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Follow-up to Monmusu Delicious

May 4, 2013

It looks like tokinokogiri is planning a sequel to Monmusu Delicious after all. According to the survey  that came with the game (that I completely forgot to fill out), the most popular monsters are Kyoryu (wtf?), Succubus Witch, Scylla Maid, Beelzebubs (for a vore scene??), Cassandra, and the Canaan Sisters. It’s also going to be in Flash instead of the horrible Java novel junk he used for Breakfast. Just another thing to look forward to this year.

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  1. Monster-Girl Lover permalink

    In Flash? Huh. That’s prob going to be a pain do decompile and then hope everything goes back together properly again, or are there no real plans to try and translate something like that?

    • Monster-Girl Lover permalink

      TO decompile, damn typos. But yeah, Flash decompiling tends to break things horribly unless you’ve got some real primo decompiling software, so I wish you luck if you plan to try translating this.

      • Well as long as I can extract the resources from it, I can always give it the same treatment as Breakfast: turning all the scenes into MGQ scenarios. I’d prefer not to have to do that, but you’re definitely right about Flash being a huge pain to decompile.

  2. Anonymous permalink

    Kyoryu (wtf?) isn’t it that super big turtle thing that you encounter in hellgondo? She also eats you like a candy if I remember

  3. Anonymous permalink

    VH3 in development!!

    • Anonymous permalink


      Anyway Kyoryu and Beelzebubs… who filled up this survey? LOL, the rest are fine.

    • JP90 permalink

      Citation, please.

      • Anonymous permalink

        “”「犯され勇者Ⅲ企画」情報公開 “” Link…….
        “開發中” means ” in development “

      • 開発中。Are you Chinese?

        Anyway, here’s hoping for better gameplay and story next time, but I wouldn’t count on it. I hope this doesn’t come out on top of MGQ3 though…

  4. Anonymous permalink

    Kyoryu is definitely someone that needed a proper vore scene, pity that the sandworm didn’t get included as well. I hope the Succubus witch vore scene isn’t unbirthing again, I can’t stand that.

  5. CwHart permalink

    Is this the secret project they mentioned on the website? Kinda disappointing if that is the case, but I guess its good for the vorephiles.

  6. Anonymous permalink

    Kyoryu makes sense as far as vore goes. I also admire the monstrous aspects of Setochi’s monsters even if I don’t fap to them.

    Beelzebub doesn’t really make any sense for vore though. Maybe male impregnation or something like that, but not vore.

  7. Anonymous permalink

    Is this unannounced MGQ-related project Torotoro mentioned last week?
    By the way, what about Kengoku Cross game? Did he released it? I think the first screenshots came out like 1 year ago.

    • This definitely isn’t the project Torotoro mentioned.

      I’ve been wondering about that KC game too. Haven’t heard a thing in a year.

      • Jikorde permalink

        Wasn’t the KC game waiting on MGQ3 before actual development would move forward?

  8. some random guy permalink

    another monster breakfast! that’s awesome! i love the succubus witch, awesome unbirth scene, loved the scylla maid too, can’t wait for this to come out

  9. Cio permalink

    As long as Succubus Witch and Cassandra is there, i’m good… 🙂 And i hope Starfish Girl can made it too.

  10. Xwaver permalink

    Dargoth, do you know if anyone is planning to translate games from msize? It’s mostly femdom stuff (

    • Anonymous permalink

      Yes, this would be awesome!

      • Anonymous permalink

        It’d be cool if people translated more femdom stuff. I don’t really like the hardcore stuff involving BDSM so it’s kind of difficult for me to find stuff I like, Monster girl quest was fantastic like that.

    • I just took a look at their latest game, and it’s made in the same LiveMaker engine that Lv1 Hero uses. Considering the engine has been around for over 10 years and no hacker has ever bothered creating tools for it, I wouldn’t hold your breath.

      • Anonymous permalink

        Do you know if Atelier Kaguya games (I’m mostly thinking of the Honky Tonk Pumpkin group) have a translatable engine? I really like the artwork in those games, and they’ve got crazy awesome animations too.

  11. TheAllSeeingEye permalink

    & the reason for Kyoryuu is because she can just swallow you whole, like how Cecile was swallowed by the scylla. Same goes for the sandworm.

  12. Anonymous permalink

    What about the guy who wanted to translate Monmusu Gakuen? I think he also made a site on wordpress
    I’m pretty sure that he didn’t translate anything but I still want to take a look on his site

  13. Anonymous permalink

    Well, lets hope that unannounced MGQ-related project is Kengoku Cross game. And the chances for that are quite high.

  14. Anonymous permalink

    Good thing I don’t care that much for vore, since my computer can no longer use Flash.

  15. Sanji-san permalink

    I don’t really like vore, but, new monster girls games are always welcome 😀

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