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New and Upcoming Monster Girl Games

March 24, 2013

Since I haven’t posted anything this month…

1. Monster Girl Delicious! -Breakfast-

Luka and many of the monster girls from Monster Girl Quest appear in a series of vore scenarios drawn by the same artists as MGQ. The demo is a reprise of Alma Elma eating Luka on the boat, but the previews for the other scenarios appear to contain other characters being eaten, such as the kitsune, Sara, and goblin girl. It’s entirely vore so if you don’t like that, you’ll obviously want to skip this one.

The release date is April 1st, and I plan to translate it and turn the scenes into MGQ side-story scenarios. The original comes in java applets embedded in html, but the text layout isn’t exactly English-compatible. I don’t know how long the finished product will be, but I don’t estimate it being long enough to need more than a week to translate, if that.

2. モン娘伝説 Legend of the Monster Girls

The only game I’m going to mention that’s actually out already. This one is a Zelda-clone made in Flash that was released a little over a week ago. You play as an “average” guy (with ridiculous abs) that goes around killing things for no apparent reason. Unlike most of these games, the monster girls actually just let you go after raping you when you lose. If you like action-adventure games, this one at least offers some gameplay, although the hitboxes are erratic and somewhat frustrating. The art is pretty good, but a lack of sound effects in H-scenes is almost unforgivable.

3. ROBF (Ro-B-F)

The BF stands for “battle fuck,” a game in which the combat involves having sex and trying to make your partner climax before you do. These games are usually pretty popular, but they’re not too common so having one with a male protagonist and monster girls could be a treat. It’s made in RPGMaker but manages to have some not terrible art at least. The game promises over 40 monsters and at least 10 hours of gameplay. I haven’t played much at all, although I have heard some good things about it already. There’s a trial on DLSite, and the full release is slated for May.

4. チェリークライシス Cherry Crisis

In a land where humans and monsters live together in peace and everyone can use magic, you play a magic-less boy with an unknown past. Your adopted sister is incredibly strong in magic and kicks your ass so you choose to go on a journey to get stronger, but the world’s monster girls all seem interested in abusing a young man with no magical talent. Based on the demo, it’s all game-over rape, but there may be some scenes in the full version that don’t end in your untimely demise or end of your adventure. It’s another RPGMaker game with passable art and dull JRPG combat, but it may end up being decent. It was supposed to be out last year, but the developer’s blog indicates he’s still making good progress on the game. I’d probably expect a release in another month or two.

Still no real news on Monster Girl Quest part 3, unfortunately. Torotoro tweeted that he hadn’t expected fixing bugs and typos to take this many months, but he’s apparently having a bitch of a time scripting battles in nscripter. The target is still the first half of this year though, which is looking more and more like June every day, assuming it doesn’t slip further…

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  1. Anonymous permalink

    in cherry crisis if I read the text right it looked like the older sister’s reason for beating the crap out of her younger brother in the beginning was because he ate her snacks.

  2. The second game was ok. The rest looks pretty promising. Good list ヽ(´▽`)ノ

  3. wot permalink

    Ah, I always look forward to these roundups. Thanks!

  4. Anonymous permalink

    How do you play the Demo for Monster girl delicious?

  5. Anonymous permalink

    Hmmm… I can’t seem to get ROBF trial to work for me. First it said it was missing VL Gothic, downloaded and installed that, then it said it was missing ‘Graphics/Characters/Vehicles’

  6. Anonymous permalink

    what do you use to open the index.html file for monster girl delicious i cant get it to work

    • A web browser (with java installed). If you’re having problems, don’t worry about it. I’m not going to be using that format when I translate it anyway.

  7. Anonymous permalink

    nevermind figured it out

  8. Flaris permalink

    A good handful of games, and certainly some appeal from the Monster Girl Delicious! one.

    Though here’s hoping that everything works out sooner rather than later for MQ3’s release. Looking forward to the story’s conclusion as anything else.

    The demos for the other games weren’t bad though.

  9. Anonymous permalink

    How do I buy Monster Girl Delicious! -Breakfast-? The site only accepts Japanese credit cards.

    • I have a regular US credit card and DLSite accepts it just fine. Perhaps your card blocks foreign transactions or something? You might want to give your CC company a call and see what’s up.

      • Anonymous permalink

        I guess I’ll just have to wait and see if the game appears on the English DLsite. My card works fine on there. The Japanese DLsite seems to have a problem with it. I made a request to the English DLsite to put the game on there so hopefully we’ll see it happen.

  10. passing chaos permalink

    defiantly looking forward to ROBF and yeah bf games that have monster girls are hard to come by i have about 200 of them give or take 30 and less 20 of them have monster girls, not counting a token slimegirl or succubus

  11. Anonymous permalink

    I have good news! The owners of DLsite listened to my request and Monster Girl Delicious -Breakfast- is now on the English version of DLsite! If anyone is like me and the Japanese version has a problem with your credit card, you can buy the game now!

  12. some random guy permalink

    ya i just got the game, now i just gotta wait for translation hehe, no idea wtf they are saying and i don’t really wanna “peak” so to speak until i know what they are saying, feels like it would cheapen the experience to just skim pictures

    • some random guy permalink

      that would be Alma’s Breakfast btw hehe

  13. sigmazx permalink

    Bought it from US DLSITE. Here:

    monmusu delicious -breakfast-

    Please buy if you want more Monster Girl Quest!

