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April 27, 2013

First, in MGQ part 3 news, Torotoro updated his DLSite blog. I posted this elsewhere but may as well add it here.

“It seems I scared everyone more than I could have imagined. My apologies. From now on, my twitter will be private and used only for my friends, and don’t worry, the message board will be reopened when the final chapter is released.

I’ll answer the questions I’ve been receiving to the extent I can without spoilers.

Will there be H-scenes with the 4 heavenly knights in the final chapter? Yes.

Will there be H-scenes with adult Alice? Young Alice? Yes to both.

H-scenes with the four spirits? Yes. It was intentional that the first chapters of the game didn’t have any actual sex scenes with the spirits. You will have actual sex with them in the final chapter.

Is La Croix a woman? Definitely female. She may be somehow connected to a character you’ve already met…

Will there be an H-scene with the 5 arc-en-ciels seen at the end of the middle chapter? Each of the 5 has her own. There’s also one combined picture.

Are there any other monsters that will make a reappearance, whether battles or h-scenes? Other than Chrome who has already been revealed, there are other monsters that will challenge you for revenge. It should be something fun.

In addition, a MGQ-related project should be revealed in May. It’s not my announcement to make, but because it’s going to be really good, please look forward to it. Of course, the release of the final chapter isn’t far off either.”

In other news…

ROBF, which I mentioned in my last post, was just released. There’s a teaser video on DLSite if you want to take a look without downloading the demo.

RePure Aria is a nice Metroidvania game. You play as a male but you’re possessed by a woman. There’s sprite sex that’s mostly monster girl on male, but there are also full H-scenes involving your female transformations being sexed up by monsters too.

Kyieru has said he’s just about to finish his latest game, Eroico. It’s a side-scrolling platformer with a male lead and monster girls. It should be on sale in another week or two, although there’s a demo available from his site. If you never played Kurovadis, you should check it out, although it is a female protagonist game.

In translation news…

RogueTranslator and I have teamed up to finish the translation of Desire Dungeon that he began and let fall by the wayside a few months ago. It’s a fun little game and just happens to use the same engine as monster girl quest. I’ve mentioned it before here, I think. Expect that to be done around the end of next month.

  1. ice permalink

    Thanks 4The info D.

  2. Anonymous permalink

    You’re awesome

  3. Anonymous permalink

    It is awesome how MGQ made monster girls popular all of a sudden.

  4. Anonymous permalink

    JIZZ. nothings even out yet. I think I’m going to die when MGQ3 and DD come out

  5. Dear Guest permalink

    It is likely that you have been asked this many times before: Have you ever thought of teaming up with RT for the translation of MGQ 3?
    If you don’t want to answer this one in order to avoid the spread of false rumors, that’s fine.
    Anyway, keep up the good work and have a nice weekend.

  6. Anonymous permalink

    Where is the Desire Dungeon translation going to be released? Here or on Rogue’s blog?

  7. Anigai permalink

    brilliant stuff i was so hoping you and rogue would think about teaming up at some point, i do indeed certainly hope that this partnership of you guys isn’t temporary because part 3 of mgq is going to be totally screaming out for a double team dargoth-rogue super combo

    • Anonymous permalink

      You teaming up with rogue on MGQ3 would indeed be awesome! 🙂

  8. Anonymous permalink

    Just wanted to thank you for your constant updates! I appreciate all that you’re doing and I’m sure everyone else feels the same. Keep it up =)

  9. Anonymous permalink

    Oh good, I was hoping that project didn’t die.

  10. Anonymous permalink

    Oh wow, more exciting news! Thank you

  11. White Mage permalink

    Thanks. (I don’t know what else to say. :p)

  12. Anonymous permalink

    Thanks for the info and i am glad you and rogue are teaming up to translate Desire Dungeon i am looking forward to it.

  13. Anonymous permalink

    What was this scare I keep hearing about? Did Toro post something that was misinterpreted or…?

    • He deleted his Twitter account and closed his message board with no notice. You can imagine why people might have freaked out a little.

  14. Dear Guest permalink

    I am a little confused as to why my last comment was not published…

    • Dear Guest permalink

      Nevermind, I thought these comments were moderated. My bad.

      • WordPress has a spam filter. It catches virtually all spam, but sometimes throws a false positive. I have absolutely no idea why it thought your comment was spam though.

  15. imercenary permalink

    Good to hear.

    Based on the demo, RePure Aria is a pretty neat game, but it feels like I’m out on missing a LOT considering how much text and how often I have to skip message boards to find out what to do next.

  16. Sebby permalink

    Wow, you guys are awesome. VNs are never translated. I’m happy to have good guys like you and RogueTranslator ^.^

  17. Flaris permalink

    I’m always glad to hear more news about MQ3. Definitely liking everything I’m hearing. Though I suppose it’s hard to find negative in “you’ll have sex with most of the characters you’d want.” Of course I’m just happy with more Tamamo, but the other Heavenly Knights are fine too XD.

    Will completely admit this still remains my most anticipated game of 2013. And the story is still a major reason for that.

    Cool that you and Rogue are going to team up to finish Desire Dungeon. Appreciate the work both of you do on your projects.

  18. Tyr permalink

    Nice news! Thanks both of you!

  19. Is the released date announce yet? It’s not so long the end of 1st half of year 2013, or is the released date move already?

  20. Kanosint permalink

    Hmmm, any idea if/when ROBF will be translated? :3 Or if it’s any good for that matter. Never played a BF game before, and with Monster Girls at that <3~

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