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Little Update

June 19, 2013

Sorry to leave you guys hanging on Desire Dungeon. The good news is that I finished playing Monster Girl Quest and don’t have much left of Ouroboros translation to do. I do need to do a lot of proofing and editing on the game though. I don’t see any easy way to replace the menu buttons in the game, and I’m probably leaving off the encyclopedia entries for the 1.0 patch, although I may add them in after. They’re not very interesting, but I know people like them anyway. Look for a 1.0 patch this weekend.

My monster girl game backlog continues to grow, but please keep suggesting new games in the comments. I don’t know when VH3 is coming out, and although I don’t think it’s soon, I may look for something short to do in the meantime. Or I might just use the extra time to brush up on my Japanese more. Translating isn’t a very efficient way of doing that…

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  1. Anonymous permalink


    Thanks for the update! And keep up the good work.

  2. Anonymous permalink

    Not sure but I think the official website said something about VH3 in July or something.

  3. Anonymous permalink

    I can help you make English menu buttons in photoshop, if thats the problem. Or did you meant that replacing them is difficult?

    • Dargoth on phone permalink

      Replacing them is the problem. Distributing the text is so easy, but those buttons would require extracting and repacking the binaries. Lot of work and might complicate the patch for 4 buttons.

      Thanks for the offer though.

      • ChaoticNemisis permalink

        Hmm. I don’t know the system that these games are made in well enough to offer my assistance. My knowledge is around java, the 4 C’s, and Python.

  4. Anonymous permalink

    Thanks Dargoth, did you enjoy MGQ3?I can’t wait for Rogue to release his first patch.

    • Dargoth on phone permalink

      I loved it, but am going to avoid talking about it because I don’t want to spoil anything.

  5. 2-tall permalink

    What was your favorite monmusu quest ending?

  6. Anonymous permalink

    is helping rogue tl mgq3 not on the table?

    • CwHart permalink

      Rogue has made it clear he wants to do this Solo. I am sure it’s nothing against Dargoth, but MGQ is like his pet project. He started it by himself, and he wants to finish it by himself.

    • Plany permalink

      It’s not just that, if more then one translator works on a project, you’ll get translation inconsistencies

  7. TheAllSeeingEye permalink

    the newest update for VH3 came out 4 days ago
    3 monster girls & 2 pics of rape scenes for 2 of the released characters.

    • Pudpud permalink

      Oh man, what is it with Kitsunes tugging at my heartstrings?

  8. Anonymous permalink

    About the buttons, i found following thread “” and applied it. Works fine for me.

  9. Anonymous permalink

    In my opinion your Japanese is more than fine ^^. What games exactly do you intend to translate in the near future?

  10. Mkmd13 permalink

    This is a game that I would like to see translated if you have the time.

    • mikceron permalink

      really? there is not much to translate couple dialogues in begining of level and before the boss,
      and main plot is understandable even without translation.

      dargoth you are awesome! did you seen new art on torotoro site? can tell something about it?

      • The new pics he posted are of Alice the 1st and 2 of the 6 original monster ancestors. He’s being very evasive about the game though, just saying it’s not a fan disk or bonus side story. It could be a MGQ prequel, sequel, alternate universe, who knows.

      • Anonymous permalink

        i cannot believe that psychedelic G2 will do the CG’s for the next game. Deff one of the legendary artists in terms of artwork,quality and style. I’m actually 2 times more stoked than from when I was waiting for MGQ3 !

    • I too would like to see this game translated 😛

  11. Tyr permalink

    Wait, Violated Hero 3 will be released on July already? O_o

    Man that is faster than i thought.

  12. mikceron permalink

    thank you! and i think first picture is mentioned in dialogue with angelgirl in village,but it dark or maybe it’s of another Alice 🙂

  13. Anonymous permalink

    Anyone know whats the english name of this Vn and if anyone is translating it??

    Looks like the artist of Violated Hero, but a different game.

    • I mentioned it before. It’s not very good, unless you’re really really into masochism.

    • 2-tall permalink

      kanzen osu dorei (not touching long subtitle) I can’t exactly say it turns me on as a man to see a knife brought that close to a dick with threats to cut it off. liked everything else tho’.