    • Anonymous permalink

      Why would you tell people to buy it and then upload it to a file sharing site? That kind of defeats the purpose of supporting it.

      • AnonA permalink

        He’s saying if you liked it to support it by buying it.

  14. some random guy permalink

    ya, if people REALLY want the game free they are going to find it, posting both in 1 link just makes it easier hehe. I had already found it free but opted to buy it to support more games of this type

    • Anonymous permalink

      I’m still waiting for Indie Dev’s to wise up and just put there product on pirating sites themselves with an ingame link to donating to the dev if you liked the game. Would put more money in there pockets from some of the not sales.

  15. Anonymous permalink

    Dargoth said it would be less than a week for the translation… anyone know if he’s started on it? Not that I’m rushing him… I just can’t wait. x)

  16. Anonymous permalink

    Take your time man, take your time.

  17. Sherringford Hope permalink

    You planning on translating those other games you listed?

  18. Anonymous permalink

    Any other translation projects planned after Delicious? It seems the guys in Japan are still making new side stories though I have a feeling no-one will try to translate the latest ones seeing that one of them features a certain trio of monster flies.

  19. Sherringford Hope permalink

    I’ve mixed feelings on ROBF, it’s probably awsome, but i’m stuck in the town as I don’t know japenese.

  20. Anonymous permalink

    4 of 11 scenes done last week, any progress this week? ^^

  21. Anonymous permalink

    ROBF looks pretty good, but its another game that really needs a translation to be fully enjoyable…

    • Anonymous permalink

      If you have ITH and Translation Aggregator it seems to be compatible. You can figure out from the rough translation what to do.

      • Anonymous permalink

        It’s less that and that machine translations are borderline unreadable gibberish. It’s really hard to enjoy a game when it’s gibberish.

  22. some random guy permalink

    i’ve been checking every day, as much as i like the scenes, not knowing what they saying…is like looking at a really tasty pie through a window…looks great but…

    i want pie… any word on pie? 🙂

    • Haha, well… The translation is almost finished, but the sound effects are really bothering me. I’m trying to replace some and normalize the others so it doesn’t make your ears bleed. I also still need to do more editing/proofing/polishing. Despite all these scenes being rather short, they’re somewhat difficult to work with.

  23. Anonymous permalink

    チェリークライシス Cherry Crisis seems about done?

  24. Anonymous permalink

    I have swapped the majority of sounds (the ones that were horrible) with ones from MGQ. Would you be interested in these?

    • I’ve already done the same thing, actually. The only part I haven’t decided on is whether to leave the loop sound effect alone or replace that one too.

      • Anonymous permalink

        I had the exact same dilemma.

  25. Anonymous permalink

    Longest week ever D:

    • Well… the translation part didn’t take that much time, it’s just that I needed time for other things like the sounds, backgrounds, sprites, music, polishing, etc. I wasn’t really counting on all of that when I guessed a week, and the fact that I had to do all that extra work was rather discouraging.

      Besides the content of VH2, the biggest complaint I actually got about the game was that horrible ejaculation sound effect, which I obviously had nothing to do with. I suppose I might have taken that to heart a little too much. I’m hardly a perfectionist, but I knew there would be a slew of complaints about the excessive black screens and ear-raping sound effects in Delicious. So I took it on myself to improve it significantly, although it’s hardly perfect.

      I’m waiting on a little feedback, but I’ll probably release tomorrow (Thursday).

      • Anonymous permalink

        Heh, I understand completely. And your continued efforts are greatly appreciated. 😀

  26. Anonymous permalink

    Do you think you can make a full translate of that game Rapure Aria or something like that, i know you do a little translate but maybe you can do a full after finishing this….
    Sorry if my english is bad….

  27. some random guy permalink

    hope to see this thurs then lol (that’s today!) been waiting to see this for a while now 😉 very excited

  28. AnonA permalink

    Thursday is about to end.

  29. Anonymous permalink

    If there are any games which I can edit the text on I would be happy to attempt translation using ATLAS J-E translator and upload to mediafire. All may of course edit my mistakes.

  30. Anonymous permalink

    are you going to make a Eng translation for ROBF?

    • There’s a chance, but probably not.

      • Anonymous permalink

        Please consider at least translating some of the monster/girls encounters/h-scenes.

        translating the entire thing would take ages, so having just the h-scenes translated could be pretty cool.

        anyway, keep up the awesome work!

      • Koutaro permalink

        if you ask me, the quest dialogues are better translated than the h-scenes. Some are pretty vague which is hard with just little knowledge of japanese writing, and agth translation.

  31. Koutaro permalink

    Good day to you Dargoth, I’ve played the monster girl based games a lot and am really grateful to your translations. Sorry for being a bit demanding here, but may I ask if you are interested on translating RPGmaker type h-games? I’ve been looking for someone to translate this game
    Monster girl based game with a BF battle kind of thing and you get to make them your slaves.
    If you find it interesting at all would love to see this translated by you. Thank you for your time.

  32. Billy Herrington permalink

    Honestly everything is trash if it’s not a VN. Besides the robf series. This series deserves even more praise than it has. It has good art, animation, gameplay, variety and balanced rpg elements. BEST SERIES!

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