i am getting it too

    • need help actually too i have the same problem, how did you fix it?

  7. Anonymous permalink

    Could someone post a download link to the new MGQ Side story/cg set thing? It’s RJ116613 on dlsite. I can’t find a link to it that hasn’t been taken down or is fake.

  8. Anonymous permalink

    How do you beat the fairy? I’ve been at this for horas!

  9. Wf71 permalink

    Say dargoth, VH3 website got another update again today. Aside from the new char and CG they finally told us the gameplay mechanics. Can you give us picture about the new info?

    *sorry for posting here, because old article is often overlooked

  10. kana-art permalink

    Please help me. How to finish boss LV2 of desire dungeon?

    • 2-tall permalink

      @kana-art: I say this again, H the slime. use mirage before entering lilith’s room.

  11. Reth Eldirood permalink

    I am experiencing a bug when I attempt to load a game which I have saved. I get the bug whether I use the main .exe or the wrap version. The bug causes an error message to pop up and the game crashes afterwards. The clear parts of the error message are as follows:

    o.txt line 821

    |y_innkeeper z
    > >I heard you’re exploring the deepest level

    There is an OK button, and then it crashes.

    Any idea what causes this?

  12. Johnny Cage permalink

    Violated Hero 3 is coming soon. Hope you pick it up right away Dargoth. ^^

    • Anonymous permalink

      Pass the charmin, I need to take a cage.

    • Anonymous permalink

      jokes aside, our boi said he would be working on that before translating anything else so don’t worry about it mah boi.

  13. Krukaren permalink

    While you’re waiting for VH3 could you try and see if you can help this guy out? 😀
    I’m pretty sure you know what game he is translating (if he is still at it).
    But for you who don’t know it’s Sei Monmusu Gakuen (Monster Girl Academy). It’s also a monster girl game, so I thought it might be of interest 🙂
    Here’s a link to the official page

  14. Asianpryde63 permalink

    1.10 patch on official site. Patch seems pretty negligible, something about the mimic conditions.

  15. Syna permalink

    How do I save outside the inn?

      • Syna permalink

        Really? That sucks. What about your enemy’s health bar and such? Any way to see them? Or how about opening config during battle?

      • You can see the enemy bars after getting the werewolf’s ability.

      • Syna permalink

        Also, there’s a bug where, when I click the “unlock” button after defeating a monster, the whole box nearly disappears. I don’t know if it’s supposed to disappear for good, or if it’s supposed to stay. >.<

      • The dialogue box on the left? Yeah, that’s a little graphic bug we never bothered trying to fix.

  16. Anonymous permalink

    Question on the patch: do I run the dungeondesirewrap exe in Japanese locale?
    I’ve tried running it regularly, but my screen goes black and nothing else happens.

  17. Anonymous permalink

    I dont see the variable text, amount of hp, cost of things, exp gold I have or damage I deal etc, what I need is the font the game use, but I dont know wich 1 is it, can some1 tell me wich font the game use so I can download it?

  18. jayneedshelp permalink

    so i cant seem to start up the game is just gives me an error any fixes there is a comment above that shows the errow and he said hhis cpu seems to read the files wrong i cant seem to find out how to fix this

  19. theblindoldman permalink

    erm how do i make the screen smaller..ive done it before, but deletd on accidetn and had to reinstall…anyone know?

  20. Teika permalink

    Can you [re]upload the ~100% save file? Both links are dead.

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