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VH2 English Translation Done!

February 14, 2013

Get version 1.01:

Happy Valentine’s Day! For those of us without girlfriends, there are always monster girls…

I’d have liked a little more time to playtest, but I didn’t want to miss Valentine’s Day. I already fixed a ton of issues playtesting so I imagine there are more. Hopefully no crashes or anything that prevents you from playing the game, though.

I only ask that you not distribute this patch anywhere else until I’ve fixed the inevitable bugs, typos, etc. There are a bunch of untranslated images that I don’t plan on translating because they’d be a huge hassle and wouldn’t add anything to the game. I did do all the encyclopedia entries for the 15 bosses though so check those out.

Please report any issues in the comments.

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  1. Anonymous permalink

    Your VH2 English patch was taken down by Mediafire.

  2. John permalink

    Is one of the event CGs unused in the actual game? It doesn’t show up in the CG or replay sections and it doesn’t seem to be in the game, but in bgimage folder it’s event 40a-40e

  3. please load this on a site that won’t delete ur stuff please.

  4. Kucing permalink

    Is there any walkthrough for this game? It’s too hard 😦

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