      • 2-tall permalink

        thinking about it that knife to dick thing also happened in violated hero as well

      • Anonymous permalink

        Well it looks like its the same artist so no surprise there if they have some similarities, tho it does look interesting

  14. Anonymous permalink

    Were you still planning to translate Violated Quest? owo

    • There’s a sequel to Violated Quest already coming out that’s supposed to actually have some gameplay and story.

      Here, I’ll translate Violated Quest real quick:
      Intro: “Hey where am I… I went to sleep and now I’m in some crazy forest…”
      *39 rapes later*
      Ending: “I wake up in the real world, but every time I go to sleep, I’m back in that forest. Is the real world a dream? Is the forest world a dream? No, they’re both reality…”

      Hopefully the “sequel” will be more substantial, although it’s crazy that it’s essentially been made in a month. There’s already a trial available with a late June planned release.

      • mikceron permalink

        well main plot it explains perfectly 🙂
        but most delicious there is h-scenes, because it almost not have gameplay.
        at least have many nice art (very liked basilisk (i suppose) and couple others)
        anyway thanks for translation

      • Polo permalink

        One thing I enjoy about the game is that they show (sorta) what happens after the initial rape, it’s something I wish more games would do.

  15. Anonymous permalink

    If you need another project afterwards, the new ROBF seems promising. It seems to have some pretty solid mechanics down, and it has Monster girls.

    Not sure how easy it would be to translate it, cause I seem to remember someone saying something about how it is hard to recode it or something.

  16. Anonymous permalink

    Dargoth, I dont know if someone has suggested this to you before but maybe ‘Iris Action’ perhaps? The CGs are incredibly amazing and the dialogue is fairly short, although I haven’t fully completed it yet

  17. Nosakos permalink

    It would be awesome if ROBF got translated! Such an incredible game.

  18. Some dude permalink

    Would love to see this game translated. But it will never happen i guess.


    ROBF is awesome too.

    • Anonymous permalink

      Yeah, I want this to get translated so bad. Too bad the engine makes it almost untranslateable 😦 Someone really needs to make tools for this engine!

  19. Anonymous permalink

    Bunny Black! Always wanted to play that.

    • mikceron permalink

      seems nice game, but i think there is not many monstergirls and it some sort of strategy (like kamidori alchemist maybe) i mean it kind of like big visual novel part, many items, characters and such.

    • Alex the lazy permalink

      yeah it’s a fun game though

      also Bunny Black 3 comes/came out today

  20. Anonymous permalink

    Dargoth, do you need any one night lovers?

  21. Anonymous permalink

    If you’re looking for something short to do, you could try another game by the same author of DD. Has a bit of gameplay going up against ninjas.

  22. Anonymous permalink

    The art on this one is pretty nice. Not sure about the rest of the elements, but could be neat.

  23. Anonymous permalink

    Here’s an interesting one that badly needs translating.

    • Can’t extract the scripts from it (or repack them) without the encryption key. Pretty much the same story for half of these games: no one’s ever going to be able to translate them unless someone with hacking skills can crack them and/or write utilities to extract/repack text.

  24. Anonymous permalink

    c’mon dieselmine!

  25. Anonymous permalink

    If you have time could you translate some more of the menus and some items from RePure Aria?

    • Anonymous permalink

      why do that?

    • 2-tall permalink

      We should hold off on asking for that. I did my ten posts on ulmf telling others when the next patch had come (over 17 patches released already)

      • Anonymous permalink

        Not looking for a full translation. Just some of the sub-menus and some of the items.

      • Alex the lazy permalink

        What 2-Tall is saying is that the new patches will override the translation

  26. Alex the lazy permalink

    Looking at VH3 all I can say is Slime Maid and Samurai Lamia FTW!

    Also I think Giant Elf!

    • She’s just a giant, although she looks like she has a cowgirl thing going on too. I don’t think any slime can top Milfy either.

      • 2-tall permalink

        Milfy is a tough act to follow.

      • Anonymous permalink

        Why do you like Milfy so much?

      • 2-tall permalink

        voice acting was nice, liked her personality, and really liked her ending. she is my favorite slime girl.

  27. John J permalink

    How can you tell that she is a giant? Does it say so in the text?

