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Monster Girl Quest Delicious -Breakfast- Scenarios

April 18, 2013

MGDB Scenarios (26.1 MB)!6UJjzRgC!GrgwyiXy46yxhrJn39zIYJHkE40gCc0-im-Jg-wFZgg

All right, so it’s finished. As promised, I’ve converted tokinokogiri’s Monmusu Delicious scenarios into spin-off stories compatible with MGQ. The original release uses html and java applets which weren’t exactly compatible with English text formatting, plus by converting them I was able to add a lot of other things like music, sprites, and more backgrounds. Many of the sound effects were also changed, and the ones that weren’t changed were at least normalized to a consistent volume.

Keep in mind that this release is entirely vore. I didn’t quite know what that meant at first, but the author meant it very literally. There’s no real “sex” involved here, just people being eaten, including Luka, Sara, Cecil (from camel’s mod), the goblin girl, and the kitsune. If you don’t like vore, there’s nothing here for you, sorry.

To play, first copy all folders into the \mod\ directory of your MGQ game.
Second, run monadd.exe from that directory, click all the check boxes for the scenarios, and click the 保存 button to save. Then run MGQ and select Spin-Off Stories from the Extras menu.

You should probably have the first two chapters combined, although it may work with either one of them.

Monster Girl Delicious! -Breakfast-
Original work created by tokinokogiri:
Purchase site for html/java version:
English DLSite:
Japanese DLSite:

As usual, please support the creators of content you enjoy! Toki has said that he intends to make more of these if this one sells well. It’s under $10 too!

Additional artist credits: (they may have written their respective scenarios too, but I’m not positive)
Alma Elma After by Y-ace
Blob Girl by Setouchi
Ghost Girl by Jingai Modoki

Cecil character created by camel:


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  1. ice permalink

    D. thanks for doing what you do. Arigatou ^_^

  2. Anonymous permalink


  3. Anonymous permalink

    Hey Dargoth, has there been any news on ToroToro lately?

    • Yeah. Definitely no May release, but good chance for June. There’s also another MGQ 3rd party project that might be announced this month, although there won’t be a usual official site update.

      • Anonymous permalink

        Oh, sweet! Is the 3rd party project similar to this vore release? Or is there no news on that at all?

      • No news at all. Could be something similar or something much bigger.

  4. Anonymous permalink

    Is this for MGQ 1 or 2?

  5. Anonymous permalink

    Thanks so much! Already bought the game. I know Rogue refuses donations, what about you?

  6. Anonymous permalink

    umh itadakimasu

  7. Anonymous permalink

    This is great! Thanks for the hard work.

  8. Anonymous permalink

    Thanks Dargoth! Not a fan of vore but will look into this none the less to get me back into a MGQ state of mind.

  9. Anonymous permalink

    awsome ! much gratitude for your work Dargoth =)

  10. imercenary permalink

    Awesome. The scenes were a too short though (although thats the original creator’s fault, not yours)

  11. Alenin permalink

    My monadd wont work, I just click it and it doesn’t load. Is there any other way to install this?

  12. What order do I play these scenarios in?

  13. Flare permalink

    Great job on this. Definitely another nice thing to enjoy while we eagerly await the third part of MGQ.

    Will of course actually purchase it later, since it deserves that.

  14. Anonymous permalink

    the monadd thing won’t save my configurations. What do?

    • I posted a list.ini above in the comments that you can use.

      • Anonymous permalink

        Ah, that worked, but now I get this error message:
        happens for all of the scenarios.

      • Japanese locale?

      • Anonymous permalink

        Yeah, the actual game works fine and so does the addon scenario that came with the lab.

      • Well, the error makes me think it’s something wrong with the ini file or loading it, not the scenarios themselves causing you problems. The fact that the monadd program isn’t working for you is probably a symptom of a larger problem. Do you have the game in a protected directory or something?

      • Anonymous permalink

        How do I find that out? I’m pretty sure I never messed around with any of that stuff…

  15. rahmadhanwp permalink

    thankyou dargoth 🙂

  16. InstinctiveReacion permalink

    “Lamia” doesn’t work for me. I just get an error message, and then the game closes.

  17. InstinctiveReacion permalink

    The strange thing is, I don’t actually have chapter 3.

    • InstinctiveReacion permalink

      Also, I should mention that, while the other scenarios DO work, many of them cut off partway through with similar errors. The only ones that altogether don’t work are “MGDM Lamia” and “Lamia’s semen source.” Which I suspect might just be a spin-off included in the regular game, as it isn’t preceded by “MGDM.”

  18. Anonymous permalink

    The links seem to be broken. Anyone got a more recent upload?

  19. InstinctiveReaction permalink

    I do have part two. Still doesn’t work.

  20. I like your site, good and informative.

  21. I’m really loving the theme/design of your site. Do you ever run into any web browser compatibility issues? A few of my blog readers have complained about my blog not operating correctly in Explorer but looks great in Chrome. Do you have any suggestions to help fix this issue?

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