  28. Anonymous permalink

    As for new game , One Syota is one 😀

  29. Anonymous permalink

    And here I add my 2 cents… A person can dream right?

  30. Learch permalink

    Dargoth, do you consider all of these requests, or do you just ignore them (like any reasonable, sane human would do)?

    Because if you’re actually listening to all of these requests, then you have much, much more patience than anyone I have ever met personally.

    • I consider them all. It’s nice to know about new games that I might have missed. All the oneshota fans are going to have to stay disappointed though.

  31. Hashtag_YOLO.SWAG permalink

    Hey Dargoth, does ROBF have the scripts unlocked? Or is it encrypted like the others?

    Mostly just curious cause I saw that you mentioned it earlier.

    • It’s an RPGMaker game. While I’ve never really fiddled with one before, I’m under the impression that they’re pretty easy to unpack and edit, it’s only the distribution that’s problematic.

      • Anonymous permalink

        I am not sure if you can repack the game archive but there is probably nothing wrong with simply unpacking it and patching data folder.

      • Alex the Lazy permalink

        but then everyone who wants to play the translation would have to unpack it.

      • Anonymous permalink

        You can unpack the rgss2 files with a hacking tool (I did so myself to extract cgs and/or cheat in some games) and then simply save the file again as an rgss2 archive. The only “problem” so to speak is that the rgss2 archive is basically the whole game -audio. So you’d be basically distributing the full game if you make it.

  32. FemdomFurryFan permalink

    Hi Dargoth, seem you like monster girls so I think you will like this one :

    It’s a very short VN about a boy abudcted by a furry japanese creature. Two different endings (I prefer the “slave” one uh uh…). It wouldn’t take so long for a traduction I guess, so if you want ^^

    • Anonymous permalink

      No offence but the art looks weird as fuck.

      • Anonymous permalink

        Though not so different from Violated Hero games seems. But I dont understand anything to the story, a boy who encounter a woman in a festival of some sort then she morph in a youkai of some sort…

    • mikceron permalink

      sorry but there is about only 10 cg and couple sound it’s VERy small

  33. Kell permalink

    Ouroboros left. Awaiting the next patch.

  34. Anonymous permalink


  35. ChaoticNemisis permalink

    Great work as always Dargoth. If you ever need help in the Proofreading department, or anything else(so long as I’m capable) just gimme a shout

  36. Anonymous permalink

    I don’t know if Rogue is taking assistance, but if you could help him get MGQ part 3 translated faster I would love you to death.

    • Anonymous permalink


      That’s another way of saying, “Hurry the fuck up.”

    • 2-tall permalink

      Don’t be disrespecting the person you are asking for a favor.

      • 2-tall permalink

        You should take what you can get and be grateful for it. I know I am. That being said on my wish list is a game called わふにゃのくえすと (wafu nyano quest?).

      • Anonymous permalink

        I was calling him out for trying to be clever.

        People just need to sit there and wait.

  37. Anonymous permalink it could be a cool little sideproject if you have some free

  38. Prototype909 permalink

    Since you asked for suggestions my vote still goes to ROBF, assuming that it’s even -possible- to do any work in regards to translating it after VH3 (And whenever ROBF’s content updates end since it’s already got another updated scheduled for July).

  39. Anonymous permalink

    1.0 patch by the weekend? More like by the heat death of the universe, amiriteguise?

    (You know I love you, Dargoth.)

    • Yeeeah… I’m awesome at predicting when I’m going to finish work, aren’t I? At this point I think I’m going to throw the monster encyclopedia entries in because I really don’t want to do a 1.1 patch for them.

      • Learch permalink

        1) Make a guess that it will be out in n days
        2) Tell everyone it will be out in n*1.15 days
        3) Everyone loves you for completing work quickly.

      • I try to do that, unfortunately my predictions are always off by more than 15%.

  40. Kyon permalink is available. they deleted it, but you might want to keep yours or grab both. You are a name brand now.

  41. Dear Guest permalink

    Does anyone remember who translated Kamidori Alchemy Meister? Whatever are they up to these days?

  42. Anonymous permalink

    anyone knows when onesyota 2 cames out?

    • darkwhite permalink

      August according to his blog, demo, and DL site

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